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    The higher level stuff? Every 20 years or so.
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    I thought all that noise just came from ocnblu.
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    Sometimes I get busy and get behind a week or so on the calendar. When the weather is nice, I tend to not work at that desk and instead sit out on the patio most of the day w/ my laptop. IMG_2518.HEIC
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    This past Saturday I went to my trusted Buick dealer and purchased a very gently used 2019 LaCrosse with about 4,000 miles. It's an Essence AWD in Red Quartz Metallic and an Ebony interior, with the Bose Centerpoint Surround, Blind Spot Monitoring, Navigation, Lane Keep Assist, Panoramic Sunroof, etc. The dealer held firm on their internet price but the price was honestly really good for an almost-new car. The car is stunning and after driving it, I was sold. It is a damn shame this car is gone from the US. Aside from having the carpeted mats, the dealer gave me ebony Buick all-weather mats. During the test drive I happened to comment I wish it had the sunshade because my early morning commute west, the sun is usually in my eyes from behind. To my surprise, the dealer installed one while they were detailing it and changing the oil. It was a nice treat. The Bose Centerpoint Surround before I experienced it, I thought was just a gimmick; a title/marque. I was completely wrong... when you turn on the Centerpoint Surround, the music shifts almost as though it's being played in the center of the car. Amazing how speakers can "throw" sound and give it such a different effect. For some reason, the "plood" in pictures always looked horrible in my opinion. In person it's a completely different story. I think it's very handsome. If I have to gripe, and it's about the start/stop and the wireless charging. Although the car is seamless to stop, it's noticeable when it starts. In fact, on occasion, there's a slight lurch forward as the engine restarts... not a fan, but I'll obviously cope. As for the wireless charging port, even with my case off, my phone doesn't fit. And although I can squeeze it in tightly, a display on the screen tells me through icons that only cell phones should be placed in there. If only it were a tiny bit bigger...
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    Thanks. The Genesis was a great car but I'm a Buick Boy through and through.
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    I’ll give credit where credit it due. At least Land Rover stayed true to its SUV roots with the Defender and gave a two door as an option. Now about that reliability and pricey parts...
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    Oh look, someone built a 2021 Chrysler Concord EV.
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    And by '58, the country was in a recession. In your example, a luxury make drops significantly while a budget brand goes up.
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    It's already common knowledge the Bronco will be based on the Ranger, so it will be RWD/BOF. Now the baby Bronco (rumored to be Bronco Scout) will be FWD CUV since it's based on the Escape.
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    @Paolino Congratulations, lovely looking sedan!
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    They should make a grille that is as high as the top of the roof that you can see through. A 5 foot high grille is probably good for crash protection.
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    Are you sure about that? That grille made the new X8. What makes you think that BMW will stop at the X8?
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    Side profile looks like it has been smoothed out for an EV and Hybrid version. Better wind flow.
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    I think it only looks good with a body color grille.
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    Wait until the electric aluminium F150's get here...
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    Ford has outsourced their AV work to a company call Argo. VW uses the same company.
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    Lincoln is a great example - big margins per vehicle but low volumes. This is the strategy that seems to be chased by GM and Ford - hike prices to the point where volume really suffers or big risk financing is required to move metal. Looks good to profitability but volume and cashflow will continue to fall as a result. Cut models that you don't feel like competing in anymore - may have had thin margins but they could move generate cashflow and revenue. These vehicles that are being cut actually do a lot of damage to the reputation and strength of the company - cutting out whole swaths of customers that might be able to one day afford and move up to one of the big margin vehicles. Seems like a death spiral strategy. Perhaps the smarter strategy would have been to let silicon valley take the finanical risk on autonomy and maybe even electrics - then adopt an industry standard and harness partnering and JVs to bring it into the big fleet. What I see instead are a bunch of companies throwing money around on things that have yet to be standardized (a LOT of parallel R&D) and yet to be proven as having any sufficient customer demand.
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    While true... Ford is definitely threading a needle here. The Explorer really must launch without any issues. F-150 is up next and they can't flub it. I fear they've already lost direction on the Escape and Ecosport.
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    My desk isn't spotless but I can't let it get cluttered with useless stuff like THE PREVIOUS DAY(S) CALENDAR DATES!
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    Yeah, I'm definitely not a clean-desk type of worker...I have no fear of clutter. That's data from over 60 years ago, though...how is relevant to today? The job market and the nature of the economy is very different today.
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    The clutter around that desk gives me anxiety.
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    Interior is not bad, exterior is a jelly bean blob of nothing. If Mercedes-benz is the BEST OR NOTHING AT ALL, why only 350 kW fast charging when F1e racing using 900 kW charging and Porsche is using 800. This DOES NOT sound like the best or nothing.
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    ^ A number of manufacturers have seen contractions, not their state. Business is cyclical for a wide range of reasons, it has always been this way. Buick sold 737K in '55 and 404K in '57. In the same period, Plymouth sold 401K and 762K.
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    Personally, for me Model 3 front looks really awkward and in general I don't think 3 looks good On the other hand I think Model S still looks great My coworker just got new Silverado, personally I think front looks horrible.
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    The new escape and explorer can’t come at better times. I think the explorer will be a long term success. The escape is tbd. I think they may have made it too soft. The ecosport is trash but if the next one is good like the encore they may come out ok. The edge is the one that is quickly getting dated. Ford is missing the big showroom draw. Mustangs do and the trucks drive volume but otherwise there’s little compelling about ford. Saw a couple aviators the other day and I am optimistic about those.
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    Just remember that Carlos Ghosn was an autocrat with no succession plan. This is why Nissan is a SNAFU.
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    (1) Valve and spark arrangement in modern Hemi pushrod cylinder head. (2) Flat Deck 6.6 Duramax turbo-diesel pushrod cylinder head. (3) Rocker and bridge arrangement on 6.6 Duramax turbo-diesel engine (4) Junkers-Jumo 213A engine showing off -- Direct Injection, Twin Spark, 2-intake / 1-exhaust valves per cylinder and a variable drive ratio supercharger (hydraulically coupled)
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    Happy Birthday @dwightlooi!!
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    One of the rare instances where we agree. Lincoln's volume isn't sufficient to sustain the company no matter how good the new SUVs are.
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    Without the F150, Ford would be losing money. They abandoned sedans, the Escape, Edge and Ecosport don't seem very competitive and will probably need incentives to move them, especially with any market downturn. Lincoln doesn't have much volume. I don't think Hackett's plan is very good.
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    Let's hope they stay true to the roots and keep it a RWD SUV rather than a FWD CUV based. If they do that I think it will still sell but loose some off road creds for a FWD/AWD CUV.
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    Or you can buy a real pickup truck with a standard or long bed.
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    I just measured a mountain bike in my garage; 69" long. Gladiator bed length : 60". Hilariously sad. Flatbed option. 20 tie-down rings. Jeep-branded straps. Lock-in mini stake sides. Lock-down storage bins. Minimal lift-over, maximum reach. Pull-out bike ramp. Ultimate configuration options. You're welcome, FCA.
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    That gladiator brochure is HILARIOUS; 2 bicycles and they DO NOT FIT in the bed. Can you imagine being an engineer at Jeep, you make this truck w/ bed vehicle, then you automatically have to engineer all sorts of racks & fitments to hold items ABOVE said bed. Might as well just have a Gladiator flatbed with a plethora of tie down rings & Jeep-branded straps - it would hold more things.
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