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    Funny when MT and C&D criticizes Cadillac or GM vehicle or losses a comparison, than "they don't know $h!", "companies paid them". But as soon as GM vehicle wins a comparison, than suddenly they become legit. The logic of fanboys moves in mysterious ways ...
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    It's remarkably hard to be a GM fanboy these days. GM doesn't take risks anymore and even their conservative stuff is too conservative and plain.
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    Kind of my point. Here you have Cadillac and the bland look XT6 when they could have gone with a sportier look (and drive) and it’s the lower make Chevy that gets the sporty designed Blazer with really nice driving dynamics (if you believe early reviews). It’s a complete lack of solid direction on GMs part whic should not be happening. I just don’t get it.
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    It would make sense if Blazer was purely performance "hot" crossover, the so called Camaro of crossovers. It definitely has the looks, it would need to have higher level of performance to justify the price and its place in the lineup. Also, should not have rental grade trims either.
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    I honestly could not have said it better myself. We will just skip over the fact that they haven’t done a full comparison yet, where things like less cargo space (in the Blazer) will come to light. Loves domestics which, I’m assuming, leaves out a considerable portion of Chinese made GMs. And I thought Wings was brand blind.
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    I would rather to have smart AWD system ALL the time than to save extra 1mpg. It will be there when you have to do emergency maneuver, it will be there when weather changes, it will be there when you want to kick it at stop light. Most people will not even know how to use it when they need it. I am ok when you have these modes on a real off road vehicles, but not on these crossovers. Just MPO.
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    Actually, FCA is headquartered in the UK, not Italy. https://www.autonews.com/article/20140801/COPY01/308019978/fiat-says-ciao-to-italy-headquarters-as-chrysler-merger-is-approved
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    I bought a 2005 C55 AMG in 2009 for $26K with 26K miles on the odo, clean title, no dents. The car stickered for $60K new. Drove it for 4.5 years and put 115K on it before selling it for a 2011 Jaguar XF 5.0 Supercharged. The 2014 CTS VSport Premium I bought in 2017 for $33K with 24K miles stickered for $73K new. I don't ever buy new cars and I LOVE DEPRECIATION!
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    There was a water-cooled SOHC version intended for aircraft, but this air-cooled X8 was for automotive duty. Ford developed a ton of wild, unusual engine proposals in this era - among them an aluminum-block, air-cooled OHC V-12 of only 128 CI.
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    Sounds like she needs a suspended license and traffic school.
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    No doubt. This isn't even a Cadillac screw up but a GOODCAR one. I really wish Americans would start thinking on their own again and stop with this word for word interpretation and endorsement by magazines and media. That's how an election got effed up.. well partially. No Doubt. Getting outta my V and getting into a CT6 felt like I had moved from a 3 bedroom apt to a 6 Bedroom.
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    Yeah, but they don't have a place to build the Model-Y just yet.
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    Those numbers are from Chevrolet.com... but yes manufacturer numbers are often fudged. @mkaresh has done some stories on them.
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    I feel like the Blazer cargo number is almost too awful to be true, way smaller than compacts like the CRV, RAV4, Rogue.. I wish reviewers would do box tests and actually try to fit in 1 cubic foot boxes into the cargo areas and see what happens.
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    Does the UAW come with the property? Mitsubishi
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    Equinox: Cargo behind 2nd row - 29.90 ft3 Cargo with 2nd row folded - 63.90 ft3 Blazer: Cargo behind 2nd row - 30.50 ft3 Cargo with 2nd row folded - 64.20 ft3 Blazer is about .7 cubic foot bigger, which is nothing. Only one China made GM these days... Buick Envision. There were two, but the CT6 Plug-In was withdrawn from the US market. It remains on sale in China.
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    Having the option is nice but if it does not save the setting for the next start, that would drive me nuts.
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    @Cmicasa the Great I have to agree that choice is always good. I used to say F*#K Start / Stop but just finished having a new 2019 XT5 on loan while my auto was in for service and the start / stop feature was bloody smooth compared to years earlier where it was very rough and noticeable. In regards to the GM AWD system, GM used to have a major ownership in Subaru and their AWD system was a clone of that up till bankruptcy. Not sure how much it has changed since then, but I can say that the AWD system is excellent. My pet peeve is that on the XT5 default is auto sense for basic FWD/AWD when slippage is detected. You can go into sport or luxury mode. I might just not know how to have it set for that as the new default, but after turning the car off it went back to the normal setting. Hopefully Cadillac will change this, I like AWD all the time.
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    I really don't have to prove you anything, but while GM's twin-clutch system is somewhat similar to SH-AWD it needs to be activated while Acura's system is always on. I think that is much better.
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    Proof that it has a better AWD system.. and I want it now. Because the AWD system in the MDX is said to be the same as in the damn vehicle the Blazer just BEAT Forgot about them.. but they have some of their shares visibly owned by Daimler and Toyota.. so I don't know. Just know that I hate foreign. Tell every one I said its cool to down vote that too as well as the post where I cursed out a supposed old couple in a Ram
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    Well, how do I know they didn't go back Monday and buy it? Plus, how is a Ram Italian?
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    The chicken tax is really stupid. Better to tax all autos the same or not. I normally hate tariffs, but different tariffs on different kinds of trucks make matters worse. This article is a perfect illustration of the problem with different tariffs on very similar vehicles.
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    Next time, grow up fanboy. Don’t act like you haven’t been wrong on here. I admitted my mistake. Try saying something constructive for once instead of being a dick in retaliation to any criticism of your pet brand. That is what’s “pathetic”. One car or three (like it was just a year ago), it doesn’t change the fact that you pretty much have given GM a free pass on the import and foreign sourcing of their cars (we won;t even get into the Mexico made product) while bemoaning others of doing the exact same thing, whether its’ being guilty of simply being a foreign make, foreign owned, or just plain old foreign. That is all I am going to say about that because, like I said earlier, I don’t talk to lunatics and you are starting to act like one. Oh and a CUV can be sporty AND luxurious at the same time. If it can be done with a sedan (i.e. CTS-V), then it can be done on a CUV. Porsche seems to have no problem covering both ends of the luxury/sport market so I’m pretty sure Cadillac can do it as well. Your deflection doesn’t change that fact.
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    People have NO CONCEPT of what this sign means. Some stupid broad in an old MKX didn't even try to slow down merging onto the highway tonight. I held my ground, she fell in behind... then promptly floored it, pulled up beside me, and proceeded to cuss me out at 60 mph. You know what? Eff that!
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    I wonder if she will be fired for this.
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    While some cars have grabbed my attention, nothing long term yet and I will say I am very blah on GM products as well as everyone else. Blazer has so much potential and so much wasted. XT6 is nice but could have been so much more. RIght now I am really hoping for a proper execution on the Cadillac EV CUV. If it was available today, it would be right there with the Rivian R1S if it was also available today. Right now just have to wait and see.
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    ...and ungodly repairs... I agree. I bought a fully loaded R line Beetle that stickered at like 33K for 16K two years old with 15K miles. Are we talking about the midsize thing...cancelling the CT6....or building the bland XT6. All three of them are mistakes IMHO.
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    ...and the company he works for. Just because I have been more civil lately...really doesn't mean I have any real love for Ford. That BMW is hideous. I am really starting to default back to European and Asian cars. GTR and 911 GT3 excite me as an enthusiast. Blazer is cool but in the end hard to see it as more than a tarted up Traverse.
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    And U won't.. because Cadillac is a luxury brand.. and for some reason, just because the have the V designated vehicles people suddenly, by default, see them as a brand that has to have everything look like it should be on the track. The XT6 is hardly bland looking... In fact it actually is as exciting looking as anything coming out of the World's Ultimate Driving Machine.. So I'm wondering.. do U throw the same rhetoric and confusion on the Germans? Just mystified as to how the hell, or WHY, a big CUV needs to look like it goes around the Nur'Ring
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    Only one Chinese made GM vehicle currently on sale here in America.. so.. What the heck was your point again? Oh.. just trying to be sassy I guess. And if U see Wings.. tell him I said "*** U"
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    His says $99 Weekly. I had to do some small font reading because it didn't make sense to me. $99 a WEEK. It doesn't seem that special of a price.
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    There are going to be fewer mechanical variations between vehicles. A company like VW could have power units in Small, Medium, and Large.... three variants to replace all of the gasoline/diesel/hybrid power train combinations they currently have. And the only thing making them different will be the software. You can see why manufacturers see the potential cost savings to them for switching to EVs.
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    The CT6 isn't going anywhere... it will continue in production in China and then possibly again back in the US for the next generation.
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    I don't believe it saves it. It is a fuel saving measure... you always start out in 2wd mode.
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    I think the key words are "up to". That much torque would rip apart a Renegade.
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    It's possible that Ford could get smacked back.... we'll see.
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    Personally, I think the RS should have been more than it is for the price point. In RS trim it looks great but for the price I think it needs to be higher performance than being just a warmed up crossover. The lower trims look like they came from rental lots. I wish GM good luck with it but for example a three row MDX that is bigger, has larger and nicer interior is at least just as fast as RS and handles at least as good (compare the numbers). It has a much better AWD system too, and starts at $44k.
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    This was an earlier truck, with unsullied Hemi power. Thankfully still available at Ram, with no hybrid junk designed to hoodwink confused, on-the-fence truck buyers into thinking they're buying the Prius of trucks.
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    Poorly designed and you get poor results. They rushed it and they have egg on their face. This does not mean it does not offer other benefits such as better torque from zero over ICE only.
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    MBs are the worst value out there- with the highest ATPs they cost their owners more in depreciation than any other make.
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    Then buy a CT6 Platinum AWD TT V6 and forget the Mercedes S560. MB is rarely a good value anywhere.
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    The 'starts' 2.0T CT6s were only built in a very small volume run for those that want that configuration. The CT6 on average is stickering at $68-70K, and yes; that's expensive.
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    @Cmicasa the Great and @dwightlooi ... be glad Cadillac doesn't put its own scent into its cars. They had a scent developed and they ... unleashed it at the Detroit and LA Auto Shows..... it was like an Axe factory exploded. Way too strong and didn't even smell great.
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    The vertical head lights were the best design elements of Cadillac. Why abandon it for the Mazda look? Powertrain wise, the XT5 and XT6 as Cadillac SUVs deserve to have the 310hp/348 lb-ft (L3B) 2.7T Inline-4 as the base engine and the 404hp/400lb-ft (LGW) 3.0TT V6 as the upgrade. GM should leave the LGX V6 for the likes of the Traverse and Acadia. Product wise Mary Barra is a moron. This is another example of why administrators cannot lead, and must not lead, product driven businesses. Tim Cook is another example. You can have a pussy or be a homo, that's just fine. But you cannot have no product vision and forte. There aren't many ills in a car company that a good product line won't fix. And, there aren't many ills which can be fixed through good governance and logistics when the product sucks!
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    Happy birthday, per the C&G homepage. Hope Bellevue is treating you well.
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