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  2. Heard this last night driving home - good '80s music and Eddie Money's best song: For David's mentioning of jazz artist Keiko Matsui, jazz guitarist Joyce Cooling has a song called "South of Market" released at about the time SOMA was becoming a much improved area of San Francisco. Perfect music for crossing all the spans of the Bay Bridge with the traffic moving nicely on a foggy weekend morning ... and that's exactly where I first heard it on a Bay Area jazz station.
  3. A BMW M340i and C43 AMG are both $55k. If Cadillac is pricing CT5 like those guys, then a TT V6 CT5 needs to be in that $50k-55k range, because those cars are pretty fast. The CT5 has interior room to sell on since it is bigger than them, but it has to match them in performance too, and the C43 is probably becoming the C53 in a couple years with the new E-class engine.
  4. DRIVEN: 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 2.7 turbo four cylinder Crew Cab Short Box 4-Wheel Drive LT All Star Edition (48k +/- MSRP) -workin on it-
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  6. checked one out again today, sat in it, first off, the exterior doesn't generate heat for me. It's 'ok' and i am sure it will appeal to some. But the rest in this class have a new competitor, but i doubt they are scared. interior, it's tight inside (like alot in this class). Interior dash and other soft materials are not too bad. The switchgear is sort of the cheap parts of the interior. The scooped seat was good and the leather not too bad. I would for sure prefer a Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Alfa Romeo, Cadillac to it. I'm cold on this thing. Not sure how it it is Motor Trend COTY. Must have been a big check written for that. A merc CLA is more interesting to me. Don't waste your $$$ on this, get a Guilia instead. Sales guy said 2 manual rear drive ones already sold....big thing in snowy / trafficky MN>
  7. at least in these pictures it does look really cheap inside.
  8. good point about the interior. I don't think the engine would be a HUGE deal if its at least able to crack that 6.5 second 0-60 range, then its not a two second gap in 0-60, if it's within a second or so of the 330 then it shouldn't be that big of a deal. What people don't realize in the car sales environment, numbers and specs do generate interest, and if the vehicle neither has the specs nor delivers on the test drive, then it's DOA in the market. Which for a family sedan no one cares. For a luxury car model line it will matter to some degree because Cadillac doesn't have a huge brand following anymore for sedans like the BMW does, it needs all the internet and real test drive cred it can muster because few other than current Cadillac fans will even care otherwise. My guess is no ttv6 stickers for less than say 57-58 thousand. I wish the current CTS would have had an AWD Vsport package. That would have been insane. Good points, Cadillac is to have improved the ride and comfort, has increased cabin space, and the dash layout looks user friendly. Its corrected those deficiencies of the CTS, and i think that bodes well for it that way.
  9. Definitely a baby Blazer in exterior looks. Will be interesting to see the interior and the powertrain options. I am hoping for the 1.5t on lower trims, and 2.0t on top level trims. Have a look.
  10. I don't think they'll overprice the V6. My guess is turbo V6 is in the $50k range. Although I think interiors and brand image hurt Cadillac more than the engine. They could make the Blackwing V8 standard and price this car at $50k and the 5-series with a 250 hp 4-banger would outsell it.
  11. 0% chance of that happening. From what I read, the CT5 is going to be priced like a C-class. But even at $40k, it won't get E-class volume in the USA. The sedan market is shrinking and Mercedes has too strong a buyer loyalty.
  12. In my Lucerne, not much change. Then again, in FL, A/C is almost mandatory.
  13. CAFE is also based on sales volume, so I am not surprised that Cadillac might detune the engine for fuel economy. This is NOT a Corvette with so few sales that it would affect CAFE number.
  14. In my Cobalt, only a little bit. IN my Equinox,, it starts chugging gas like college kids at a frat party....
  15. that reminds of the time a few years ago when a bunch of folks here were saying that Cadillac didn't need to offer all wheel drive as an option on their rear wheel drive cars which weren't selling. and then finally cadillac gets that all wheel drive matters and that took away the impediment to the sale. luxury car buyers want a quick car and if the buff books or their butt in the seat tells them the car is slow, that is a big impediment to the car being purchased. impediments that don't exist in the competition. Cadillac had / has a chance to sell many CTS if -Cadillac improved the quaility of their interiors and leather. (not sure in this case) -if it has sexy styling (not sure it got that in this case, especially with the divergence from Caddy style and the wishbone / awkward c pillar treatment that is being universally commented on unfavorably on social media and web sites in many places. -if the car leases cheap like the competition, which cadillac still doesn't get....how do they plan to move any. -if the car has dynamic advantage or is not up to class average in either ride, handling or power. the car should ride and handle well because Cadillac did finally condition buyers to expect that but if the luxury car buyer is not getting the same power in the entry model that the competition is then, see ya. Caddy will way overprice the twin turbo six out of the market as well. if it were a standalone option for not a ton more, the 6 vs. 4 choice would help them. But they will bury the six cylinder option in a super expensive package i bet. For the CT5 the issue is solved by simply tuning up the motor to more horsepower. But for whatever reason GM screws up their new motor launches. It should have specced out with at least the same or more power and torque than the motor it replaces. They probably detuned it for CAFE reasons, which should not be a thing in a luxury marque.
  16. That is sweet im going to look at a 4 cyl Silverado later today. Wish me luck
  17. I remember that with my diesel Escort and my Bronco II..gutless wonders on hills w/ the A/C on. With the Bronco II was particularly noticeable in Colorado..it was scary slow on steep sections on I-70 in the mountains...
  18. In all my SUVs with the auto climate control, I have tested just that thought and barely got a 10th of MPG more driving with it off. Maybe due to the big V8 engines I have and the AWD system, turning off the AC auto climate control does not seem to make a difference. Even in my Daughters 99 Durango 4x4 with the 5.9L V8 on or off makes no real difference in how it consumes gas it would seem. I know in my parents Delta 98 Station wagon when we went to visit relatives in LA, we would turn off the AC going over the Grapvine into LA as it made a noticable difference on MPG plus over all power and I think this was a real issue on 70's and 80's auto's. Now with the big powerful engines and use of more electric assist parts, I do not see any difference on either a true 4x4 or AWD auto's.
  19. Probably...don't know, don't care. When I need A/C, I use it.
  20. You found your Green Woodie!
  21. Turbo Diesel don't care what else you may be doing.
  22. Does anyone else notice a big drop in fuel economy when using the air conditioning? For people with automatic climate control do you ever manually turn off the air conditioner?
  23. There is only one question that matters: will the CT5 outsell the E-series and the 5 series? In 2020-2025? Cadillac has a chance, especially with this car, but I want to see sales numbers before declaring defeat at the hands of the Germans.
  24. I just grew an inch: 2019 Ram 2500 Tradesman Power Wagon in Black Forest Pearl, $50,630. SO MUCH WANT.
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