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    This past Saturday I went to my trusted Buick dealer and purchased a very gently used 2019 LaCrosse with about 4,000 miles. It's an Essence AWD in Red Quartz Metallic and an Ebony interior, with the Bose Centerpoint Surround, Blind Spot Monitoring, Navigation, Lane Keep Assist, Panoramic Sunroof, etc. The dealer held firm on their internet price but the price was honestly really good for an almost-new car. The car is stunning and after driving it, I was sold. It is a damn shame this car is gone from the US. Aside from having the carpeted mats, the dealer gave me ebony Buick all-weather mats. During the test drive I happened to comment I wish it had the sunshade because my early morning commute west, the sun is usually in my eyes from behind. To my surprise, the dealer installed one while they were detailing it and changing the oil. It was a nice treat. The Bose Centerpoint Surround before I experienced it, I thought was just a gimmick; a title/marque. I was completely wrong... when you turn on the Centerpoint Surround, the music shifts almost as though it's being played in the center of the car. Amazing how speakers can "throw" sound and give it such a different effect. For some reason, the "plood" in pictures always looked horrible in my opinion. In person it's a completely different story. I think it's very handsome. If I have to gripe, and it's about the start/stop and the wireless charging. Although the car is seamless to stop, it's noticeable when it starts. In fact, on occasion, there's a slight lurch forward as the engine restarts... not a fan, but I'll obviously cope. As for the wireless charging port, even with my case off, my phone doesn't fit. And although I can squeeze it in tightly, a display on the screen tells me through icons that only cell phones should be placed in there. If only it were a tiny bit bigger...
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    And thousands and thousands of consumers buy those models over the s-class. If Daimler is convinced electric is the future & has promised to build their entire catalog as EVs, they should start with the flagship sedan. They've already lost 9 years to Tesla as it is. It's a concept- platform is of no consequence here. But clearly calling it the 'EQS' implies the future for the model. You know; the mercedes definition of 'the future', which never seems to get here. Concept after concept after concept, all sent to the warehouse. But we all know this...
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    The Aerotrain? There were a few demonstrators built. And several of the railways tried them out for extended runs. From Wikipedia: It utilized the experimental EMD LWT12 power car (U.S. Patent D177,814), coupled to a set of modified GM Truck & Coach Division 40-seat intercity highway bus bodies (U.S. Patent D179,006). The cars each rode on two axles with an air suspension system, which was intended to give a smooth ride, but had the opposite effect.
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    If MB wanted to put its best foot forward & try to challenge Tesla, they should make the next S an EV only, with 400+ range and recharging in 15 mins. And use the concept interior. They are WAY behind! But they wont bring out any of that.
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    Built on bus bodies and road terribly according to reports.
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    My words exactly. All I’ve heard for the past year is constant Benz EV hype (which normally comes up when a competitor has released and ACTUAL product) and here we are with yet another Daimler concept that’ll be out in “two years” that will look nothing like the concept shown. All hype, no substance.
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    a 'cheaper/base model S-class?????? Why? It's not 'best or less than best', is it?
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    Optional?? Should be standard. But Daimler prefers to protect their profit margin instead, so; late to the party.
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    Just went on ford.com It starts at $74k WIth carbon fiber and technology pack I brought it up to $95.5k Personally, I would rather have GT350
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    That's about $100,000 more than I have to spend on a toy right now. SHUCKS!
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    I expected their first EV to have an optional battery with 400 miles of range. I thoroughly believed they would be the first to crack that barrier and push Tesla down a notch. The best or nothing..? Nothing.
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    Seems according to this story, the 2020 Ford Mustang GT500 configurator is available and all options checked brings the beast to your hands at $107,080. https://www.motor1.com/news/370086/most-expensive-mustang-shelby-gt500/ That is one mighty expensive Pony!
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    There is a guy that for 13yrs has been tuning regular auto's to sound like F1 race cars. While cool skill, not really sure I am a fan of a high pitch sound on a big block motor. https://jalopnik.com/meet-the-quiet-japanese-tuner-who-makes-your-old-merced-1831320490
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    The last 2 electric dehumidifiers I had were recalled due to fire risks.
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    A real train from the era....
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    More of a publicity stunt than an actual train, but cool looking none the less.
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    Maybe that's for the future... but right now, Argo is doing their AV research. They're here in Pittsburgh and I see the Argo AV Ford Fusions all the time.
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    Aren't you driving Lincoln crossover? You probably are an elderly lady in that case ...
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    If I'm being honest, I also expected when the automotive giants(any brand whose been around for 50+ years) put out some EV competition for Tesla, I thought they'd stomp them. I figured they had the money and experience and know-how to just make a better vehicle. Now, that's not to say their build quality won't stomp Tesla's as we've all heard about their sub-standard QC..
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    The Tesla and Porsche are today products while the EQ is still a concept. Easy to beat someone in concept.
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    Congrats! Good to know somebody else here recently turned 60.
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    An electric XJ sounds like a good idea. An electric F-Pace would be even better.
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    Very nice car, congrats. Hope serves you well.
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    Absolutely love this car, congrats!
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    I’m excited to see it as well.....
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    They should make a grille that is as high as the top of the roof that you can see through. A 5 foot high grille is probably good for crash protection.
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    Oh look, someone built a 2021 Chrysler Concord EV.
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    Daimler builds all these concepts but never puts them into production. This must’ve been approved before the massive budget cut.
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    It only took 10 years(by the time this power train is actually produced and sold) for somebody to catch up to Tesla.. It looks like concept garbage that nothing on the exterior or interior will make to to production. The only thing news-worthy here is the EV technology.
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