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  2. Help a brotha out. Is that a Mercury Sun Valley?
  3. Makes me laugh when surreal tries to pair the 2.0t to the diesel as if they are anywhere in the same universe. The 2.0t is for hotshoes... or even ppl who feel safer with a lot of power under their right foot. The diesel is... for ppl who prize fuel mileage and longevity over straight line scoot. Diametrically opposed customer bases. PPL on VW's Facebook page are still commenting... they'd love a TDi Tiguan. GM went through the expensive process of certifying the diesel in the US... then they did NOTHING to sell it! Stupid!
  4. Then again- you read the text here and maybe I'm off in my assessment. 4.3L V6 diesel, 101 HP, 5-spd manual, plus basically aping Chrysler's Ram Induction 'math' of the 1960s.
  5. It weighed more than a Cutlass V6 tho- by hundreds of pounds. 350-D might have been pretty close. Point is, 110 HP in the midst of an era of top-to-bottom performance malaise is not as big a deal as hindsight would imply. Dad had a '77 Safari 301, with 135 HP, that I drove 1000s of miles. No speed demon, certainly heavier than a Cutlass diesel, but it was 'fine' for regular transportation duty. I don't think the diesel's performance killed it then - it was the unreliability.
  6. Fine, but the Corvette weighs a lot less than a Custom Cruiser or Fleetwood.
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  8. Except for those of us into the auto scene, most people did not know about it due to the lack of marketing / use case focus story telling to move them. Kinda like some of the various auto's that Ford built and I think have a useful life yet are being killed off. Fusion should not be dying. Just saying.
  9. I still think the efficiency alone(excluding the fact it costs $3800 more than a comparably equipped 1.5T gasser) makes a very viable choice for those who commute 70-100 miles a day but they don't want to be stuck in a car. As we all know CUVs are all the craze so you'd think if people knew about it, it would have sold well enough to be kept around.
  10. Maybe you missed the part where I cared. The sales of most of them are dismal and they are utterly useless as CUVs. As as far as your truck maker remark, LMAO! We are not talking about box trucks, cab overs, etc.We are talking about PICK UPS and despite their moniker of being the largest truck maker in the world, Daimler can’t find a market for their dressed up Nissan, hence them dumping it. I mean, you said if Benz wanted to, they could yet they don’t because they can’t.
  11. Very Tre +1000 I am seeing more and more couple my age late 40's to early 50's doing a Terrain AWD with RV setup to get away for a nice couples date weekend. GM is truly missing the cue on selling and moving metal with their piss poor marketing. Why is Rivian so popular even without selling a single truck or SUV EV yet? Marketing to the outdoor lifestyle of being green. If GM does not have a Truck and full size SUV in the next 18 months to show off what will be out within the next 24 months as an EV, they will lose out to those companies that can and will move forward. The folks that are plunking down their thousand dollar deposits on Vaporware EV Truck and SUV at this point believe in the message of living life outside that Rivian is selling. The CEO is a smart cookie at Rivian and I believe Ford has bought into the Sales Idea of selling Ice to Eskimos as they invested in Rivian with rights to use the platform for a truck. I believe we will see an EV Truck from Ford this year at one of the auto shows.
  12. That would explain Buick's sales numbers in the last five years.
  13. From the sales numbers of the last few years, seems Europe and the Asian rim is moving to CUV/SUV style of auto's also.
  14. Good idea. What a missed opportunity. Typical GM marketing--missing opportunities, even when one is staring at them in the face. Mary Barra needs to fire those losers and hire some real imaginative types who can sell ice to Eskimoes.
  15. Ya know we are talking consumer trucks, NOT Class 8 Commercial Trucks that the public DOES NOT buy or Drive! So let's stop the goal post movement and stay with the program of Consumer retail trucks, again NOT COMMERCIAL TRUCK SALES! People HAVE NOT paid a premium for a Luxury pickup truck unless it is from FORD, GENERAL MOTORS or RAM! And NO we are not talking about the rare 6x6 G-Wagon Pickup truck that was one made of only.
  16. Yes it should be in the Mid size and full size trucks, it can also go into a AWD CUV if properly marketed to the proper target group. AWD Terrain or Equinox pulling an RV for a couple and highlighting the torque for getting up and over passes is the message that should have been sold on this. EXAMPLE: Does your current ride run out of steam pulling your RV up and over the pass? Get into a New GMC Terrain AWD Diesel, the Torque that never stops giving and sail over the pass with pulling torque power of GM's newest turbo charged Diesel motor with clean emissions. Get out in play in your new Terrain Diesel, living the life you want to live!
  17. Chances are that VW is simply not going to sell these variants here because the USA is all about that SUV/CUV. They could probably still sell their successors in Europe since SUV/CUV fever has not gotten to them yet.
  18. Daimler is the largest truck maker in the world. That is the most “real” truck company there is. Useless but people pay a premium for them. 4 door coupes are useless too but every keeps making them.
  19. Maybe, maybe not. The Buick 231 V6 was already spreading throughout GM's car lines by 1978 with fewer pollution issues than any diesel engine at that time. Properly engineering a diesel V8 would have more likely found its way into pickup trucks and that engine would have done much better in an S-10 than a 98 Regency. A turbocharger added to the diesel would have been the next big thing.
  20. True, but does anyone want a unibody FWD crossover with a diesel engine? Look at those who buy those vehicles: those buyers do NOT want diesel. The diesel engine in question belongs in a midsize truck, not a unibody FWD crossover.
  21. Remember; this is an era when the base motor Corvette had but 175/185 HP.
  22. According to the story I posted, one day Mercedes lost 75 auto's. Wonder how the profits are doing for that auto sharing?
  23. I remember when you posted this, night vision is great for low light situations especially on road trips out in the middle of nowhere so one can avoid the wild life. I am still not sold that auto's in the city or suburbs needs auto high beams on all the time till it senses another auto IMHO.
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