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  2. GMC needs to bring back the Syclone AWD. As @ccap41 stated above, not a hard thing to do, just will GMC do it?
  3. Off road is cool.....but I miss the sport trucks. Love the idea of some fast trucks.....
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  5. I think this is more representative:
  6. When we have autonomous vehicles with no steering wheel or pedals, people won't care about ride/handling or any of that. All they will care about is space, in which a box gives the most space and comfort. This is a commercial van now, but this application could be in wide use in 10 years.
  7. ^ Can't be Fap; both hands are in focus. - - - - -
  8. A sharp looking wagon with the wrong badge on the front.
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  10. You know what is the one use a van doesn’t have anymore? As a mode of transportation for the majority of families out there. Please reference those sagging minivan sales brought up earlier. This has commercial intentions, plain and simple.
  11. Here's a pic of Fap on his birthday. Be gentle as he goes into the night.
  12. "Dumper" is a great name for it.
  13. Well it looks like, according to the GMC-provided teaser photo, the Canyon will receive a miniature facelift for the 2021 model year. It also sounds like the 2020 model year will be a short one for Colorado/Canyon, which is what I suspected when I read the order guide on the 2020 models. The Canyon AT4 will be designated a 2021 model.
  14. • A van has 2 uses; transport 1 / a couple people, and transport stuff. It’s not cool/doesn't look good, doesn't impress anyone and doesn't drive/handle/accelerate well. • EQC is 90% a GLC, which starts at $43K. Daimler electrified it and jacked the price to a (projected) $70,000. As is typical of all BEVs. The electrified cargo/ occasional family hauler is going to be madlymore expensive that the rest of the minivan segment. If it was going to be cheap they would've put the hard plastic from the sprinter in there. • A eqc is far less capable of doing either of the 2 things a sprinter can do, so it should start well below the circa $38K the sprinter is. It won’t tho.
  15. A van has about 100 uses, that is the benefit of a van. The EQ C is $70k and that is a 400 hp luxury SUV, I bet they can make an EV van for $50k starting price.
  16. Chrysler 300, right? I rented one. I liked it. I didn't love it. I expected it to be a much more refined experience than the Charger, to differentiate itself. It wasn't. It was all in the sheet metal, seating, and shape and finishes in the dash. I know I've reviewed one here. I certainly think they are much easier on the eye at the end of their run than what the initial (now a "gang banger") version looks like. Got to be careful with the 300, too. It really needs toned down colors, wheels, options, and such to keep it classy. It can go pimpy real fast. This is my idea of nice as far a 300 goes. Yes, folks, L.A. does have an ugly side ... or two ... or three. That would be in the revitalized arts district right next to the concrete culvert that is the L.A. River.
  17. So my Chevrolet Trailblazer SS came with the Bose head unit and Bose amp with Bose Speakers. Last summer the XM satellite stopped working and as much as I tried to work with XM to get them to hard reset the signal to my head unit it just stopped working. So I canceled my service. Low and behold, the next morning the preview XM station started working again and then later in the day stopped, so no radio anywhere via XM for me. This spring the rear speakers started to on and off have a electronic buzz and wine and it would come and go, so I figure my speakers were dying. Over the weekend, I came out from running an errand and turned the auto on, got in to go and all I had even though the volume was at zero, a screech from the rear speakers. So I stopped by Car Toys here and they took a look and told me my capacitors were dying in the Bose system, common issue and seems to play out on the web as I am at 157,000 miles on the SS and it seems to be when the audio system dies. I looked online for a new head unit, $1,500, new amp $400 plus tax and shipping, I was looking at 2K for the same thing and not even new. Both were refurb as there seems to not be any new units left. So back to Car Toys https://www.cartoys.com/ and I ended up with a Head unit and backup camera. Head Unit is Pioneer AVH-2550NEX 6.8 Inch DVD Receiver with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Backup Camera is Quinn Acoustics QC670 Automotive License Plate Frame Rearview Backup Camera with Night Vision Have to say that the large touch screen is really nice, Android Auto rocks and the backup camera is great for tight parking in garages in the city or places where your normal shoulder checks and mirrors cannot help. System sounds great as I still have the bose speakers, but over all cannot be happy and was only $1,400 including the connection harness that allows all the normal GM steering wheel controls to work. YEA! Just realized the picture is fuzzy of the Head unit, will take an updated clear picture when I get home tonight.
  18. In our crossover-obsessed era, how many wagons such as the Volvos and this Audi actually sell these days?
  19. For $148,000 you can buy yourself a fully loaded Rubicon Gladiator converted into a Hellcat swapped Gladiator pickup. https://www.thedrive.com/news/29509/is-this-dealerships-707-hp-hellcat-swapped-2020-jeep-gladiator-really-worth-148k
  20. Banks will let you finance anything these days if they think they can make money off you! lol I love this so much! I'm just impressed it can regen enough on its way down that it doesn't need to recharge, ever. Now this is the perfect use of the current EV technology on the industrial level.
  21. Again; with that car-level interior, and the fact that the similar r-class started at $52K, AND this is to be electric, I fully expect it to be $70K to start. If it were gas with the shitty sprinter interior, i could see $35K.
  22. Well you know that’s not a very reliable source lol. It’s insane to think that this will have families in mind when they price it. There are better and cheaper options when it comes to minivans.
  23. Actually, in some markets families do use MPVs/minivans instead of CUVs. Some of the M-B promotional videos show families (albeit likely German ones) using the EQV...many different use cases are possible for such a vehicle. I could see a spacious electric minivan as an alternative to M-B's other family vehicles like the GLE or GLS.
  24. Because smk mentioned it. Plus; compare the interior of this to the plastic hell interior of the sprinter. I think smk’s offhand comment is correct.
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