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  2. Here's the other non-blacked out grille...not sure if it's 'better' but at least 'different'. The look will probably be ruined by a center mounted license plate (needs an offset plate, IMO).
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  4. 2019 Jeep Cherokee

    Nice upgrades. I don't see that ridiculous giant stupid hybrid alternator on the photo of the turbo 4. Can anyone let me know if it is present or not? Seems like a decent mill except for the start-stop foolishness. I still hate that and everyone I talk to hates it as well.
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  6. 2019 Kia Forte

    I'm not showing this to my mother. Nice looking rig, but the 2018 I just recently helped her get into is just fine for a 73 year old lady.
  7. That red concept looks like someones Photoshop effort of a Grand Cherokee with a Merc style front end and a few other tweaks...the side contours look very GCish...
  8. Of course that 'bloaty' SUV would be 'productionized', but it's 1000 steps in the right direction. That red G concept above- I've never seen that before. That's the PERFECT balance of heritage and 21st century. Can't for the LIFE of me figure out why Daimler couldn't pull the trigger on it.
  9. Random Thoughts Thread

    I can attest to that. Have a lead on a car that probably hundreds of people would like to own, crime related. I'd be interested in owning it, but the tow would be formidable. Mansfield car must've sat outside a while- it was only 2 years old at the acident, yet the hood has apparent rot holes in it. Strange- maybe drips from a shed roof or the like.
  10. The Cars We Lost in 2017

    CC kind of Cool, viper cool...not much else of worth lost here. SS is a loss though.
  11. Random Thoughts Thread

    People ahve a morbid fascination with all kinds of things.
  12. You got a new Escalade? Cool. I thought you had a 2004 or so. The new G-Class is all new from what I've read, not 'old product'.
  13. LOL, I might dog that company but then I dog all companies and yes up till that concept they had nothing of interest. That concept and the Lovely Red one I posted have my interest, the rest of their product line sucks. People change their minds all the times depending on what a companies offers and you should know that ccap41. I loved the 2012 concept and have stated that in past posts if you are wanting to go look. The new concept I found in searching today just tells me that MB has yet to get it right and those of us that do spend money on expensive auto's will do so when the style / Design is right. 2019 G Wagon - Failure in my Book That Red Concept above - Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Since you seem to have forgotten or never really paid attention, I do own a 100K SUV! Escalade ESV Platinum, fully loaded.
  14. You never had interest in a 100k Mercedes SUV. You're completely full of $h! once I read that. You dog that company so much.
  15. That 2012 Bubbly Concept actually had me interested in a possible new SUV. But the re-warmed G-Wagon is a Failure! What they gave us was a Rewarmed worked over 40 year old product. 2019 G Wagon 2012 when they showed the G Wagon Concept it was exciting to the crowds and this shows just how much better it was than the current G Wagon. They could have at least give us this concept version of the G Wagon that they did in 2015 or 2016. That is a 6 figure Modern 21st century G Wagon at least, not what they released this year. Makes me think MB is not as flush with cash and just trying to keep ripping people off with old product till they can make money to support their EV initiative. Makes me think they see a short life for the G Wagon before People will demand an EV long range version.
  16. Random Thoughts Thread

    Always liked the LSCs....there is a silver blue one parked in a driveway down the street, hasn't moved in at least a year.
  17. Why? What reason is there for it to change? Because it sells plenty at 120k starting price? AMG GT is their flagship vehicle. YES. If they built that exact thing people would complain they build something with 10 inch windows and horrible blind spots with tires that stick out too far. Oh, and that it looks like sh!t.
  18. It looks like a kids ride-on toy...just cartoonish plastic nonsense...
  19. Nothing about that bubbly concept is attractive. It also looks 2 lanes wide. I think their 6X6 and G500(squared) in neon yellow did the trick.
  20. Motor1 has these great sliding windows comparing the old and new G wagon. This actually shows just how much has not changed on the SUV except for the interior shots. Like those. https://www.motor1.com/news/227089/2019-mercedes-g-class-comparison/
  21. Random Thoughts Thread

    Interesting buy 1988 Lincoln Mark VII LSC - $1995 FIRM Original Owner 121,000 https://denver.craigslist.org/cto/d/1988-lincoln-mark-vii-lsc/6450525645.html
  22. Seems the Grand Commander new 3 row Jeep Leaked out in China and Jalopnik has a story on it. Seems to have the same engines that the Cherokee and Wrangler has. https://jalopnik.com/heres-chinas-new-seven-seat-jeep-grand-commander-before-1822112915
  23. Random Thoughts Thread

    Why? I just do not get saving something like this.
  24. Guess MB lost their we have a 48 volt hybrid system with the way Ram rolled it out. Interesting as some reporters are going after hidden easter eggs. Jalopnik has a great story on all the cool stuff they found in the new Ram. https://jalopnik.com/here-are-the-2019-ram-1500s-easter-eggs-1822099947 Makes me want to go crawl all over the new rides to check out what cool easter eggs are hidden where.
  25. Random Thoughts Thread

    Her death car still survives, although in not great shape. That is awesome!
  26. Random Thoughts Thread

    Amazing that with the car I don't even notice Jayne.
  27. If you had any doubts about Chinese cars coming to the US market, dispose of them quickly. This is the interior of… https://t.co/eWyf6RWPHT

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