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    Obviously the money went to the CT5 C-pillar, not the CUV's.
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    Do try not to spread politics to non-political threads. Keep it to the tariffs threads.
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    aaaaaand there's 0 people here. +1 Yep. The idea that a politician can be owned is straight fckd to begin with.
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    Here we go. This is about the most truthful thing I've read here. EVER.
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    I wouldnt think he would want a silly little prize like that. Its beneath him...a NOBEL Peace Prize... He would prefer they change the name of it to the "Trump" prize...
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    GM doesn't do RWD unibody crossovers. FWD/transverse is their sweet spot, because they can share them across four brands and many models...keep them generic and cheap to build.
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    I use those codes all the time.... I AM NOT A BMW FANBOY!!!
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    Not really... The GM-Ford 10-speed uses a total of four planetary gear sets and 6 clutches, although no more than 4 clutches and 3 sequential ratios are ever engaged at any one time (not counting the axle ratio). It is impractical to try to use every single element as input and output to one another.
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    Cadillac MUST, in any forward-looking planning, MUST keep its recent volume in the forefront. There already isn’t enough volume to support both the CT5 & CT4. Add to that there’s not enough volume to support a full catalog that matches all tiers that brands selling double the volume struggle at, and the path is clear. Keep the mission tight & clear and stick to it. Volume low? Keep the upper tiers, cultivate your image, dump the low margin low priced stuff.
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    I edited my response above. But the edited response would not answer your response. 1950s-1970s Chevys Not just Chevys, but American cars in general were (still are?) not meant for twisting, mountainous roads. Those cars were meant for the great American road and highway. For CRUISING. And for stop light to stop light acceleration. European roads are tight. Narrow. Twisty on mountainous terrain. But...are torqueless and horsepowerless because of gasoline being sooooo expensive. Even today. But we wont mention today. The cut-off is the 1980s. Regular Bimmers even in the 1980s...were chintzy. WORSE than the Cavalier. WORSE... A LOT WORSE. That 316 was in Chevette territory interior wise. The Cavalier, any trimmed Cavalier faired better. THIS is why GM and Cadillac went with the Cimmaron based on a Cavalier, because in reality, a BMW E30 was very comparable to a Cavalier. Exterior. Interior. Stupid decision...but still... Apart from the RWD/FWD thing...same... Yes...I equate the E30 as a J-Body... Yes...the Cimmaron lookeds like a Cavalier in 1984...but...the Bimmer is an econobox too. Nothing special. RWD you say? So are G-Bodies from GM MADE for OUR roads...JUST because G-Body's didnt handle the twisties, they sure did handle cruising excellently...something the E30 was awful at... Look at all that awful hard plastic...and those spartan doors... Id say the Cavalier has a slightly better interior... Better, more comfy seats... Just for the record...I aint too fond of the GM J-Body either...
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    Because Audi, BMW, Lexus and Infiniti are also. Compact premium crossovers are a growth segment, and it's available in 7 seat form.
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    Great Read about RJ CEO of Rivian and his confirmation that you can purchase and add auxiliary battery packs to your truck or suv and that the Rivian auto's will allow vehicle to vehicle electric transfer. https://www.thedrive.com/tech/28323/the-drive-interview-rivian-automotive-founder-and-ceo-rj-scaringe Great info about the company and the truck and suv that goes into mass production next year and the Amazon and Ford investment. Gotta say this interview is awesome, but I love this at the end as he is a Combustion Guy. @ocnblu Worth the Read, but thought you would find this interesting. Quote: I understand you grew up helping your neighbor restoring 356s. Yeah! Are you a Porsche person? I am, but more so, I'm a combustion guy. I love the sound of a combustion engine. I love a manual. How do you sell someone like me on your car? I grew up restoring classic Porsches and I had all kinds of crazy projects. I built engines, I'm an absolute car person. It's like the heart of my life. I love cars. But, I don't view electric and combustion as being at odds with one another. It's just a very different and new flavor. I've been driving electrics for a while and it's a completely different experience and, I think, in a positive way. You lose the manual, you lose some of the noise, but you gain incredible smoothness, incredible torque response, and precision with throttling that torquing in and out. I find it more enjoyable, but I think it is a process. People that grew up with something, it’s always a transition, just like anything else. There are all the cliché analogies, that the combustion engine with being a manual transmission is like a horse in the 1930s. There are people who grew up around it like it and appreciate that, but it is absolutely not going to be a long term part of the transportation system. It just simply can't, for a variety of reasons.
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    Yes, when you read the story I at least took it to be the Percent of the Tariff applied to the cost of the product. Yet with that said, I can totally understand that without a clear statement of what that number means it would be confusing for people. I have actually reached out to the writer of the story to ask him for clarification of those numbers. Will post the reply once I hear back. Thank you both
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    This is an outstanding site covering the history of Tariffs and Trade going back to 1827. https://www.visualcapitalist.com/history-u-s-trade-wars/
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    Yet another FWD CUV with a weak engine offering. Is this Mercedes or GM?
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    Either killing children is morally wrong or it isn't. Article in my news feed made me want to throw up this morning...two teenage girls were adopting pets, and then posting selfies of them torturing the pets to death, shooting the pets, mutilating them. We look at these girls as unfit for decent society. But when the Obama administration gives weapons and aid to rebels in Syria that behead a 12 year old boy as an apostate...or the Bush, Obama, and Trump administrations kill civilians (including children en masse) with drones....(Obama more than Bush, Trump more than Obama....) or we give a hotbed of Islamic radicalism 3 billion dollars in aid a year (Pakistan) or the apartheid country of Israel 4 billion in aid a year (killing journalists, aid workers, and children) or give the radical Saudis nuclear weapons technology...or give the radical government in Egypt Billions in aid... Methinks we should worry a lot more about what Washington does to actual people...it's much more morally wrong than what these girls did. The list is really, really long. Testing nuclear weapons with soldiers/Sailors on nearby ships like our government did after world war two...not giving aid and medical care (proper aid and medical care, and counseling) to our veterans would be another. How many veterans commit suicide every day....pretty high number... Back to looking at GTO pics. Washington really sucks. Benghazi was bad...but taking out Gaddafi was worse. ISIS was not in Libya before we did that. We have zero remorse for the pain we inflict on others. Its kind of like the 2020 election...the fun will be watching half the country loose its crap on Facebook, regardless of outcome.
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    Alt-Right or Alt-Left or Centrist, who cares if they are looking to make things better for the whole rather than the one! Sadly we have leadership that I believe is too focused on the one and as I posted above on todays story about Trumps Protectionist approach to deal making, in the long term, this is going to HURT America! He seems to have a to hell with the Constitution and the freedoms our soldiers have fought for here over his own image and personal agenda that helps the less than 1% like the Koch brothers. These two stories seem to support that feeling of protect the 1% and to heck with the rest. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/billionaire-koch-brothers-wont-support-trump-in-2020-snubbing-his-bid-for-second-time https://www.gq.com/story/koch-brothers-eye-the-democrats There is a very libertarian focus from them now on their switch from Tea party / GOP to support the Democrats.
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    True but again, I was speaking in general terms. I tend to tune out the extremist posts because it tends to be devoid of actual facts and isn’t based on reality (more like it supports a certain idealism mindset). I have family members that deal with life that way and I do not deal with life that way so we just don’t see eye to eye on political and social matters. If extends to the internet community as well. Too much “radicalized” thinking with no room for moderate compromise mindset for my taste.
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    And that should not be a problem. I have learned from a lot of people, and changed my minds on all sorts of issues. Someone that is only right ten percent of the time is still right ten percent of the time. Adult enough to think for myself....and also adult enough to evaluate ideas based on merit, not on rhetoric behind them.
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    I’m all for it but some folks will just continue their pattern of confirmation bias and general mudslinging while offering no real substance to the subject(s) at hand. Then you have the extremists that really ruin everything.
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    We need to discuss actual ideas and actual policies. If we re open politics. we could limit it to actual discussion of how political actions affect the auto industry. For instance, how many vendors in Mexico would have been affected had the tariffs actually gone into effect? Alt right is such a vague term...both of you need to be more specific on actual policy and desirability of actual policy outcomes IMHO.
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    This is an interesting read that says protectionism is intensifying and the evidence is there that it will hurt America! https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/10/us/politics/trump-mexico-tariffs-china.html Auto frames from Mexico entering America for final assembly.
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    The Cherokee gets that engine for 2019, but with the ZF 9spd auto.
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    I support the...mini skirt, on my car. Here are a couple of fine examples of how I like my mini skirt, on my car. Old skool and modern There is another variant to this...the short shorts does an equal great job
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    Yes and no. (1) The engine isn't the problem. You need a new oil pan and exhaust down pipe of course but that's not a big deal. The 2.7T four banger is 10~12mm taller but that's shorter than the empty space under the 2.0T's dress cover. (2) GM's new 9-speed transmissions, however, DO NOT have the torque rating to handle 348 lb-ft much less any higher output version of the 2.7T. This is part of the reason Ford did not adopt the GM-Ford 9T65 transmission, but instead made an 8-speed version of the decade old GM-Ford 6T75 (used in the XTS VSport, etc.) which they called the 8F57 to handle the Ford Ecoboost 2.7T V6's 380 lb-ft in the Edge ST. Basically, the quickie solution will be for GM for buy a few Ford 8F57 trannies for these applications.
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    Honda Clarity- the Aztek of the 20-teens. Abysmal design.
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    Of course he’s the one that came to your mind. There were others but only Obama was worth mentioning right? And you have the hypocrisy to mock folks who go after Trump?
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    Must be why Trump was trying to nominate himself for it in regard to his “great” work with N. Korea. Would it be great then? Talk about clutching some pearls. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-northkorea-usa-trump/trump-makes-his-case-for-nobel-peace-prize-complains-hell-never-get-it-idUSKCN1Q42FJ
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    Right after he gets his face added to Mt. Trumpmore.
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    love...LOVE that Indigo Blue Challenger I was gonna post a Go Mango Challenger Hellcat with Black Racing Stripes but the Challenger has been done. So...I go on a different route. Now...My favorite MODERN car WOULD be the Challenger Hellcat/Red Eye...but...Ill find another one. Ok...from "a/the" previous poster. I like the CT6 and Id do a Black or Pearl White Black Wing if it existed...but the CT6 has been done. Ill do the Grand Cherokee. I dont like SUVs but Im OK with this SUV. Since the Challenger has been taken, and...there is a Hellcat version of this , Id like an red one please. Or better yet, the Maroon one looks goooood. Grand Cherokee Trackhawk The more I look at this Caddy, the more I like it. CT5 V And in this colour. (Burnt Orange?) But Id probably would want the Blackwing V8 in it. And in this colour, Id probably rip off ALL the CT5 badges on it, and 3D print ELDORADO (in brushed aluminium...yeah...Id spend the money!!!) to replace them with!!!
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    Once again, we have the arsonist wanting credit for putting out the fire that he started.
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    And you can let go of the blindness. There were reports months ago regarding Mexico beefing up support at the southern border and were keeping more folks back. Detentions were up months ago as well. Don’t get sour at everyone else just because you were fooled by the man behind the curtain. Remember. The truth isn’t the truth. From your favorite source of news. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.foxnews.com/world/mexico-says-migrant-detentions-up-79-in-april.amp
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    Well I love green and blue vehicles. The Challenger has already been posted in green. Challenger in Indigo Blue: Grand Cherokee in green:
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    Ford unveiled the 2020 Escape ahead of the New York International Auto Show and yesterday I finally got my chance to check it out. The Escape’s overall shape has lost some of its edge. It is now more rounded and car-like born out by the fact that it is longer, lower, and wider than the current model. From certain angles in the front, it almost looks to be a Tesla, an association I’m sure Ford won’t mind me making. In back, it has lost almost all of its character. Scrape the badges off and I couldn't tell you what manufacturer this car came from. Inside is a mixed bag. The dash is laid out in a simple organized fashion and I like how it no longer juts out at you as the outgoing model does. The screen is well placed and easy to reach. My experiences with Sync3 in the past have been good, so I expect that will carry over into this Escape. The rear seat room is good for the class, though the rear seats do sit lower than I would like. Where I’m let down is in the quality of materials. Everything seems to be made of hard plastic. The door panels in the rear were especially tupperware feeling. One strange item is the unusual placement of the engine start/stop button, down and behind the steering wheel almost as if they were intentionally making it hard to reach. I did back to back comparisons with Ford’s competition at the show and I would put the new Escape near the bottom of the list on interior quality. It is even a step backward from the current Escape. The Escape will have four powertrain choices, a 1.5-liter turbo, a 2-liter turbo carried over from the previous generation, and making a return is the hybrid version, powered by a 2.5 liter 4-cylinder. A plug-in hybrid will also be available, but only in front-wheel drive form. The most interesting of these engines is the 1.5 liter. It is a 3 cylinder EcoBoost producing 180 horsepower and 177 lb-ft of torque. It is capable of running on just 2 cylinders during times of light load. I liked the 1-liter 3-cylinder EcoBoost in the Ford Fiesta, and if this new 1.5 liter runs the same, that would be a good thing. Driving impressions will have to wait till later this year when the Escape goes into production. Overall I think this Ford could and should do better on the interior quality. A 3-cylinder turbo may be a hard sell no matter how good the mileage is and Ford will have an interesting time convincing customers of that. You can read more about the 2020 Ford Escape from the release article below. View full article
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    I think there is a typo in the original post above, it says The GLA can be purchased as a 5-seater or 7-seater with a second row that can slide fore and aft up to 6 inches. I think that should read GLB. Another sentence references the GLC, when it should be GLB. Nomenclature confusion?
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    E-- is just the generation of a particular model of a BMW. From Wiki as I dont remember when the generations begin and end myself. E30 = the 2nd generation of 3 Series of years 1982-1994 E36 = the 3rd generation 3 Series between 1990-2000 E39 = the 5 Series 4rth generation of years 1995-2003
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    I looked all over the BMW I referenced above, could not find any 'E--' badge on it.
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    I haven't driven an E39 M5, but I have driven a couple different E39 540is..they were wonderful cars, IMO...
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    The E36 Bimmer is one Bimmer I can tolerate. The E39 M5 is a car I lust after. So, Im not all hate hate hate vex vex vex on BMW. But I aint far off...
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    While I agree with your statement above in general, calling Israel apartheid country is simply wrong and incorrect use of the word. Blaming them for death of fake journalists or aid workers is not truthful either. Also, it was proven time and time again that Hamas doctored and faked death of the children during last few conflicts.
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    But I will listen to Blu if he posts actual arguments and backs them up with evidence. I could care less if people scream alt right or libtard or whatever. They just look stupid when they sling mud... And yes alt right is in many ways vile..
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    @ocnblu You can and usually do get overexcited for nothing... Audi..has had prior fire problems with their gasoline powered cars too... And not just with their mid-engine stuff either... And I could EASILY find Lamborghinis that catch on fire...Lamborghini because they are part of the Volkswagen Group...same as Audi...
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    Going Green Part II From this: To this: Forgetting about the scandal, I think both commercials are fantastic and extremely well done.
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    I know. He keeps pulling these stunts and people keep falling for them (especially the media). His re-election is very likely at this point.
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    This just confirms that how an auto rides, drives and the overall layout inside of how a person interacts with an auto can be positive or negative. One persons like of how it drives on the road is another's person negative. At least we get to arm chair quarterback and debate these in a civil manner. Thanks for the post! I will agree with you that both of these cars have that same presence!
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    A Hard Cheap Tupperware plastic interior is part of how KIA sells so many of its cars (Stinger and K900 aside). Of course, if Ford had its way, no one ever buy a three-box sedan for the next decade or three. Since the Escape is (relatively) cheap, Tupperware plastic interior comes with the package. A Lincoln Navigator it is NOT.
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