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    Golf starts at $21K. Will be real interesting to see where they price a full EV lineup at- we all know what happened when VW tried to go upscale ("phaeton").
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    An "all-new" Acadia is big problem. Debuting years old product from another market into Australia???? Of all places? Get the HELL outta there if that's the best you can do! Maybe someone else is doing that too, but the race to the bottom will have unintended consequences. 1 in every 10/100/1000 CLA-minded people will consider test driving a Genesis G70 for the same price. Once they do they'll probably never go back to Mercedes... for example. You can do the reverse, like bring a Ford Ranger and slap some extra steel and safety equipment. You can bring the Caprice and SS...and give Holden much needed production volume. But you cannot take a Regal and call it a commodore. However you could badge engineer a commodore and get away with calling it a GNX. It'd have the performance chops with the correct drivetrain and hardware.
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    congrats on the new work, and also thanks for all the great C&G articles, they're always first class!
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    So many of us have been saying this for years at this point.
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    'Blazer' could be a good name for an EV...use a little flame logo like an electrical fire..
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    Dear GM: We need an Equinox BEV stat. Bolt is still too small.
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    Went yesterday to the Philly Auto Show, was pretty decent show, also midweek very few people, good opportunity to see all the cars. Few thoughts: Blazer - in person looks not as good as in pictures. Still a different take at mid size crossover. Looks inside and out different than most vanilla crossovers. I wish it would drive as sporty as it looks. G70 - looks great, interior looks very nice and very driver oriented. However, after I adjusted front seat for my height the back seat had about as much space as a Mustang. Even less than my G37, and I think they are very similar in size. Shame, I think it will hurt it. Just because of that I would got with Stinger even though it is not as nice inside. Miata RF - sat in it and asked the show girl close the roof. I fit well and I am 6'1". Fits like glove, really like it. GT500 - looks awesome, However, I think I prefer GT350. They had Bullitt there as well, and people could sit in it. Looks great, comfortable inside. I am torn between Mustang and Miata, I want them both Jeep Gladiator - actually looks very awkward to me. I didn't like it. Regular Wrangler is great. iPace - it is more of a wagon than a crossover. I was surprised how low is it. Interior is really nice. Looked at few other cars but no special impressions.
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    I forgot to mention in the original article.... 6-speed manual transmission is standard!
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    Alas, the opportunity for that is all in the past now, with the demise of the RWD OZ models....the Holden brand no longer has anything special, just rebadged GM FWD appliances now...
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