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    The Kona is almost an inch higher off the ground than the Bolt and that's why it looks more like an SUV rather than an awkward hybrid car/SUV/van. That should have been done first and it would have sold like hotcakes.
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    More competition, and Hyundai stilll has EV credits. This thing pretty much checks the Bolt everywhere. Even the styling and interior is better.
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    I would go Miata RF myself since I know that I can have more fun with it (in legal limits). Mustang would be a close second.
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    All 3 cars have excellent after-market support too.
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    The base car is loaded. Wow if it’s priced just like the Bolt I think Hyundai will have increased their pricing power and still delivered a better product. But that’s to be expected too. Bolt has been out for 1 and 1/2 model years.
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    Just because person H likes aspects of Person F, does not mean Person F feels equally toward Person H. The 'framed picture of Ford hung in Hitler's office' is trotted out ad nauseam to attempt to portray complicity by Ford with Hitler. Ford didn't give it to Hitler/hang it on his wall. Regardless of any entity's intent, the Ford business history stands by itself as an amazing example of industrial might. Anyone could do almost anything by studying Ford's business, including, unfortunately, the Nazi's. The medal was awarded in 1938.
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    Actually, Ford was a known Nazi sympathizer and supporter and known anti-semite.
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    This is a hard one for me. My gut reaction is to look for a newer used Vette. Otherwise new mustang.
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    Actually saw a new 19' Mali RS driving around in white.....gives a the Mali a sporty look it needed....
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    Great to hear back from you balthazar, the truck I purchased does look nice but the closer I look the more I find that needs to be done ( nature of the hobby I suppose ) I'll be in south NJ Sept. 3rd - 5th and if possible I would enjoy getting together. My email is ocikat2@aol.com if you would care toshare your contact info. I haven't actually "seen" your truck as I can't view your photos in the forum for some reason. In reading your thread I've admired your commitment to keeping it original and correct to the vehicle, shiny while nice doesn't help it run, Great job !!
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    ^ LOL it's the EXACT same size as the Bolt- 164" overall length. They're both tall liftback/hatchbacks.
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    It looks better than the Bolt inside and out, and it is a small crossover which is the most coveted body style, vs some lifted hatchback or whatever the Bolt is. This thing beats the Bolt on all fronts, except we don't know the price of it.
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    These look good for a small crossover, and because it doesn't look funky like a Leaf or i3, it looks really good compared to other EV's. And this is how an EV should look, you want it be a small crossover because that is the hottest segment of the market, and the range is great too, and it as fast as or faster than other small SUVs. Big question is what does it cost?
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    It will go on sale in wacko California as a compliance contraption. It certainly won't move off the lots anywhere else in the country. Hyundai knows better than to even try. Same old story.
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