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    All right gays, let me put it simply for you all:- (1) An engine being turbocharged (or not) has nothing to do with whether it is, or can be, high revving. Period. (2) Contemporary Turbocharged engines are typically not high revving because of the designers' desire to minimize lag and maximize torque down to the lowest reaches of the rev range. (3) Turbochargers generally have a range of airflow within which it functions well. A big turbo supports higher flow -- which means higher boost or higher engine rpms. A small turbo takes less exhaust energy to drive -- which means higher output at lower rpms and less turbo lag. (4) To be more specific, at about 20 psi of boost (~1.36 bar), the most advanced turbos can support a torque plateau of about 3000 rpm. That is to say you can have your peak torque of about 150 lb-ft/liter across about 3,000 rpm of engine speed range. This can be 1,500~4,500 rpm or it can be 4,000~7,000 rpm depending on the size of the turbo. Obviously, an engine the latter will make more power... much more power (greater than 200 hp / liter) and rev to 8,000 rpm without running out of breath. But expect 1990s style lag and rubberband like throttle response. With the former you get ~ 130~140 hp / liter, but the engine isn't dead between idle and about 3800 rpm. You can have either or something in between, but you can;t have both.
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    For having NOTHING to contribute, you sure made a very long post! LOL!!!
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    What would be 'trendsetting' is a CUV "coupe" that actually sells.
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    I was only talking to Oldhurst442
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    I just figured he was only talking to me....
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    You're both kinda right. But right now, I don't want the bother of the properties and I do want the cash. A third option is to cash out refi them and turn them over to a management company to run. I run all the day-to-day right now.
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    You are in your late 30s if Im not mistaken, right? You are still young enough to change career and have enough time to find what other passions you have to pursue, to learn, to master to earn a great living off of another career path. There will come a time where age will be a deterrent for you to question whether you should be trying for another career path, but being in your late 30s, you got plenty of time. I forget who said this but... If you love what you do, then you will never work another day in your life. The bold parts are my advice to you. Take that how you will, but I truly wish for your happiness. I hope you find it!
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    Quite close. I'm questioning my career entirely. I have a number of big decisions to make, not just about the job.
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    It's not a lining, it fully replaces the steel bed interior
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    The require more revs than I like. None of them are making peak torque under 3000rpm. In the case of the Tacoma its a hybrid response. It doesn't like to rev, at all, but at the same time it doesn't make much power down low, imo. For a smaller engine, I prefer forced induction for the simple part of low and mid range thrust. If it were a toy I would gladly enjoy something to freely rev. I've mentioned it before but as a Ford guy the 6.2 in the Camaro better suits my conservative driving style with its gobs of low end vs the 5.0 which wants more revs. Yeah, I feel like it is a wash in which item do you want to wait for? Turbos require boost and revving engines require a downshift.. Both take a second or two for the computers to sort out the input and realize the necessary output. Personally, on a daily driver, I like the lack of revs and it just feels like it isn't working as hard waiting for a turbo for a couple seconds going up hill or speeding up to pass. As for a toy.. It completely changes. I want it a manual and revs aren't a bad thing. They are thrilling and fun to hear going through the gears.
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    But why do you do that? What it is about naturally aspirated V6s that get your goat? Not trolling you, just asking in all honesty. Id like to pick your brain for a few moments. I wanna try to understand you. Do you prefer forced induction? And if yes, please tell me why. I prefer naturally aspirated. I owned a supercharged V6 and a turbo 4 cylinder and even though that supercharged V6 felt more like a V8 with all that grunt down low in the power band, I prefer a honest to goodness V8 over it and my wife's Fusion...well, it accelerates an awful lot like a 3.1 liter (1994 Potiac Grand AM GT 4 door)and 3.4 liter OHV V6s (1999 Olds Alero GLS) that GM made in the 1990s. Making comparable power both in HP and in torque, but I prefer those 1990 V6s than that ecoboosted 1.6 liter 4. I also drove an Acura Integra GSR (my cousin's) more than a couple of times and although that engine lacked torque but was a high revver with respectable hoprsepower numbers for the day, I prefer THAT naturally aspirated 4 cylinder over any 2.0 liter turbocharged 4 cylinder I have driven the last few years. (Ford's, GM's, Hyundai's, Honda's, VW's) For me, its hard to explain why. I guess I dont like the "kick" that turbos do when they "kick" in. Its a cool feeling, Ill admit. I just dont get any excitement with that. Plus...the lag that comes with turbos as well. Yes, modern small turbos that wind up like mad early on in the rev range do have lag on certain conditions. A naturally aspirated V6 does not have that. You mentioned the few moments that you have to wait for the kickdown to happen on a naturally aspirated V6. Which I got to experience in my wife's 2007 FWD Ford Edge with the 3.5 V6. So....I could see that. Its comparable to waiting for the turbos to kick in, I guess. Maybe that is because of 6 speed gearboxes? The 1990s V6s Im talking about had those "really really old and ancient" 4 speeds. No waiting period for a kickdown to happen in those. My Acura's transmission doesnt have a wait to kickdown either... Keeping in mind, this is all driving in daily, real world conditions that I want us to discuss and me to understand your reasoning in these conditions. Anyway, hoping you answer me.
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    Yes, I got my Pixel 3XL about month and a half ago and so far have been pretty happy with it. It doesn't look as sexy as Samsungs but it is pure Android without any additional things manufacturers tend to cram and the camera is phenomenal (which for me was a main reason to get it). I just hope it lasts for me. Latest Samsung phones seem really good though, great hardware and looks. I don't think the foldable ohone is actually worth the money or trouble, maybe in a few generations, when they work out the issues.
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    That's OK, I figured he was just putting us all in the Happy Group of Auto Enthusiast! Now I feel alone! NOT but that is OK Dwight, I still get ya!
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    ^ There were a number of export Corvettes built, including RHD conversions, to a whole bunch of countries in the C1 & C2 era. - - - - - Stunning interior : '60 Electra 225 ~
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    All right GUYS, let me put it simply for you all:-
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    Hey now! Im not gay! Nor am I a switch hittter if ya know what I mean! Im 100% pure Greek male heterosexual machoness... Oh...wait a minute... OK... Nope... gay...even if he is not gay...he is gay... Yeah...like THAT guy! Im bald like him too! Not that there is anything wrong with that... Because...in Ancient Greece, well...lets not go there because This would be relevant and I do have a point to make...I think?
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    Look at the edge of the water...it will become calm. Then you will see your reflection in it. Take a good look at it because your reflection WILL speak to you. Listen to what it says and follow through.
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    I don't think they'll use this in the body panels. They'll probably go aluminum first.... I think the hood already is.
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    Well, it's also hand built and has all of the top possible packages that otherwise can't be mixed together today. So it really is an ultimate TLX. I saw a TLX coming at me the other day at dusk and it really does have a striking face with those headlights.
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    Once you get a foundation in college, those that succeed in the Tech Industry are usually self driven / taught to stay on the bleeding edge and have value in what is done for everyone else.
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    Oh....no no no!!! Wrong attitude! TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN!!! ESPECIALLY if they doubled in value! Remember, upkeep of property is expensive, property taxes... Remember, renting to people come and go. Remember, if you havent rented some properties, then NO money is coming in. Remember, sometimes, tenants dont respect your property and to renovate at the very least...is a headache. Not even going to mention how time consuming and expensive it could become. You take that money, put it in the bank, and it will grow. Slowly, but it will grow. And, you could always re-invest in other properties further down your timeline. Or, you could find some other type of investment to place your new found gobs of cash... Remember also...that CASH WILL ALWAYS REMAIN KING!!!
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    For me it's more about the words
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    ^^^ She had a song that I didnt mind 2-3 years ago. Dont remember what that song was. She has a sultry voice I must admit. But...her voice (maybe its the musical style more than her voice) annoys me at the same time... I dont mean anything by it. I dont wanna insult anybody when Im this negative about song and music. Im just sharing my view. Even if I dont like a certain artist or musical style, I like this thread and I click on all songs that are posted. Because I still appreciate the music being posted. I also am very interested in what other people like to listen to. But the downside to all that is that ya'll get to hear my opinion on it. Plus, ya'll get to hear what musical interests I listen to.
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    Though I was on the Ford side of things growing up, I always wanted an IROC Z convertible...I still love the 3rd gen styling.
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    Yeah, I look at my academic career and how it's applied to my actual career....BS and MS in Computer Science, 3 years towards a Computer Engineering PhD...some of it has carried over--thinking like a programmer, foundations of programming and software engineering, but most everything practical I've done day-to-day the last 22 years has been self taught or occasionally from training at work...... learning APIs, different languages, technology stacks, application server installations and maintenance, database server configurations, etc...and of course the human side of working in IT--dealing with management, QA, system admins, end users, colleagues in different time zones, etc...
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    I wanted one of these so bad as a teenager.... torsional rigidity of overcooked spaghetti be damned.
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    I was (am?) a terrible student. But when I need to teach myself something practical, that's when I'm the valedictorian. All of this website running, including the server setup, ISP config.... all self-taught.
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    I'm having a bit of a "moment" lately.... and this song is talking to me.
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    the newest Regals, 2018+, the 3.6 may still feel faster, but there's not really lag on the 2.0 and to be honest the 2.0 is a better drive. that's just me not often being impressed by GM's 3.6. It seems to be good in some of the Cadillacs and sucky (to me) otherwise. At least with my perspective of having the superior Chrysler pentastar 3.6 v6 in a vehicle in my garage.
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    Since seeing Don Felder in concert a couple weeks ago, I've been listening to a lot of Eagles..always liked their '70s LA country-rock sound...
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    I got fed up with the supercharger whine in the end. I prefer the "pssssss' 'psssss' from the excessive back pressure coming from the blow off valve of a turbo now-a-days than the supercharger whine. But I do prefer the instant forced induction acceleration that you get with a supercharger over a turbo....but... That smoothness of a naturally aspirated motor accelerating is unmatched. For me. Especially if we ARE talking about a V8.
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    I am in a weird funk of listening to original and then comparison versions today of music. Simon and Garfunkel - Hazy Shade of Winter - Recorded in 1966 for their 1968 Bookends Album. Bangles - Hazy Shade of Winter - Recorded in 1986 for the 1987 Movie release of Less than Zero. Loved the movie this song became popular again in "Less than Zero" Sexy hot statement of the time! The hair of the 80's Heart Time, 1977
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    I tend to wait until my provider puts the flagships on special at certain times of the year like Black Friday, the flagships that are halfway into their year or almost fully through their year as the current flagships tend to go for about half of what they were new outright.. Obviously not Apple but Samsung, Google Pixel, LG, Huawei etc.
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    I got nothing to contribute to this thread because: 1. "entry level" luxury to me sounds silly. 2. This particular Mercedes on paper sounds like a good idea, its just that Im not interested in it. 3. As an AMG, a turbo 4 making 300 HP and 300 ft.lbs of torque is not special enough as lowly Ford does it... For me, Mercedes should ditch this idea that this Mercedes is an AMG and should just sell it as a Mercedes. 4. We are bitchin' about GM's 3.6 when Nissan's 3.7 is equivalent in power and torque yet nobody on this site seems to bitch about Nissan's "lack of torque" on that engine. 5. Acura's V6 at 3.5 liters also makes about the same power numbers, yet nobody on this site bitches about Acura...Toyota's V6 also makes comoparable numbers. 6. Mercedes offers turbocharged 4 cylinder engines in their equivalent (3.6 liter V6 GM competition) rides that make...just as much ft.lbs of torque (273) yet nobody bitches about how that number is not sufficient, or worse, ya'll seem satisfied in how we are all forced to believe that 4 cylinder engines are the shyte. I dont care if these 4 cylinder cars are turbocharged, making 300 HP and 300 ft.lbs of torque, and I dont care if these are necessary for CAFE reasons...Im having a great deal of difficulty understanding your beef with a naturally aspirated V6...making sufficient amounts of horsepower and torque for every day driving duties... 7. This is why GM, Infiniti and Acura havent ditched these V6s just yet, because they are pretty good in what they are supposed to be doing. Which are pretty much better in doing what a turbocharged 4 cylinder engine replacing them is doing... 8. We are all pushed into turbocharged 4 cylinders, I would be having a beef with that, instead of bitching about something trivial as a naturally aspirated V6 not making enough torque, because in the real world of driving, naturally aspirated V6s seems best... And although Im liking the idea of a turbocharged 4 cylinder engine making 300 horsepower and 300 ft.lbs of torque and Im liking that idea in a Mustang or Camaro or even in that Mercedes Benz CLA sedan, Id rather have a GM, Acura and Infiniti NATURALLY ASPIRATED 3,5 or 3.7 liter V6 making 300 horses and 275-285 ft.lbs of torque... So it may seem I got something to say, I really dont. Im just perplexed by some in this thread...so instead of causing a commotion about it... I will troll anyway, but I will troll this way instead So tell us, hot HOT do you think that hatch really is, big boy? Is it, THIS hot?
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    Speaking of 60s pop/rock, going to see Robin Trower in concert tonight. He was the guitarist/vocalist of Procol Harum. Should be fun.
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    I needed to get some 1960s bubble gum rock going in my head. When I found this modern version and decided I needed to share. And then going down further into the internet wormhole I ended up getting to this song... and video which I also needed to share.
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    Yeah, a friend of mine just got his Android P update the other day too. I've had Android P since it was released.
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    Turbo-4s don't downshift? It's unlikely that there is any transmission tuning difference in the GMs between a 2.0T and a 3.6V6 in say the Acaida.
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    Everything has more torque than the GM n/a 3.6...
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    What more do you need for an opinion? An opinion is just that, an opinion. I'm not stating fact or claiming to do so.
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    Ooops! I downvoted you by accident at first. You're right that the hatch looks better.
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    Hatch is sold in Canada. It looks ok, I don't think any cars that start out under 35 grand are particularly nice to look at, more than just "decent" aside from the Mustang, some Mazdas maybe.
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    I think as a hatch it looks much better. And with that engine it should be a hoot,
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    I don't care for the looks, but 300hp out of a 2.0t with almost 300 lb-ft of torque sounds fine to me.... I'm interested in trying it to see how it drives. These are 4.6 Northstar specs from 10 years ago.
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