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    Agreed as to why it is time to expand the stable to the Clydesdale Performance CUV
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    There is no way to order a new Compass with a CVT. It is either the nine-speed automatic or the 6 speed manual (like mine has).
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    LOL.... No, No, ocn.... it looks fine to me!
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    Or buy a Jeep and be done with it actually.
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    The absolute effing voice of reason speaking here. As an atheist and a metaphysical naturalist of course I don't. As a fat middle aged guy who doesn't want drive around with a paper bag on my head I also do not own a Korean import popularized by rodents either.
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    Always liked them...grew up in a family of Mustang owners, have had 3 myself. Though if I were to get a new 'pony car', I'd be more inclined to get a Challenger.
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    I am sure that the new Compass is much better but initial reviews seem to share similar complaints about the CVT. It will forever be a nonstarter for me. The Soul would be the way to go although an AWD option would be nice.
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    Oh no you dih int compare the much loved, historically rich and venerable Pontiac brand to a Kia Soul.
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    Cars with punctuation marks in them are always good. $27k seems like a lot but I guess not if it is loaded up and it is probably quicker than most small crossovers with that turbo. This is also the successor to Pontiac Excitement!
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    “Flaky” is putting it mildly. Garbage is more like it.
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    Apparently no one told Toyota that the FJ Cruiser was an ugly POS. And I only say that because the TJ Cruiser looks like the designers have learned absolutely nothing the FJ Cruiser debacle.
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    Almost anyone would buy Jeep. Ram trucks would only appeal to someone like Hyundai or maybe Nissan that wants more American market truck sales, probably more so Nissan because they can co-develop the pickups and work vans and sell them all as Ram brand. Alfa Romeo could have value to Ford, Mazda, Hyundai, Honda, really anyone that needs a luxury brand. I don't think Maserati, Dodge, and Chrysler have any value to anyone.
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