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    Toyota should just buy 100% of Subaru, FCA, Mazda and Nissan, kill half the brands and consolidate all that and get it over with.
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    Hmmm. Italian and electric. Not a good combination. Hopefully will come with an on-board fire suppression system.
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    My parents had one of these bad-boy's growing up, '81 GP with the 265 V8 2 barrel carb, but not with a T top, pretty rare model there.
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    Well, they screwed up and lost sales not offering it with the B20 biodiesel and I heard it was pretty thirsty too. Maybe it was also a short 1 or 2 year trial type contract with Cummins that ended and they didn't renew it because it didn't sell. Either way, like others were saying they need more than one engine, even the old @ss Tundra has at least 2 engines to offer. Well, it is a Nissan and that was Pontiac's motto "We Build Excitement" so...
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    Not soon enough. I mean I understand they need quality workers and they need to be paid a fair wage and their total compensation should correlate to how successful the business is run.. but all of those criteria are already met. They should only really negotiate a larger percentage bonus for when GM is doing really well. They're making enough money hourly/yearly before their bonuses. If they increase everybody's wage you risk crippling the business and them moving the jobs all together because not every year is going to be booming like the last few. There will be down times and keeping wages more "in check" they can afford to keep people on board.
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    You wouldn't want trailer blind spot monitoring? Why?
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    Pffft- the development is cheap. Less moving parts, less R&D, less assembly labor. It's the vendor battery cost.... and the OEM markup that's expensive.
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    Actually, China may be more likely to buy out all these lame brands and possibly clean house just to rationalize the auto industry AND devour all that auto IP without violating any laws or treaties. Toyota, not so much. Toyota actually has to listen to shareholders.
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    Sovereignty over all else is essentially the cry for Brexit. Nobody said it was a great idea. A lot of problems will show up post-Brexit, from economic calamities all the way to the breakup of the United Kingdom. Good luck Boris!
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    ^ can’t argue against that. toyoter should buy daimler; they have just enough cash to do it.
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    It's going to be a sports car, probably like the GranTurismo. Put it up there with supercar status.
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    It's the bravado in his voice that's unmistakable
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    Yes, that is James Earl Jones, he Rocks!
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    One this makes sense as a common Hybrid / EV platform will allow a big reduction in costs compared to ICE platforms. Two Maeratis as well as all Italian auto's suck from a quality standpoint and yet that is my personal opinion based on real world experience with past autos from the brand. Reviews seem to also hold up to this. Three, FAILURE FAILURE FAILURE right out of the gate. WHY, Maeratis is saying the first EV will be a Car. HELLO McFly, anyone listening? Cars are pas say as the market has spoken and CUV/SUV/Trucks is where the focus needs to be. Honestly, does the FCA board not look at the market trends of where sales are at? Must be a bunch of baby boomer idiots on the board to allow the money waste on an EV car.
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    I say this sounds like a young James Earl Jones narrating. Agree or any other guesses?
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    Blind spot monitoring is one of the only ones I've ever left on, that and the Adaptive Cruise Control is pretty sweet, the trailer blind spot would be a good one as well. All the other nannies are too intrusive, especially the emergency auto braking, for instance when you're overtaking a vehicle and briefly let up on the accelerator thinking you saw another car coming from behind and it slams on the brakes thinking you're going to rear end the car in front, first time it did that I shut it off for good. I'm an involved driver that pays attention when driving, I don't even like to be on the phone hands-free and I'm pretty good at multi-tasking.
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    Hopefully GM is not giving into too many demands as they are already the best they have.
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    I don't think they sold that many of the Cummins. If they had, it probably would still be in production.
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    I still have no idea why Toyota and Nissan insist on competing in a segment where they get few if any real conquest sales. At least Ford and GM know where their bread is buttered.
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    Luckily, you could turn it all off anyway.
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    Yeah, fck the UAW. GM shouldn't be paying anything right now and they could point the finger right at the UAW for refusing to work out a deal and how that's harming their members.
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    Nothing to get excited about at all...discounts will help move this thing....
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    My '40 has you beat: $98. I think I have it valued at $8500. - - - - - Egregious Massachusetts citizen oppression :
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    VW just wanted a high level GM insider to gain industry secrets, JDN was the taker
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    I was just thinking the same thing! Nissan loves the cheap silver painted plastic, ugh. The switch gear and buttons below look very dated and cheap. The 4WD shift knob looks like it's out of a '95 F150. What's with the blanks in the top of the vents? They should have just made the whole thing an open vent if designed that way.
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    Lets keep Race out of this (Sarcasm)
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    Yeah- that'd be cool, but really I want a suspension option ala cart, like cab or bed sizes. SH (standard Height), LH (lowered height) or RH (raised height)- that sort of thing. A complete package SS would be $60K to start.
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    Just heard on FNC that GM will reinstate their UAW workers Healthcare even though they have lost a $1B now because of this UAW charade. Stories out there that some striking workers are losing their cancer meds and others have to delay surgeries because GM cut off their healthcare. So then why doesn't the UAW cover them with their fat $850k worth of coffers they filled for this strike? They'd rather use the sick employees as a pawn in their chess game...just sad.
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    I'm 6'3" and yes she's pretty much on the ground, but once in, it's go time! My Silverado is my DD much easier to get in and out of being tall
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