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    Television program out of Canada. LOL eh?
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    Tesla is going to turn the full size pickup market upside down. This buyer loyalty thing exists because all these trucks are similar and differences in capability aren't that far off from each other. But when someone new comes with significantly better product, at similar price, look out. Wouldn't surprise me if Musk's truck can pull 20,000 lbs and has a sub 5 second 0-60 time.
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    I know it's anecdotal but I haven't heard a single person talk about or mention waiting for an EV full size truck outside of dfelt.
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    Your parents are looking good Blu!
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    to you Blu! Mark my words enjoy your laugh as the winds of change are going to change things very much over the next 10 years more than some of you here realize.
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    Drag racing is the only attainable motor sport for the average enthusiast. Unfortunately, modern vehicles don't allow for much hands-on modification, and really; what's the point/fun in racing a stock vehicle?
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    EV trucks are not nearly as conducive to regular ownership as EV cars/SUVs would be, for various reasons. - - - - - The theory that a loyal truck buyer would consider another make if his brand raised prices by $10K is logical & believable, but such includes the unspoken mandate that the competition would hold their prices in response. Not going to happen- so this is a nothingburger WRT the Big 3 (plus little 2). On another board one poster was repeatedly whining about the "premium" the Silverado was charging over the Ram, but then preceded to post a graphic showing the top starting MSRPs were $105 apart. Where this spells out a HUGE concern is for EV trucks, which are poised to start at least $25K higher ($40K in some instances) than the Big 3 (+2). If 70% would consider bailing with a $10K increase, what is the percentage with a $25K increase???
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    I can believe this, I also believe that with the quality of full size trucks and SUVs, that people are holding out till they see what full size EV pickups and SUVs are like. I know I am in no hurry to buy another ICE auto. For me, depending on features / functions an EV pickup or SUV will be my next auto purchase. Who it will be from could vary as right now Rivian is the leading option, but that could change in the next 12-18 months as more and more models come out. I truly believe which ever OEM builds a Hybrid pickup that doubles gas mileage while maintaining feature / function fully with no increase in price could steal a ton of sales.
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    Very Sharp, Regular looking auto's with less maintenance should help EV's get selling. I expect this to do very well.
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    Toyota should redo the Tundra and undercut the F150 by $5-10,000 and put that theory to the test.
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    Alas, Nissan's reputation these days in the US is cheap cars w/ CVTs. They long ago lost their mojo here.
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    At least he didn’t give you the bird...
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    I saw some of that last night...and the damn semi trucks..I-71 northbound was pretty bad from south of Mansfield up to I-271 (which was even worse--25mph and one lane clear)... two barely plowed lanes, I'm in the right lane following a line of cars maybe going 45...and a semi blasts past in the left lane covering me in spray.. glad my Jeep is 5000 lbs w/ AWD w/ good tires...a small light vehicle would be buffeted around.
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    Dude came in a couple of days ago with his comical sidekick. He had an accident, and wanted to talk to me about a couple of things so I could start off on the right foot with his repair. His car was to be towed in to our shop later that day. "I need you to know, my car is a High Bird, it's a special car..." "Yes, I see here on the paperwork, you mean it is a Camry Hybrid, right?" "Yeah, it's a High Bird" I had to keep a straight face through this ordeal.
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    The Camry is the most American ca you can buy I think. I don't think people care where anything is made for the most part, they buy the product they like. People buy phones and TV and computers made in China and they don't care. There wear clothes from the Philippines and Vietnam, and they don't care really care where stuff comes from, they care about quality of the product and price. If GM sold an American made Silverado for $35,000 and the exact same spec truck with the same quality as a Chinese made Silverado for $30,000, 99% of the people would pay less to have the Chinese one and they wouldn't shed one tear when the American factory shut down. That is the the cold truth of how it is.
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    I do agree, a bit of tone deafness on GM's part here, however, Michigan does need to eventually 'get' the global marketplace and quite honestly they are damn lucky GM is still in business, and still has HQ in Michigan. Michigan is not owed factories nor is Ohio by any birthright. It's cutthroat out there, 'foreign' manufacturers have all sorts of plants in many other places in the US and still manage to increase sales and market share and pay those US workers. Move to where those plants are if you want to work in an auto plant. Keep in mind all these plant closures are the first shot over the bow in union negotiation and studying the possibility of moving more production overseas. I am sure GM has it mapped out for the future to bring many more vehicles from China. Mary's GM needs to get a ducking clue, a lot of people want to buy GM because (in the past) a lot of stuff was made here and they want to buy American assembled. There is no good reason vehicles like the Blazer and Silverado should be made in Mexico. Cruze, sure.
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    Well not a lot is made in the USA. Chevy is no more American than Honda or Toyota at this point. If Michigan is unhappy about GM closing factories they should look for other things to manufacture. Build solar panels or windmills in those old factories.
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