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    Back from a week of PTO at https://www.fairmonthotsprings.com/ Love this place, so relaxing, made a day trip to Banf and Lake Louise in the Banf National Park. One day drive to Fairmont and an hour longer as we had a friend and took the Canadian trans highway back for another day drive. So 4 days of soaking and relaxing, Banf / Lake Louise on Monday due to weather, heavy snow the rest of the week. While the map says a bit over 1400 miles, total miles I drove showing our friend the area was close to 2000 for the week. Have to say the Escalade just purred along and is such a comfy road trip auto.
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    Mercedes already covered the coupe van market more than a decade ago. Couldn’t even get the van doors right though.
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    Per the phone call from my dealer's service guy, apparently my wife's '16 Malibu is under a recall to replace the.... engine pistons. Gotta say, tho the dealer has an excellent service department, taking a motor completely apart to that level makes me nervous (tho they said they've done some of these rebuilds already). Of course, the GM strike has currently put a halt on parts availability.
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    It was AWESOME, check out my Random post about it here: Everyone should take a break and go soak in natural mineral hot springs.
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    I wonder if it's related to this story on a law firm website..2016-17 Cruze and Malibu w/ the 1.5 https://www.valerolaw.com/news/2018/10/18/2017-chevrolet-cruze-piston-problems
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    Nice! Oh you have an extra lumbar vertebrae? No wonder you're so tall!
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    Nope, first time in 13 months I did not go to the gym and just relaxed, drank wine, ate chocolate, had good food and veg'd. Over all I feel like a million bucks, my joints do not hurt, no stiffness or discomfort since my L1 to L6 are pretty much bone on bone. Strong core, but those mineral hot springs really make the body feel good.
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    How does that have anything to do with what I stated above? I didn't state both the Camaro and GT don't look pretty sweet having a lower chop top. My point was other manufacturers do it and make it work. Did it shrink you some so you can fit in a Corvette now?
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    Any reason given as to why the pistons have to be replaced? At least the rings will be tight.
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    The GT isn't designed to be used as a daily driver in any way.
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    I used to go to mineral hot springs in Colorado. They were fun. I spent my weekend in Ann Arbor, Mi. Hadn’t been back to my old grad school campus and town in 20 years. Lots of new buildings around the U of M campus...beautiful place. Had a lot of fun. I did see some 6th gen Camaros in SE Michigan, but they were outnumbered by Mustangs and Challengers.
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    CLS roofline is too low like the VW CC was, just awkward looking.
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    Gotta say that this train ride is beautiful as they state in the story. The Train from Oslo to Bergen: Europe’s Most Beautiful Rail Journey http://flip.it/s2bXZq
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    +/-250 mi. will not be acceptable for this luxury price range. If GM can get 260 mi. out of the Chevy Bolt now for $38k-$42k and Tesla is getting 345-370 mi. out of the new Model S for $80k-$100k then Porsche better step it up.
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    The new Ford GT has much worse bunker/chop top windows and no head room. I'm sure most coupes have bunker windows for you Mr. Giant lol. At least GM fixed the front end for 2020, the 2019 MY is pretty bad especially the black center crash bar then mounting the bow tie on it making it too low. It was an easy fix to just paint the center crash bar the body color and move the bow tie to upper grille. They should take $3k out of the designers pay and $3k per sale out of the upper mgmt. pay that approved the 2019 Welcome back from the far North! How was it eh?
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    A coupe has 2 doors. What these car being called 4-door coupes are really are 4-door fastbacks.
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    It's a type of locomotive called the Shay. There are other geared designs called Heisler, and Climax, both different in engine configuration. Shay - Inline 3 cylinder. Heisler - V2 Climax - Parallel 2-cylinder There is one railroad left that still operates all three types, the Cass Scenic in West Virginia. If you love the sound of steam like I do, put your headphones on for this one. This place is on my bucket list.
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    Caramel Apple Coffee Cake. Scratch-made.
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    Saw a new Supra in red this weekend....had a long weekend getaway to Ann Arbor, Mi and spent time wandering the U of Michigan campus, the town and the area...seeing what has changed in the 20+ years since I lived there. Lots of nostalgia..and sunny but cool fall weather. Saw an eclectic mix of vehicles on Hwy 23 in Michigan south of Ann Arbor--going northbound in about 5 min I saw a white Lexus LF-A, a yellow Lexus LC, and a new Supra in bright red. On the Ohio Turnpike saw a car hauler with 4 new green Buillitt Mustangs and other new Mustang GTs incl. a red convertible. Saw a dark green w/ white bumpers and grille '57 Ford F100 style side in good shape on another car hauler. Closer to home, I saw a clean dark gray '85-86 Olds 98 4dr parked w/ 'FOR SALE' and 'DIESEL' signs..
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    Model year changeover. Plus a strike. Maybe they feel their 19’s don’t need to go any lower because they are enough savings vs a same 2020. And then maybe they figure they need to preserve inventory. I dunno GM does silly things. Smoked pearl is a grey green and wth they discontinued it for 2020. Problems with the mix of the paint I guess. The sportback actually is just as useful as the wagon but call me lazy. I wanted a power hatch and really the sportback should have an optional power hatch for such a big lid. The sportback load floor is lower so the usable space is actually really close This would be hot with the extra spoiler and the nicer wheels than the US GS version. And, if they put the 2.7t in it or the 3.0t v6? Then we’d have a serious sleeper To date, my biggest regret on the car so far is the overbolstered, narrow, kind of hard seats. The support is nice but it’s hard rolling in and out of them for ingress and egress. With the car being so low and all. . And the boosters are just too close together.
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    This is my cat Calvin. I took out my phone to get a new picture of him to show my little niece, and he got real excited about my phone and grabbed it. Now my cat has a selfie. He also once stood up and gave me an unsolicited, completely deliberate slap-five for ripping on my girlfriend. She has been jealous of that moment ever since.
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