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    Pullman -despite the obvious cross-industry grab- is a good name, but ‘autobiography’ literally makes no sense as applied to an automobile. I don't mind Portfolio, but still prefer Fleetwood- one of the longest running names ever.
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    I know. He keeps pulling these stunts and people keep falling for them (especially the media). His re-election is very likely at this point.
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    In the spirit of 'the' I can add this...2019 colors not extensive for the CT6, but I like this blue gray..'shadow'.
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    I know really? Trump faking some news? It had me like...
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    What Trump did his own FAKE News? Shocker This goes along with the statement that Mexico also said was FALSE, Trump's claim that Mexico was going to buy immediately a ton of US produce. Which would drive an increase in truck sales to move it. Yet again not happening. At least for now, this Tariff thing is over with Mexico and we can move on with our focus on work and life. Truckin since it sounds better than SUVin, lol
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    My kinda car. Only the CT6 and the K900 (oddly) get this kind of image of presence in my eyes in modern cars.
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    Offer something of substance @ocnblu because while you “laugh” at the post of others, those others are clearly laughing at you and those obvious partisan blinders. Maybe getting off your knees and wiping your mouth off would be better than swallowing every ounce of Trumps lies and nonsense. Not holding my breath but one can always hope that you actually want to discuss matters of importance instead of trolling the discussion nonstop and serving up snide and unrelated comments with the goal of basically insulting anyone who dares to point out the endless steam of bull$h! coming out of Trumps mouth. You’d think his supporters would get tired of the snowballing quite honestly.
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    Bahhhh... Im sure there are some who deserve world wide accolades...I dont feel like discussing who and who is not deserving... But...Obama hasnt been in office for...3 years... I think its time for you to put that to rest big boy! I repeat:
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    Of course he’s the one that came to your mind. There were others but only Obama was worth mentioning right? And you have the hypocrisy to mock folks who go after Trump?
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    Must be why Trump was trying to nominate himself for it in regard to his “great” work with N. Korea. Would it be great then? Talk about clutching some pearls. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-northkorea-usa-trump/trump-makes-his-case-for-nobel-peace-prize-complains-hell-never-get-it-idUSKCN1Q42FJ
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    What? What about pearls? OK...I think I see where you are coming from. Yeah...I agree...I TOTALLY can see that Trump and pearl necklaces go hand in hand.... Something about Jr. makes me think that he too, enjoys a pearl necklace from time to time. BTW. It was a lovely O'Day today in Montreal. Nice and sunny, not Stormy at all...
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    It is usually fun to see non-production concept cars in commercials.'cause the only electric VW builds now is in the same body shape they've been producing since -IIRC- 1977. BUT VW really should 'batten down all it's hatches' before this sort of thing -if it became regular- mars the EV push : https://finance.yahoo.com/news/audi-recalls-first-electric-car-165340036.html
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    I wouldnt think he would want a silly little prize like that. Its beneath him...a NOBEL Peace Prize... He would prefer they change the name of it to the "Trump" prize...
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    Once again, we have the arsonist wanting credit for putting out the fire that he started.
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    :feeling mildly depressed about the State of the Automotive Styling Union:
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    Interesting... thanks everyone.
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    They have CNBC on here at work and they keep talking about how great of a negotiator Trump was and how we avoided the tariffs. Easy to "avoid" tariffs when the solution to them was already agreed to 3 months ago.
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    @Robert Hall Found a car that has my color! 2019 Hellcat Redeye edition Dodge Challenger For $85K I can dig driving this!
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    LOL, my bad, I meant THE previous poster, but I guess we can play that way as well
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    2019 Mustang Bullitt in Highland Green. 2019 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack in F8 green.
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    I get to post the CT6 in black twice today! Yay!
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    Everything from this adminsitration is currently a farce of sorts...
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    I"m not saying they have the same presence as the '72... only that they have the best you'll get in 2019.
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    The tariffs that Trump had threatened to impose on Mexico starting June 10th will not be going on to effect. Trump tweeted out that Mexico had made concessions to deploy their newly formed Nation Guard to their own southern border and that it only took two days for Mexico to bend to Trump's demands. This is false. The truth, according to a report in the New York Times is that Mexico had already agreed to do that back in March 2019 during secret talks between the (at the time) Director of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen and the Mexican Secretary of Interior Olga Sanchez. Further, Trump claimed a victory via his tariff efforts saying that he had reached an agreement that Mexico would hold more asylum-seekers on the Mexican side of the border while the U.S. processes their cases. The timing of this is also false. The agreement was already reached at the same meeting in March. Where Trump failed was in getting Mexico to accept a "Safe Third Country" treaty that would have given the U.S. the ability to reject asylum seekers if they had not first sought asylum in Mexico. In opposition to the tariffs was many Senators from Trump's own party, including the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who said, "There is not much support in my conference for tariffs, that's for sure". Many in the GOP were whispering that the Senate was going to pass a resolution disapproving of the tariffs, causing embarrassment for Trump and making him look weak. Most likely that whispering got to Trump himself and so then he laid claim to the previously agreed "concessions" from Mexico in order to save face and drop the tariff while claiming victory. Many business leaders too were calling for relief from the tariffs, the auto industry would have been hit especially hard with a significant number of components passing over the border multiple times. Below is a list of vehicles that are currently assembled in Mexico for U.S. consumption: Audi Q5 BMW 3-series Chevrolet Blazer Chevrolet Cruze Chevrolet Equinox Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew Cab Chevrolet Trax Dodge Journey Fiat 500 Ford Fusion Ford Transit Connect GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab GMC Terrain (certain models) Honda Fit Honda HR-V Hyundai Accent Infiniti QX50 Jeep Compass Kia Forte Kia Rio Lincoln MKZ Mazda 3 Mercedes-Benz A-class Nissan Frontier (certain models) Nissan Kicks Nissan Sentra Nissan Versa Nissan Versa Note Nissan NV200 Cargo Ram 1500 Regular Cab Ram 2500/3500/4500/5500 Ram ProMaster Toyota Tacoma Toyota Yaris Volkswagen Beetle Volkswagen Golf Volkswagen Golf SportWagen Volkswagen Jetta Volkswagen Tiguan
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    Wheels too small, trim too plain, bed too short.
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    ^ it certainly wasn’t singularly the Fiero. - - - - -
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    I support the...mini skirt, on my car. Here are a couple of fine examples of how I like my mini skirt, on my car. Old skool and modern There is another variant to this...the short shorts does an equal great job
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    Right after he gets his face added to Mt. Trumpmore.
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    Rules are simple: Post a car from a PREVIOUS poster in your favorite color. Post YOUR favorite car in your favorite color. Only cars (trucks, suvs) currently on sale. I will start Mustang GT in Velocity Blue
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    And you can let go of the blindness. There were reports months ago regarding Mexico beefing up support at the southern border and were keeping more folks back. Detentions were up months ago as well. Don’t get sour at everyone else just because you were fooled by the man behind the curtain. Remember. The truth isn’t the truth. From your favorite source of news. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.foxnews.com/world/mexico-says-migrant-detentions-up-79-in-april.amp
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    Well I love green and blue vehicles. The Challenger has already been posted in green. Challenger in Indigo Blue: Grand Cherokee in green:
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    That'd be stainless steel.....
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    Can they put the 2.7 in transversely where the 2.0 currently sits? I'm thinking XT4 here.
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    LOVE THIS CADILLAC! That car was Awesome, yes not perfect, but still very awesome even with all the chrome.
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    A subtle flush one. That modern one doesn't work. The car needs to have a more fuselage style and can't have the flat face wheel opening.
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    Bring back fender skirts.
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    Agree that Korean G90 is Awesome looking! Your talking about the Korean G90 sedan right? This to me blows out the Mercedes-Benz cars even the S-Class.
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    Not seeing what you're seeing there, DD. - - - - - I don't know that I've ever seen one of these in person ~
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    Happy Pride! My song for the season.
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    Toyota’s bold new electric cars look nothing like your friendly Prius http://flip.it/3Wq13u Seems Toyota is joining the ev game and moving up ther time table to get them to market sooner. No frumpy Prius here.
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    I think all brands are going to be hurting by the end of the year......
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    Agree that the Quad had it's problems, Yet it was loved for being a motor that could be turbo'd and pushed to over 1200hp / ft-lbs of torque. I give props as MB has built a small motor with high HP / torque numbers, yet the Torque is still below the HP and high in the RPM band. This means like a sewing machine engines you have to really rev it to get the performance out of it. GM on the other hand built plenty of small motors that could move without reeving the hell out of them.
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    Hope you didn’t get your knees dirty.
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    Yup, I figure the person does not understand the EV power train and is building for a look or maybe a cover that looks like a Diff but just covers the motor?
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    Seems the growing excitement has some folks that have awesome photo shop skills are offering what the R1S would look like in Off-Road extreme form. Found this with credit to the orignal designer Mo Aoun on the Teslarati site. https://www.teslarati.com/rivian-r1s-suv-off-road-images/
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