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    Most people might not care what is under the hood but they definitely care how car behaves and accelerates. When my wife test drove crossover with turbo four and another with V6, she definitely preferred the one with V6 for much better acceleration from stop. She doesn't know the difference between engines and doesn't really care, but she cares how the car drives. All else being basically equal but she wants the V6, and I don't blame her.
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    Buick is introducing a Sport Touring package for 2020. The ST is available on the Enclave Essence trim and includes a unique grille with body color surround, 20-inch machined aluminum wheels. The ST remains powered by the same 3.6-liter V6 producing 310 HP and 266 lb-ft of torque, the same unit in all other Enclaves. Other features added to the rest of the Enclave lineup include a new next-generation infotainment system with 8-inch diagonal screen. When equipped, the system supports SiriusXM with 360L which combines satellite and streaming to deliver more content. The setup requires a subscription to both SiriusXM All Access and GM Connected Vehicle services (on-board WiFi). The rear vision camera has been upgraded to High-Def and a High-Def Surround vision system. Standard on the Premium and Avenir, the driver and front passenger seat are upgraded with 4-way power lumbar and a massaging seat. Three new colors are available: Champagne Gold Metallic, Dark Moon Blue Metallic, and an Avenir only Rich Garnet Metallic. The 2020 Buick Enclave goes on sale late summer with a starting price of $41,195 including destination charge.
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    A bad dream that’s thankfully long in the rearview mirror. OR.... we all find ‘90s-00s Pontiacs automatically ‘tasteful’ NO TAKEBACKS!!!!
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    Though I know firsthand how old Mercedes can be money pits, I'd really love to have a mid 80s 500SEC or 500SEC AMG...love the hardtop styling.
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    Gnarly Studebreaker 4x4 ~
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    LOL... a great American... uh... Canadian... novel worth of posts later it comes down to this. Oldhurst442 lives in Canada and is worried about corrosion in used cars. Because of import laws, he doesn't have access to cars from south of the border. Doesn't change the fact that a certified 3 year old will have ZERO CORROSION and ZERO ACCIDENTS or it could not have been certified. BTW, I am sure canada has no restrictions of Quebec folks buying cars from British Columbia.
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    What? Be bold. Speak up.
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    As far as that CTS goes, I think Cadillac at the time was going for a "high-end home stereo equipment" look.
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    She had the same thought about the 'killer gene'. And the interesting thing is there are close relatives in our Mom's family with schizophrenia and other mental illness issues. It makes for interesting research. I am related to William Shatner, by the way.
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    I've always … kinda… liked porsche 911s. There, I got that out. It might be interesting to pick up a '60s mercedes SL. They're fascinatingly poorly built, so it'd be a ton of work to get it up to even '60s structural standards/finish … then shoehorn a worked Buick 455 / TH400 into it; drive the purists nuts.
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    I've had the (mis?)fortune of having driven military spec HMMWV's and civilian H1's. Those old military rigs are beat half to death, and they drive like it. It many ways, they are more akin to driving a tractor or other heavy equipment than a conventional truck/suv. Well maintained road H1's are considerably better, but one of the dominating aspects- glacier slow acceleration is still present. They are like perception alteringly slow. A Prius is a top-fuel dragster compared to one. You also have to very, very deliberate and smooth with all of your control inputs. These things have a ton of weight being shifted around, and a lack of deft control skills will have you taking out another car or roadside object with ease. I also had the opportunity to drive a 2006 H1 Alpha. That was the last they were built, and they received then then new 6.6 Duramax engine. The one I drove was all original and immaculate w/ 4,000 miles. It was actually quite a treat. Though you still had to be mindful of the size and weight, it had enough power to easily drive down the highway, it wasn't too uncomfortable, and people absolutely loved it. I can count on one hand the number of supercars/exotics I've driven that elicited as many thumbs up, cheers, etc. A few weeks later I sold it for 180K.
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    That is correct. Let's take a look at a Cadillac's interior in 2005. Wasn't this and the Bentley considered luxury in 2005(I know on different levels)? That is why I said they were definitely luxury vehicles when they came out even though in 2019 they don't come across as all that luxurious at all.
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    The design takes into affect more than just off road capability. They also had heavy armor for IEDs, middle section was where the soldiers would lay their weapons for fast access and any other accessories. If the H1 was outfitted with the 50 turret on top, then that was where the 5th person stood as they patrolled. Yes lots of wasted space to consumers, but actually made sense for what the Military wanted.
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    So much this. I don't care if that V6 in the Cadillac is shared with an Impala, I want the shared V6 over a bespoke Turbo 4.
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    i wasn't suggesting otherwise, just other factors could exacerbate the issue, especially if the refrigerant was barely low.
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    EH Can you HEAR me NOW?
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    And I didn’t downvote you because you said Quebec cars rust, but for your shitty attitude and the inaccurate assumptions you make. And your long, rambling incoherent posts.
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    @oldshurst442 as an aside, do you ever have short, condensed responses? Too long and rambling. Anyway, yes life is hard in Canada and you have shitty winters and everything rusts. We understand that. You are just whining at this point. There was nothing smug or arrogant about my post; just stating facts. CPOs can be a good deal. Maybe Canadian car dealers don’t have CPO programs? I don’t know. I’m presenting facts as I know them in my reality context.
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    Still looks better than some of the EVs I’ve seen... Like most have said- it aged pretty well...
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    There is this thing called SHIPPING. It costs $400~600 to ship a car to Northern CA from Southern CA, AZ or NV. About $800~1000 to ship it from the mid-west including Texas. About $1300 from the east coast including Florida. The last two cars I bought, I bought online sight unseen and have them shipped. With the exhorbitant rent and labor costs, buying from local dealers adds about $3000~6000 to the price of a $40K used car. So I buy out of state and pay a few hundred bucks to get it shipped in. If you are so fussy about salt and snow you can get yours remotely too.
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    I got the 2014 CTS VSport Premium from Texas with 26K miles and not a scratch in 2017 for $33K ($40K off the $73K as new price tag). That's 55% off. You cannot convince me that buying new and driving that first 26K miles at a cost of $40K is a good deal compared to driving the next 70K miles for $18~20K. It has 69K miles on it now and I'll probably keep it for another year to year and a half.
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    The beautiful thing about the market place is that we do not have to rely on oldhurst442 for a healthy supply of used cars. I have never, ever, had a significant issue with my used cars. I buy at 3~4 sell at 6~7. Usually, they never see the inside of a workshop and if they did it is usually under warranty anyway. I don't even buy particularly "reliable" makes and models (apart from the two Acuras). The last 6 were 2017 Acura MDX, 2014 CTS VSport, 2011 Jaguar XF 5.0 Supercharged, 2008 Acura TL, 2005 M-B C55 AMG and 2000 Audi S4.
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    And some 'Slade owners, spend the bling bling money on their 'Slade SURPASSING even the most expensive G Wagens... And...while there are wild G Wagens out there...Im willing to bet that there are even wilder and more outrageous and more expensive blinged out 'Slades around more so than the G wagen...
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    Well, it's not my truth, so I really couldn't care less what you think. I'd rather buy a used clean luxury car or SUV than a new 4cyl FWD shitbox w/ a CVT and despair gray interior.
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    Go buy a new car and lose lots of money then. It's a free country -- even Canada is in this regard. We need people like you to buy new so we have used cars to benefit from. I'll never buy new. If I have a billion dollars, that 2014 Boeing 787-9 with 20,000 flight hours will look pretty good especially if it has GEnx engines that was just overhauled.
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    Bullshit..it's a bad investment to buy new, a depreciated 3 yr old vehicle with 25k is a much better purchase. I don't buy your Quebec argument either--are people too lazy there to keep their cars clean? We got a lot of salt and bad weather here in Cleveland also, yes cars are worn out here after 10 years also if you don't take care of them...but you can have a daily driver look great here if you keep it washed and get the salt off.
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    Well, the interiors weren't bad in the ones from 10-15 years ago.... Hummers were always garbage inside, esp. the H1..(which wasn't even a GM design).
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    Id wait for depreciation to hit...and then Id buy the Cadillac to tell my friends Ive just bought a Cadillac and pretend Im some sort of rich guy...
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    30-HP (rated) Nichols & Shepard (Battle Creek MI) steam tractor moving 3-story building. Googling around & guesstimating the building size, it's very likely a minimum of 250,000 lbs, or 125 tons. Take your 35,000-limit 900 LB-FT modern diesel and go sit in the corner.
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    Interesting you say that. We saw a Telluride at the mall last night and I was pointing it out, saying it was on our shopping list. And my partner said, "But it's a Kia, I didn't think we liked those". I said, "We do now". I got an eye roll.
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    Not by me... Pruis drivers are some of the worst of the crazies.... worse than BMW drivers.
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    The "corporate engine" strategy that started in the 1970's has reached its point of diminished returns. For one thing.
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    Painfully enjoyable seeing a TRD Pro Tacoma in that blue. The most Fiat of Jeeps is on my list of "ashamed of" vehicles.
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    And not once did I say you dont pay for it. Alls I said is that new car depreciation does NOT affect me as I AMORTIZE a new car purchases PROPERLY... Everything depreciates...even properties...(this is where @dwightlooi told me his story about some people he knows that have bought big homes because properties usualy appreciate in value but they cant afford said huge home so they sleep on matresses on the floor and eat wet from water noodles...) All this rambling because I CHOOSE to buy NEW cars... Its OK to refuse to buy new...and only to buy used. Its an economic stupidity for NOT taking advantage of this era of used market... Yet Balthy, you dont seem like the type to try to one-up your neighbour by buying a used Bimmer showing him up and other shallow souls... @Robert Hall also doesnt seem like the shallow type to do this. I dont know @dwightlooi, but his story of his acquaintances about sleeping on the floor on matresses and eating noodles JUST to be in a big house for appreciation purposes actually sounds shallow to me... And THAT does not impress me... And yes...in Quebec...or Michigan for that matter, Buyer beware when it comes to buying used luxury vehicles... Its the rust that'll get ya! Short lifespans for cars. We could talk about depreciation all we want ...but regular maintenance on high diva Bimmers on such mundane shyte like ABS brake sensors or what not take a toll on the wallet, and these things tend to breakdown more easily in bad weather areas more often than say...California... Chevy Malibus have those same ABS brake sensors like those fancy shmancy Bimmers... Except, a new, or used Malibu costs you mainstream Chevy prices to fix 'er back up. Bimmers...even 2 Series Bimmers, costs you diva prices... On a car that will NOT last you a lifetime...unlike if you were living in...CALIFORNIA!!! I got all night... Why dont you do like I do...right a paragragh or two... I wont complain...unlike what you do about my posts... That makes 2 people in here that have complained about my tooo long of posts... Is there a secret word count Im not aware of... Its OK... I wont be posting in here much longer. Normally I dont advertise that... I dont need the sympathy...or the "Good, dont let the door kick you in the ass when you leave" speeches either. Have a nice life guys...
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    The XT4 and XT5 are just generic FWD/transverse engine lease appliances for suburban women who don't care what is under the hood, only leasing the badge.
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    @dwightlooi The thing is...in Quebec...cars dont last long... In sunny California...cars last 20 years...in makes sense to act like a big shot in sunny California buying a 4-5-6 year old Bimmer, at a discount...and keeping that Bimmer another 10 years... In cold frigid, icy and slushy Quebec, cars last barely a decade. If taken good care of...15 years tops. But daily driven, at 8 years, they look like shyte. At 10 years, they are called beaters and at 15 years they are simply dinosaurs... So... Call me dumb if you want to... Because I told you I was from Quebec...little bells should have been going off. But then again...in sunny California...I gather... Its the Hollywood effect. You look mahvelous....its better to look good than to feel good. I fully comprehend that. But like I said...THAT dont impress me much... Let me ask you a question... Is your reduced priced Bimmer of whatever years old it is... Is it in perfect driving condition? Even living in sunny California, maintenance NEEDS to be made... Or are you like my idiot friends driving around in purty 6-7 year old Bimmers and Audis but the tail lights are burnt because they dont know how to change the light bulbs themselves and they deem the Bimmer or Audi dealership tooo bloody expensive so they leave the tail lights burnt? About that... Do you go to Pep boys to do your oil changes because the Bimmer dealership is expensive or do you change your own oils? But how much of a rich diva are you if you change your own oils on a 5-6-7 year old Bimmer... I know...I know... Depreciation and you saved mucho dineros buying a used Bimmer. Yet maybe too phoquen cheap to get your oils changed at the Beverley Hills Bimmer dealership where they even give you a shampooing for your PAUL MITCHELL haircut and a free latte... In my world... You wanna BE the rich guy... You better be plunking down the money for the rich guy stuff. Meaning, you better have the cash flow necessary to do it day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, decade after decade... If not...GTFO with your fake ass life!!!
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    I dont make fum of hot rodders. If fact...I love the fact that REAL hot rodders wrench on their own vehicles... I dont judge if a wrench monkey changes his own oils on his 2020 Mercedes Benz S Class AMG...because a wrench monkey is an ENTHUSIAST. A person that tries to pass off as a rich guy to me buying used luxury vehicles is just a lame assed fake. I dont buy that depreciation excuse. Like I said... A used 40 000 dollar Bimmer, even if I lived in sunny California means NOTHING to me. Id rather a BRAND NEW FORD FUSION SPORT at that price. Or...a BRAND NEW 20 thousand dollar eco boosted 4 cylinder Fusion for daily driven usages and a USED 20 000 dollar V8 FORD Mustang to complete my enthusiast side of things. But I buy used for ME...not to show somebody else something that I am not. Or a BRAND NEW V8 CHALLENGER at 40 000 dollars to do both... Be my guest...but that used Bimmer...but you aint fooling me... Especially if your used Bimmer is not in 100% perfect condition and your tali lights are burnt and you try to convince me you are good with money and you are some sort of high priced diva.
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    Should I downvote you here? Because quite honestly...with your downvotes...you are really acting like a child!!! I had high respect for you...but now.... With your smug and ignorant post that your sense of smell is poor. You happen to not be interested in new car smell. I am... Im not allowed? You too... You think rust is not a problem in Montreal for cars? You think that California cars are rotted by rust on the same level as Quebec cars? Montreal being the warmest and least cold and inclement weather areas of Quebec... Shyte dude!!! Downvote me all night long... Its you that looks the part of an ignorant soul. Not me. And here you are....buying a car from California... Why didnt you buy it from Vermont? OK...Massachusetts... What about Illinois? Michigan? North or South Dakota? Yeah...you got it in sunny California... Get the phoque out, dude!!!
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    Its simple...dont read them... Yet you do. No...you downvoted because I touched a nerve. I bruised your fragile ego about used cars and depreciation.
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