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  2. September Car Spotters Thread

    I like those fuselage body MoPars- tried once to buy a '69 Polara hardtop coupe with the SuprLite. Looked at another one about 10 years ago. Probably the last good looking full-size MoPars until the very late '90s/'00s.
  3. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    I for one have not called any of these Company men mentioned here a 'shyster'. The bait & switch some could argue Tesla is doing on the 3 is indeed what has been seen before... tho at a somewhat higher level (OEM vs. dealer). The difference IMO is announcing the base MSRP, taking 3xxK preorders on that MSRP, then a considerable lapse of time passes before an announcement that a 20-40% price increase is instead what's going to happen... still before sales start. To my knowledge, the product didn't change during that time, and I acknowledge that the OEM has said base priced cars will be available down the line, but things change. Remember; Tesla once said it would be a profitable company building only 300 cars/year. My point remains; with no information for a long time on the Model 3 available other than the price, why didn't the 3xxK just order up a Model S that was available immediately? Was the announced 3 price the sole factor or not?
  4. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    As much as a shyster that Durant or Ford ever were....or even Delorean later on.....or any other Detroit personality in the automobile industry since the beginning...minus the few engineers, coach builders and race drivers that made a difference...but the ones involved in the money part....yeah...shysters...stealing, backstabbing, cheating, lying, extorting... If you gonna least hate EQUALLY!!!
  5. September Car Spotters Thread

    Beautiful weather but unseasonably hot lately for this time of year (around 90), saw a bunch on interesting old cars out and about today. A couple streets over from me saw a sharp dark olive green '70-72 Monte Carlo on Cragar SS wheels (couldn't see the front, so not sure of the year), on the road a sharp yellow '72 Buick GS convertible, top down, white interior; a very clean '87-90 Chevy Caprice--dark red w/ no vinyl top, white walls and wire wheel covers; and at Swenson's (NE Ohio drive in burger joint) a pair of well worn-but-still driven older Mopars--a red '69 Polara 2dr ht and a dark green '74-76 Dodge 4x4 pickup...sitting side by side.
  6. Kia News: 2018 Kia Rio Begins At $14,795*

    I've been waiting to hear more about these in U.S. fitment for my mom, her lease is over on her '15 Versa Note in February. Her very favorite car is the Kia Soul, but I am not sure she can swing a new one, even a base Soul with automatic is over $17k now. I work in the bodyshop business, I am not as savvy on auto finance. I am not sure if it would be advantageous for her to keep her Versa and roll it over into a loan to purchase (with help from me financially), turn it in at Nissan and lease another Versa Note (in which case at age 73 she would lock herself further into leasing, which I am not sure I support) or turn it in at another dealer and lease something else. At this point, I guess she'll have to follow the deal and take what she can get for the lowest price. She has a 10k/yr 37 mo lease on the Versa Note and she only has 9k miles on it as of now, so there will be no problem with mileage overages with regards to residual value.
  7. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    I am not one of those 400 000 Tesla sheeple! The ones that were not Tesla sheeple did cancel their orders... But...when one fool ends up changing their mind, another one takes its place... Even now after all of Elon's warnings that delivery will take long and not all options will be available right away...Tesla still losing millions...yada yada yada...people are still giving deposits to own sometime in the near future, the Model 3... Yes...Tesla sheeple get excited when Elon is telling them about possible EV pick-up trucks and 18 wheelers and another CUV yet ignore that their 1000 dollar deposit on their Model 3 that already has been cashed in wont come to fruition in another 1.5-2 years possibly 3 years... Buick and Ford and even Mercedes cant afford such buffoonery... THAT is the difference... Will THAT ever become old?
  8. Quick Spin: My Test of the Chevy Bolt

    I like the Bolt and I don't see anything wrong with it except for its impracticality, same as every other electric. But if I'm going to limit myself to putzing around close to home, I'd rather spend $37k to do it than $70k. Plus it has the power of the Chevrolet brand behind it. That is a longterm advantage.
  9. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    Imagine the number of pre-orders for the Model 3 if a $50k price had been announced. LOL bunch of dopes riding on unicorns looking for a pot-o-gold at the base of the rainbow. Elon Musk is a shyster now and always.
  10. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    And Im saying it will start at 35 000! I am also saying that not too many will be available at that price... I also said that about Ford...and its ecoboost pushing... Tesla aint that different than anyboby else is alls Im saying... Why now...would we be chastising Tesla for an industry wide affair?
  11. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    Would you be willing to put a deposit down on a vehicle you had zero information on beyond 'its a smaller sedan than this one with less MPG, space and features, but it will cost/start at $35K'? If your answer is 'yes', what did you base your decision on?
  12. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    Please read what I’m actually saying instead of converting it into some kind of kind winded explanation of something I am not talking about. I have no problem with what the optioned our models will cost. That’s the car business. What I am saying is that it will not start at $35K. Nothing less, nothing more.
  13. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    Did Buick accept pre-orders on an Envision no one saw based on a falsified base MSRP? I don't think so.
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  15. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    They will start at 35 000... How many will be produced to be available to be sold at that price is another thing all together... The majority of them will be sold at higher than 35 000...sure! But why would that be a negative? Part of that would be because not too many 35 000 dollar priced Model 3s will be available....but...I dont think the majority of Tesla buyers gives a shyte how much the Model 3 ends up costing them...and I think Elon knows this so he will milk as much money as he can outta the Tesla sheeple... The ones that dont want to spend the coin to drive a Tesla and just for the badge do have options... It is called the Bolt or the Leaf, at the moment as only Chevy and Nissan offer viable and compelling products as of now that directly compete with the Model 3 somewhat... Why would any of this be bad?
  16. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    GTFO of here and stop trying to move the bar yet again. You used the F-150 as an example of milking tech. Well, I’m pretty sure that a lot of people want those (same for the millions of GM 3800s out there whether you like it or not). The F-150 averages 70,000 a MONTH while bringing huge profits and has changed their powertrains numerous times to go with the times, hence ditching V8s for turbo sixes, just like Benz has been doing. Those are little details that you failed to mention while trying to call them out. Oh and GM has more CUVs than any other manufacturer including Benz. More details you leave out while you move that bar around.
  17. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    Let me say this for you one more time. They will not start at $35K. Bank on it.
  18. The Freightliner Supertruck gets 12.2 mpg thanks to aero, hybrid system with waste heat recovery and solar panels and downsized diesel engine. Another great innovation from Daimler, double the gas mileage of a typical semi truck.
  19. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    Mercedes builds what the customer wants. GM has not always done that, which is why market share eroded, rebates went up, and GM filed bankruptcy. GM is usually a few years behind the trend like crossovers were hit 10 years ago, Cadillac has one, even Infiniti has 4 of them.
  20. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    They already said the Model 3 has a base price of $35,000. The only thing is they are making well equipped models first. Buick did the same thing with the Envision.
  21. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    There is a certain, yet typical, irony in your statements about the F-150 and the GM 3800 when Mercedes has been peddling a 40 year old G Wagon to any sucker who is naive enough to buy it. That is why your constant trolling about the domestic makers here is pure folly and utter bull$h!.
  22. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    And Tesla only makes the battery. Where the hell does SMK think all those other electrical components, like that giant tablet in the dash, comes from? The Tesla fairy? No. It comes from China.
  23. I would assume fleet buyers of semi trucks compare brands with some sort of TCO calculation to determine which are the most cost-effective? Individual owner-operators would be a different use case, of course.
  24. You Have Until Sunday To Order A RWD Model S

    Where do you come up with these asinine comparison. That 2016 Envision you speak of was a damn near loaded model and they said, from the get go, that the lower trim model would be introduced later. The fact that was a little higher then a base Enclave is 100% irrelevant based on that simple fact. Hell, a CLA can sot quite a bit more than a Class, in certain trims so unless you really want to go there, you need to just come up with a better argument. Oh, and with a $40K+ price difference, one would expect a 3 to not cost anywhere near an S, so a little $3K difference in the first year Envison is not a big deal and not comparable to what we were discussing regarding the 3. Fact is that they have said that it will be $35K when it is looking more and more likely that it will start out higher than that. What do you not understand about that? And yet their ONE EV outsells all Benz EV models but I don’t hear talk of Tesla being able to take over them now do I? Everything you have spoken about GM and Ford is pure hyperbole and just pure hypothetical mumbo jumbo. You literally know not one damn thing about how they operate or plan to operate in the future. Man, your GM trolling is old, tiring, and just a simple load of BS.
  25. Sorry; here, back on topic: Wouldn't a far greater service be rendered by listing MPG ratings for semi-trucks? These drive FAR more miles per vehicle and far quicker than any 3/4T / 1T trucks do, and their fuel costs are tied into the product they deliver. Even 0.1 MPG better would add up and effect more people than an individual getting 1.0 MPG better in a Brand X 3/4T / 1T personal truck over Brand Y. I'm reading that the 'holy grail' of loaded truck MPG is 10 MPG and they are currently around 5.5-6.5 MPG. No 3/4T-1T gets MPG that poor. No Super Duty buyer is going to jump ship to Chevy because of 1 MPG better rating, so it serves no purpose. I'll bet under strictly level testing parameters, the Big 3 are within a MPG of each other- it's certainly not going to be, say; a 4 MPG difference. And even if it were, it's not going to sway brand allegiance.
  26. Volvo News: 2018 Volvo XC40 Shows How Sweden Does Small

    I like the look of the XC60 much more than the XC40...the rear quarters and rear doors of the 40 are too odd, IMO. But the current Volvos I like the look of more are the wagons...V60 and V90.
  27. Not sure how there is any correlation between MB and EVs and US market heavy duty diesel trucks... way to go off-topic.
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