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  1. I've been driving it for about two months now and it's serving it's intended purpose. About two thousand miles and roughly 10 gallons of gas used. Truth be told I prefer my truck still. But my situation at the time made the choice for me.
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  3. $365 a month for a used 2015 Fiesta? Are they insane?
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  4. A new to me ride in the driveway. What is it? The first person to guess correctly gets, Well, they get to be the first person to guess correctly.
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  5. Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac March Sales Surge 16 percent, Retail Share Climbs to 17.7 percent Chevrolet was the industry’s fastest-growing full-line brand on a retail basis Best March in GMC history New models drive a 41 percent jump in crossover sales Three-truck pickup strategy delivers again with sales up 19 percent Commercial sales rise 19 percent in March, up 27 percent in the first quarter DETROIT — General Motors (NYSE: GM) today reported 296,341 car, crossover and truck deliveries in the United States in March. Sales were up 16 percent year
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  6. Are you serious? If so good guess. I figured I had already given it away here
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  7. Here it is. I'll write up a review if anyone is interested.
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  8. That's pretty much what made my decision. I've been casually shopping for a truck for the past couple years. Unfortunately trucks that aren't old and very high mileage are 30K and up for used. My truck needs some work and smog is due on it. As it sits now it won't pass. I bought the volt because it was cheap, and the gas I'm not buying is about the car payment. When I have the time I'll work on my truck and get it back on the road. I just couldn't get rid of it. It comes in handy too often.
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  9. GM is putting vents in the bumper to swirl air around the tires because the rotation of the tires causes aero drag... they're really pulling out all the stops to get these as efficient as possible.
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  10. Huge month for Buick, Mazda, Jeep and VW, they must all be doing the happy dance Let’s see what Alfa does when they aren’t coming off a sales base of 900 units.
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  11. Of course; once Cadillac becomes competitive, the bar is automatically raised to "GROUNDBREAKING". Someone must be nervous their usual bar for the XT4 (sales volume) is too likely to be strong like the XT5 has been. There is no 'groundbreaking' in the CUV segment in any price tier. What- falcon wing doors?? Please.
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  12. I believe a tax would would have a similar effect as well. However the government would just squander any additional revenue from the tax. Knowing government, they would probably use the tax to start a new/additional agency devoted to how to force more fuel efficiency.
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  13. I think automakers could hit the standard with more electrification, which would make cars more expensive, but they can price war it out and cut profits if they wanted, none of these car makers are hurting. That being said I could see keeping the 54 mpg standard but pushing it back to 2030 to give carmakers more time. I also think adding a 25 cent per gallon federal gas tax would promote fuel efficiency better than CAFE, and we need tax revenue to pay roads since the Gov't has such a ridiculous deficit. And that being said, what the EPA wants to do doesn't matter because Californ
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  14. Not a bad way to get butts into the showroom. I remember when F/M/L had a deal (I believe it was called the Red Carpet Lease) where if you leased 3 or 4 vehicles in a row the last payment on the last vehicle you took ownership. Of course, they discontinued it when they realized it wasn't profitable, but it was definitely interesting to me at the time. I think this program could definitely make the brand more desirable to people that get the chance to experience the vehicles more.
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  15. A used German car out of warranty is a gateway to madness and bankruptcy. My sister learned her lesson with not one but two used Mercedes, and I had enough direct/indirect dealings with those money pits never to consider one again. Now an older Lincoln I wouldn't mind as a weekend toy. But for a daily driver, only something modern and under warranty.
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  16. 2014. Read the salesman story didn't you.
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  17. I saw a Nissan Titan today (the new one) and it made me think of the XT4. Because Nissan didn't really do anything ground breaking to steal sales off the established Silverado and F150, and I see the XT4 as the same, way. It can easily get lost in the shuffle of all these other entry lux crossovers. The Germans are the establishment, Lexus has that core buyer base, the new Volvos have the looks and the powertrain, I don't see Cadillac's big advantage.
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