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    Ocn, you know that is not true.... People have left this site for the same reason they leave other car boards-they just move on... Some may have been on the wild side, but many others simply just moved on and got into other things...whether it be different makers or simply different interests... Even with my current issues with GM, I am still here with my friends. Yeah, we tussle a little bit in opinion at times-but in the end things end up fine. I don’t abandon friends based on opinions on politics....as in the end we are all here for the love of cars....
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    Lake Huron has my favourites, from the rugged Bruce Peninsula To the more conventional Sauble beach.
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    The President has threatened to slap tariffs on the import of all cars in a year if Mexico does not completely halt the flow of illegal immigration, a near impossible task. This is after he backtracked on his previous threat to completely close the US-Mexico border, a move his own advisers recommended against. Such actions would have massive economic repercussions on both sides of the border, raising prices for many consumer goods. Trump said, "Mexico understands that we're going to close the border or I'm going to tariff the cars. I'll do one or the other. And probably start with the tariffs". He further added, "I don't think we'll ever have to close the border because the penalty of tariffs on cars coming into the United States from Mexico, at 25%, will be massive". One problem with this threat is the fresh trade agreement with Mexico that Trump has already negotiated. Going back on a fresh trade agreement adds to the longtime concerns by other world leaders on whether Trump's word, and the U.S. Government, can be trusted. Tariffs on imported goods aren't paid by the exporting country, they are paid by the consumers of the importing country, so it is unclear who Trump is targeting with these tariffs. One of the biggest automotive importers from Mexico is General Motors. GM recently had to remove a Chevrolet Blazer display from a stadium in Michigan after backlash over its Mexican origin. GM has recently closed two plants in Michigan costing the state thousands of jobs. View full article
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    Why are we demanding those drugs in the first place? I don't know the answer to that, probably many sociological and economic factors go into that, stress, depression, mental illness, etc. But maybe we should look to solving problems at home, rather than just blaming everyone else for our problems. And yes there is loads of corruption in Mexico with the drug cartels and they need to clean up their mess too.
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    ^^^ Those are pretty nice beaches. These are lake beaches???!!! They freakin' look like sea beaches!!! Mind you, the Great Lakes ARE bigger than most countries... There is another reason why I equate the Great Lakes to Niagara Falls and the Saint Lawrence River. Blame the CBC and the Government of Canada for that. I was raised on that little video clip watching Mr.Dressup and the Friendly Giant. If you click on the youtube video, you will notice that the only unmistakable glimpse of a Great Lake IS Niagara Falls and then we KNOW the Saint Lawrence River comes next as we could clearly see the CN Tower (Toranah as Don Cherry says it), Montreal (the American Exposition @ Expo'67) and leading to Quebec City. (On land mind you, but Chateau Frontenac is front and center and the Saint Lawrence is back!!!) From Canada's Coast to Coast is quite clear. Niagara Falls is quite apparent! No other clear hint of the other 4 Great Lakes though... And since Im feeling quite proud to be Canadian...here is another for you my Canadian brother! (@Frogger) From CBC again! I always LOVED that kiss at the end. I was no older than that blonde kid myself when I first saw that clip! Brings a tear to my eye!
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    Lets look at the 25% tariff hit: According to GM Authority quoting Detroit free press: http://gmauthority.com/blog/2019/04/trump-proposes-25-tariff-on-all-cars-made-in-mexico/ GM built 801,163 vehicles at its three Mexican assembly plants between January and November of 2018, 693,782 of which were exported to the United States or Canada. GM cars built in Mexico include the Chevrolet Blazer, Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback, Chevrolet Equinox Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Chevrolet Trax, GMC Sierra 1500 and GMC Terrain. Read more: http://gmauthority.com/blog/2019/04/trump-proposes-25-tariff-on-all-cars-made-in-mexico/#ixzz5kSCkMfpy And according to the latest financial figures the average price of these auto's was $35,000 per Detroit Free Press Story. So this 25% Tariff on these auto's equals $8,750 on average which seems to be focused on allot of lower tier auto's which again hits the poor to low income that want a nice auto. End result is these idiotic threats of Tariffs are counter productive to the good of Americans, Canadians, and Mexicans. There are allot of Cans that are being hurt by incompetent leadership.
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    from AC induction to DC motors? that's the opposite of freight hauling loco's, but makes sense for "city" driving. AC motors have harder time moving from a standstill. cool.
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    This rendering seems to match up pretty well to the disguised spy photo. I wonder if the Venue will be related to the existing ix25/Creta which is related to the Kia Soul.
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    And why is that exactly? Because not everyone buys what Trump is selling? Please elaborate or offer a counter argument explaining why tariffs with Mexico is a good thing. Trump has also suggested huge tariffs on Europe regarding their cars. Want to see how many sales Mercedes loses as a result of that nonsense?
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    More like morally bankrupt actually. GM has issues with product more than they have issues with trump Which is why it won't happen.
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    People have left Ford Insider News which is a bunch of Trump humpers...Your argument is non unique. All of the vile things that put the Insane Clown Posse in power will still be there after he is gone. And I would put Trumps odds of re election at 65 percent of better.
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    Agree completely. Our trade deficit and budget deficits have exploded. This was foreseen by economists...but who listens to them? He is posturing for his base...nothing more. Thank you. Mexico has much better human rights than China. I don't mind buying Mexican...despise buying Chinese.
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    How about a supercharged version? The reason why I ask is because Ford just released a supercharged version as you know. You mentioned it. The Mustang has 3 flavours of V8s in the Mustang. 1. Over 700 horsepower on a supercharged 5.2 liter V8 . Possible torque? Maybe Im hoping over 600 ft.lbs because this flavoured Mustang is not only a Chevy Camaro ZL1 competitor for track and hp numbers alike, but Hellcat muscle car competitor as well...and torque is needed for that. 2. A 520 horsepower 5.2 liter "flat plane crank" V8 for track. Naturally aspirated. The torque might be a little lower on this, but its a high revver. This flavoured Mustang really has no equal because this particualr Mustang is more European flavoured than the other two pony cars. 3. 480 horsepower and 420 ft.lbs on a 5.0 liter naturally aspired. These are 3 DISTINCT and UNIQUE V8 versions of the Mustang. Unlike the same ole shyte V8s from GM and Dodge offerings but just add a supercharger on the V8 and let the horsepower and torque fly difference on their versions. Mopar and GM go about it differently in distinguishing the "personalities" of their different versions of the Challenger and Camaro respectively, but the engines in these trims are basically the same "personality, but with a steroid approach to distinguish them. Ford's approach to the engine versions are truly different from one another. How would a turbo benefit Ford's V8 hierarchy the way it is now? To add it to the Voodoo? Well, the "flat plane crank" at 5.2 liters the way Ford has done it might have reach its potential and that is why they chose the more conventional American way of doing a V8 with the supercharged 5.2 on the GT500. To ecoboost the 5.0? That would probably increase the horsepower rating beating out the Voodoo. But what benefits that approach? The GT350 is special for many reasons. And 520 NATURALLY ASPIRATED horses is but one (of many) of those reasons. (European flavoured is another) I agree, an ecoboosted V8 SHOULD have been made by Ford...but for the Ford GT... Ford wanted to toot toot toot the ecoboost banner, maybe an ecoboosted V8 would have been ideal. Maybe not. Maybe Ford should have put an ecoboosted 2.7 liter V6 or take the tranverse 3.5 ecoboosted Taurus SHO, make, it longitude and sell the ecoboost V6 moniker BOTH on GT AND the Mustang...and make that engine into a 450 V6 horsepower affair. In other words, a DETUNED Ford GT motor for the Mustang... And had they did that, increase the 5.0 to 480 HP as it is now for 2019 back then 2-3 years ago... But I dont see how an ecoboosted V8 would benefit Ford for the Mustang as of now. If Ford decides to stop producing the GT350, then and only then would I see a need for a turbo V8.
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    Tundra is an uncompetitive turd that only sells to hardcore toyoloyolists. And there's not enough of them to steal any sales from the Big 4 trucks- the product is just an unfortunately ugly dud.
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    I have not censored any posts in this thread. Keep it on topic and not about each other, but otherwise have at it.
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    EDITED.... Because I regret what I posted. Which wasnt bad, but was not on topic. ON TOPIC! So...tariifs on Mexican built cars, huh? Well. Phoque GM for building cars in Mexico then! You know...Phoque Trump for making his cheap brand named crap in China as well!!!
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    I will avoid from political talk other than saying 2020 can’t come soon enough. But this won’t happen. Zero percent chance he closes the border next to zero percent chance he puts a 25% tax on GM cars and screws GM and all its dealers, and many of those dealers supply a lot of jobs in small town middle ‘Murica where Trump’s voters come from. ”All talk, no action!” To quote someone famous.
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