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  2. Thanks for clarifying. Here’s my take/prediction. In 2018, the Equinox sold 332K with a starting price of $24K. An ‘EV Equinox’ would start at $45K, because you KNOW it won’t be -say- $28K. I’m just not seeing an electric ‘nox at $45K moving anywhere NEAR 160K units, or even 50K units. There’s just no precedent for it. Model X & S are both firmly in the disposable income category price-wise but the S routinely outsells the X. Neither sell well in general, just well for an EV. There’s simply zero evidence a new pricier EV, sedan or CUV, is suddenly going to explode in volume. UUNNLLEESSSSS it came in at ‘$28K’, then you might see 50K... by year 3 or 4. Maybe. You have to ask yourself why NO brand has brought out an affordable EV CUV. I see it. And they see it. Price (and marketplace widespread acceptance) is just not that finger-snapping easy. If it were a chicken sandwich or a fidget spinner that cost only a few bucks, sure. Big ticket item markets move VERY slowly.
  3. OK. Spike may be the wrong word. Rise by 50% (compared to current EV sales) is what I meant.
  4. Flat out spit my tea on the laptop. God this sounds like my 1987 Plymouth Sundance...
  5. It is loads better than that all black C-Class I got off their web site. That is a plastic nightmare on par with that sterile black and grey mess for the A-Class.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Cadillac is lost on styling. Their new stuff looks "Mazda Inspired". But, they have also shown a lot of inconsistencies and indecision, hence who knows if the next vehicle will go back to the previous gen cues, stay the course or go in a totally new direction.
  8. Which is which in the above pics (A or C)? Neither looks to be 'above' the other...
  9. I think the CT5 interior is decent, still a lot of black plastic button on that dash and not sure about that big gray slab of rubber on the center console. But overall it looks good for the price point and pricing it below the C-class and 3-series is smart on them. Not having sat in a CT5, I don't know how the material quality is, so it is a wait and see on that.
  10. GM losing $90M a day per BofA just offered 2% raises on top of previous offer, but cut off Healthcare to the 50k striking picketers because UAW can offer paid COBRA. Just take the generous deal greedy UAW. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/sources-gm-offers-2percent-raises-in-uaw-contract-ends-health-care/ar-AAHqRV8?li=BBnb7Kz
  11. training up 50,000 people would take a looong time and really hurt quality.
  12. Because Camry Hybrids are not all top trim cars. The Camry is at least $1500 cheaper than the Malibu Hybrid
  13. The CT4 and C-Class aren't in the same segment. The CT5 is the C-Class's competition. Even the CT5 will be priced less than the C-Class.
  14. If Mazda wants to build an EV, build it as a EV Mazda CX-5 and watch sales spike. GM should do the same with the Equinox and Terrain.
  15. Why does GM not simply make all hybrids Premier/LTZ trim-level cars? I had forgotten about the Malibu hybrid; personally I wish GM made an Impala and an Equinox hybrid instead. Both would have sold better than this forgotten Malibu.
  16. If I was a Rich Bitch with Money to Burn, I would sign up to see just what the costs are to Certify with the EPA here: https://www.epa.gov/ve-certification https://www.epa.gov/ve-certification/certification-and-compliance-onroad-vehicles-and-engines https://www.epa.gov/ve-certification/certification-heavy-duty-hd-commercial-trucks-and-buses-and-onroad-hd-engines Would be interesting to know what the actual costs are for engine certification.
  17. Or you could just hire an all-new workforce. A job is NOT a job for life.
  18. Yeah, C Class FTW in this segment.
  19. CT4 versus A-Class Dash versus C-Class Dash I will honestly say the C-Class looks dated to the Cadillac or A-Class and the A-Class leans more towards Tech than Luxury which is what I get out of the CT4. Different strokes for different folks. Older will like the CT4 over the A-Class younger will probably go with the A-Class. The A-Class and C-Class are far more sterile in my opinion than the CT4.
  20. But Mercedes does with the G550 -> G63! In fact, they get $23,000 for an engine upgrade.
  21. Shut them down. Offer them their same job, same pay, same benefits they currently have back to them but all new hires things will be what they want.
  22. This all started when I wasn't even talking to you, bitch. Know your role, jabroni.
  23. Interesting report released on Healthcare average cost paid by US employees is 26%, so GM is offering a good deal and yet this same report only shows that 75% of Union Employees use the company healthcare plan. https://www.bls.gov/news.release/pdf/ebs2.pdf After looking at this report, I say GM stick to your guns as this is a good deal.
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