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    I'm still rooting for you Volvo! It's not looking good for you, though. Hopefully the refreshed SUV's will help turn it around for you.
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    Since when has BMW been worried at all about reliability on any of their products?
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    This is good news - competition is always good. I like how fast Toyota is reacting. Let us see how GM raises the ante. One thing GM does not have compared to Toyota is manual transmission for the 4-cylinder and V6 with 4x4. Let us assume that the current generation Tacomas on sale are representative to that of the brand new Tacomas sold over the time period. As of this moment, around the country approx. 12,400 current body style Tacomas are for sale; approx. 1,620 are manual transmissions. Of that 9,000 are V6, 850 are V6 with manual. 6,025 are V6 4x4 and of that 627 with manual transmissions. There are only 935 4x4 in 4-cylinders, out of which 444 are MANUAL. That is not a bad take rate, contrary to what GM claims only 2% will buy the WT manual. That is because dear GM, no one wants to buy the crap base be it Automatic or Manual. Manual transmission owners want gizmos also. Typical BS manufacturers throw for not producing manual transmission vehicles. Also note from 2004 to 2009 top of the line 2WD V6 Tacomas did not have manual transmissions. That may skew the overall V6 numbers towards automatic. At any rate, ~13% manual take rate is nothing to sneeze about especially GM's analysis shows 2%, which I think is BS.
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    Oh.. and as for GM in whole.. Not gonna say much again. Just gonna leave this here: Notice anything that should have knocked sales down for one.. but didn't.. and picked up sales for another… and DID? What I'm seeing is GM ATPs are up $3500 over Ford and 4000 over Fiat and closing in on VW's, which is Audi/Porsche rich over VW itself. On top of that GM's incentive spending is actually down as old models are depleted. As I said.. I'm not gonna say much.. but somehow I think I said plenty
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    What bothers me about the Impala number is that they don't break out Impala v. Impala Limited. What if Hertz pulled back on Impala Limited purchases this month? It tells me nothing about how the retail Impala is doing.
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    I guess I don't really get what is driving Subaru's gains. There cars have gotten less stylish IMHO over the last generation or two, they don't seem to be buying market share and they aren't particularly known for their quality (I can attest to that one after owning one). I could see if this were their product onslaught of '05 - '07 but this generation of cars? I guess the full time AWD is still a good marketing tool.
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    de Nysschen has his work cut out for him at Cadillac. Those sales numbers are ugly. The product is competitive so the sales are a little baffling. I guess it is going to take quite a while to earn the reputation back in the badge snob segment. I guess for now I'll give them props for sticking to their guns on pricing rather than chasing sales through deep discounts. Still, they are throwing around some pretty low lease numbers for an AWD ATS employee lease here in the metro Detroit area. Seems like a saw an add for $1700 down, $279/month on a low mileage 36 month lease. The only other one of their big drops that surprises me is the Impala. That is a damn nice car that has gotten loads of positive press. I'm a little surprised to see BOTH the XTS and Impala down. Could it be Chrysler's blowout sale on the leftover '14 L cars?
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