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    Oldsmo-trains for DD ~
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    As a random aside, imagine how cool it would have been had GM jumped into the luxo SUV niche in the 70s...imagine a Suburban-based mid 70s Escalade Brougham de' Elegance with the Talisman style interior...
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    They were both cheap $h!, no matter how you try and paint this otherwise. We will just sidestep the fact that the Slade, for all its flaws back then, was a larger and more comfortable ride and did not have the “brand cachet” at that time unlike the G Wagon. The G had the tri-star and the cachet that goes with it yet it LOOKED like a cheap Lego rendition of itself as far as the interior was concerned. Which one was supposed to be the best in the world?
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    Looking past to Present: My 2006 Escalade ESV Dash 2006 Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon Dash I would say they are on par, plenty of plastic, wood touches to the steering wheel and what passes as Wood attached to plastic backing on the dash with some true fake plastic wood. Now 2019 Escalade Dash G-Wagon Dash I am honestly going to have to give this to Mercedes. Cadillac just a few years back had a better luxury dash than this years models. Cadillac lacks exterior color choices as it is all drab and black / grey themed much like the interior of just Jet black or Sugar Maple with black accents as in the above picture. CADILLAC IS LOOSING based on the piss poor choices. Lincoln has better options than Cadillac for their Navigator. I would take a Navigator if it still had a V8 option over the Cadillac. GM has done many things right in the last few years, but the colors and interior options are a FAIL! As @Robert Hall states, this thread is about the XT6 compared to Telluride from Kia. XT6 has 4 interior choices of color, Jet Black, Cirrus seats / accents with Jet Black, Maple Sugar or semi-Aniline seats with Jet Black. Cirrus seats are about as sterile as it comes. Maple Sugar is much better, better than two choices of Black interior. Then we have Kia White and Black interior with red accent lighting on the doors. Then we move to the dash of the Kia Telluride versus Cadillac XT6. Cadillac XT6 Dash Kia Telluride Dash In this, I have to give it to the XT6 as a nicer more luxury looking dash. Even with that said, Kia is a strong competitor and having been in an Actual Kia, it is very nice, though I feel there is nods to old SUVs of years past. The grab handles in the center remind me of older type G-Wagons for the front.
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    These are great...and as always, the "regular 3.6L Pentastar" is a better performer with better real world mileage even in big vehicles, than so many new turbo, etc. iterations. Great vehicle.
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    Coming up on 4600 Pontiac dealers logged. I'm amazed how many there were; in little towns, changing hands/locations. Very busy industry. I realize that it's a very specific thing, butI am quite positive this is the most comprehensive list of Pontiac dealers in existence.
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    So ready for the weekend.......
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    On a nearby street being resurfaced, saw a strange street sweeper truck..had a Frieghtliner cab with two steering wheels! The driver was sitting on the passenger side. I guess having dual drive setups makes sense so the driver can sit on the curbside to watch curbs when sweeping.. A bit o' googling turned up pics of one..wild.
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    Looks like the G Class interior got a facelift somewhere in the last decade or so...this the 2017, pretty nice. The right side glovebox and grab handle doesn't look much changed from the early 00s model. On the other hand, the mid 80s G-wagen dash looks of it's era and more utilitarian. Nice use of the S-Class steering wheel. I dig the plaid seats. And going back to the late 70s, even more utlitiarian and hard core off roader. Cool seat pattern.
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    Pretty much top to bottom I think the Telluride looks like a better overall package, especially when you consider the price gap, 20k+ starting MSRPs
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    The XT6 interior looks pretty nice to me. That’s not the problem IMO. It’s problem lies on the outside though. Bad profile, horrible rear 1/4, and just boring looking overall (the front end is it’s only saving grace). I would like to add that the Kia is no slouch. Such a huge bump over anything they put out ten years ago.
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    To each their own. Everybody has wrong opinions every once in awhile.
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    It is interesting to read this review and not ponder on those on this forum that have all blasted GM on their lack of moving the needle along with Black everything all the time interiors. One does have to wonder about the ability for a company that has in the past led with so many technology changes that they are being a bit gun shy on bringing their best to the gun fight. The O.K. Corral is no place to be second best!
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    The news about the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra have been constant barrage about how they aren’t doing so well in the sales charts. In fact, Ram has taken second place in overall truck sales from the Silverado. General Motors is quick to point that Ram has been increasing amount of money on the hoods of the 2019 Ram 1500, along with the last-generation model being sold alongside. But could there be more to this slump? What if the new Silverado and Sierra didn’t move the needle as far as the competition? The new Silverado and Sierra continue to separate from one another in exterior design. The basic shape may be the same, but it is the details where the two begin to develop their own identities. On the Sierra, it goes for some polarization with its gaping maw of a grille and c-shaped headlights. Chevrolet is a bit more restrained with the Silverado featuring a split bar grille and separate headlight housings. More differences can be seen turning to the side as the Silverado has slightly more pronounced fenders than the Sierra. Both trucks arrived in their off-road trims: Trail Boss for the Silverado and AT4 for the Sierra. This is denoted by two-inch lift for the suspension, blacked-out trim pieces, and meaty off-road tires featuring some sharp-looking wheels. I tend not to like off-road models as they go overboard with the “LOOK AT ME” bits placed on it, which I get why a number of buyers absolutely love it. But the Trail Boss and AT4 find that nice point where they look the business without being too shouty about it. GMC is also trying to set itself apart in terms of the tailgate. My Sierra AT4 tester came equipped with the MultiPro tailgate which offers “six functions and positions.” They include, Primary Gate (Full Tailgate) Primary Gate Load Stop: Panel that holds longer items in the bed Easy Access: Flip the inner part of the tailgate to allow for better access for items in the bed Step to allow for easy entry and exit from the bed Inner Gate with Load Stop Inner Gate as a work surface You will not find a physical tailgate handle. Instead, there are two buttons that sit between the backup camera. The top button releases the inner gate, while the bottom allows the full tailgate to open. Opening the inner gate wasn’t as smooth as the full tailgate, feeling like it was sticking at points. A lot of this I would attribute to cold temperatures during the week. Despite this issue, having the inner tailgate give way to allow for better access to the bed and a step does give a unique selling point. I do wonder how will this tailgate design hold-up in the long run. Moving inside, GM is still focusing on functional and practical aspects. This is evident with the large knobs and buttons controlling various functions, and a comprehensive gauge cluster. But this approach does put both trucks behind the pack in terms of interior design and materials when compared against Ford and Ram. I had to do a double-take getting inside the Silverado for the first time as the dashboard really didn’t change that much aside from the colors and slightly altered buttons. This isn’t helped by some of the material choices which look and feel out of place in trucks that carry price tags that are around the $60,000 mark. But the Silverado and Sierra’s interiors do claw some points back in terms of overall comfort. No one will have any issue trying to find a position that works thanks to a generous amount of power seat adjustments and a steering wheel that finally provides tilt-telescope adjustment. Space in the back of crew cabs is massive with loads of head and legroom. Both trucks came with an eight-inch screen (lesser trims get by with a seven-inch screen) and new software - Chevrolet Infotainment 3/GMC Infotainment. The interface looks like a simplified version of MyLink/Intellilink with simpler graphics and easier to read fonts. Moving around the system is easy thanks to the simple menu structure and quick responses for any command. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration comes standard. Both trucks were able to find my iPhone 7 Plus and bring up the CarPlay interface within seconds of plugging it in. There are four different engines on offer, including a new 2.7L turbo-four. There’s also a turbodiesel V6 that will be arriving for the 2020 model year. Both of my test trucks came with the V8s - Silverado packing a 5.3L and the Sierra using the 6.2L. The 5.3L V8 has not been my engine of choice for the last-generation trucks. Not because of the power on offer, but more of the tuning of the throttle pedal. It made the V8 feel very sluggish and would make the driver push further down on the pedal to get it moving a decent clip. Thankfully, GM has addressed this issue and 5.3 now feel likes it has 355 horsepower and 383 pound-feet of torque. You can lightly press on the accelerator and V8 doesn’t feel artificially overwhelmed. A new eight-speed automatic (standard on higher trims) helps keep the engine right in the sweet spot of power and provides smooth shifts. As for the 6.2L V8, it is a monster. With 420 horsepower and 460 pound-feet, it moves the Sierra at a surprising rate. Making a pass or merging on to a freeway is no problem as there is an abundance of power waiting to be unleashed. A new ten-speed automatic (jointly developed with Ford) helps keep the engine right in the spot of power. Unless you need or want all of the power, the 5.3 is the engine I would recommend for either truck. EPA fuel economy figures for the V8s are 15 City/20 Highway/17 Combined for the 5.3 and 15/19/17 for the 6.2L AT4. My averages for the week were 16.1 for the 5.3 and 15.2 for the 6.2. Ram is still the gold standard when it comes to ride quality due to its rear coil spring setup. But GM isn’t so far behind with its solid rear axle setup. Most bumps and imperfections become mere ripples. Larger potholes didn’t upset either truck, but I would put that towards the off-road suspension. The standard trucks may bounce around. Handling is quite surprising as both trucks feel agile around bends. Noise isolation, for the most part, is excellent, though the knobby tires fitted to the Trail Boss and AT4 do ruin some of the tranquility. My feelings are mixed on the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500. GM has either fixed or improved various problems that I have talked about in previous reviews. But it feels GM hasn’t done enough to fully set their trucks apart from the competition. I think this line from my journal says it all. “If General Motors wasn’t touting various aspects of these new trucks such as the aluminum body panels or multi-pro tailgate, I would have thought both models went through a dramatic mid-cycle refresh.” This could give the full explanation as to why the Silverado and Sierra are currently getting beaten out by Ford and Ram Trucks in the sales chart. Buyers may not see any real changes for both trucks when compared against the competition. GM has been on the offensive, saying to be patient. But that approach may not work and may cause the automaker to draw up some drastic measures. That’s the thing about the full-size truck market, you need to show up with the best. Anything less and you’re in danger of losing. How I would configure a 2019 Chevrolet Silverado or GMC Sierra 1500. There are two options I would consider with the Silverado. First is the RST. I would order a 4WD crew cab with a short and opt for the 5.3L V8. From there, I would add the Convenience Package with Bucket Seats, Convenience Package II, Safety Package, and Trailering Package. That brings the final price to $52,745 excluding any discounts I could get. Second is the Trail Boss which gets the 5.3L V8 as standard. Options would mirror the RST and bring the final price to $54,285. If I was to order a Sierra 1500, then I would start with the SLT Crew Cab 4WD with a short bed. This comes with the 5.3L V8 as standard and I would only add two options; Dark Sky Metallic for $495 and the SLT Premium Plus Package for $6,875. This package combines a number of option packages such as the SLT Preferred Package and the two Driver Alert Packages. The final price comes to $60,460 with a $1,000 discount for ordering Premium Plus Package. Alternatives to the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado or GMC Sierra 1500. 2019 Ram 1500: Ram's redesign on the 1500 has helped make it a real challenger to both Ford and GM. The interior raises the bar of what a truck can be with an impressive design and high-quality material choices. It also boasts an impressive list of safety features such as adaptive cruise control. Ride quality is still class leading. What may put some people off is the styling as it looks a bit plain. 2019 Ford F-150: Bestselling for reason, Ford has constantly improved the F-150 to keep it one step ahead of the competition. It features one of the largest selection of powertrains that help give it some impressive towing numbers. A number of trims also gives buyers different options to build their F-150 the way they want. But Ford trails Ram and GM when it comes ride quality. Disclaimer: General Motors Provided the trucks, Insurance, and One Tank of Gas (*Author's Note: Unfortunately, I lost the window sticker to the GMC Sierra 1500 I drove. I have built the truck as close as possible to my memory to get an approximation on price. -WM) Year: 2019 Make: Chevrolet Model: Silverado 1500 Trim: LT Trail Boss Engine: 5.3L VVT DI V8 with Dynamic Fuel Management and Stop/Start Driveline: Eight-Speed Automatic, Four-Wheel Drive Horsepower @ RPM: 355 @ 5,600 Torque @ RPM: 383 @ 4,100 Fuel Economy: City/Highway/Combined - 15/20/17 Curb Weight: 5,008 lbs Location of Manufacture: Roanoke, Indiana Base Price: $48,300 As Tested Price: $55,955 (Includes $1,495 Destination Charge) Options: Convenience Package with Bucket Seats - $1,805.00 Convenience Package II - $1,420.00 Off-Road Assist Steps - $895.00 Safety Package I - $890.00 Bed Protection Package - $635.00 Trailer Brake Controller - $275.00 Advanced Trailering Package - $240.00 Year: 2019 Make: GMC Model: Sierra 1500 Trim: AT4 Engine: 6.2L VVT DI V8 with Dynamic Fuel Management and Stop/Start Driveline: Ten-Speed Automatic, Four-Wheel Drive Horsepower @ RPM: 420 @ 5,600 Torque @ RPM: 460 @ 4,100 Fuel Economy: City/Highway/Combined - 15/19/17 Curb Weight: 5,015 lbs Location of Manufacture: Roanoke, Indiana Base Price: $53,200 As Tested Price: $64,955 (Includes $1,595 Destination Charge and $500 discount for the AT4 Premium Package)* Options: Off-Road Performance Package - $4,940 AT4 Premium Package - $3,100 with a $500 discount Technology Package - $1,875 Driver Alert Package II - $745
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    Funny I noticed this.....as I have driven both now. (Running into the right people I guess) Watching the video reminded me of some of the stuff I saw..... I lambasted the XT6 for quite a few things, but it is different to drive. It comes off a bit sporty for a bigger rig. And it just seems more driver oriented than I thought...... Still like the Tellluride...lots. Something about having that old school SUV feel to it....and you simply cannot beat the price! The XT6 will find it’s customers...problem is the Telluride will be taking them from everyone else! The Telluride wins here....
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    I recall someone saying the center stack on the first gen CTS looked like a tower computer case.
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    As far as that CTS goes, I think Cadillac at the time was going for a "high-end home stereo equipment" look.
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    I should look into that.
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    I think the WHOLE point was passed up quite awhile ago. I'll just mention it again. Somebody said the G Wagen's interior was NEVER good nor luxurious. I stated that back when it first came to the states in the early 2000's it most certainly was considered a luxurious interior, because it was. Now, I also understand that looking back at anything from that era, including any Bentley or S Class, that they look like crap and not very luxurious at all. Also, until 2019 the G's interior was left alone, for the most part and was lacking for what rose to a 115k vehicle. It became less luxurious not because it actually went backwards but because the rest of the industry improved ten fold in that time while they only made it marginally better, until 2019's clean slate redesign.
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    The WHOLE point was that in your OPINION, the G Class always had a luxurious looking interior while in mine (and others) opinions, it simply didn’t and wasn’t really any better than the other you put it up against. The key part of your post is the “opinion” part and some simply don’t share that opinion. Right on cue with the defense like I mentioned earlier though.
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