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    ^ That's a modern day photoshop, my friend. Advertising just wasn't "there" in 1957.
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    Double entendre. I love it. I wonder if this was even slightly controversial in its day.
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    If I see a Galaxy, I automatically think of someone's mom who gave a bunch of us kids a ride to the parochial school in our suburb. She fittingly had a beehive and had sort of a Mrs. Cunningham ("Happy Days") personality. Yes, once upon a time, SoCal was "somewhat" wholesome ... or at least there was more room for it.
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    Went to a friends wedding this weekend, was on her parents ranch. The father is OCD about his garage, hobby rooms and his old cars. Restored SS is lovely, picked up a Galaxie 500 that he is planning to clean up too. @A Horse With No Name Thought of you when I saw his wood options and the clean wood shop.
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    It's a sign...you need something with a 111 inch wheelbase...;)
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    Was driving up to my sister's place this afternoon, glanced at the dash clock, it read 1:11.
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    Sounds like the former Dos Equis beer ad guy in the 'The Most Interesting Man in the World' ads. Actor Johnathan Goldsmith.
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    Very random thought - sort of Memory Lane like ... I found out I'm not the only car enthusiast who does this. I have sometimes rolled down the passenger window while going over a narrow bridge (covered bridges are even better, if you can find one!) to have the engine's purr echo back at me. This was particularly gratifying with an Olds Rocket V8. I got the idea while sitting in the passenger seat of a new Olds with a V8 in California while a teacher was driving us on a field trip and we went over a stone bridge. The sound was beautiful. I subsequently did that various times on my own after my dad handed me down his Cutlass Supreme and it had an Olds V8. Ah yes ... the simple pleasures in life.
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    Were any of you actually going to buy this car? and do you think those Chinese automakers now wanting to enter the U.S market should not pay recipirocal tariffs of 40% on their product? Trump is not to blame, Ford is careful to say that it’d only sell 50,000 units. That’s bull$h! even an uncompetitive Focus now sells more. By the way the body cladding is just a joke the car would not get AWD even as an option. Ford was plain dumb in how they planned their market strategy for this new Focus, now there’s a deal with Mexico under wraps and their plant was cancelled. Every import automaker makes their compact cars in America and they’re all better than this Focus in the ways that matter to American consumers. There is no lack of choice either, you can get the actual car this Ford was supposed to ape from your local Subaru dealer.
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    Maybe FCA can cut a licensing deal and Mahindra can badge it as a Jeep...it's basically an adult version of a Power Wheels Jeep.
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    And the other foot drops, Consumers get ready for greatly reduced choices due to stupidity of idiots in DC. This is going to HURT not Help consumers. This will not bring back manufacturing nor jobs to the US. Global Economy, something the current administration seems to know nothing about or care about. This is the start as we have so many electronics built in China that many things I suspect over the next 12 months are going to stop being imported and we will be hurt not the 1%. Reduced Choices Higher Prices Stagnant income raises Overvalued stock market Recession is on the Doorstep! Welcome to making America Great Again.
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