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  2. I believe ocnblue and Drew are confirming my first post. You can't buy what you can't find. Then there is my second Post in this thread which (sort of ) explains that marketing has bamboozled so many people. I know I did not specify exactly how marketing has bamboozled so many. But I'm going to assume that in these forms people understand. But then again there seem to be a lot of people who buy trucks based on "real people" advertising. I suppose the sad thing is that there are so many people going to buy a truck and getting duped by a *"'!/" Salesman.
  3. I think fender skirts should make a comeback. and an extended length CT6 with a bigger trunk and even posher interior should absolutely be called Fleetwood.
  4. I'm with @ocnblu on this... I'd get the 5.0 even if I had to have a dealer search for one.
  5. The driver is female too.... Are there Lesbian hookers? Do they hang out at Uhaul stores?
  6. Well when a vast majority of people just buy what's on the lot instead of ordering exactly what they want... and with FoMoCo likely "guiding" dealers to order more EB trucks, of course it's going to happen (waning V8 "demand"). I would much sooner choose an NA engine over a turbocharged one, and in the Ford, the 3.3L is a dog... the only other alternative is... the good ol' 5.0.
  7. I think Elon will take it private before he lets Tesla fail completely.
  8. Every 2,500 is a bit excessive. Just running Synthetic and doubling your change schedule would save you time and money and you still would be changing your oil too early. 7,500 is the norm these days.
  9. Bulletin for those hungry for muddy fun with a stiff upper lip: the 2020 Cadillac XT4 adds an OFF-ROAD mode to its AWD range selections. Yee-haw, do you have any Grey Poupon?
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  11. It's always a fun sight to see a 50+ yr old car out and about, esp. in the Rust Belt. One sighting that seemed funny today...was sitting at a light and saw a clean 10-12 yr old Mercedes S-class at a gas station air pump, the driver was putting air in the tires... it was black w/ dark window tint, blingy chrome wheels. The young driver was tall, pale and balding w/ a hard face..wearing a track suit. Looked for all the world like a stereotype Russian/Eastern European gangster. Also saw a clean 68 Firebird convertible in a driveway, dark blue w/ a white top.
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  13. On Sunday, I saw one of these. I was driving, so I could not take a photo. It was the exact same color as this one in Wiki ... that pale ivory offered in those years. Unbelievable. I believe it was a 1966 Bel Air. I surfed the web and found the Bel Air and the Biscayne. The Biscayne had 2 segments in the rear lamps but the Bel Air had 3 segments in the rear lamps, as the Impala did, and the one I saw had 3 segment real tail lamps. I am guessing it had a 283 V8. However, the stripped down version came with the 250 inline 6 standard. Both were indestructible. The full size Chevrolet modified its front grille and rear fascia ANNUALLY back in the day. It made for a great sighting. Oh yeah .... the guy driving it was not even middle aged. It was a hipster who looked just like the guy who is the spokesman for TD Ameritrade these days ... same glasses, but with a bushier beard. That also made the sighting humorous.
  14. I change my oil every 2,500 miles. (I know the rule of thumb for conventional oil is every 3,000 miles.) I do it every 2,500 miles for the math. That is, I end up on even 10,000s. So, every 5,000, I put in a bottle of fuel injector (and system) cleaner. And, every 10,000, I change the air filter. That means I change the oil 1 time more per year than if I did it every 3,000 miles. At $ 35 extra per year, I don't view that as a big deal and it really helps me stick to my maintenance schedule.
  15. After reading back thru this thread, seeing all the peeps who wandered off this board --some of them fully 9 years ago!-- I threw up a new background 'toast' to old conversations :
  16. I believe we need BOTH! There are the German design focused customer that want a track sedan but from an American Company and then there are those folks that want a Float sedan of Lazy Boy style of driving. I honestly can see the CT6 next to a Brougham on the lot. I know that I would like to have the size with the ability to tune the suspension based on my driving mood for the day or time. Plus I just love a trunk that can hold 4-6 bodies!
  17. Who thinks Cadillac should be building a 2019 generation of this instead of the CT6? [BTW - not me.]
  18. This is lovely, looks just like the one my Grandpa had except for the interior which was a cherry interior compared to the shale this one has. Awesome! I love it!!!
  19. Did I miss the ride hailing service picture with a prostitute on the cover? Just saw the pic Bill used.
  20. It just struck me about the opening pic: that’s a pretty demure outfit for a prostitute. I guess in 2019, they should be able to dress however they see fit/ makes them comfortable rather than how ‘street society’ tells them they have to.
  21. With horrific losses & cratered sales, it should be in Ford’s price tier. I’m not convinced Tesla is going to survive I pity those who brought @$35x/share!
  22. @dfelt I am on board with Cadillac returning to names. As a result of the letters and numbers, I no longer know what's what. As for the name Calais, it was on a Cadillac product at one time before Oldsmobile picked it up as a type of Cutlass ... and as a stand-alone name plate. French names and Cadillac go hand in hand. Cadillac is a French word. It's even one of the stops on the Montreal Metro's green line!
  23. I suppose I did not specify when I said Eco and boost but not both. But I was also talking about under heavy load and didn't think I needed to. I was assuming most people reading these forms kind of already knew and I was rehashing something. I guess I should not assume. I also mentioned different technologies and how they work. And knowing your needs versus those technologies. which is why you do not see class 8 tractor trailers going down the roads moving 80,000 pounds using Small engines buzzing their little hearts out.
  24. You most certainly can have eco and boost just not at the same exact second. But spread 5 seconds apart I can be making gobs more torque at 2500rpm than a N/A counterpart or set your cruise control and basically run a n/a small engine. Look both characteristics only seconds apart.
  25. @Scout Great post and your right. @dwightlooi posted a great read about NA versus induction and the pros and cons and I think many of us here know that you can do much with a small forced inducted motor, does not mean it will be as efficient and power full as a proper V8.
  26. The bottom line is the only reason small displacement turbo engines have become so popular is because manufacturers are trying to meet EPA regulations. Now of course they can market it a 3.5 l turbo engine as more powerful than a V8. But that's only marketing. They can also market a 3.5 as more fuel efficient than a V8. But when the engines are under a load, towing for example, many people in the know realize that eeficiency marketing is a ploy for small turbo engines. Are there benefits to forced induction. Yes. Are they much more complicated and more prone to failure in somem cases, yes. Are they more expensive to develop and build yes. If it weren't for trying to meet regulations than any maker could develop a 20 liter turbo V8. All the benefits of large displacement, and all the benefits of turbo. Automakers are playing a balancing act between economy and power. Throw in emissions regulations on top of that. Back to the title of this thread. Ford cuts V8 production. They're doing it to meet regulations, not because that's what the market is clamoring for. They boast about how many EcoBoost engines are sold in trucks vs. V8 engines. But like I said before you can't buy what isn't offered. And there are enough people that don't realize you can have Eco or boost but not both. So ford can slap a sticker on the window of an EcoBoost pickup with great MPG ratings. And the first time someone toes a good load with that EcoBoost they realize a V8 is more efficient. You have to understand what you're going to be using the vehicle for, and how they different technologies work. Many people do realize how these technologies work, many people do not. So I'll say again, it's meeting regulations and marketing. Okay I'll stop ranting.
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