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  2. The Fusion is up because they are basically sire selling them. Aside from that, they were not as profit heavy as their CUVs and not in as much demand overall, hence going bye bye. Quit trying to throw out phantom criticism when the reasons for it going away were pretty obvious.
  3. Last Friday on my way home from work I saw a Lamborghini Aventator, 1960s Mercedes SL Pagoda, Lotus Evora and Audi R8 in about a 10 minute span.
  4. Sure, and they all have horrid enough depreciation to make it a feasible purchase. The E-Class could probably make it without a height adjustable suspension though, the 300C and CTS do.
  5. So an A8, 7-series or E-class or S-class which all have adjustable height suspension is the answer.
  6. Check out the C&G Instagram for a whole bunch more from the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Walnut Street Invitational.
  7. I love the genius of Ford management, the Fusion is their #3 seller and up 10% for the year while the brand overall is down. But kill the Fusion. Once you leave a segment it is almost impossible to go back in. I think someone at Ford read the Rick Wagoner "cut your way to profitability" playbook and thought it was a good idea.
  8. The driveway is so steep and the wheelbase of the car is so long that it will bottom out at the top of the driveway where it goes from angled to horizontal. I've tried with a loaner from Cadillac last year.
  9. Why can't you get a CT6 in your driveway? Oh never mind I read about the low scraping. Probably the CT6 should have height adjustable suspension.
  10. '19 Silverado High Country CC, white, spotlessly clean, in the local hardware store's steel shop parking lot.
  11. Up here TDI was popular, over 100k were in the 2.0tdi 2009-2015 generation that needed the emissions fix.
  12. "The largest tech add is Lincoln Co-Pilot360 which includes, auto high-beam headlamps, blind spot detection, lane-keeping system with driver alert, pre-collision assist with automatic emergency braking, dynamic brake support, forward collision warning, pedestrian detection, and rear-view camera washer. " That stuff wasn't standard before? Also why isn't the back up camera retractable so it only comes out in reverse, thus isn't an eye sore when not in reverse and also can't get dirty, thus doesn't need water sprayed over it and the back of the vehicle leaving a washer fluid trail running down the bumper. Side note, I think the Black Label Navigator should be a 4 seater with lay flat seats, refrigerator, folding tables, power shades over all rear windows and a full glass roof with electrochromatic dimming and a blackout power retract suede headliner .
  13. And of those new buyers about 25% will buy another Navigator and the rest will be one and done and go elsewhere. Attracting new buyers is only good if you retain your base too. Lincoln has done a good job the past couple years, going to real names, stepping up the interiors, rear drive platform Aviator, ecoboost engines, etc. 5 years ago I didn't think they'd still be around past 2020, so it is a nice resurgence they have had, but they still have a long way to go.
  14. Planes, Trains & Automobiles ~
  15. I stand corrected. I have never seen him comment here until today.
  16. I could almost see buying a similar vehicle myself. Looks fantastic. Like Hemi Cuda convertible fantastic. Congrats!
  17. Actually as an enthusiast I am actually starting to feel good about Ford again. New Bronco...Lincoln lineup looks fantastic. Mustang and trucks are everything they should be...transit is a good product. I think Ford discovered its voice in a way that it hasn't had for 40 or 45 years. They earned every conquest sale they got IMHO.
  18. Temporary as in I like to have the cremains in boxes I can move from house to house. Not planning on being in this house w this yard forever.. have a cabinet w the boxes and photos of fur kids past...
  19. You literally missed the point to try and flip the narrative. Fact, 66% of Lincoln sales have come from NEW buyers which, last time I checked, was a good thing. Your screen grab from CARMAX means absolutely nothing. That’s just for CARMAX and nothing else. You have to be pretty desperate to reference that for anything. Referencing Edmonds is also spotty at best because their rankings are over the map from year to year. I did read that for 2018, not one Mercedes model occupied the best of any thing while even Cadillac snagged one (for the Escalade). https://www.edmunds.com/industry/press/toyota-and-porsche-take-home-brand-level-honors-in-the-edmunds-2018-best-retained-value-awards.html
  20. I've always been here and comment only occasionally. It's where I go for my automotive news.
  21. Love the roofline and proportions of the 2nd gen Corvair coupes. Saw a new 2020 Explorer on the road today, gray with a temporary plate. Sharp, first I’ve seen on the road. Also saw a gray w white stripes 2019 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350, also w a temporary plate.
  22. That interior is simply GREAT. And I appreciate the monochrome package. I LOVE the Silver Spruce color Ford has out now, however.
  23. Yesterday
  24. Well if you're a gym member and set foot in the locker room, you've already seen another guy's shortie antenna. But, I will post a photo if it will get past the censors.
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