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    I like the Tour X in this dark red.
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    I just drove a 797 horsepower Challenger.... it's still in production.
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    They do make the claim themselves though. https://www.mercedes-benz.ca/en/vehicles/class/cls/coupe "When the first CLS debuted, its "four-door coupe" shape sparked a sleek new era in car design."
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    You have no hope of fitting in it anyway.
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    And again with Mercedes taking the credit for something they didn't create.
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    Neat..I have the Revell FE3-X 1/25th scale model kit in my stash.
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    I don't mind the cladding, would look better without it, IMO. The odd thing about the Buick cladding is the pointless tab at the top center (some other makers do that also). It's very color dependent also...on a dark colored vehicle it's not so noticeable. (My black Jeep GC has black cladding around the arches and on the sills and is unnoticeable...black cladding on a light colored vehicle would stand out more).
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    But then they would have to call it a station wagon and sell 1000 instead of 5000 a year.
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    Yeah, it looks better w/o the obligatory crossover cladding..
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    I like that color A LOT! If they could reduce the cladding around the wheel wells it would look so much better.
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    Quite a bit! I thought the word egress might connect with you. Lol what is the occupant load. I don’t mind the high console actually but the getting in and out of the car requires gymnastics to do gracefully as I get older Love this car! But i should have gotten a crossover
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    What?????? No EXCITEMENT at 500 plus horse power in Hybrid form? Some people say that is the ultimate power train.
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    Yes, I think that's the plan. The XC60 will be next, and then the XC90 is due for a big refresh.
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    They apparently already make 48 amp 240 volt chargers and they have to be hardwired, they can't be a dryer outlet. https://amzn.to/2BqFn9b
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    @regfootball will hate this because it has ear slicers on it.
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    Brand and marketing make the difference acceptable there, imo. One is a premium/luxury brand making commercials in cities and suburbs and the other markets to being capable anywhere you want to go.
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    I have no problem with it- so many of the same segment/niche have cladding also. For some reason- only Buick seems to get banged for it. [audi allroad]
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    Rings are tight now (40K). Will look into this further; Robert's link says dealers are doing 'software' repairs. - - - - - Presented without comment (other that this <)
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    Mercedes already covered the coupe van market more than a decade ago. Couldn’t even get the van doors right though.
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    Just read that GM and UAW have reached a tentative agreement today. Let's hope it holds!
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    Right?! I grew up in the Willamette Valley in Oregon wine country with all the extremely tall Western Hemlock and Douglas fir tree forests all around
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    I get the term was coined with the introduction of the CLS but the four door coupe started in the 90's and it started in the U.S. Aside from that fact, the whole sedan market has been homogenized for about 50 years now, give or take.
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