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    Maybe, but it would actually solve the real issue: distractions. Wall Street ALWAYS wants its needs served first, last and always. The best thing is to NOT go public unless you (i.e. the CEO) are willing to deal with all the demands of sell-side and buy-side analysts and hedge funds and the like. Tesla does not NEED to be a public company. Wall Street does.
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    Looks like the faceplate for the boiler tubes for a steam engine. But you live in Amish country... there is good homemade furniture everywhere!
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    None of the interiors look 50k worthy, if you ask me.
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    Well, it is the latest version of an Australian pickup dating to 2011... price is about $20k too high for a midsize, it seems. Hard to wrap my head around the idea of a $50k midsize 4x4 4cyl pickup.
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    I just can't get into the Ranger because of its interior. It's a 2012 Fusion inside. The Colorado/Canyon feel just as outdated but they have it worse with some pretty terrible seats for taller folks like me.
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    There was a lot more competition, even when GM had 50% market share. Back then, even GM divisions were competing against each other. From the 20s to the 60s, there was extreme competition just in the domestic market You had GM with 6 or more divisions depending on which year you counted. You had Chrysler with 5 divisions. Ford with 5 divisions. Packard - Studebaker Nash - Hudson - Metropolitan / AMC Kaiser Frazier - Henry J - Willys International etc etc etc.... and that's before any of the imports. Today we have a GM that is down to 4 divisions with relatively little overlap, Ford with just 2, Fiat Chrysler which is a mess except for Jeep and Ram. Today the Ford Fusions has domestic competition from the Malibu, Impala, and Charger (if we're being generous). That's before all of the import competition in that segment. I'm not sure I could count the number of competing domestic products for the Ford Fairlane range. Ford had at least 4 competing products from Mercury and Edsel, GM probably had another 6 if we count everything from Chevy to Olds. Another 6 from Chrysler. That is 16 competing nameplates from just 3 companies. But once imports started gaining a foothold here, the domestic companies could no longer fund that inefficient style of operation.... did GM really need however many different V8 designs it had in 1958? I get that some variation is warranted, but a completely different block between a Chevy, Pontiac, Olds, Buick, and Cadillac is just horribly inefficient. Cut that down to 3 blocks that all divisions can use and change the tuning or cams to allow for brand specific needs.... tada! That's where we are today (5.3 liter, 6.2 liter, 4.2 liter) In order to reach that economy of scale, the manufacturers would have to reduce their portfolios to just two or three platforms and try to cram everything on just those platforms.
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    ^ Saw that, but they insanely overpaid for that @ $25K.
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    Thanks for posting, tried it hoping like you it would work and it dumped me into a Fiesta.
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    Share the link here, I am curious to see if it will pull up for me. Thank you
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    I built one how I would want it yesterday.
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    You could have quintupled your investment had you bought it at $2 per in '08. In 1981, it was as low as .67 cents/share.
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    Cause you can have it in any color as long as it is Black!
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    Nothing more bumming than having to leave your car in a parking lot because no one can pick it up until morning...... Drove it all over today, but the fuel pump in the Cobalt finally died this evening. No prime in the parking lot. This after giving it a car wash.....
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