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    If you read the suit, it's about a potentially faulty fuel pump... not anything to do with committing fraud like Benz and VW did to meet emissions regulations.
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    Finally! https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/812-Westbury-Rd_North-Versailles_PA_15137_M48187-74081
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    “Problem” is a nice way to put it. ‘Fraud’ might be closer to the truth tho.
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    GM's diesels were certified by the EPA before production using an actual sniff test rather than just the manufacturer's word. GM didn't have a problem fraud with its diesels.
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    On a better note, these were the days! Oh yes they were! One of Detroit's finest moments ... and so perfectly timed for our bicentennial year. Haha ... from the UK? I think NOT.
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    It continued to crush the mpg for the whole trip. It sat at 30.0 right until we parked it. I tried for the very very first time today after 28,000 miles, the adaptive cruise control. I had not even used it once until now! So my first impressions. I think it’s going to be handy. A bit slow to react for acceleration at times, but overall nice. Less tapping up and down on the normal cruise and it’s easier to settle in and draft a string of cars while not having to throttle brake so much. My initial verdict, it’s going to be difficult to not use it all the time now and I’ll want it on my next vehicles
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    In da Pennsyltucky woods...
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    Well that Dodge can't do corners. AMG One's track performance is going to be legendary. Targeting Nurburgring in the 5's. You'd also think that being a hybrid and being able to run on full EV that it should meet emissions. Because in theory the gas engine could only run half the time.
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    They aren't going to kill it, this is their moon shot vehicle. This is their chance to build a car that it might take 20 years before anyone rivals it. They are all in at this point, and the cost of developing the powertrain which is the expensive part is done. This is a matter of spending money to get it emissions certified. They can eat a billion dollar fine too. These big corporations sit on big cash reserves, they'll probably use the loss as a tax write off and move on. Daimler lost way more on money on Chrysler than it will on these fines and they are still here, and still #1 luxury car producer. No one has done something like this, the current F1 engines are ridiculous, I've heard the power unit in an F1 car is about $5 million. I imagine they are selling AMG One at a loss, unless the economies of scale have allowed them to turn a profit at $3 million.
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    Who would have thought it was about electricity, too?
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    You had adaptive cruise all this time but never used it? It's magical! It really reduces fatigue for me on long trips. It's sad... you're getting about the same mpg I get on a highway trip with my tiny little underpowered Encore.
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    I have a lot of praise for Honda product - I just bought a new Accord Touring model. Hard to find - dealers tend to stock way too many base LX and Sport trims. Amazing car for the money and the features - light years ahead of GM and Ford. GM is seeing some weakness on SUVs. It seems to me a little early to cut sedans in favor of crossover SUVs like GM and Ford are doing. I don't mind variant trimming, but seems to me if you can share a platform between a crossover and a sedan, you can reduce development costs for the sedan and get away with lower sales - all the while maintaining model flexibility for changing consumer tastes. Just when you think you've figured out the consumer - you haven't. Tastes change on a dime - something the industry still doesn't understand.
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    Question: do you have to mix the gas and oil on the new Encore GX?
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    Government is not your friend and is not ‘in your corner’.
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    It would be more compelling if it were a pure EV than a passé hybrid.... ..and that it makes 1000hp makes it an also-ran, the Chiron already makes 1500hp, without the hybrid gimmick. The AMG One is just a lot of hype that means nothing. AMG Zero would be a better name.
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    Considering the C7 is out of production, it’s a moot point.
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    Which doesn't matter...no one buying a hypercar cares about the EV gimmick.
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    If it ever sees a track...it will be just another garage queen hyper car that catches fire and means nothing. Just another pointless exercise soon to be forgotten when the next faster thing appears.
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    Balthy would like this more if the greenhouse were over the FRONT whills.
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    You can buy a 1000 HP engine at Dodge and do 210+ MPH right now. Wait: its front wheel drive??
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    Your ignoring the facts that MB is now facing multiple billions of dollars of fines due to their own FRAUD on Diesel. As such, I doubt this project will survive as they cut costs to stay profitable and alive. VW currently is at $33.6 Billion in fines and still not done. https://www.wardsauto.com/industry/volkswagen-s-dieselgate-costs-top-336-billion That kind of cash loss will HURT MB and make them look at projects like the AMG One and Kill it. Right now the Delay is just that, time to assess if they can really afford to spend money on it or just kill it and take their lumps and move forward. Very cool read, thanks for posting. Course unlike MB, this is a specialty build auto on a small company so they can get away with an F1 911 from the 80's unlike MB which is going to have to meet current year Spec emissions. I honestly do not think the AMG One will make it to market as it was originally intended.
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    Yeah, when it's a former F1 engine.. That's already been done.. https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/a23706900/lanzante-formula-1-engines-porsche-930/
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    It's way more than just displacement and exhaust. F1 cars idle at like 5000rpm. I know you've read or watched videos about the difficulties with using an F1 engine in a street car... Neither supply good quality racing/competition and neither will last unless they do. Formula E does a much better job as of now but they also started all using the same exact equipment so it should be more competitive. I know they plan to allow each individual company build their own cars and I'm not sure if they are there yet. I actually think once they do that the quality of competition will drop as it will likely turn into the teams who spend the most VS the field, like F1.
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    That is what happens when you post from a Smartphone with limited screen size. I posted into the wrong thread. Was thinking originally Random. Loving my all LED 6500K lights around the house. so bright and nice. At least when I need to do repairs I do them to code and correctly and do not end up with a mess like this failure. Only in Russia do you find these kinds of heater repairs.
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    Gee, maybe the best or nothing just can’t do it. Vaporware waste.
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    Ironic considering BMW owned LR back in the 90s...
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    This platform sharing is a far superior idea to what BMW is trying to do with MINI. Ideally, BMW would simply buy JLR from its current owners and go on from there.
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    I suspect that the engine involved will fail because F1 is not designed to actually meet emissions standards at all. Back to the drawing board.
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    This isn't the reason why CAFE and other standards are pointless. Nobody is making MB use diesel as a fuel in consumer vehicles.
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    Like buying a large lawnmower with those engines......
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    Well, the upside in 50 years is that I’ll be too old to see straight to drive an ICE by then....
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    Just about all of them say the same thing: I am too broke or too cheap to repair this issue correctly. Please junk this vehicle to put it out of its misery.
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    Infotainment systems barely existed prior to 2009, so 2012 makes a lot more sense. Besides, Nissan/Infiniti needs to borrow Audi's MMI (that is about to be replaced) in order to be competitive again.
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    Dfelt, do you have one single clue? Why would you post this in a thread about REPAIR FAILS? You are the king of off-topic posts in any given thread. Ach du lieber!
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    Go to sleep at 10:45, wake up at 4:41. 6 hrs is it for me. Now its 5:15, waiting for the sun.
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    Ugh, this thread has taken a turn for the worse.
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    Um, debt is not going to our only problem....this country has a rage almost never seen before. Add the rage and anger to a downturn in the economy, and the “poop” will really fly... I’m actually more concerned for my safety...something I never thought I would say.....
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    It wasn't a full charge; they were limited to only an 80% charge (in 2 hrs, 10 mins) because there was a wait for the superchargers at that stop. I'm still seeing Teslas all. the. time. snugged up to chargers in mid-morning. 3 today at 10AM, no one in any of the 3 cars (must been snorking coffee at Panera). Charge at home, people, you bought a $100K car; you should be able to afford the $12 to charge it!
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    Apparently they're going to continue to inflict the 6-series GT on Europe and the cut is just for the US.
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    In life one has very few real friends...
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    105 HP 3.8L V6, 110 HP 4.3L V6, 170 HP 350CI V8. ugh. They still look good, but they have no moxie.
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    GM is being sued for diesels in pick up trucks. I am not sure what company hasn’t had a problem with a diesel.
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