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    It's still crazy to me that they're getting rid of the Fusion with those numbers.
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    If it makes a profit, why cede that segment to the Japanese?
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    I think I said something similar a while ago. If Ford can't make a profit on 200,000 Fusions a year, the problem isn't the Fusion.
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    Corporate incompetence, I'd assume.
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    I think most companies will be keep it down to two or so sedans moving forward, but they will have to be on platforms that the CUVs are also built on.
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    Japanese make more profit on CUVs too. And as sedan volume continues to erode, their margins get slimmer & slimmer. I believe Ford and to the extent it did; GM are ahead of the curve on this. Back when buying a non-sedan family vehicle meant a hulking V8 BOF Explorer, yeah; a sedan was a clear preference to many. But with CUVs matching sedans in size, power, economy, amenities... why would more folk than now want a sedan again?
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    yes. The X and S are related and the 3 and Y are related. Given the current state of the market, I don't know why they didn't come out with the Y first and then the 3. They probably would have sold more of them.
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    Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Chrysler are dead brands, I don't know why they are still around other than to run out the current product life cycles. None of those 3 could be turning a profit. Infiniti and Nissan don't put out any new product because they are basically the Japanese FCA with no R&D budget or available money. If we get a recession some of these brands will be wiped out.
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    I actually agree with this and as we move away form ICE auto's to skateboard platforms of EVs, if the public wants a sedan style coach, they will get it easily as the platform will allow a quick change in coach design to be attached to the skateboard. In this regards we are like back in the early 1900's when everything was body on frame and we had a multitude of coach builders using GM or Ford Frames.
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    Its well beyond a ‘craze’. See the Lamborghini Urus.
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    Japanese Classic Car show 2019 in California, 6th year and some damn fine Iron! https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/enthusiasts/japanese-classic-car-show-2019/ar-AAHQ33V?page=6#image=AAHQcYh|1
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    Nice to see that all GM brands are up for the last quarter. Best news from GM I have heard since the UAW called a strike against GM.
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    Per your Mercedes excuse, two of their most important SUVs are just beginning to hit lots or not quiet yet. Escape & Explorer.
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    These have me interested just because I've never looked them up.. The largest 6500XD has a 5.2L turbo diesel, 215hp/520lb-ft., standard and it's available on most other models as well. Their ole reliable 6.0L rated at 297hp/372lb-ft. Then they have an inline-four 3.0L diesel made by Isuzu rated at 150hp/282lb-ft. It's crazy how different a real work truck engine is made compared to our "street" engines.
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    I know 200,000 units isn't the 300,000+ of when it first came out but there is something very wrong about not being able to profit(or enough profit) to justify a 150,000-200,000 units per year product.
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    Cool. I didn't know they did that with the backwards compatibility.
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    Very good, up 6.3%. what is the "LCF"?
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    ^ 100% typical end result. And 'voting out the people' will have no result- the next bunch will do the same thing. If accountability is NOT directly and tangibly tied to political actions/projects, fiscal solvency will never be obtained.
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    CNN Just broke with the first pictures of the hard top convertible and I have to say I like what I see. Should also sell well for GM. https://www.cnn.com/2019/10/02/cars/2020-corvette-convertible/index.html I do have to wonder how many dealers will bring in actual base models to have a $59,999 version on the lot. Most dealers seem to bring in mid to fully loaded models only.
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    Car design as a whole is really lost & wandering.
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    Wow and people thought the Aztek was ugly? That Toy has to be the ugliest thing on 4 wheels besides the Nissan Joke (Juke) Kick whatever it's called now
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    I got my wife couple weeks ago a new car which has the smartphone integration. My dad got her old car and I got his 2016 Mazda 6. Luckily for me Mazda made infotainment back compatible with Carplay/Android Auto starting from 2016 (software upgrade and new USB port). Upgrade is not cheap (up to $400, depending on the dealer, I paid $375) but IMO totally worth it.
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