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    If it was just about that, I'd turn it over to a management company and let them deal with it. I want the money.
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    There is no status in driving your average 5+ year old luxury car. and by 10 years old most are worth about the same as a 10 year old Honda.
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    Like I said back then. Cash will always be king. Just don't pissed it all away. Real estate is an investment like any other investment. You could always go back to re-invest your cash in real estate or anything else that may come your way. As long as your money grows. (even if by a small % rather than a huge % and always better than a loss obviously) No investment is forever. One has to "get out" of an investment eventually. One shouldn't be afraid or reluctant to "get out". Like I said, as long as money was made. Sometimes, one HAS to cut his losses if losses are to be had. One has to see the bigger picture at all times and if an investment becomes stagnant, one should cash out. However, if there is much money to be had, one BETTER ride the gravy train as much as possible! Im glad that you came to a conclusion about the job offer and about your properties. Those stresses are now relieved (Im assuming for the most part) and now you could concentrate on other money making ventures. You strike me as a businessman. You also strike me as a person that is not afraid to take risks...CALCULATED risks... Good on you! Good luck on your next venture!
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    They actually have a handful, not like VW/Toyota/Subaru.. I'm sure the old Accord platform will be going away within a year or two. MDX/Pilot/Odyssey/Passport/Ridgeline Civic/Accord/CRV TLX/RLX (old Accord platform) RDX (new Acura platform) Fit/HRV "Global Small Car" Platform Clarity?
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    A luxury car should have a real usable trunk, Cadillac especially. Why are they pushing us towards an XT5 or an XT6? Cadillac for YEARS had big trunks so that you could take your clubs to the golf course. And have enough space for five sets of clubs! That tiny trunk belongs to a Smart FourTwo, NOT A CADILLAC.
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    Well I turned down the job offer that was made a bunch of pages back. Just wasn't enough money, but the job would have been fun. I couldn't justify taking that big of a hit to the paycheck though. I think I'm moving forward with selling the last rental property too. I might also be transitioning some things here at C&G. Keeping up with the news on a daily basis is exhausting when one also works a day job.
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    By definition...a businessman is a person that takes risks...just sayin...
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    Any Mercedes or Porsche CPO is unlimited mileage warranty but there is a limit on years. Those could be trades or off lease. I imagine they do that all over the world.
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    Mercedes also has an unlimited mileage warranty on all those off lease CPO cars which makes for easy resale then they and their dealers make money twice of the same car. And the 2nd owner gets warranty to 5 years after in service date with no mileage restrictions. Porsche CPO also has an unlimited mileage warranty for 2 years past factory warranty.
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    Maybe Cadillac should cut production by 50% in order to fix the depreciation issues.
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    I do hope that GM makes the sale. The new guys can tell the UAW to shove it.
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    Leasing ignoring the business benefits from an individual standpoint is usually used to temporarily own something or appear to own something that one would otherwise not be able to afford. So this would tend to go to the badge thing. The other point that I believe @surreal1272 is getting at is that while the Germans have done an outstanding job of marketing their products, the actual quality seems to not live up to the marketing hype and many of the reports tend to imply that the cost of ownership past the lease period is not worth the actual cost of owning the auto. German brands are well known to be very expensive to service and repair, thus leasing is the best way to drive one since they seems to have repair issues and the costs of ownership outweighs leasing, thus leading the assumption that the quality is not there for personal long term ownership. Honestly do you really see many older BMW or Mercedes-benz around? I do not compared to long life of American and asian auto's.
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    Because it flies in the face of SMKs claim of quality and sales. Let me put it another way. Take away leases altogether. How would MBs numbers stack up vs Cadillac, for example, on just good old fashioned sales? Not very well if current lease numbers are any indicator. That’s mostly because everyone knows the maintenance hell that is Mercedes Benz. It’s not even debatable. For all of Caddy’s flaws, they are far cheaper to maintain than any German make and the Germans wouldn’t have the success they have had if it weren’t for those enticing leasing deals. Again, I’m not knocking the leasing aspect itself as I get why folks do it. However, it flies in the face of this supposed top notch quality of German cars.
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    Why does it matter if they are leases or not? I'm not following how one or the other is a negative.
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    Let's add the Fake Engine sound of Fail! I am really getting pissed with the fake big engine power sound on a tiny engine that I have heard in some auto's and especially movies lately and even with an EV, they are making fake engine sounds. Fake = Bad
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    Doubt they’d be silent... “there she blows!””
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    Most people I've dealt with who own rentals, at some point, have inevitably had 'enough'. - - - - -
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    Even though i am with ya on the black triangle of fail, if this ends up in my garage, it probably is one of the more tolerable black triangle of fails out there
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    OK thanks! A short, to-the-point review.
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    And that’s fine but some like to think that there is nothing cheap or subpar quality about Mercedes Benz when it is just not true.
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    I don't see Civic or Accord going away. 300k units in just the US is still a lot of units... and they still sell them in EU, Japan, and China. This really feels more like a One Ford strategy where they reduce the number of platforms they use and the number of alacart options available. Get ready for LX, EX, and Touring being the only choices. Right now they have Base, LX, EX, Touring, Sport, EX with Navigation, Touring with Navigation, Si, etc. There will also probably be a reduction in the number of powertrain variants offered. Expect a lot more CVTs where possible.
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    Vile, fake black C-pillar trim is an endemic problem with many car makers today, GM in particular is bad about it. It's lazy, thoughtless design. Either put a window there like on the CT6, or shape the door differently so no trim is needed on the C-pillar. The ATS and CTS did a good job w/ the door and C-pillar shape. Don't put cheesy trim on the C-pillar that serves no purpose.
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    Looks claustrophobic to be inside, but I like the visual, esp the clear roof. I like short hood/long deck cars; they're different. I whipped these 2 up a while back- I especially love the B-59 4-door coupe. Keep the rear doors functional and give it a 8-foot deckled (no open pickup beds!) and I'd drive it every day :
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    A new RWD based Mazda platform and turbo I6 could be GREAT! Just think what they could with them! A RWD 6 or even a new RWD 9 could be a wonderful addition to the resurgent Mazda brand!
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    GM probably would sell it for $1. The building anyway, GM May want the equipment inside of it. But the maintenance, upkeep, security, utilities and property tax bill on Lordstown has to be huge. They are probably spending a million dollars a month just to hold on to it, which granted isn’t a lot by GM standards but still I am sure they want to off load it fast.
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    In a series of tweets today, Trump announced that General Motors will be selling their Lordstown plant to electric truck maker Workhorse. Lordstown was shut down in March of this year and formerly built the Chevrolet Cruze. The details of the plant sale have not yet been announced. Workhorse is a Cincinnati based company who builds EV pickups with a built in range extender, similar in concept to the Chevrolet Volt. Workhorse's sole model is the W-15, capable of driving up to 80 miles on a charge before a gasoline powered range extender kicks in. It uses two motors to provide all-wheel drive. The only configuration available is an extended cab with 6.5 foot bed. They can tow up to 5,000 lbs and have a payload of 2,200 lbs. Pricing starts at $54,500 before tax credits. Workhorse intends to start production for the retail market sometime in 2019. Fleet orders have already started. GM is not denying any of the information in the tweets from Trump. Update: General Motors has confirmed that talks are ongoing.
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