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  2. Bolted the dash substructure in "permanently" tonight. Feels good. (8) 1/2-in bolts, plus (3) diagonal braces (for effectively 3 more bolts). Made thin rubber gaskets between the substructure and the body shell- hopefully no squeaks, ever. Feels very good.
  3. Brooks & Dunn (to daves)
  4. AGAIN, you get what you pay for. Don't you remotely wonder at all why it's 25 - 30 cents less per gallon?! It's not bulk purchase pricing either. One GM dealership is not the know all be all who know NOTHING about gasoline like my family friend who F'n worked with it for over 30 years! GM uses the Costco Auto program that gives $500-1000 rebate towards a new car or truck along with other auto makers so there's that incentive for the dealer to tell customers that as well. I love Costco merchandise and food, but would never pump their gas in anything but a U-haul rental like I have that then ran like total crap afterwards pinging away down the road, was probably half water. Here's some reading for you with no mention of Costco gasoline... https://www.motortrend.com/news/all-fuels-are-not-created-equal-technologue/ Just go buy the EV you've been yearning for and you won't have to worry about pumping crap gas With a little bit of BS urine from @dfelt Port-a-Potty pack!
  5. Boogie oogie oogie 'til you just can't boogie no more
  6. Yesterday
  7. Makes sense...I finally figured out who you REALLY are! You are Yankee Doodle! You distance yourself from things expelling gas...so Im betting you ride a pony. Although ponies also expel another type of, ahem, gas. Hear me out. I got another clue. You got a feather in your cap. All I gots to know if you call THAT, macaroni.
  8. And Duck tape on my mouth... Does sound like fun though.... Busy day. Finished staining the deck. Now on to my son 12th Birthday party!!!!!!
  9. Thanks for that. Even before the 'rona, I've diligently social distanced myself from ppl who expel gas. It's a feather in my cap, surely.
  10. Very cool read about the Ram Charger and could it take on the Ford Bronco. https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/enthusiasts/dodge-ramcharger-rendering-brings-back-a-classic-suv/ar-BB14VstG?ocid=msedgntp
  11. If anyone thinks VW will still have Diesel after this I have ocean front property to sell you in Colorado. https://jalopnik.com/volkswagen-could-face-billions-in-new-fines-over-diesel-1843856085 Seems the 9th US circuit court of appeals has sided unanimously with Utah and Florida about the excessive environmental damage VW diesel auto's have caused. The two states had a combined 6,100 VW Diesel auto's and each place has a $5,000 a day fine for pollution. This ruling makes the potential penalties $30.6 million per day or $11.2 billion per year. VW has committed to appeal this judgment to the next higher court. This makes me wonder if this could be the breaking point for VW in forcing them into Bankruptcy.
  12. Must be the same way Costco can sell Chevron Techron 20oz in a two pack for $12.99 is to buy their gas and then extract the product from the gas and then sell the gas cheaply at the Costco pumps. I see that O'Reilly's auto parts store has one 20 oz for $13.99
  13. I heard that the only way Costco can afford to sell 40 16-oz bottles of water for $3 is that they simply collect rainwater from the gutters on their buildings & put it into the used water bottles raided from local bins on recycling day.
  14. WRONG WRONG WRONG, If you actually researched the gas and the certification for Top Tier you would know that Costco gets their gas from the same distribution pipe as Shell, Exxon, Mobile, etc. Top Tier Gas is all the same. The only difference is in the case of Chevron which has Techron added to the Top Tier gas when the distribution trucks are filled. That is a very different additive than traditional top tier detergents. THERE IS NO TOP TIER, MID TIER, LOW TIER gas. Gas either meets the Top Tier Spec or Not. You Are WRONG on this in so many ways as is your trusted family friend. IF GM Recommends Top Tier Gas from Costco then how would they be wrong and your trusted friend be right?
  15. Keep searching. Again, "you get what you pay for" will always hold true. There's a reason it's cheap AF! You guys know that!
  16. I am going to have to say that your Family Friend is wrong and not understanding todays Certification spec on Top Tier Gas and how the Auto Industry recommends top tier detergent gas. Per the AERA Engine Builders Association here is their document that covers all OEM auto companies in the US and Top Tier Gasoline Recommendations for Gasoline Engines. http://www.engineprofessional.com/TB/TB042015-1.pdf Per this page here is the ones that they state are Top Tier:
  17. Links from Costco's site? Really David? What are they going to say? "Our gasoline sucks." LOL!!! YES, Costco gas is a lower grade or level of "Top Tier". They can add their generic Kirkland brand of detergent all they want, but it doesn't mean they didn't start with a lower grade of fuel like they do. Like I said before one of my trusted family friends in the NW has owned several Unocal 76 gas stations for over 30 years (so not Shell or Chevron) but still Top Tier and has his own trucks running fuel from the huge distribution tanks at the port and sees first hand and talks to the refinery guys when he buys so there are different grades of gas as well. High level Top Tier gas like Chevron and Shell closely regulate their high quality proprietary detergents and don't depend on some kid or grandpa like at the Costco gas station to remember to or to dump the right amount of detergent into the underground tanks before the trucks get there. Yes, that's what they do, NO THANKS. Also, I'm not talking about the pumps and filters, of course you always want to go to a clean and busy station to get the freshest, cleanest gas. I would steer clear of a Mom and Pop gas station as well, no matter what brand. I go to a large clean Shell station near an interstate and if the trucks are filling the tanks at any gas station always keep driving as any underground tanks have sediment sometimes very microscopic that gets stirred up that can still pass through or around the filters and into your tank. Pump whatever gas you want I'm going with a trusted friends advice who sees first hand and an ASI Certified mechanics advice as well. For your elderly parents I get using the car "port-a-potty", but you can't take an exit off the highway and find a bush down a separate road for yourself?
  18. Poking around online shows 'Top Tier' is a specification entity developed by OEMs & fuel retailers, that determines if a given gasoline meets the criteria and can be so advertised. toptiergas.com, the entity in question, has no mention of "different levels" of Top Tier. It either meets the criteria, or it does not. Perhaps your trusted retailer friend is simply erroneous here, despite his conviction. It's happened.
  19. Ever heard of the saying "you get what you pay for"? It always holds true. No, it's not because they buy in bulk either. Did you miss the part where a trusted family friend of mine has owned gas stations for over 30 years (not Shell or Chevron either) and has his own trucks running fuel from huge distribution tanks at a fuel refinery? And that he said the Shell and Chevron highest level of Top Tier is the cleanest burning, best blend and to stay clear of Costco as well as other lower level Top Tier gas? You know there are different levels of "Top Tier" gas right? That's enough claim and education for me knowing he sees first hand and talks to the refinery personnel who know as well.
  20. I love watching kids cover rock and roll songs, the girl singing here is a little bad ass....love watching them play and sing...they are having so much fun.
  21. Garth Brooks Friends in low places!
  22. That picture reminds me of the oil tanker derailment fire from Canada. Garth Brooks Friends in low places!
  23. Costco gas IS NOT bottom dregs of fuel, they get their gas from the same distribution center as Exxon, Shell and Chevron here in Washington state. The Local GM dealerships even recommend Costco fuel over smaller less used name brand stations due to cleaner filters and better maintained pump systems. You can also not fake the certifications that prove it. https://www.costco.com/gasoline-environment.html https://customerservice.costco.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/9230/~/costco-gas-station-faqs So we will have to agree to disagree on the fuel point. Yes, I actually do carry the Travel Johns in our auto's. With Senior parents, mine are late 70's and early 80's and my wife's parents are in their 90's they come in handy and are clean, no smell and easy to dispose of. As I stated, with a pandemic, many public restrooms are closed as are freeway rest stops. This makes it easy to take care of business without a mess.
  24. I dance to your honour. Thank-you for raising an amazing daughter who is an amazing wife and mother. Aιώνια μνήμη αυτήν. Ζωή με μάς.
  25. I am wanting to make a trip out east with friends. Might be interested in a Road Trip and a C and G get together. We will socially distance OCN from anything electric and Balthazar from vehicles built after 1968....just kidding...would love to get everyone together.
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