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    This whole crossover craze has gone a bit too far....
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    Dodge is the everyman brand Chrysler is the premium brand like a cross between Buick and Lincoln. Fiat - kill in the US Alfa - Merge with Maserati Maserati - Ultra luxury brand Ram - Trucks Jeep - just be jeep.
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    The problem was he wanted to dump the wrong brands. He wanted to save the Italian brands and kill off the american ones except Jeep.
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    Chrysler is in the sale volume tent as Acura & infiniti and it's 25% higher than volvo. No way that's 'miserable' volume unless those other premium brands are also. Are they? I agree with DD; we read certain people claim Lincoln was "a dead brand" but all it took was product to revive it. Chrysler has far greater potential than fiat or alfa romeo has, it just needs the right product.
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    EVs are coming like it or not. It will take some time until they are really common, but I see more and more electric vehicles on the road in US and Europe and more and more manufacturers starting to work on EVs extensively. As soon as more EV will be available on the market and as soon as prices will come down to a more affordable level the market will explode. The new generation of young people that used to plug in and charge their smartphones, tablets and laptops will embrace it quickly and without hesitation. They feel more familiar with charging their gadgets than dealing with smelly gas, oil and grease. The new generation is more eco conscious as well which makes electrics more attractive to them. EVs require less maintenance as well which a lot of people will love.
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    My son at Victoria falls in Africa.
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    short hood / long deck is where it's at. Here's to hoping it, somehow, comes back.
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    Where I grew up, that is the choice of transportation for convicted DUI drivers. It gets all the honeys though lol, certainly than any Smart car will.
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    Looking good. So glad Lincoln is using names again. Hint hint Cadillac...
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    To harp on power in these cars is to completely miss the point. These are handling and agility cars. They are extremely satisfying drives without having to break the speed laws to get satisfaction.
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    Well, I finally found what I’ve been looking for, in my price range. This past Saturday I picked up a 2016 Lincoln MKC. 37,460 miles, $21,000, 2.3T engine with AWD. Upgraded real leather seats in dark brown and cream that I absolutely love. It had auto-high beams that I was skeptical about how well they flip off then back on and they’re surprisingly fantastic. As soon as any headlights show up in front of my they flip off, be it just over a hill or a mile ahead of me. Neat. Classic Ford, I already have to hit up my local dealership because the exterior thermostat is reading waaaay off(like -35F) therefor also throwing off the temp thst throws out the HVAC. It’s still under warranty and if it wasn’t I’d be dealing with the dealership I bought it from, well I’m doing that anyway incase it becomes lemon-worthy. I want them to know about it right away. They also legally had to instal the front plate bracket.. they said they were going to do it and I asked them not to but because IL is a front plate state they weren’t allowed to let it leave without the bracket on. I’m going to see if they drilled the bumper or if it was mounted through the grille this weekend to see if I can take it off.
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    I saw a new 124 (silver/black top) and a '70s 124 (brown/tan top) about 2 weeks ago...first time I'd seen either in ages. Or move it to Dodge. Give it a new fascia and racetrack taillight, an optional Hellcat engine, etc...maybe call it Viper Jr.
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    Was out for a Sunday drive up in Lake County and going to open houses and happened to turn a corner and see this Frank Lloyd Wright beauty... needs a '50s car in the carport. The Karl Staley House in N. Madison, Oh
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    “Grab’em by the pus...never mind” @ccap41-Had surgery a week ago for a torn rotator cuff and while they were doing the ACL, they discovered that I had a bone spur tearing one of my tendons. I’ve had the rotator issue for over twenty years and just managed but the tendon tears were clearly the last straw. In a sling for six weeks, hence why they won’t let me drive, and then some physical therapy for a months after. Sucks being at home this much but I’ve been getting my walking exercise in on the nice days.
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    It's amazing in 2019 there are women still with such an obsolete mindset. If she wants the Volvo and big house, she should go work hard and earn it..
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    Coming soon to the crossover bazaar Buick Entropy Buick Enthalpy Buick Entrail Buick Enterprise (Starship Edition!) Buick Envention (See what i did there?)
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    I still hate the term crossover coupe.
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    What else I've miled up since summer 2017... 2016 Chevy Cruze (green, drove it from Philly to Kentucky, then Pittsburgh, and Philly again. Great little car) 2016 Chrysler 200 with 47k miles. Smooth, not bad. Battery died...had to be towed... 2017 Nissan Altima SL (had a few), the 200 replacement. Always great mileage. Comfy seats. Terrible front end push on corners, and lack of grip. But 35 mpg+... 2017 Chevy Sonic Premier. Great visibility, nice little turbo. Rough, rattly, noisy, uncomfortable. Radio kept malfunctioning. Drove it LONG distance...and couldn't wait to give it back. 2017 Chevy Camaro 1LT RS. Red, 3.6L. Fun. Great cloth. Same hard to get in & out. But fun for a time, and good power/mileage mix. 2017 Toyota Camry SE 2.5L. Fine, not memorable. Long distance driving. Never got over 29 mpg in a 4 cylinder. Handled better than the Altimas, but not as comfy. 2017 Dodge Challenger R/T Hemi. LOVED, LOVED. Cloth, no options. Burbling Hemi. I put 5,900 miles on it...drove everywhere, winter included. Long trips, Pittsburgh to Philly, averaged 29.8 mpg...better than the Camry every could. Didn't want to give it back. 2017 Dodge Journey SXT V6. 3.6L, quick 6 speed, nice sized package. Very little front legroom, but great size. Weirdest option combos ever. USB with little charging juice, but no bluetooth. Mix of old meets newer look. 2018 Dodge Charter SXT V6 RWD. Red. Smooth, crisp 3.6L, CarPlay, remote start. More functional than the Challenger. Easy to get good mileage. I love the FCA 3.6L, but it's not the most impressive in these cars, vs. the Hemi. (I think the reverse in SUV's). 2018 Chevy Impala Premier. Super well done car. Not a car fan, but great size, awesome look, decent 3.6L power. Clunky bad GM infotainment, but a nice sedan with power and size for people, that's solid. 2017 GMC Yukon SLT 4x2. Took this as a "can you take the big one?" for a while. Nice truck, but definitely an old and clunky design. Comfortable enough, and nice interior. Bad GM infotainment, and the useless can barely see it, and it doesn't beep or do a single helpful thing, GM blind spot. 2nd Enterprise I had that broke down...cruising from NY to Philly, on the turnpike, CEL triggered at a toll booth. Kept cruising, seemed fine. Next morning stumbled to turn over, shuddered, turned off. 2 more tries, it ran again, and I got it back to Enterprise. Had a bill in the glove box for "transmission shudders", before, and I noticed that too. But so has every full size GM SUV truck I've driven. 2017 GMC Terrain SLT 2.4L AWD. Know these well, after buying 2 for mom. Holy scary slow. GREAT package, size, and seats. SCARY slow. I enjoyed driving it, and the size, a LOT. But merging with the 2.4L onto highways was terrifying. I always recommended the 2.4L back then, but after long term in one, no way. Mom's 3.0L and 3.6L were monsters in comparison. Terrible mileage, too, always revving out hard to keep moving. But nice package, if it had power. 2016 Hyundai Sonata 2.4L. Thought I'd try it. Hated it, unexpectedly. Antithesis of the previous nice gen (2011+). Hard, flat seats, grainy sounds and feel, just reeked economy. Good mileage. Nice touch screen. I took it back. 2017 Kia Soul +. LOVED this little car. So comfortable, so smooth, so refined, seat height that doesn't kill your legs like a sedan, and functional. Tiny, tiny cargo space (have to be creative with suitcases), but was great. Always felt quick enough, but the mileage was never a standout in the high 20's. 2017 Ford Expedition XLT 4x2 Ecoboost. Who knew. Old school interior and tech, but the powertrain and driving dynamics the Yukon wished it had, and this was the old one. First time I merged onto the highway, I was shocked, after my last truck experience. Did about 4,500 miles on this one, and it was great. Mileage included. Advance to the more modern 2018+, and good choice. 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4 Luxury II. LOVED IT SO MUCH. Leased mom one for a reason. Perfect size. Perfect drive. Perfect package. Old platform, that feels better baked, refined, powerful, and economical than other "newer things". Did 5,900 miles and wouldn't give it back. Never got tired of it. 2017 pre-Carplay, but great UConnect. The 3.6L that can feel doggy in the LX cars, is perfect here, quick, sharp, and crisp. Ideal modes, Eco for transmission and Sport for steering. Just too perfect, every day. I'd take one...any day. Filled the tank in Rochester, NY. Drove to Punxsutawney, PA & around town. Drove back to NYC...one tank...549 miles of range...unstoppable, in silent, crisp, comfortable trekking. Buy one. Skip the Hemi, no need, and just heavier. 2018 Chevy Camaro 1LT RS V6. Identical copy of what I had before. Rented in Arizona. Drove there, drove to California, and back to Arizona again over December. Fun, and comfy cloth. With 28k miles, the suspension was clunky, and it wasn't the smoothest. Felt worn out, slightly, but also just in the way the GM Alpha platform always feels too rigid and clunky. Still fun, every day, and nice 3.6L sounds. 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 Double Cab Classic. Holy titanic. GM truck powertrains...slurpy, shuddery, feel like rubber bands. Crooked tilted to the side (as every review says) steering wheel. Feels heavier than it is. Feels old. Oddly, the radio & Carplay worked well, old junk graphics aside. Had 700 miles on it to start, and after I hard throttled it a bit in Long Island, and longer trips, the transmission started smoothing out. 5.3L/6-speed in an empty truck always felt like you were trying to pull a cruise ship behind you from a stop...when in reality it was empty and just trying to get off the line. Gave it back after a week, and switched smaller... 2018 Chevy Colorado 4x4 LT 3.6L. Who knew, great truck. After the loafing, puggy, clunky, slurpy, boat anchor feeling Silverado, this drove like a car, sounded great, and somehow the 8-speed with the 3.6L makes it more of a Camaro truck. Great drive too, and no rear end leaf spring bounce liked I expected. Radio worked well. Great size. 2018 Dodge Challenger SXT 3.6L. Same package as my 2017 R/T, but with more stuff. The backup camera and 7" UConnect with Carplay were great. Comfy, smooth, solid, and liveable. Enjoyed it a lot. 3.6L, again, in these cars, doesn't feel as sharp or crisp as in something like a Grand Cherokee, but works well enough and the whole car feels relaxed. Only gave it back, when due for service. 2019 Ford Mustang Premium Convertible 2.3T. GREAT. After Camaros, and Challengers, this was a first. First day, I wasn't sure about the 2.3T, sounded like a tractor. More I I drove it, more I loved it. 2.3T/10-speed is perfect. Enjoyed it so much more than the Camaro 3.6L or the Challenger 3.6L. Always the right gear, perfect ratios, and endless power. Yet, oddly enough, also the best mileage no matter what I did. Philly to Woodstock, NY, averaged 31.9 mpg. Never reset it, and over the next 1.5 months of stop & go, back roads, NYC, etc. the my 2500 mile average was 26.9 mpg at turn in. Throw it in Sport or Track mode...and even better on a curvy road. Problem? Nasty seats and not enough legroom. Really bad. Seats and seating position like sitting in an Aerostar hurt my legs, every time. But it was so fun...and flawless in performance. 2019 Dodge Ram 1500 Classic Hemi Crew Cab. A lot to be said, for the classics. Picked this up with 4500 miles on it, and had never driven one for a while. It was worlds, and worlds, in a different league than that clunky slushy titanic 2019 Silverado Classic. Quick, crisp, smooth, on point, great steering, big mirrors, and bizarrely, easier to park than many cars. Huge 8.4" new UConnect, front & back sensors, and Carplay, with cloth, power folding mirrors and remote start. A combo package, of "old that's still good". Loved it. Even living in the city, loved it, and was always perfect. Best Infotainment and Carplay of any vehicle I've had...and day to day, refined, crisp, and great to drive easily. No negatives, other than I did confuse the rotate shifter with the volume once or twice, and the "old bones interior" would get a few random plastic clicking sounds over bumps. But Bentley vs. "what is wrong with this thing?" Silverado. And now....the finale...2019 Cadillac XTS base FWD. I wanted to keep the Ram. Enterprise asked if I'd help them and take 1 of 2 XTS's to get rid of them. 14k miles. No options. Gray on black, with 19" wheels. No blind spot, no cross path, no safety alert anything. Yet, standard, it has Auto Self Parking?!? Weirdest ever. GM way. $52k...and blind spot (GM's doesn't work anyway) is still an option. Power folding mirrors. Very smooth, very quiet. Infotainment turns on, but is awful. Carplay is clunky, and needs "are you sure?" confirmation every time. NO volume knob and the "slide massage here" CUE volume is terrible, as are the piano black push buttons that are slow to respond on the steering wheel. One of the worst, grainiest, back up cameras I've had. Soft seats. Lit details. Great looking inside. Self parking is glitchy, and only worked once. Why does a car like this self park itself, but have no other feature, safety, etc. at all? And why paddle shifters? 3.6L/6-speed is smooth...and thankful, a normal shifter. But... My last 2 years in rentals. Fun R&D long term tests...or "please, just take it back. I'll take anything else!" Ha. My company car awaits...
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    Holy s-h-i-t people...we are going to do this in every thread????????
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    I hope this accelerates the embrace of BEVs, especially once solid state batteries show up in new vehicles.
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    DRIVEN: 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 2.7 turbo four cylinder Crew Cab Short Box 4-Wheel Drive LT All Star Edition (48k +/- MSRP) This is written from the perspective of someone who is not a truck fan, hasn't owned one, loves cars, not crossovers or trucks. Looking for a daily driver with space and utility. I won't be commenting on 'truck stuff' here. I can't tell you if the four wheel drive system is boss. Or anything about trailering. Or, LOADS. This is about a truck as a transportation device. HIGHS: -Although many may disagree, I love the new design of the Chevy and GMC trucks. (I prefer the more butch GMC front end) -OMG, HUGE INSIDE! NO. LIE. Anyone. Who. Bitches about lack of space inside of this crew cab, just ...go.....now. The back seat in particular, this is the new limousine standard. -Not joking, the dash design feels like a cockpit. Truck style. Command center. All the info, right there in your face, in your crotch. And the touchscreen location is just fine. I like the dash design a lot. -Good storage all over. This particular truck has the column shifter and middle seat folding down. -Nice step in, lower than I anticipated. I don't want to 'step up' into any vehicle, just like I hate bending down to get in. There's a little step up, but get the seat where you need it and come back and check again. -Speaking of seats, well supportive, wide, comfortable. Seat cloth is cheap, like they like to make it, so you up for the leather. But lots of truck drivers spend all day in their perch, and this truck is perfect for those that need to. -So, I'm not used to sitting in trucks, predatory style on the road. But this felt great. And the thing is there is very good visibility to this truck. Large windows, large mirrors, SHORT HOOD (this is a good thing). Not at all intimidating to just get in and drive (over the top of someone ...j/k). Between the cockpit feel and the good visibility, and good seats, and good dash layout. Very easy to feel at home. -THE. BED. IS. HUGE. Again, GM breaks the mold. Wider, so much space utilized well. This one did not have a liner. I would want that. Bet you can haul lots of ass in this truck. -POWER TAILGATE RELEASE. OMG< this is so cool! -Fairly composed ride and handling as a transportation vehicle. I found the steering to be surprisingly responsive and just fine. Trucks when unloaded have a hard time with just riding quietly and not being upset by bad road surfaces; my only real frame of reference is the old trucks we had when i grew up. Obviously this new truck is much better, but more important is that is not disturbed excessively in ride by daily unloaded driving. When you try to hustle the truck around the corners like a sports sedan, you get bob and weave and shimmy and shake...and dance. But you don't typically rail on a truck in such a way (when do you typically want to stand on the throttle for the turbo boost?). -Pretty quiet inside when settled down and speed. You can seriously loaf over the highway all day in this thing. This must be why pickups sell so well. -Wait for it, because what you really want to know about this, is 'how's the engine'. I'll get to that. From my perspective.... completely fine with it, and I actually like it. I'll break it out separately below. LOWS: -A big compliant universally on the Chevy trucks has been 'cheap interior'. Ok, is it? Well, yes, but let's dissect this. I don't think the plastics are any worse than previous GM trucks. And I actually didn't mind them myself. I like the pebble texture, surface are a mix of soft and hard. A lot of this discussion is driven by two things. Can they be better? Yes. "The Ram has a better interior". Well, that I don't know. I look at pictures and I can't say I am universally sure. I don't doubt that many may think the Ram interior is nicer. I need to see it for myself. I highly doubt this interior is any or much worse than the typical junk in Fords, Nissans and Toyotas. One thing with GM is the reliance on interiors being all black death. So here I will concede, there is a lot of black in here, which is probably not helping the opinions here. -TRUCKS. ARE. HUGE. Now i remember why i end up cursing all the douchbags that can't park straight in a parking space. Or they peacock their huge truck by backing in. Well, I remember more why this shit happens. Its probably easier to back in and drive out without reverse, than it is to swing Betsy's WIDE ASS around and on a dime into a 9 foot wide stall. These things have a long wheelbase, and you gotta be dialed in and attentive on where you are going. Folks may laugh and say, well learn how to drive. But that's exactly it....so many driving trucks these days shouldn't be driving trucks. So suburban parking lot ventures are not the best place for trucks...... you get a truck and haven't had one, it's just an adjustment curve. Since the steering is good, a little time and you should learn where all the corners are. Even with Betsy's ass hanging out. -Column shifter, I don't mind having one in a truck...but OMG this one was STIFF. Maybe it needs to be loosened up over time. A bit clunky too. Do i really need to replicate the motions of using a citrus press to shift my truck into gear? Smooth it up, and it will be fine. -Hinted above....lots of shimmy and shake in aggressive driving. (UM IT'S NOT A SPORT SEDAN). Yes, but as a daily driver, those choosing between a pickup and even some of the more trucky SUV / crossovers, you may want to lean to the SUV's if the way trucks drive isn't what you are used to. OK< HERE IT IS< ENGINE AND POWERTRAIN So the thing here is ultimately a review on this new FOUR CYLINDER Silverado engine. OH THE HORROR! Well, hey it's good! But some disclaimers first.. I typically don't care much for the big v8 rumble of the GM pushrod engines. I don't care for the sound, sorry. I do like 'cammy' sounding engines. And i have no idea what expected behavior for truck engines is these days. Whether it is the Ford Ecoboost v6, or the GM pushrod v8's. I have no measuring stick as to how smooth they are, how they feel, and what their power delivery is like. I wish i had gotten more time at the 70+ mph range, but in every other way I liked the 4 cylinder. Let me start out with the sound. I have driven the new 2.0t in the XT4, which is a smooth engine but it's raspy snarl has offput some Cadillac fans. It's a cammy engine that makes itself heard when you lean on the gas. And this 2.7t, even if it is uniquely designed for truck use with a long stroke and all that.....has a similar feel. And sound. You can tell the engines are related. What is good here on the 2.7 is the throttle response. The throttle response is so good. And no turbo lag. You lean on the gas HARD, and the tranny works quickly in concert with the boost and a snarl, and it muscles you through in quick fashion. So it's responsive. When being softer with the throttle, it may feel less responsive, and there is a lot of gears it is thinking about. But it's not 'hunting'. The trans always seemed to settle into the right gear quickly. With small displacement, the power and torque sometimes merely seem 'good'....good enough for my butt. I don't know how it compared to the sometimes maligned 5.3, which is what this is supposed to be comparable to. I do know GM fans diss the 5.3 a lot. All i know is when i really kicked ass with the throttle foot, the response was right now with boost and torque. Now, how much torque is the question. But ultimately for my daily driving and i don't tow and haul anything. For what i do, it's a darn snappy truck. The response is surprising considering the small displacement and long stroke of the motor. It revs very happily, smooth and not coarse. It can just get loud and cammy for those not used to it, and those that don't like that. And again, it sounds a lot like the cousin 2.0 in the XT4. You have to decide if that's what you want in a truck or if you prefer the v8. GM did a smart thing and decided to forego a turbo v6. Why? Because Ford is doing it, and has claimed that space. Using four cylinders is Chevy's opportunity to innovate. And if we are honest with ourselves.....we'll end up in four cylinder territory eventually anyways. Out of the gate, if this is reliable, I say this engine is a win. I think the lesser than expected fuel economy is a problem. But I haven't done an interstate trip with the cruise set to see the numbers myself. Really this engine is an engine for the future, now put in some high volume models to beta test it in the real world before they put it in a bunch of other vehicles. Colorado / Canyon I am talking about you. This would be a perfect engine for those pickups. Some of the crossovers and SUV's would benefit from this engine also (Acadia, Traverse, Enclave, XT6, Tahoe). And could they even retune it and put it in a CT5 or CT6? Methinks it would do just fine in either of those Cadillac sedans. Look at how Ford, when they rolled out the Ecoboost v6's, put it in every vehicle they could think of, to test it out and amortize it. ANd now it's typical and expected in their trucks. Just think, maybe there will be an inline six derivitive of it. Or maybe they will make a 5.4 litre v8 version of it with 600 hp and 600 lb ft. SUMMARY So for the non truck guy, this was a fun ride. I think the 4 cylinder for me in this truck is just fine. I say that without trailering anything with it, or hauling anything. For me the actual hurdle is can i live with the size and handling and ride of a truck. And in some ways I could. In other ways, I love my responsive sedans. The space, comfort, and utility of this thing cannot be ignored. In that regard, I am a huge truck fan and love these new GM trucks. I honor and respect those that have issues with the interiors on these but for me I never expected much out of a truck inside anyways. The benefits of the room and space far outweigh how erotic a particular dashboard surface may feel here when i touch it. Love these new trucks, and I should drive a Ram for a real comparison. But if forced to have a truck I could surely enjoy this, and I WOULD be fine to get one with the 4 cylinder if you asked me with a gun to my head (and would need to also be thinking about price and resale). Partially because I like the SNARL and a well dialed in powertrain.
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    Ocn, you know that is not true.... People have left this site for the same reason they leave other car boards-they just move on... Some may have been on the wild side, but many others simply just moved on and got into other things...whether it be different makers or simply different interests... Even with my current issues with GM, I am still here with my friends. Yeah, we tussle a little bit in opinion at times-but in the end things end up fine. I don’t abandon friends based on opinions on politics....as in the end we are all here for the love of cars....
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    Thanks blu- I spent an hour the other night watching utube episodes. Funny stuff. - - - - - '41 DeSoto Business Coupe - love the lines ~
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    The Camry is the most American ca you can buy I think. I don't think people care where anything is made for the most part, they buy the product they like. People buy phones and TV and computers made in China and they don't care. There wear clothes from the Philippines and Vietnam, and they don't care really care where stuff comes from, they care about quality of the product and price. If GM sold an American made Silverado for $35,000 and the exact same spec truck with the same quality as a Chinese made Silverado for $30,000, 99% of the people would pay less to have the Chinese one and they wouldn't shed one tear when the American factory shut down. That is the the cold truth of how it is.
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    Since the launch of the XT4 with the rather anemic (if more refined) LSY engine, many (including myself) had questioned why GM does not offer the Tripower 310 bhp / 348 lb-ft (L3B) 2.7T 4-cylinder in the XT4 (at least) as an option. To a lesser extent some have also questioned why the LSY is putting out a mere 237bhp / 258 lb-ft whereas the outgoing LTG engine is good for 265~272 bhp / 295 lb-ft. Is it just so that it can have 258 lb-ft arrive @ 1,500 rpm? Now, we have the answer... It's the 9-speed Automatics. Adopting the 9-speed automatics is deemed a priority for refinement and fuel economy. The new GM-Ford 9TXX transmissions, jointly developed with Ford promises better fuel economy and better shift quality. There are currently two versions of this transmission:- 9T50 -- 258 lb-ft 9T65 -- 280 lb-ft The need to pack 9-speeds into a very slim transmission case meant that they have to use an ovoid cross section torque converter, a tension chain coupling and abandon the high torque capability of the previous generation top dog 6T80 (369 lb-ft) transmissions used in the 410 hp / 368 lb-ft 3.6L Twin-Turbo (LF3) powered Cadillac XTS. The lack of torque capability is also in part why Ford abandoned the use of the GM-Ford 9TXX transmissions, choosing instead to develop an 8-speed evolution of the decade old 6T80 for use in their high torque applications like the Ford Edge ST (2.7L Ecoboost V6 with 335 hp / 380 lb-ft). Ford also asserts that the new 9-speed autos did not yield any fuel economy improvement when tested with their engines and the refinement improvements alone did not justify the costs and weight increases. View full article
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    I think I posted a pic before, but this is Bro's 'bird:
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    A. You said "cannot afford", I responded to that, and your response back centered around 'computer engineers'. I don't associate that profession with being unable to afford a car. B. The vast vast majority of people store at least some items in their vehicles for various reasons. Some keep a LOT of items in their vehicles (nothing wrong with that). Still others work out of their vehicles. These types of consumers aren't going to be in this market. C. I do NOT relish the thought of getting inside a vehicle regularly where who knows who has been doing who knows what. People treat public use items in generally terrible ways.
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    I don't know how Workhorse, which has been losing lots of money, is going to afford to buy the plant much less keep the lights on. Lordstown was greatly underutilized when they were building ~250k Cruzes a year there. How many trucks can Workhorse think they're going to sell with no dealer network.... even at that price.
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    In a series of tweets today, Trump announced that General Motors will be selling their Lordstown plant to electric truck maker Workhorse. Lordstown was shut down in March of this year and formerly built the Chevrolet Cruze. The details of the plant sale have not yet been announced. Workhorse is a Cincinnati based company who builds EV pickups with a built in range extender, similar in concept to the Chevrolet Volt. Workhorse's sole model is the W-15, capable of driving up to 80 miles on a charge before a gasoline powered range extender kicks in. It uses two motors to provide all-wheel drive. The only configuration available is an extended cab with 6.5 foot bed. They can tow up to 5,000 lbs and have a payload of 2,200 lbs. Pricing starts at $54,500 before tax credits. Workhorse intends to start production for the retail market sometime in 2019. Fleet orders have already started. GM is not denying any of the information in the tweets from Trump. Update: General Motors has confirmed that talks are ongoing.
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    Should have been this way from the beginning IMO.
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    Fleetwood Body Division of Cadillac, Fleetwood Pennsylvania ~
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    All right gays, let me put it simply for you all:- (1) An engine being turbocharged (or not) has nothing to do with whether it is, or can be, high revving. Period. (2) Contemporary Turbocharged engines are typically not high revving because of the designers' desire to minimize lag and maximize torque down to the lowest reaches of the rev range. (3) Turbochargers generally have a range of airflow within which it functions well. A big turbo supports higher flow -- which means higher boost or higher engine rpms. A small turbo takes less exhaust energy to drive -- which means higher output at lower rpms and less turbo lag. (4) To be more specific, at about 20 psi of boost (~1.36 bar), the most advanced turbos can support a torque plateau of about 3000 rpm. That is to say you can have your peak torque of about 150 lb-ft/liter across about 3,000 rpm of engine speed range. This can be 1,500~4,500 rpm or it can be 4,000~7,000 rpm depending on the size of the turbo. Obviously, an engine the latter will make more power... much more power (greater than 200 hp / liter) and rev to 8,000 rpm without running out of breath. But expect 1990s style lag and rubberband like throttle response. With the former you get ~ 130~140 hp / liter, but the engine isn't dead between idle and about 3800 rpm. You can have either or something in between, but you can;t have both.
  45. 4 points
    I think as a hatch it looks much better. And with that engine it should be a hoot,
  46. 4 points
    Somebody get ocnblu to read this. This might calm him down.
  47. 4 points
    I6 is better than V6.... especially for longevity
  48. 4 points
  49. 4 points
    I think it's hilarious that you are like the personal embodiment of a GM product. You're every bit as classless, and as much a piece of trash. It's no wonder you love them so much. @Drew Dowdell Is there any reason why we let let this vile, GM leg humping garbage pile continue to plague this site?
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