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    Got a text from my brother- he's having a new engine built for his '68 Firebird and they ran it on the dyno. First pull it had restricted oil flow & ate an intake pushrod. On the 2nd pull it ate an exhaust pushrod, so it was only running on 7 cylinders. Made 1,055 HP at "only" 7000 RPMs.
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    Sweet ride. No Reserve: 38k-Mile 1973 Ford LTD Coupe http://flip.it/3RzB7S
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    Too Late, the Wrangler PHEV is out already on the roads being tested. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/03/20/2021-jeep-wrangler-phev-spy-photos/
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    Well, you and I can figure it out, but I find most folks are not so good at that interchangeable stuff.....could see them falling off on the freeway...🤣
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    I love it in black. Matte Black being the favorite. Preferably in 'M" guise of course. But it looks good in any colour, to my eyes at least! Me too, the 4dr over the 2dr But the 2dr is sexy too.
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    Just go over to the website and look up February sales results for GM or Ford and you'll see and he explains how it came about the numbers if it is wrong then it's wrong and we'll see at the end of this month anyway OK... U are entitled
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    Grew on me from git, but I see where the changes can be polarizing. The comments about the side window resembling the Accord are with merit.. But again I think they were fine like this too add a bit of youthful flare.. Which is now desperately needed in the segment of midsized luxo cars. Hence I have never dogged out Infiniti for its efforts.. As the 5 series A6 and E class.. Along with the REGULAR CTS are very mature looking and that's who they tend to appeal to. Only when U get there M, RS, AMG, or V variants does a youthful appearance shine thru. This remedies that even on regular trim.. But alas. To each his own and we'll see how it fares in the market place. Personally, as I've said dozens of times before, I'm moving up to the CT6 for size and my, ironically, more mature outlook on things automotive
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    The Suburban, Yukon(and Denali) XL, and Escalade ESV all exist as XXLs. Last month (Feb)total sales of the Escalade+ESV= 1967 Tahoe+ Suburban =7729 Yukon + Yukon XL= 4019 GM Full-Size SUVs= 13,715 Plus don't forget that the BIG CUVS Enclave and Traverse sold 14,811 Ford sold : Expy+XL =6407 Nav= 1411 Ford Full-Size SUVs = 7,818 GM has a lotta cushion considering that the Chevy and Cadillac brands all by themselves are still outselling the Ford/Lincoln combo.. before U throw in the GMC gravy.. BUT!!! the Escalade was down 29% while Nav was up 32%. I would say that the Lincoln is stealing Cadillac sales more than anything else.. plus the fact that the NAV is relatively new while the Escalade is 5 years on the market already. Hell I bought my Yukon in summer '14 because at the time the Escalade (Short) was selling out as they came into the dealer. Time for GM to go ahead and push out the new SUVs.. and I hear that they did a lot of homework to circumvent any of the current new competition from the likes of Ford/Lincoln, Jeep and BMW
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    When you're only selling 7 a month, 70% sounds better than it is.
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    Ford is adding 550 workers to their Kentucky plant that builds the Navigator and Expedition in order to meet surging retail demand for the big SUVs. Retail sales were up 35% which has netted Ford a 5.6% gain in market-share for the Expedition. The Navigator is doing even better with a 70% increase in sales. Ford has already increased line speed and split some jobs to multiple people in an attempt to increase production. Vehicle production will be increased after the July shutdown. Along with the increase in production, Ford will be starting an advertising campaign focusing on the size and spaciousness of the Expedition. Ford increasing job and production in the US stands in sharp contrast to the steep cuts of over 6,000 jobs Ford announced for Europe. View full article
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    I think that ELO and Boston were popular at about the same time, though each of these 4 groups had very distinct sounds. Music from the 70s had more variety than people give it credit for - Steely Dan sort of preceded these acts, Boz Scaggs was concurrent, and the disco era came after it, yet still all within the 70s. But then, the 60s had Motown and the Beatles running concurrently, and a lot more. Motown music is indispensable for a road trip ... today. In terms of pop, I'd say Hall&Oates and Toto were true to form 1980-1985. Today's music is just plain terrible, for the most part. As they say, "Kids today ..."
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    Try it now. I just cleared the cache.
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    ^ Same here. Similar situation with highlighting somebody's text to quote them.
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    Naw, a Shooting Brake 2 door Gran is what they should do.
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    Interesting, Guess BMW had that car in a variety of Matte finishes: Matte Bronze Matte Green M6 version in Matte Black M6 in their Green is Nice.
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    Okay, but I wonder about their source since GM isn't publishing monthly numbers anymore. I'm genuinely curious because I would like to get access to those number myself.
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    Yes..especially in brown...love the shape. I thought the 4dr looked better than the 2dr version.
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    Maybe the fear is if they make the trunks on sedans too big it will cut into CUV sales..
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    It took me awhile to warm up to the 6 Series Grand Coupe, partly because I did not want to admit that I could like a BMW. But in the end, I put all that bias aside, and saw it for what it truly was...a beautiful car. The 4 Series Grand Coupe is also nice. Its sleek. But one has to like that sorta thing in the first place (sloping, fastback, coupe styling on sedans) to truly enjoy the looks of it. But, that style, has been over done by many brands over the years, I must admit. That look has become generic. There was a time when it wasnt generic though. I dont understand one thing though. Why are designers afraid to go back to sleek designs, but with a trunk? Why must a fast-back look to a sedan automatically mean that there is not trunk lid? ( I like that modern fastback look, but cars in the 1990s did that sleek look better IMO) Or C pillar designs that are not copied from one another? I understand high belt lines are the culprit and the reason for those maybe for safety regulations...beams inside the doors, thicker A-Pillars for crumple zones to protect the cabin and the like... But that still does not change the fact that sleekness does not always mean no trunk lid, and the complete lack individuality concerning the shape of the windows back and front... All the cars I posted, (and there are many more), they all have a UNIQUE design to ALL the window area, front and back of the car that blends in beautifully with the roofline of the car, the doors and the side profile of the car... If you analyze the Olds Aurora with the Chrysler 300M, you would realize that the greenhouse, the roofline, the slopes, the windows the way they flow, the design of the profiles, are very very similar between the two....yet very very very different... I just dont get it with today's cars and CUVs/SUVs... I wouldnt be THAT much against CUVs had they not all looked the same...
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    Well, I don't like their other "Gran Coupes". I can't imagine shorter proportions are going to make this look good, look at Escala -> CT5.
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    No, you have to divide that number by 3. GM only reports numbers quarterly now.
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    So then this would say BMW is joining the likes of Toyota, Chevrolet, etc. in whoring out an auto to every Tom, Dick and Harry they can! FWD is the New Ultimate Driving Machine? GM beat them to this by what 30 years? @balthazar
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    I am sure that the new Escalade will come out sooner than later given the results from Ford and Lincoln.
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    Do I get a Millennial Hug to make me feel better and Trophies all around so we do not forget to include everyone both winners and losers? Course according to the 21st century parenting guide, there is no more winners or losers. Everyone is equal.
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    This reminds me of a very very old thing from the early years of automodom.. both Henry Ford and Billy Durant went after basically Farmers in trying to appeal to them with farm vehicles.. One of which was a Farm car called the Samson Car. Powered by a Chevy engine, the Back was a bed for carrying stuff, but U could quickly install or remove the seats in the rear to accommodate a family of 9 or haul cargo. I don't thing it ever really got off the ground tho.
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    That's what training videos and manuals are for.. of course, to make this appealing to a younger market it should be dynamically reconfigurable via a phone app...transformers!
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    Low demand = low prices there, Chief.
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    Problem is/was; the CLA sedan was also in the 3-series / c-class larger compact niche. I think that's why MB shrunk the a-class a bit. Regardless of market intentions, the initial comment I made was addressing interior vs. exterior dimensions.
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    It’s the song we can always sing along to...
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    For the sake of not being banned, I’ll keep my mouth shut. That said, the plant will not go to waste.......
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    I’ve been on an Eagles and Fleetwood Mac kick this week.
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    Heard while channel surfing in my car yesterday. It sort of fits to hear "Come On, Eileen" the day after St. Patrick's Day.
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    The early failure rate for start-up auto ventures was tremendous. Have a book here at hand, American Trucks & Commercial Vehicles 1891-1996. It catalogs 1,250 makes... maybe 25 remain?
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    I thought they downsized the CT5 from the CTS to become a tweener again like how the 1st and 2nd generations CTS were.
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    I think it's hilarious that you are like the personal embodiment of a GM product. You're every bit as classless, and as much a piece of trash. It's no wonder you love them so much. @Drew Dowdell Is there any reason why we let let this vile, GM leg humping garbage pile continue to plague this site?
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    This is very exciting, I wonder if one could get a longer bed then to replace the standard 4.5' bed. That would allow them to build a single truck with bed length options. The future of trucks / SUV's based on a skateboard concept is what will bring true customization to peoples orders as they can mix n match what they want in their auto. EXCITING TIMES!
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    According to RivianForums.com, Electric vehicle startup Rivian has filed for a patent on an innovative new reconfigurable bed system for the Rivian R1T pickup truck. The system is comprised of different moduals that can be swapped out depending on what use the owner has in mind. Users would be able to choose from a flatbed, a cargo bed, a bed with side rails, and a couple of bed cap options. The bed system shows off one of the advantages of the skateboard style platform that underpins the R1T and Rivian R1S. The truck will be able to detect which module is installed and adjust things like suspension dampening, ride height, and braking to best match the new configuration. This is the second patent filing for Rivian that involves modularity. The first was a removable truck bed auxiliary battery to extend the driving range of the vehicle. Hit the source link below to visit Rivian Forums and check out their renders of possible configurations of the R1T reconfigurable bed system. Related:
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    A. You said "cannot afford", I responded to that, and your response back centered around 'computer engineers'. I don't associate that profession with being unable to afford a car. B. The vast vast majority of people store at least some items in their vehicles for various reasons. Some keep a LOT of items in their vehicles (nothing wrong with that). Still others work out of their vehicles. These types of consumers aren't going to be in this market. C. I do NOT relish the thought of getting inside a vehicle regularly where who knows who has been doing who knows what. People treat public use items in generally terrible ways.
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    Yeah. China is a truly protectionist country. They already have a 25% tariff on all imported vehicles. While I would rather not see the plant close down, GM needs a product that sells like hotcakes that will keep Lordstown open. Ideally, Buick would make the Encore and the Envision (as well as the Trax and Equinox/Terrain) in Lordstown rather than SK/China.
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    The plant was too big even for the Cruze. I've been taken on a tour of the plant years ago during the building if the first generation Cruze. There were large empty sections of the plant even back then. They could have easily used the plant for another vehicle line, perhaps another delta vehicle like Envision, Equinox, or Terrain... but they opted not to.
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    Better than the G80, yes. Not as handsome as the G90 though. The G70 is a different class and attitude.
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