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  2. h1 { color: blue; font-family: verdana; font-size: 300%; } Latest News Chevrolet Brings Back the Blazer As A Crossover Guys, the Blazer is coming back! Hooray! Its going to be a crossover that slots between the Equinox and Traverse. *Blank looks from the crowd* I'm sure there are some that were hoping… 13 comments Rumorpile: Turbo Power for the CX-5? When we drove the Mazda CX-5 towards the end of last year, we found ourselves wishing that either the long-delayed turbodiesel or possibly the 2.5: turbo-four from the CX-9 would grace the engine. … 3 comments Diamler and Volvo Begin Bracing For A Possible Trade War The project of a trade war between the U.S. and China (along with the European Union) has many automakers on edge. Some are beginning to speak out about the possible dangers it may bring. Merce… 10 comments 2019 Volvo S60: A Swede with An American Accent The 2019 Volvo S60 marks a few milestones for the Swedish automaker. For one, Volvo can finally say goodbye to the final remnants of its Ford ownership. The S60 is also the first model for the br… 16 comments Mazda Finally Spills the Beans on 2019 MX-5 Miata For the past few months, we have been hearing about some key changes to the Mazda MX-5 Miata; more power from the four-cylinder engine, new safety features, and a telescoping steering wheel. Mazda … 2 comments Latest Reviews Review: 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti Trying to review an Alfa Romeo vehicle is difficult as I found out with the Giulia Quadrifoglio. There were parts of model that I found to be quite amazing and worthy of putting it on my year-end f… 5 comments Quick Drive: 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road Double Cab (Author’s Note: Before you ask, no this isn’t a typo. I really did drive a 2017 Tacoma in 2018. Due to some circumstances, the Tacoma took the place of another vehicle at the last minute. I didn’t … 6 comments Review: 2018 Ram ProMaster 2500 Cargo 159" Wheelbase - High Roof (Author's Note: As was pointed out to me on Facebook, the diesel engine is nowhere to be seen on the consumer site or the configurator. Yet, it appears in FCA's media materials. In an email sent th… 5 comments Quick Drive: 2018 Chrysler 300S AWD Is it possible to teach an old car new tricks? That’s the question Chrysler believes it has answered with the 2018 300. The current-generation model has been with since 2012, though the platform it… 38 comments Quick Drive: 2018 Ram 1500 Limited It feels somewhat weird to be writing a review of the 2018 Ram 1500 as the 2019 model begins to slowly roll out to dealers. Ram is trying their best get the 2018s out the door. At the time of this … 2 comments Click here to view our privacy policy CheersandGears.com - Established 2001 P.O. Box 17974, Pittsburgh, PA 15235 You can manage your subscription settings at the following link *|unsubscribe|*
  3. I would think the US market will get something like this...an EV CUV from Chevy bigger than the Bolt would do well, I think...this concept looks better than the Blazer, IMO.
  4. Drew Dowdell

    I know what I'm getting next!

    What do you have against diesel style low end torque?
  5. Drew Dowdell

    Chevrolet News:Chevrolet Brings Back the Blazer As A Crossover

    No, the 2.5 is not the mild hybrid version. It's the basic 2.5 from the Acadia. I like that RS and Premier get the advanced AWD with Twin Clutch. That means they could, should they want to, build a TrailBlazer (Think Colorado TrailBoss) version credibly. After sleeping on it. I do think I really like it.
  6. ocnblu

    2019 Chevrolet Blazer

    Hot stuff. Cannot wait to "build & price" my own version of this.
  7. To me the Equinox and Terrain look like they're too heavy for their springs, ya know? This looks bad-ass though. And since there is no pretense at off-road cred, it gains a stylistic and road stance freedom in its look. I can't wait to see the whole spectrum of trim levels and interior/exterior color palette. They're saying there will be a wide selection of colors, we'll see. Sporty 2-row CUV that's not too small. It's about time GM jumped into this niche. Would have made a knock-out Pontiac Torrent.
  8. ocnblu

    June Car Spotter

    Nice Denim Blue TDi convertible, tan top, tan interior. At the walking trail parking lot.
  9. regfootball

    Chevrolet News:Chevrolet Brings Back the Blazer As A Crossover

    Yeah. This wasn’t totally the form and shape I was thinking but nonetheless it is interestIng and distinctive and most importantly it should drag buts into the Chevy showrooms again. I love the swagger I like that they chose the blazer name. I like the concept of a dash similar to new Camaro but I think there is some miscues there with it. More of my thoughts to address that later. Is the 2.5 like the lacrosse with the mild hybrid? v6 was needed but I think the new design 2.0 from the xt4 would be a good choice on the base engine. All of a sudden, a new Chevy without a turbo option. Wtf with that steering wheel. Looks like nice trunk room This may be what sticks a fork in the Impala Even if this styling has a short shelf life we all should be glad this is coming to Chevy showrooms. Without something like this to feed a hot segment and drive new traffic Chevy may have been heading for the dustbin or at minimum being a truck only brand.
  10. dfelt

    June Car Spotter

    Today at lunch I ran over to Wendy's for a quick bite and saw that even in their senior years, once an asshole still an asshole BMW driver / parking. For dinner took the wife and daughter to Red Robin. Parked right next to a lovely CT-6 with the TTV6 motor. They are sharp and I noticed others were looking at it.
  11. balthazar

    Chevrolet News:Chevrolet Brings Back the Blazer As A Crossover

    Yeah- they pretty much do... but that's fine & understandable. Unfortunately for my opinion, brands should be able to build models that don't HAVE top look like their other models with all the same 'cues'. Most don't, however.
  12. Suaviloquent

    Chevrolet News:Chevrolet Brings Back the Blazer As A Crossover

    I see this being overstyled and ugly. Camaro cues on a crossover don’t work for me. Neither do Mustang cues on a future EV. Mazda makes fun to drive and somewhat sporty crossovers. Guess what??? They don’t look anything like the Miata!
  13. Most of the Batteries are liquid cooled that are getting Ultra Fast Charging. They also have really changed them with the move to solid state batteries and gell pack batteries from the traditional liquid Li battery. I am sure there are more changes coming. You should check out the battery stories I have posted in the alternative fuel section. Here is just one of the latest changes happening in Battery Tech: Did this on the new Ultra Fast Charging battery packs from Toshiba. 6 min for a 200 mile battery pack and 12 min for a 400 mile battery pack for charging.
  14. I dunno about increased costs. For one it simplifies the hell out of product planning. Yeah you have short turn spike in all the sunk costs associated with developing cars for markets where the crippling tariffs now make them unmarketable. Consumers NEED value but they WANT choice. I’d say something like this might single handedly force automakers to invest even more in America as it’s the large market. Mexico isn’t large. The cars made there are almost always for export! And Canada, heck I’m Canadian - and we really have gotten a great deal, too good of a deal!
  15. We now know that this is a Blazer for the US market. Hoping for an SS V8 version or a lighting fast SS EV version. Be really cool. Course I bet they would sell the butt load of the Blazer with the Volt Powertrain getting 100 mpg plus.
  16. I really lke the style and look. As an existing owner of a Trailblazer SS, the interior is way better based on the pictures. I wonder if we can get them to either go with a EV or Volt Powertrain or at least an SS model with the V8. I will have to say this has similarity to the FNR-X that has the VOLT Powertrain that China will get. FNR-X
  17. dfelt

    I know what I'm getting next!

    Only Pantywaist motor is the ICE version. Volt powertrain is solid strong and you know it.
  18. Suaviloquent

    I know what I'm getting next!

    But the 2.7L from Ford IS a truck motor!
  19. General Motors has 4 facilities in Mexico and 40 in the U.S.. Fort Wayne & Flint are online to build the next Silverado/Sierra, and fully 80% of GM pickups sold in the U.S. are built in the U.S..
  20. balthazar

    Random Thoughts Thread

    So it's basically telling people around you that you're still alive, via a sticker. And all this time I've just been sporadically screaming out the truck window.
  21. thedriver

    2019 Chevrolet Blazer

  22. daves87rs

    Chevrolet News:Chevrolet Brings Back the Blazer As A Crossover

    Not a fan of the regular model....but I'll take an RS in silver, please....
  23. All of the GMs and the RAM could move production to the US. The cheap ones will probably just get cancelled. The ct6 plug in could be built here, they just sell most of them in China.
  24. This will sell well I feel. Wonder what pricing will be.
  25. Consensus is that the new #ChevyBlazer is polarizing. What do you think of the new look?

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