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  2. Tesla Has Been Burning Through $8,000 Per Minute

    GM doesn’t have the money to buy Tesla. No automaker does. Toyota maybe has enough cash with a stock swap to make it work. Toyota has $50 billion in cash, with a $188 billion value, they are the only one that could buy, and then Musk can refuse to sell too, which he would. I think Musk will raise the money to keep Tesla going, he will find more investors because there is a chance that Tesla is Amazon and GM, Ford and Toyota are JC Penny, KMart and Macy’s just waiting to fall.
  3. 2019 Lincoln MKC Clips Its Wings: Comments

    Like the looks both exterior and interior. Clearly copied some of the vibe from Land Rover as I see that in the over all body of this CUV. Exterior, I am so happy they clipped the retro Lincoln grill and finally gave it a 21st century look to move forward on. My only real concern is FORD's poor quality record as I wonder about just how rusty this auto will be coming off the assembly line. I wish them all the best and truly hope this can be a fresh start for them as a real luxury competitor and not just a tarted up FORD. If we see a FORD equal to this with the blue oval on it, game over for them ever really being in the luxury game. Wonder how long before they bring out alternative powertrain options?
  4. Tesla Has Been Burning Through $8,000 Per Minute

    Soooooo, while we can debate how long the ability for a company to live in the red and be a darling of wall street, as I posted above. Musk is in no real position to bail Tesla out either since most of his wealth is tied up in stock of the two companies he owns. Yes I would like to see them survive and especially as an American car company. With that said, does GM need to buy them? Not really sure about that as I think the next two auto's they bring out will be based on the BOLT platform and everything else will be on version 2.0 of that said platform. I suspect that 2.0 platform will be a true EV or PHEV / Hybrid platform to further reduce costs for a global platform. Based on GMs presentation to the financial community, they have 7 SUVs, 5 CUVs, 2 cars and 2 vans for EV/PHEV/Hybrid. GM will surpass Tesla by 2020 I believe.
  5. Happy Gobbel Gobbel Day to all C&G Members and Guests! Wishing everyone a great relaxing day no matter who your with or where you are. I hope everyone can have some enjoyable relaxing down time around the world!
  6. Chevrolet News:2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Arrives With 755 Horsepower

    Zero reason to establish a whole new topic.. so: DID CHEVY JUST PUT OUT A 755HP ZR1 Corvette that gets the same fuel economy as the 650HP Z06? Horsepower (hp @ rpm): 755 @ 6300 rpm (SAE certified) Torque (lb.-ft. @ rpm): 715 @ 4400 rpm (SAE certified) Manual Automatic City 15 MPG 13 MPG Highway 22 MPG 23 MPG
  7. Tesla Has Been Burning Through $8,000 Per Minute

    We can argue about the situation to we are blue in the face.. fact is Tesla is not, has not been profitable.. and doesn't seem to be getting any richer in the near future, especially considering margins. WTF.. WTF!!! does anyone think that a company selling 63K Global $70-100K cars and is still broke, in the red.. no where near BLACK.. is gonna instantly become profitable selling a $35-45K car using essentially the same tech, same materials.. just smaller? And don't get it twisted.. I have long said that even the Model S fails at being luxury in interior quality and materials... more on par with +$35K Chevy than any current Cadillac. TESLA NEED TO BE BOUGHT AND ENGULFED IN A LARGER OEM. That OEM gets the name.. which is ironically richly established.. and hopefully some of Musk's vision.. cause he is definitely a visionary. Can't take that from him. I would like GM to get just so they could have the Charging network.. while at the same time I wonder if they need any of the other tech because from what I've heard 2018-19 might just be a year where GM's EV tech surpasses anything that Tesla has out or coming.
  8. Tesla Has Been Burning Through $8,000 Per Minute

    I didn't realize this, and it's yet another little detail that raises a flag. "You can order a Model 3 online at the base price" but the reality is the above. What company makes a car available in (July) but 5 months later (half a model year) is only just selling to the general public? Don't forget- as the Model 3 ramp up drags on & on, the $7500 credit that enticed so many to order is continually nibbled away by the S & X (Company is @ 147K US sales thru Oct '17). Then the "$28K" Model 3 is a $42K car. Ouch.
  9. 2019 Lincoln MKC Clips Its Wings: Comments

    Looks good. Looks expensive. Looks more "old money" than the XT5, imo. Give me the 2.3 if I can't have the 3.7.
  10. Tesla Has Been Burning Through $8,000 Per Minute

    If Musk had people on board that had been though stuff like this before I'd say there could be a chance. Not looking good....
  11. Tesla Has Been Burning Through $8,000 Per Minute

    According to the details of his $20.1 Billion networth as of Sept 7th 2017, 82% of it is stock as he controls 51% of Space X and a large chunk of Tesla. that means roughly 16.4 billion is stock so he really is only worth 3.6 billion if you look at cash and other assets. He is on record as sinking almost every penny he owns into these two companies. So if they die, he pretty much is wiped out.
  12. Tesla Has Been Burning Through $8,000 Per Minute

    Those that put down a reservation deposit are taken in chronological order. If all that is available is $42-49K vehicles, I assume one has the 'right' of refusal. Not sure if you are re-ordered, or how Musk has it set up. But the ("temporary") elimination of the base car is a red flag. Orders made now won't see their car built until 2020 or 2021... or later at this rate. Volume production could have turned the Tesla books around, but it may never happen. BTW- I just saw a video of the semi reveal. I'd never heard Musk speak before, he is an awful orator.
  13. Tesla Has Been Burning Through $8,000 Per Minute

    Not true, you can still order a Model 3 for $35,000. Not sure when it will be built, but you can order one on their website. I think he could issue more stock to raise money, he is still a wall street darling, because the Model 3 can stabilize the losses, if he gets the Semi truck he could change shipping and make a lot of money.
  14. Tesla Has Been Burning Through $8,000 Per Minute

    Tesla was forced to bypass the promised $35K Model 3 in place of the $42-49K Model 3 because of negative cashflow. All their products have a negative margin so far. Model 3 doesn't change anything, and an 'entry-level' priced car is the LAST thing Tesla needs. The company could make a trillion dollar/year, but if they spend 2 trillion, it's doomed.
  15. Tesla Has Been Burning Through $8,000 Per Minute

    Musk is worth $20 billion, if even 10% of that is cash and cash equivalents then he could have enough to buy time if he had to do it personally. He did make $300,000 selling Boring company hats. The cash flow issue is solved once the Model 3 is producing 5,000 cars a week, he just has to get it to that point and Tesla will be fine.
  16. Tesla Has Been Burning Through $8,000 Per Minute

    Burn baby Burn should be Tesla's new slogan!
  17. Quick Drive: 2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

    This is not true as every state is different, in Washington state, you pay all your taxes and fees at the time you buy your car, so an ad like this is deceptive and would not be allowed as taxes, fees, title, etc. can vary depending on the final agreed purchase price of the auto. So you're saying in Europe prices are fixed, there is no dickering you just pay what they advertise? Interesting,
  18. Tesla Has Been Burning Through $8,000 Per Minute

    And considering Musk has 2-3 other companies to run, Tesla isn't getting 100% of his focus.
  19. Tesla Has Been Burning Through $8,000 Per Minute

    Do the math. Even 2 billion will only last a little over 5 months, and he's not going to go personally bankrupt intentionally. Model 3 won't be in full production by then, nevermind develop a 6th model. Model Y is shelved for the foreseeable future; NO WAY there's time, money or resources to work on that now. Model 3 seems all but forgotten.
  20. Quick Drive: 2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

    Again, you're failing to acknowledge 2 things- 1) Not all states collect sales tax at the dealer. In MO, you DO NOT have to pay sales tax to drive away in a car. Point blank. 2) Even ignoring that, even if you DO have to pay sales tax to the dealer, it ISN'T a FIXED AMOUNT. I can't add an amount that I don't know what it is. Coming up with some fictional, completely arbitrary number just to appease consumers' skepticism and ignorance is scammy. Just through a tune on it, and it will make GTI power. $500.
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  22. Tesla Has Been Burning Through $8,000 Per Minute

    Question is how much cash does Elon Musk have? He might actually have $2 billion in cash to put into the company to keep it afloat until the Model 3 is at full production and the 2nd SUV hits the market since it will just be a tall Model 3
  23. Tesla Has Been Burning Through $8,000 Per Minute

    Here's another way to look at the above numbers. The theoretical $250,000,000 that the Founder's Edition Roadster would generate would last just 22 days at the current spending rate. Hardly seems worth it, once you consider whatever the COST to build them might be, and that it could apparently NOT be done inside of 2 year's production time, maybe 4. - - - - - Honestly, I have had strong hopes for Tesla- it's not everyday a new American brand emerges. The original Roadster was a decent first step, the Model S is definitely a success (other than no profit). But the X has had numerous problems and it's launch was bungled. OK- not the end of the world, everyone has missteps. But 14 years in & still no profit. Model 3 is the car to save Tesla, to finally make the entity solvent. Another bungled launch, worse than the X. That's OK, I'm still on board, still pulling. Musk has to know this is his make or break project, he has to be working 22 hrs a day to get this thing, this thing he's taken a half million deposits on; RIGHT. The wait time has already been insane; this is 'do or die' time. But just when you're sure the 'all's clear' bell will sound and thousands of Model 3's are pouring out of Fremont... NOT ONLY does he show a concept EV semi, he shows another concept Roadster! How much time did these projects take away from the Model 3, take away from the 100's of thousands of waiting buyers? I'm beginning to really lose hope the company will last.
  24. Tesla Has Been Burning Through $8,000 Per Minute

    Question: How fast does the new Tesla Roadster go from 0-60? Answer: 1.9 seconds. The right answer is about $8,000 Per Minute!!! Now THAT is some serious speed! Id even call it...ludicrous!
  25. Tesla is known for building quick vehicles, but they're also known for burning through a lot of cash. Bloomberg rece https://t.co/QYezrh1TMn

  26. Would you buy an Envision or an SRX?

    Just doesn't matter to me.. the legroom.. So much Cadillac could have done that I would with the after market.
  27. Tesla is known for building quick vehicles, but they're also known for burning through a lot of cash. Bloomberg recently crunched some numbers on how fast Tesla goes through money and the amount is quite shocking. According to their data, Tesla has been burning through $8,000 per minute (about $480,000 in an hour) for the past 12 months. At this rate, Bloomberg predicts that Tesla could run out of money by next August. Tesla spending money like it is going out of style is not all that surprising. The automaker is trying to ramp up production of the Model 3 along with dealing with various issues. Still, the $8,000 per minute figure gives us an idea of how far Tesla still has to go before exiting what it calls 'production hell'. Investors still are bullish on the electric car builder, with a share price of $317.81 at the close of trading yesterday. Tesla also has a market capitalization of more than $53 billion, beating the likes of Ford ($48 billion). The difference being is that Ford is able to consistently make a profit. Tesla says they have enough cash to meet its target of building 5,000 Model 3 sedans per week by the end of March, and expects to “generate significant cash flows from operating activities” afterward. The company is also reservations on their Roadster due in 2020* to help raise funds. Buyers will need to plop down $50,000 for the standard model or $250,000 for the Founders Edition. Tesla will only produce 1,000 models of the Founders Edition, meaning they could possibly produce $250 million in income. “Whether they can last another 10 months or a year, he needs money, and quickly,” said Kevin Tynan, senior analyst with Bloomberg Intelligence. Tynan estimates that Tesla needs to raise $2 billion or more in capital by mid-2018 to stay afloat. Source: Bloomberg View full article
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