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  1. Had to get something to replace the Malibu lease end
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  2. Fun trip. I've been to Oshawa before when they were building the Camaro.
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  3. Too much comedy involved in being the guy who buys a 2.7t Silverado. However, it could be a Goldilocks situation in the midsizers. Colorado/Canyon buyers have proven they accept a DOHC V6 (a hurdle in the beginning for me and a lot of the internet), so a turbo 4 would less likely be seen as a joke than it is in the big trucks. I still wish GM would treat their light duty diesels as utilitarian and economical by offering them in all cab and trim configurations, more like Ram does. Instead, you are forced to pay bigger bucks in the Colorado for a crew cab, or a ZR2 extended cab, t
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  4. So a young coworker who is a bright red recent GLI driver the other day, saw my wagon and couldn't stop raving. He thought it was so Euro cool. I can't tell you how many people thing the car is sleek looking. I told him i wanted a red one like his red GLI but the dealer wouldn't cut me a deal on it. He likes my smoked pearl one just fine. THen i asked him if his Jetta was a stick or an auto. He said he has a dual clutch auto and he hates it. He said never again on the dual clutch. Mine is an Essence with package 1 and 2, Bose/NAv and moonroof. All the big package options you can g
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  5. Chevy has build and price on the 2020 Blazer now. So, for 2020 you can actually get the moonroof and nice 20" wheels on the LT trim (3 LT). In 2019 you couldn't get the moonroof unless you stepped up to the RS trim. So at least you can save some dough that way. Also, the 2.0 AWD LT is also a nice option. It helps keep the price for a cloth LT under say, 38 grand sticker. Still there are tons of unsold 2019 Blazers out there. GM will really have to put the cash on the hood to get those into circulation. Just more proof they pad the MSRP's like crazy. They pad the MSRP and hang on to the
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  6. Some of the 18’s are going for more than 10 grand off sticker, but I was fortunate to find this 19 at about 10k off, so about 31,600. Plus my GM card dollars !. The demo discount helped. But here is the caveat. You basically will find almost none with adaptive cruise, or with all the packages in one car. There is a preferred 18 with blind spot package, moonroof, and Bose that they have almost 14 grand off list right now which is the one I should have bought, it’s at 24,600 right now. But that doesn’t have dual zone climate or heated seats or an armrest in the back seat. Maybe if they put hea
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  7. I have a pretty good feeling the C-class is going to be better than CT4 or CT5 based on Cadillac not having build a sedan better than the Germans in the past 40 years. I'm not sure they all of a sudden found the secret sauce to build a world beater. They are killing the CTS and probably the CT6, unless they import CT6's from China next year, and the CT5 is priced below a C-class because Cadillac knew they had to cut prices. Which I think is the best strategy for them. Cadillac should be targeting Acura, Infiniti, Genesis, Lincoln, etc, not the Germans. An Escalade Platinum wi
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