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    Thank you! This is a tale re-told over and over in the auto industry. The American auto companies refuse to admit when they flub something. Take Taurus - best selling car in America 92-96. New Taurus comes out and it's a styling dud. What does Ford do? Let it rot on the vine for 10 years (with a mild makeover somewhere in between). Compare that story with the ill conceived Honda Civic in 2012. Developed during the financial crisis of the 08-10 era - this was a styling and content disaster. Super cheap. Honda started making changes to it the second model year and even truncated the generation as a whole for a whole-new Civic in 2015 for MY 2016. GM should just admit that they were wrong with the direction of Camaro styling and re-think it in a more appealing way. Also, lower the pricing or offer more believable base trims. I sometimes wonder if they purposely jack up V8 pricing simply to bias their CAFE numbers (Higher price, lower sales - and thus a lower hit on corporate fuel economy, but more per unit profit - good for wall st short term investors)
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    Summer is in full bloom as Seattle is Cloudy and cool with drizzle, but my Korean Ribs are AWESOME!
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    The truck market will not tank. It hasn’t for the last half century and only gets more popular despite the ever increasing prices. As long as we have the state of Texas, that demand will never wane. When gas hit $4-5 a gallon during the Bush Jr. years, the truck market hardly hit a blip compared to other categories like full size SUVs. Gas would have to hit $20 a gallon before that actually happens.
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    I did it! I finally rode on a Boeing 787(-9 version) "Dreamliner" on a medium-haul flight. It gets a "thumbs up." It looks small but feels much larger once you're inside. Their selling points are all there: much quieter, better overhead bins with a design that gives more headroom, larger windows, windows that don't require shades because you control the dimming with a small imperceptible button, a beautiful raked wing that eliminates the need for winglets, and, best of all, higher humidity inside the cabin. The lack of humidity inside the cabins of yesteryear really messed with my sinuses and I'd get headaches. That high level of dryness also makes for more fatigue on a longer flight. This ride on the 787 was quiet and comfortable. However, they'll get the passenger revenue they need. It is set up as 3-3-3. The outgoing 767 was set up as 2-3-2 which made it easier for everyone to get a good seat. Of all the 767s, I'd sure like to fly on the rare 767-400, of which U.S. carries only ordered about 36. I'll say that the proper humidity issue cannot be underestimated. The latest Boeing 747-8i was built with a lot of the same features: noise baffling, better bins, the raked wing, and higher humidity. Flying over the pond back to the U.S. on this latest 747 showed the difference humidity control makes - you stumble off the plane and into customs feeling a lot better and more together as opposed to feeling like a wet rag. This one belongs to United ... beautiful! Many European and Asian carriers (Air France, Japan Air Lines, etc.) now operate them.
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    Enjoying a Hennessy after dinner at Cleveland's magnificent Marble Room tonight on my birthday. Another year to go until the big 5-0... https://www.marbleroomcle.com
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    Duel is probably one of the most suspenseful because of how little dialog there is, that is a good one. Gone in 60 Seconds is probably my favorite, good story, some comedy and action and a ton of cars. The Cannonball Run (and Speed Zone) series is good for corny, ridiculous car stuff, but the zany cross country race idea is fun.
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    ^ They've already done that countless times, but more to the point; wouldn't an out-of-control self-driving Tesla be a bit too 'real-life' to be interesting?
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    Maybe Hollywood will make a movie about a possessed self-driving car...with a Tesla, maybe.
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    @trinacriabob I totally agree as one who has been on the Dreamliner, once on them, hard to fly anything else. So quiet, balanced humidity and the bigger auto tint windows are awesome.
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    Cuda was Cool, she was Hot, Villian was a villian and sadly an abused Eldorado. Love the Fast n Furious Franchise.
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    Just buy a Ferd ECOBOOST! Best of both worlds, brother!
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    The fundamentals have changed vs years past, we’re a net exporter now and not as vulnerable to turmoils as in the past. Not to say we’re invulnerable...
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    It's possible if/when gas prices ever rise a lot. It can be unpredictable... all it takes is a war in Iran.
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    More glass and lower prices help that a lot. Time to rethink the Camaro again.
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    Ford has made a lot of mistakes..pretty much everywhere . They are going to find out quick that the truck market is not going to be high as it is now forever. I expect a rough economy and sky gas prices to ease the truck buying madness. As bad as it sucks, at least GM saw the writing on the wall.. Most of the employees in Dearborn are working EV, not as much on ICE.....
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    Sadly, no. They just hear Wall Street wants a stock increase.
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    Another reason CAFE needs to be repealed. Let drivers buy what they want.
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    Having driven several 6th gens for a few thousand miles, and us owning a 2010 5th gen for a year...makes sense. These are still the best looking (if you skip the 2019 burn victim nose job, they fast removed), but... Like sitting in a tomb. Can be rough. Price is all over the place, and usually higher, in the GM "we sell less and charge more but look at our profit", interior is not great, etc. Alpha platform lightweight athletic, but is missing interior space and packaging (same issue with ATS/CTS), and in day to day use, if you're not on a track, is brash, sharp, and not refined or as quiet as others. Track car, turned into street. Doesn't work for most real buyers, or the market...even if it does for Car & Driver. Having also done the same in a 2019 Mustang 2.3T, and 2 Challengers... Take the overall liveability and interior of the Challenger & its refinement, add in the dynamics of the Mustang and performance, and the looks of the Camaro...and you'd have a great combo. Love how the Mustang performs and feels, yet hate the seats and interior. Love the interior, functionality, comfort, and "I could drive this for days and still love it" comfort of the Challenger, but it's big and heavier. Yet, right now, depending on your market, an AWD Challenger GT with the crisp 3.6L and ZF 8-speed for $33k sticker...is a screaming deal, if you want to use it daily, and not race on a track. You never know what news story means what, but it's not impossible this is true. Look at the current state of all GM vehicles, and it makes sense. A performance coupe is the antithesis of fitting with current automaker goals...plus they also are not being responsive nor do they car, that real world, the Challenger and Mustang are more in demand and desired.
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    Not by significantly much ($190B vs $150B). Daimler saw profits sink 21% last year in at least the one quarter, and they're trimming both models & budgets in response. With the looming hard push into unprofitable EVs, they would do well to join with BMW and spread out all the costs. But not 'buy out'; BMW no doubt is aware of Daimler's track record there of 'pump & dump'.
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    How do you like your Manwich? From a can or home made? Can ya tell it is lunch time and I am hungry!
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    You think, by chance, that Porsche shareholders got out their pitchforks and torches when VW announced a Porsche SUV was coming? And burned all their stock certificates? What shareholder DOESN'T care about the company's bottom line? Wait- that would be Tesla's.
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    Poison to enthusiasts maybe, but not to shareholders who only care about GM's bottom line and the dividend payout.
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    Well when everything Barra builds will be autonomous/EV, and those two traits are the very antithesis of the Camaro spirit, I am not surprised in the least. She is poison. Absolutely.
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    People don’t want performance crossovers tho.
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    Completely redid the front planting bed. Aucuba (Japanese laurel), Crepe Myrtle, Viburnum, dwarf Japanese Red Maple. Huh- that's a lot of import plants. Other than some mulch, the frickin' thing is done.
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    Pic was taken about 16 years ago. Thanks, same to ya!
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