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    This whole crossover craze has gone a bit too far....
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    Been out enjoying nature today... photos from Brandywine Falls in nearby Cuyahoga Valley National Park.
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    Dodge is the everyman brand Chrysler is the premium brand like a cross between Buick and Lincoln. Fiat - kill in the US Alfa - Merge with Maserati Maserati - Ultra luxury brand Ram - Trucks Jeep - just be jeep.
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    The problem was he wanted to dump the wrong brands. He wanted to save the Italian brands and kill off the american ones except Jeep.
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    In da Pennsyltucky woods...
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    I spotted this 2019 Colorado Z71 this morning, in the parking lot at my favorite walking trail. Lo and behold, the keys just happened to be in my pocket. So... I brought it home.
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    I would love it if GM had a conquest rate of 66% on ANY of their vehicles; ideally all GM vehicles would have such a high conquest percentage. Lincoln seems to be doing some really good things with the new Navigator.
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    Interesting you say that. We saw a Telluride at the mall last night and I was pointing it out, saying it was on our shopping list. And my partner said, "But it's a Kia, I didn't think we liked those". I said, "We do now". I got an eye roll.
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    While the first quarter Mustang sales were down, Ford still was able to sell almost 17k of these sport coupes. MB sold only slightly over 15k GLC crossovers. When the product is good, it sells.
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    This...S AWD form...example...sticker $37,405...at that price, you're still at 2.5L engine and cloth in an Acadia... So...
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    Chrysler is in the sale volume tent as Acura & infiniti and it's 25% higher than volvo. No way that's 'miserable' volume unless those other premium brands are also. Are they? I agree with DD; we read certain people claim Lincoln was "a dead brand" but all it took was product to revive it. Chrysler has far greater potential than fiat or alfa romeo has, it just needs the right product.
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    EVs are coming like it or not. It will take some time until they are really common, but I see more and more electric vehicles on the road in US and Europe and more and more manufacturers starting to work on EVs extensively. As soon as more EV will be available on the market and as soon as prices will come down to a more affordable level the market will explode. The new generation of young people that used to plug in and charge their smartphones, tablets and laptops will embrace it quickly and without hesitation. They feel more familiar with charging their gadgets than dealing with smelly gas, oil and grease. The new generation is more eco conscious as well which makes electrics more attractive to them. EVs require less maintenance as well which a lot of people will love.
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    My son at Victoria falls in Africa.
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    It's really hard to gauge what the market is doing when the domestics only report every 3 months. I'm tempted to move our sales reporting to quarterly also.
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    GM definitely did the right thing in pricing the diesel engine not the highest priced engine by a couple grand like Ford and Ram did.
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    Love how you try to flip the number to bash yet another domestic brand. Meanwhile 66% of their buyers are coming from elsewhere like your local Mercedes, BMW, or Cadillac dealership.
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    I did this : raw Elm slab turned into live-edge countertop / bar.
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    Went back out to another waterfall this afternoon, Great Falls of Tinkers Creek in Bedford. Several waterfalls are within 20-30 minutes of home. Stopped at Tinkers Creek Tavern for a Lieneklugel and a pretzel on the way home..
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    You just like to pick on FCA. They sell more Jeeps than Volkswagen and Audi combined. They sell more than all of Hyundai. They sell more than all of Kia. They're moving a lot of metal. Jeep alone sells about 50% of the entire Toyota brand.
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    only someone driving a camaro wouldn’t have had the visibility to see this coming a mile away...
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    I have looked at the video and studied these two cars. These are my thoughts only... GM clearly has not fixed Cadillac. There is a huge problem. I thought about the changes in the lineup. All they did was drop XTS and replace it with XT6 crossover because this is what sells. XT6 just like XTS appeals to the same segment of buyers. They replaced CTS and ATS. They said that was not happening. They did. They go by different names( CT4 and CT5). They have three sedans instead of four. XTS was too close to CT6 and put the squeeze on CTS. At least XTS had a bigger trunk unlike the small trunk on CT6. They still have not fixed the fundamental problems of the CTS and ATS. I checked out the dimensions on the CT4. It is as big as a downsized 1986 Buick Riviera. They at least got the c pillar right on CT4. They still clearly have not let this Euro aspiration thing go. They need to stop being ashamed who they they are, and use the heritage and history to rebuild Cadillac. GM has the strong heritage and does not use it to rebuild the entire company. It is like John Mc Elroy from Autoline said: GM is shrinking its foot print globally for the next down turn. They want to act like a smaller company, but they do not realize they are still a large company. They are smaller globally: No presence in Europe, and have left countries they were not selling. That is a good move, but you have got to invest in your brands. GM is scared to take chances and it shows. They cannot depend on China. They need a: Ed Welburn, a Harley Earl, or a Bill Mitchell, a Wayne Cherry, or Chuck Jordan to lead design. Looking Back on GM’s Six Past Design Chiefs https://www.automobilemag.com/news/looking-back-gms-six-design-chiefs/ The Cadillac crest needs revision. I at first thought with the guy that was working for Cadillac whose first name starts with a U who left recently was changing it, that maybe it was a good idea. I do not think so now. It does not say luxury or stand out any longer. It is no different than a Chevrolet emblem. You could put Chevrolet emblems on these two cars and they could pass for Chevrolets. That Cadillac emblem/ crest is missing something. Even the one from the 1950's said "luxury" They need to bring the wreath back or the V or make them emblem more detailed. Right now it does not say luxury. It says "cheap or mass market" It is sad when a company favors Chevrolet for everything and it shows. Too many brands have suffered because of Chevrolet. People thought oh, kill brands and it will solve the problem. It has not and GM still is doing the same thing and making the same mistakes. This is getting old. They did not give Oldsmobile this much time to turn around. That was unfair. GM should engineer top down and not bottom up. What is good enough for Chevrolet is not good enough for the rest of GM. They should invest and change how they think. The people who post here know what Cadillac is. GM does not know. Cadillac is majestic. It is stately. It is luxury. It stands apart. It has features you should not find on Chevrolet. It has styling to stay you have arrived. CT6 is a good start, but it is not complete. That c pillar on that car does not say Cadillac. It says Toyota, Audi or other six window design c- pillar cars. You look at CT5, you do not immediately think Cadillac. You think Saturn or Chevrolet. It should not be that way. Cadillac needs to lay off all that black trim. Again.. it says cheap. They have taken the Escala concept styling and put it on the CT4( small) the CT5( medium) and the CT6( large). That philosophy does not work. That is what BMW does. BMW is in trouble right now too. If Pontiac was here and they said these two cars were Pontiac, no one would have an issue because that is what they would expect from Pontiac. If they said they were Holden, no one would have an issue. When you look at Cadillac, you should want to own it or drive it. It should be nice to look at. The only vehicle that has stayed true to Cadillac's mission is Escalade. They need to look at that vehicle and build on that. They need to learn who they are again. They need to start using real names. The letter and number thing is not working. Just stop. I am just expressing how I feel. I do not work at GM, but it is clear to the outside what needs to happen to fix Cadillac. I want GM and Cadillac to be great again. What will it take? What must happen?
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    This is NO TRAILBLAZER, This is a Cub Scout with marketing trying to say it is an Eagle Scout in Training. Shame on GM for screwing this one up!
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    ^^^^ Amen to all that. It is too bad that there are those who fear and resist technological change as much as they do (for their own reasons).
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    short hood / long deck is where it's at. Here's to hoping it, somehow, comes back.
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    Where I grew up, that is the choice of transportation for convicted DUI drivers. It gets all the honeys though lol, certainly than any Smart car will.
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    Thank you for the birthday wishes! I appreciate it!
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    Pretty awesome / nice Tesla smack down. • One thing this aptly illustrates is something I've long known via experience; the Big 4 trucks ALL can tow far more then they're rated at, rendering the bickering over which is rated to pull 500 more pounds as meaningless. Just about no one measures loads. • Where the hell did they get a tow strap rated for 1,250,000 lbs??
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    6 interior colors available. go to the configurator at Chevy.com, leave the spoiler off, looks great
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    Here's my traditional new vehicle intro photo, at Lancaster County Park's covered bridge. It's so good to be back in a vehicle that can get out of its own way (but I will defend my former Jeepiat always otherwise). At the walking trail parking lot this morning -
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    I wonder how Caddy execs feel about their products (rightfully) being compared to KIA's. Has to sting a bit, I imagine.
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    I am not a big Porsche fan, in fact not fan at all, but the new 2020 Cayman GT4 is super cool, looks awesome, finally back to inline 6, manual transmission.
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    On a much better note, I am out of my arm sling officially. Have another follow up visit in two weeks and then start two to three months of physical therapy. That I am not looking forward to that because I still can’t raise my arm above shoulder height without severe pain but I’m sure they are to “make it” get there lol.
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    Pullman -despite the obvious cross-industry grab- is a good name, but ‘autobiography’ literally makes no sense as applied to an automobile. I don't mind Portfolio, but still prefer Fleetwood- one of the longest running names ever.
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    i know white americans would throw their own mothers into a jet engine so they could continue being racist to hispanics ... but voting for someone who’ll raise the price on their pickup trucks? this must be one heckuva conundrum for the double-chinned Natty Ice and Oakley crowd.
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    I saw a new 124 (silver/black top) and a '70s 124 (brown/tan top) about 2 weeks ago...first time I'd seen either in ages. Or move it to Dodge. Give it a new fascia and racetrack taillight, an optional Hellcat engine, etc...maybe call it Viper Jr.
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    Was out for a Sunday drive up in Lake County and going to open houses and happened to turn a corner and see this Frank Lloyd Wright beauty... needs a '50s car in the carport. The Karl Staley House in N. Madison, Oh
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    It's amazing in 2019 there are women still with such an obsolete mindset. If she wants the Volvo and big house, she should go work hard and earn it..
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    Coming soon to the crossover bazaar Buick Entropy Buick Enthalpy Buick Entrail Buick Enterprise (Starship Edition!) Buick Envention (See what i did there?)
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    I still hate the term crossover coupe.
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    Holy s-h-i-t people...we are going to do this in every thread????????
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