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    This is NO TRAILBLAZER, This is a Cub Scout with marketing trying to say it is an Eagle Scout in Training. Shame on GM for screwing this one up!
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    16 exterior colors, 6 interior colors, 0-60 under three seconds. Under $60,000 base price.
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    I am not a big Porsche fan, in fact not fan at all, but the new 2020 Cayman GT4 is super cool, looks awesome, finally back to inline 6, manual transmission.
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    What is they're both right and he's an out of control genius?
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    Since the launch of the XT4 with the rather anemic (if more refined) LSY engine, many (including myself) had questioned why GM does not offer the Tripower 310 bhp / 348 lb-ft (L3B) 2.7T 4-cylinder in the XT4 (at least) as an option. To a lesser extent some have also questioned why the LSY is putting out a mere 237bhp / 258 lb-ft whereas the outgoing LTG engine is good for 265~272 bhp / 295 lb-ft. Is it just so that it can have 258 lb-ft arrive @ 1,500 rpm? Now, we have the answer... It's the 9-speed Automatics. Adopting the 9-speed automatics is deemed a priority for refinement and fuel economy. The new GM-Ford 9TXX transmissions, jointly developed with Ford promises better fuel economy and better shift quality. There are currently two versions of this transmission:- 9T50 -- 258 lb-ft 9T65 -- 280 lb-ft The need to pack 9-speeds into a very slim transmission case meant that they have to use an ovoid cross section torque converter, a tension chain coupling and abandon the high torque capability of the previous generation top dog 6T80 (369 lb-ft) transmissions used in the 410 hp / 368 lb-ft 3.6L Twin-Turbo (LF3) powered Cadillac XTS. The lack of torque capability is also in part why Ford abandoned the use of the GM-Ford 9TXX transmissions, choosing instead to develop an 8-speed evolution of the decade old 6T80 for use in their high torque applications like the Ford Edge ST (2.7L Ecoboost V6 with 335 hp / 380 lb-ft). Ford also asserts that the new 9-speed autos did not yield any fuel economy improvement when tested with their engines and the refinement improvements alone did not justify the costs and weight increases. View full article
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    Prepare for the worst and if it doesn't happen you were at least afloat and have "extra" cash.
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    Well that Dodge can't do corners. AMG One's track performance is going to be legendary. Targeting Nurburgring in the 5's. You'd also think that being a hybrid and being able to run on full EV that it should meet emissions. Because in theory the gas engine could only run half the time.
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    Good move, and a great truck. Had a 2019 Classic 1500 Crew Cab Big Horn, $48k sticker, as a rental for a few thousand miles. Loved it. More manueverable and easy to drive than many cars, length aside. Comfortable, solid, quiet, tough, quick, good mileage, and easy to use. I'd take it back in a second. Was sad to give it back to Enterprise...it was so easy to park, even parallel, with big camera, sensors, mirrors and powertrain mapping, never had an issue. That big firm cloth bench seat up front with USB ports...liveable. Great deal, and thanks to not looking "old", they're an easy sell for dealers with the incentives.
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    Random Jeep ascii art O ||||||| O (CJ, TJ Wrangler) o ||||||| o (JK or JL Wrangler) oo\\\|///oo (99-03 WJ Grand Cherokee) oo|||||||oo (04 WJ or 05-10 WK, 11-13 WK2 Grand Cherokee) o- ||||||| -o (14-16 WK2 Grand Cherokee (standard lighting, not optional) -- ||||||| --- (14-18 KL Cherokee)
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    Was at the Fox Theater in Detroit last night for a concert...what a beautiful venue. Hadn't been there since 1996.
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    The solution to saving Chrysler is clear to anyone who isn't actually at Chrysler. Take the Pacifica platform and build premuim crossovers out of it. Build a premium crossover out of the Cherokee. Notice I didn't say full luxury, but at least take on Buick and some of Lincoln (though I think Lincoln is moving up fast in the world)
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    Airglide is meant to be soft and get softer when the road is rough. Magnaride is fairly stiff and gets stiffer when you want it to handle sharp. Two different beasts
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    We have a local truck accessory place, Car-Mic. "Everybody" who buys a new truck goes there immediately after leaving the dealership. I have ordered Husky floor liners from them. Next up is a tri-fold bed cover and Aeroskin hood protector. It does have the factory spray-in liner, which was a yuge consideration. With the Jeep in the garage and my downstairs living room renovation project finally done, seems like some space in the garage was stolen by "stuff". The truck fits, but I need to clean out the garage and haul some stuff to a final resting place, so it fits with more comfort. No Bedrugs or rubber bed mats this time, I got full factory bed protection. The 3.6L with 8 speed auto work together like peanut butter and jelly. Sooooo smooth. Above photo is not good quality. I will post a few more photos soon.
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    XT4-V Blackwing.... oops... I just ordered a dishwasher part instead.
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    I agree, it gets cumbersome say something like CT5-V Blackwing Just drop the V for the Blackwing trim.... maybe that's what they're doing....
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    It's like a motorized scrubbing bubble ~
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    0-60 : 2.9 sec 1/4 mile : 10.9 What again?
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    Must be why Trump was trying to nominate himself for it in regard to his “great” work with N. Korea. Would it be great then? Talk about clutching some pearls. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-northkorea-usa-trump/trump-makes-his-case-for-nobel-peace-prize-complains-hell-never-get-it-idUSKCN1Q42FJ
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    These downvotes and laugh emojis seems to back up that assessment lol. All bluster, no substance.
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    I don't know how Workhorse, which has been losing lots of money, is going to afford to buy the plant much less keep the lights on. Lordstown was greatly underutilized when they were building ~250k Cruzes a year there. How many trucks can Workhorse think they're going to sell with no dealer network.... even at that price.
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    His battery is dead.
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    Torn down years ago sadly. Love this pic. If you google Northbank Park in columbus Ohio you will see a project I ran the electrical portion of back in the day.
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    For having NOTHING to contribute, you sure made a very long post! LOL!!!
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    Yet somehow the Wrangler continues to succeed with the primitive approach and removable tops. Sounds like the new Bronco may have a version with such a configuration. Will be interesting to see if it works for them.
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    There's also the glut of used cars on the market at the moment. GM could bring the Cruze back in an instant. It's still in production in South America. Just load them on a boat and ship them north. Sonic and Spark are still in production for now. Sonic is not officially on the death list yet and its plant is not listed in the list of 5 plants that GM is closing.
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    You can't take tax losses on fines.
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    I've driven both and there is absolutely no way it takes the same level of skill to drive an auto as a manual. I actually didn't think I would ever see the day where somebody would actually say that it takes the same amount of skill to flip a paddle as it does to bang through gears in a manual transmission.
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    Problem w/ the 8 series is it looks like a Mustang with BMW front and rear styling cues at a much higher price. (and at a higher price than the 6 series coupe it replaced). The weird bulges in the rear fascia don't help either.
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    It's funny how the guy who can't stop talking about the g-wagon is complaining that the GX is old. it took benz 20 years to update that old military vehicle into something approaching luxury.
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    i do respect the choice aspect here. But I think to omit even the option of the safety equipment on the base trim for something that is standard on Kias, is quite GM like and frustrating as hell. GM in general. I would love a Regal TourX wagon. But the TourX with cloth, you can't get heated seats on as an option. Not a big deal really except that often the TourX in cloth is even stickering at 37k on the lot, and I'm sorry, a 37k MSRP vehicle. Especially a mid lux brand like buick....Dual Zone climate and heated seats should be in that vehicle at 37,000. And a nicer seat material than ratty cloth that even Suzuki wouldn't put in their cars. On the Silverado they sell so many of them they can afford to have so many different configurations. On the XT4, the heated seats option covers the front and rear seats. Now that i like as Cadillac doing something in line with luxury. Both rows. I've had blind spot monitor on both my cars now and have gotten used to it to 'assist' me in checking my blind spot better. It does IMO save me some close calls, it's a feature I absolutely want to have. It's most useful function is when you are passing it helps you to be more confident in the space you have before you pull back in front of someone. I think there are some aftermarket blind spot systems out there. But back to my point, Cadillacs IMO ought to have them, at least available on every trim. I think standard, and maybe able to be disabled by the user if desired.
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    GX460 starts at $52k X5 starts at $60k Q7 starts at $73k GLE is not in the same class Yes GX is old but is PROVEN to be very reliable and it is PROVEN to be really good off-road unlike its German counterparts (not that many owners take it off road) Q7 and X5 are undoubtedly much better on-road but I would never buy them only lease. GX460 will easily go up to 300k miles. That is the reason I was interested in it. Enough space and comfort and yet, would be able to take it off road or camping. Funny thing, I can buy 2016-2017 CPO X5 for about $35-40k (so it lost at least 40-45% of its value in less than 3 years. And yet comparable in mileage CPO GX460 go for $38-45k I wonder why is that ...
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    The Boeing 737 was a Boeing error. This is already been established. Boeing screwed up big time. Regarding the B-52, yes they aren’t building anymore. Maybe they should because past attempts to replace with garbage like the B1 Bomber have been failures. The B-52 is a rare case of “if ain’t broke, don’t fix it” (or try to replace it). All that money wasted to replace could have been rerouted towards making more and making than even better.
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    Emissions. https://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/future-cars/a23785672/mercedes-amg-project-one-delay-news/ "When asked if the customers were angry with such a delay, Moers said he's very open to communicating with them. "You know what they tell me? 'Make sure that the car works. Because of what we experienced in the past with hybrid cars, take your time.'""
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    He clearly does not care as he is not even capable of supporting America by buying and driving American. He used to brag about how great his Bentley or Rolls was, so let him move to those countries he loves to support and leave us alone. So much for the Art of the Deal!, Clearly our current leadership is clueless on how to best lead America and show leadership to the world. Sadly, this is giving the Chinese the ability to take the new world leadership role from America. The future is grim on many fronts due to poor guidance and planning of America. Some have said with the Amount of US debt owned by China, "Welcome to the Peoples Republic of America, a sovereign nation of China."
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    You have no idea how much I hate this idea.
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    Would you guys be happier if Chevy named this... the CHEVETTE?
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    It is confusing if you recall how Chevy's midsize SUVs were 15 years ago--the Blazer was the small-midsize S10 based SUV, and the TrailBlazer was the larger midsize GMT360 SUV. Now Blazer is a larger CUV than the TrailBlazer. Makes no sense, IMO. Tracker would have been a better name for this.
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    I didn't like the newer interiors. I preferred the original. Because it resembled the classic Cutlass interiors also...I preferred the fact that those interiors were also optioned with the digital readout. 1970 1980s G-Body Olds Cutlass W-Body Cutlass Supreme And digital version Minus the digital screen where a that is clearly a modern upgrade where a plethora of buttons used to be.
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    A luxury car should have a real usable trunk, Cadillac especially. Why are they pushing us towards an XT5 or an XT6? Cadillac for YEARS had big trunks so that you could take your clubs to the golf course. And have enough space for five sets of clubs! That tiny trunk belongs to a Smart FourTwo, NOT A CADILLAC.
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    Personally, I think this was and still is the coolest EV vehicle ever built
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    30s Ford hot rods aren't really in my area of interest, but found this photo quite striking.. I like this Packard..
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    That is one of the best looking luxury cars of the 1980s! Few, if any, have that kind of gravitas.
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    It just shows that you still don't understand how horsepower works after all these years.
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    Looks like Uncle Buck's ride, but in better shape.
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