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    It looks to me that most of the time GM fanboys usually get kind of touchy ... But what do I know, right now my family car park has only Asian cars. So I am probably anti-American, un-patriotic asshole anyway
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    I'm glad I'm not that old yet. I love induction and exhaust noises on the correct vehicles.
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    I know they all offer big rebates but the old Ram has had the most because the R&D is well paid for so they are cashing in to "sell more" than Silverado, classic Chrysler move. Yes, GM sells the "Classic" Silverado K2XX but it's only in the Double Cab/Extended cab configuration that's not as popular. They didn't want to cannibalize the new Silverado/Sierra like Ram has with the old Ram model offering crew cabs as well. Ram also doesn't have the capacity plant wise that GM does for a new model that's ramping up.
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    The ZR1 is far from half the money. The ZR1 actually starts MORE than the AMG GT. ZR1: $123,000 AMG GT: $115,900 It's okay, the C8 is out anyway and ready to put cars twice its price in its rear view mirror.
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    @Robert Hall This is a good starting point, just take it up to luxury level for me on a Cadillac truck or SUV. This is close the Cadillac Kona interior, I just hate the all black dash.
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    This +1,000,000 Totally agree that we can have quiet HVAC systems and Dyson has proven that with their fans. It costs money, but then especially for luxury auto's that is what it is all about. It should be whisper quiet. Yesterday met with some friends that are looking to replace their car and they test drove a Cadillac CT5 and then a Genesis 90 and told me while they love the exterior and interior of the CT5, it lost out to the Genesis which was way more quiet in driving.They both are 50 and said for them they love a spirited drive, but want as quiet an auto as possible. I think the Auto companies need to understand that and address it in the auto's. Like I said, it has it's place but not every auto has to have induction / exhaust noises. I would want that on a performance focused auto, but on a non performance focused ride, give me a quiet environment.
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    Very nice! Enjoy the time off!!
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    I stated "like no mayo on a sandwich, dry and boring." Roar or Glide? Are you talking you're up in the air now? TGIF!
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    Well I had to hide most of this thread. Ya'll knock it off.
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    The sales numbers are the ones truly doing the talking. Ram line outselling the Silverado line.
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    In the top-tier trim the Ram seems to be numerous levels above the GM siblings, I would agree via pics. But the top Ram was what has been disproportionately reviewed; the lower trim Rams are quite comparable to the same level Silvie. I haven't been inside a Ram. The Silverado I sat in didn’t blow me away, but then again it was a LT I believe, not an LTZ or HC.
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    I know I'm not in Phoenix but, I see more new Rams than Silverados. I do probably see more new Sierras than any other brand new half ton though. That's a damn good looking truck, imo. I saw a 2019+ Ram "Kentucky Derby" edition over the weekend at Menards. I thought that was odd. It looked good outside of the Kentucky Derby sticker... probably because it was a Limited or whatever their top trim is. It looked like the below truck but in the red/maroon color.
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    Stock is WILDLY overvalued and overdue for a ‘recession’.
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    The Convertible is cool but having a targa top standard is perfect and I'd never consider the convertible. @smk4565 Just because I can.
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    This image reminds me of the '68 full size Buick Wildcat front and rear ends..
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    Very very few vehicles have loud exhausts or induction noises and even less come from the factory that way.
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    I enjoy real induction and exhaust noises in a performance car. Not fake, but not in a daily driver. It's all about context...
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    I could go with either of those two colors but Tan shows up too much dirt for me, I think I really want the two tone Mocha brown interior. Nice and warm yet not the all black or all tan interior GM has done in the past. Mocha brown with some natural wood accents would be nice IMHO.
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    Same here. I want a very quiet serene cabin w/ minimal road noise and minimal or no engine noise. I want to listen to my music w/ clarity, whether it's classical, classic rock, new wave, jazz, synthwave, etc.. One area of cabin noise that automakers could improve on is the HVAC system....hate the noise of the fan when the A/C or heat is cranked up.
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    Yes, I could see that as an option...lots of customizability is a good thing. I loathe the look of carbon fiber, but I know some would like it. If I had a C8, I'd want that brown/bronze w/ a tan interior, monochromatic exterior trim. Or the dark green w/ a tan interior. I like subtle dark colors, not Skittles colors.
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    I honestly cannot wait for ICE to go away as the noise is just that noise that I do not want or need and I hope that one can turn off the fake engine noise in the stereo system. I want to hear my music, not an auto. I also look forward to the days of Diesel being dead as just yesterday, I got off the bus to walk home, waiting for the light at an intersection and some 20 something idiot in his Ford Diesel stomps on it as he is getting ready to go through the intersection and belches out a cloud of black smoke that covers me and everyone else who got off the bus and he is laughing as he looks at us having just assaulted us with his noise, TOXIC soot and stupidity. These people are not understanding the reason for the diesel and why it can be eventually down the road replaced by quiet trucks that do not contaminate my air. Do not get me wrong, I totally appreciate a properly tuned tone coming from an auto and tail pipe, but I leave that to the track, those specialty auto's. For the most part quiet auto's for getting around so you can hear the natural sounds of our planet is best for me. Guess I am showing my almost 52 years of age.
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    That said nothing about Lincoln and being on their own or not. Lincoln is separating from Ford more now than it has in decades.
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    Yes, GM is discontinuing all Chevy and Buick cars, but the Malibu and Camaro, the Impala was 3rd or 4th in a segment that's fading fast, but it's mainly going away because it and the LaCrosse ride on the same Epsilon II platform as the Cadillac XTS that was being phased out and the plant they were built in was closing right behind the last car out. Impala/LaCrosse/XTS was a 10 yr old platform brought out in 2010. Cad. CT cars are all RWD/AWD so it didn't fit the current portfolio, although it still sold pretty well with Livery companies/drivers. When there is another Recession and they need to start building smaller cars again it wouldn't be that difficult for GM or Ford to fire the stamping machines back up for smaller cars if need be, being that most of the CUV's ride on the same chassis because the cars on the chassis do get a bit better mpg with less weight and drag. Fusion obviously isn't dying sales wise, so they should keep at least that sedan along with the Mustang although Fusion has had it's fair share of Recalls with the 2018 Recall where lose steering wheels that were separating completely from the steering shaft (which is insane) and the 2016 Recall where the drivers seat track assembly had bad welds that were breaking in accidents probably caused by the steering wheel falling off that was caused by the most recent 2019 recall where the shifter cables corrode and break off from the transmission maybe Ford is making a good decision to discontinue the disaster that it was. I think the Asian brands will following suit as well, they know the sedans days are numbered, but they sell a cheap econbox that many A to B buyers still want...for now. Really? That's pretty sad, he definitely should have gone out in a Lincoln. He probably told the family "Don't you dare put my body in a GD Cadillac!" HA!!
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    The ‘skateboard’ really changes nothing except within Engineering. Every combination will have to go thru the same multitude of rigorous testing & certification. They will also have to be assembled to pass crash testing. Coachbuilding was primarily done on expensive marques, so while there were plenty of Cadillacs custom-built... there were no Fords and surprisingly; almost no Lincolns. When Henry Ford died, there was no Lincoln hearse to carry him, so -rather than use the competition’s Cadillac hearse- they used a Packard.
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    surprised at GM's decent showing. Glad i contributed to their cause.........
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    I wonder what percentage of Corvette buyers order one vs buy from dealer stock.
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    I actually agree with this and as we move away form ICE auto's to skateboard platforms of EVs, if the public wants a sedan style coach, they will get it easily as the platform will allow a quick change in coach design to be attached to the skateboard. In this regards we are like back in the early 1900's when everything was body on frame and we had a multitude of coach builders using GM or Ford Frames.
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    Japanese Classic Car show 2019 in California, 6th year and some damn fine Iron! https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/enthusiasts/japanese-classic-car-show-2019/ar-AAHQ33V?page=6#image=AAHQcYh|1
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    Yes actually they could have gone 3 lanes across, but the politicians did not like only having emergency exits on one side of the tunnel and wanted both side to have emergency exits with 3 feet of shoulder space, do you have two lanes 14 feet wide and shoulders on both sides that are 3 feet plus emergency escape tunnels on both side big enough for emergency vehicles to come down in if needed, though they say most logical will be electric golf carts. End result is yes they could have had 3 lanes each direction if they accepted the original plan for only emergency exits on one side of the tunnel and 10 foot wide lanes.
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    Glad that you're liking it so much. I had the Encore in to get state inspection and I took an Envision Essence 2.0T out for a spin. Didn't care for it so much. I like the Terrain better.
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    A few updates on the van. We have had it almost 18 months and it is about to roll 24k miles. We still love the thing. Last spring we drove it from metro Detroit to Orlando, Fl and back with a 2 night stop in Atlanta on the way down and 2 nights in Pigeon Forge, TN on the way back. Even with Atlanta, Orlando and Pigeon Forge traffic I think we still averaged around 26.5 mpg for the trip IIRC. Unfortunately the stop/start battery died in the mountains of Tennessee on the way back. This was right at the 12 month mark of ownership. The funny part is the dealership tried to tell me that the reason the battery died is because we don't drive it enough. I asked him how 18k miles in 12 months isn't enough? Obviously he had no reply. The most recent trip was metro Detroit to St. Louis. Great city to vacation in with kids! Tons of stuff to do there. It was around an 1100 mile trip. First tank was calculated as 26.7 mpg - 80 mph and 3 adults and 2 kids in the car. The second tank was 24.7 mpg calculated with 4 days of short, local trips around St. Louis included. Not too bad. The only other issue we have had with the van is the battery covers breaking on both wireless headphones. This is a known issue that unfortunately is not covered by Chrysler's B2B warranty but is covered directly through Delphi (now Aptiv). They were on back order for like 6 weeks but we did eventually receive a set of new replacements in the mail. It is also starting to make a groaning noise from the front end when you first start moving. That is the only time you hear it. I'm guessing something simply needs lubricated and I will have it checked out next time it is at the dealership. Last thing for you Pacifica owners: be careful what windshield washer solvent you put in it. At the very least, run it through a filtered funnel when putting it in. I got a bad gallon of the green Rain-X type (don't think it was Rain-X brand) and it clogged the filter and burned up the pump. My wallet was $300 lighter after that one. I don't know if the stuff was bad or it went bad because I left it in the garage over the winter and it isn't rated to a very low temperature. It was like it separated and left cloudy slime in there I didn't notice until it was too late. Dealership said stick the the standard low temp blue stuff.
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    Chevy sells more 2-3X more Corvettes with a manual transmission than Mercedes sells AMG GTs in a year. Maybe they should get rid of the AMG GT because they sell so few.
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    Read above numbers. The last two entire model years they sold 22% Corvettes with manual transmissions. I'll let you look up 2017. If they sold 20% with manual transmissions, that's roughly 3000-6000 per year for the last ten years.
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    Feel better now that you’ve gone on your tangent? My point was it doesn’t matter if you feel like you’ve seen one truck more than another. There are 330,000,000+ people in this country and you live in a county of just over 4 million. See the problem with your “logic” yet. You also have to be a diehard GM fan nut to believe that the RAM interior is somehow inferior to the GM twins. You also might be drunk. That’s the problem with the “opinions” of a few over the “opinions” of the many. Guess which category you fall under in regards to the RAM interior “opinion”? Oh and so what if they are selling the previous gen along side the new gen.? Guess it wasn’t a problem when GM did it. I could care less who outsells who but let’s keep it grounded in reality before you make up another excuse. Those kind of excuses are only reserved for Mercedes fans.
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    You must different Phoenix, Arizona (parallel universe maybe?) because I've lived here for years and have seen plenty of the new RAMs and they are worlds better than what GM is offering right now (can't even begin to compare the interiors of the two). I will say this. If it weren't for Jeep and RAM, FCA would already be dead in this country.
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    That's pretty much all Ram is building of the new Ram is the top trim so that's probably what you'd notice. I haven't seen any mid level new Ram's comparable to a Silverado LT or Sierra SLE. The Ram is definitely cheaper once they throw the cash on the hood, Ford does the same thing. GM hasn't had nearly as much for rebates with the new GM twins, one of the reasons GM is bringing in great revenue and had a great Q3 as a whole.
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