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    after getting a warning for cursing some of U out I've chosen to go ahead and let U sorr... er... U good natured.. people talk trash about me and the sexy hot brand known as Cadillac.
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    It did. And I confirmed. But only in AWD.. If I left it on Sport, which is kinda a separate AWD, it defaulted back to Tour. If U leave in regular AWD it stays
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    It also makes things confusing because in the CTS for example, the 2.0T and the 3.6 are both 400. But the 2.0T gets a T at the end.... so is it the better/more expensive engine? No, the buy up engine is the 3.6. But different 2.0Ts have different torque numbers. The XT4 is a 350 and the ATS is a 400.
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    And it's just a transverse 2.0L 4cyl FWD subcompact. $40k is way too much for such pedestrian crud...$30k would be high for something that low and common IMO.... but there are plenty of sheeple out there that will pay for the MB badge regardless of the plebeian hardware...
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    Casa probably should insult AMG and M cars because he doesn't own them nor have any intent to own them.
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    I love the logic that somehow you cannot criticize said car or car company if you never plan on driving or buying one. If that’s the case, then I guess most of us would have nothing to talk about here. Just dumb is what it is, in reality.
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    You missed the point. They handle way better than some damn FWD/transverse engine wannabe minivan. There is nothing aspirational about a CUV on a damn FWD/transverse engine platform and 2.0 4cyl that is shared w/ Chevy and GMC... now the Cayenne Turbo, X5 M, Trackhawk, etc..those are aspirational products. And stop it with the 'U'..this isn't text messaging.
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    I know a few people with some of the exact vehicles U speak of.. and let me tell U.. not one of them take those vehicles to a damn track.. they do an occasional LUNGE from the stop light. Furthermore.. if U really believe that those vehicles can handle as well as a performance car then I say get your insurance policy up to date.. and let the right people know where U have it stored
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    Who made RWD PROPER in a CUV in the first place? I've been going to the track my whole life it seems.. certainly spirited driving as well.. who the hell is regularly taking their top heavy CUV to the track.. or even hitting curves on the road like a BOSS? Proper RWD CUV for hi-performance is the epitome of an oxymoron. Ferdinand and millions of Porsche lovers past can't even believe we are having this conversation and including the name Porsche. Hell.. I'm sure BMW purists feel the same
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    Go back and read my entire post above. @dfelt I literally ran up to my Caddy dealer 15 minutes ago.. I told my sales guy that I was thinking of bringing my gf up to look at it but I needed to confirm something first. I then was able to drive it around the parking area without him even gettin a tag.. . U are correct that if U use the Steering wheel control YES it is more complicated.. But that is a redundant control and the CENTER CONSOLE buttons are right there to give U instant access to the settings with a push of the button. It did not require me to stop at all.
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    That's one badass car. Looks, performance, it's just great. Already sold out... GOT DERN IT!
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    Yeah, that's dumb..... I'd love a CT6 850.... totally pwn the Germans.
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    THE SUPERIOR PHONES! ..Triggered.. But, in all seriousness, that is absolutely correct. That's why I've loved my iPhones.
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    Average Jane and Joe who don't give a crap about automobiles don't want complexity. They want it quick and simple.
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    A $40k A220 is still a $40k sub-compact that even I at 5'10" 170lbs have to squeeze into. Not worth it.
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    1915 Chevrolet dealer, Friendship WI ~
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    @dfelt The AWD system controls on the XT5 are on the center console unless they changed it for 2019. The XT4 is the same last I drove. They are very simple to use buttons @ykX U know what.. I apologize for coming off as a dick.. my bad.. was a very frustrating last coupla days with corporate tax time. Accountants getting on my nerves and my outlet is car forums.. I came off wrong. U and I have never had a beef and again.. my apologies The AWD system in the XT4 is switchable, I'm know for fuel economy reasons.. but switchable does not mean one can't leave it on if they want during power cycle. Meaning once the vehicle is turned off.. the driver can leave it on for future use. From the XT4 and XT5 manuals which are avail on line as well. So point again is that CHOICE is my favored option as it is most desirable for me as much as the CHOICE and OPTION are synonyms. If I was an owner of a Cadillac or Acura cuv, I see zero reason why CHOICE would take me to the Honda. The reason pointed out by U in regards to liking the fact that the ACURA leaves its AWD system on all the time is also moot.. as the CADILLAC system allows the owner CHOICE and the OPTION to leave their's on as well. ESSENTIALLY Cadillac's system offers TWO takes on AWD in the XT5/4/6. The SPORT AWD and regular AWD. If the owner leaves the vehicle in SPORT.. yes the AWD system will revert back to FWD when the ignition is cycled. Ifthe leave it regular AWD.. the vehicle will STAY in AWD until the owner changes it even if the car is power cycled
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    You picked one line from the whole sentence where I put 4 more LEGITIMATE reasons to have AWD on all the time. The ONLY reason GM turns AWD off on their crossovers is to get extra 1 mpg in their fuel efficiency rating, so don't give me that bull about choices and uneducated lazy customers. But whatever, I will not be arguing with you because you will just come up with any excuse to justify anything GM does. It seems most people here actually do see reason and logic.
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    http://www.curbsideclassic.com/blog/engines/cc-weird-engines-outtake-oldsmobile-v5-diesel-grasping-at-straws/ Inpired by the X8, I was googling odd numbered V engines like V3s, V5s, etc. I found an Olds V5 Diesel engine prototype. Wild. I wonder if anyone ever experimented with weird configurations like a V6 w 4 and 2 rather than 3 and 3 or a V8 with 6 and 2 or 5 and 3 cylinders per bank.
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    I corrected my statement after Drew’s clarification so try and keep up next time. Oh and I don’t talk to lunatics so no thanks.
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    Well how did you get one if they didn't carry stock?
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    In terms of Blazers tho.. how did the CUV just out-handle a down to earth 2019 Nissan Altima SR VC-Turbo which is lighter by 750lbs.. with the plain Jane BS GM suspension? https://www.motortrend.com/cars/chevrolet/blazer/2019/2019-chevrolet-blazer-vs-2019-nissan-altima-comparison-review/
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    Its no excuse. What was your interpretation of that abandoned tagline introduced by two execs from Europe who are no longer with the brand for more than a year? Come on... I'm not gonna go all insulty here, but use your head. WHY THE FUKK.. do people believe that because Cadillac has the VSeries line they are supposed to be ALL PERFORMANCE suddenly? Mercedes has the AMG line and they are not even considered Sport-Lux... they are tagged LUXURY. Why would Cadillac not get the same treatment when they in reality basically invented luxury? Because Americans hear something an run with it.. they take little time to investigate the real deal. Cadillac has luxury cars.. they have sport trims. They are not and should not suddenly be considered the new Pontiac.. as in GM's Sport/Performance brand. Its silly..
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    True..look at all the variety of outputs Tesla has had with the Model S.
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    So then the Cadillac "Dare Greatly" is really DARE GREATLY IN DEPENDS!
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    What, this does not scream VILLIAN to you? Maybe more Creeper?
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    I should clarify that there are “fanboys” and then there are “brand blind fan boys” lol. Definitely is counter to the “dare greatly” ad campaign we have been sold on but hey, everyone has an excuse in one fashion or another. It doesn’t change the problems faced by it though.
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    Interesting.. I wonder if one of AM's newer hypercars will appear like the Valkyrie...Fukunaga should be good as director, hopefully writing also (the first season of True Detective which he was involved with was excellent). Rami Malek as a villain, though? Ick...
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    Problem is, the GM CUVs are hampered by having generic FWD/transverse engine platforms, which is the same kind of generic garden variety architecture the RX has...so they aren't aiming high.... they don't have proper AWD/RWD based CUV platforms like M-B, BMW, and Porsche have... for women leasing CUVs in suburbia to haul around offspring, the XT6 should do fine against the RX.
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    And that’s fine if they want to go that route but that backs up my “hit for a double” remark. The RX is not the bar setter here nor should it be seen as that if you’re trying to be the best luxury make out there. I’m sure it will sell in fine numbers but so does the Camry. Anyone here actually think the Camry is the best of the midsize cars?
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    The XT6 should do fine against the 3 row Lexus RX, though... that's more of it's target market than any of the European performance-oriented luxury CUVs.
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    You're thinking of the American market only. In China, the XT5,6 and XTS all get the 2.0T. Also, with electrification coming, there are bound to be some vehicles like the CT6 PEV that will have a 2.0T but have a 600(E?) badge. The Escalade is also likely to have more than one engine option next go around. Then, as mentioned in the article, there are the EVs coming. The CT6 has 5 engines options, the CTS has 4 engine options, the ATS has 3 engine options.... and the V-series isn't going away.
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    I suspect it I had to use an Android phone now it would end the same as my last two Android phones--smashed and stomped.
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    Thank you for checking this, I wonder why my loaner would not hold any other setting via the buttons. I thought the stop first was weird too. Thank you, appreciate what you did. That complexity keep dementia and alzheimer's away!
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    Yes... they just work, work well, and you don't have to do much out of the box. As a software engineer I deal with endless, multi-level complexity on a daily basis....don't want to deal with it in my phone or my car...
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    While baby boomers and those that hate change will fight this, the global world is changing, EVs will happen and moving to kilowatts rather than Horsepower and Newton Meters rather than lb-ft of torque makes sense. Sadly some will get left behind in the 21st century workplace. As you know Robert working in tech like me, the only thing that is constant is inevitable change and obsolescence.
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    Voice control is also bad in an open office setting. I don't want to talk to my phone to change tracks or if I need to check my Grindr messages.
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    Found this story, very cool on GM Concepts. https://www.autotrader.com/car-news/general-motors-king-concept-car-281474979898775
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    Let's hope for a nice turbo and NA engine.....
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    And U won't.. because Cadillac is a luxury brand.. and for some reason, just because the have the V designated vehicles people suddenly, by default, see them as a brand that has to have everything look like it should be on the track. The XT6 is hardly bland looking... In fact it actually is as exciting looking as anything coming out of the World's Ultimate Driving Machine.. So I'm wondering.. do U throw the same rhetoric and confusion on the Germans? Just mystified as to how the hell, or WHY, a big CUV needs to look like it goes around the Nur'Ring
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    Your closed mind would not understand. Kinda like your hatred for all things F150 aluminum bed.
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