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    Closed on the sale of my last rental property today. I'm officially no longer a landlord after 15 years of doing it. I'll get back in the business some day... but I need a rest and reset for now. The nice fat check in my bank account sure helps the cause.
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    @Drew Dowdell So when we are going to see pictures of your new motorcycle?
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    There was a distinction between "muscle cars" and "pony cars" during a span of years when performance was considered desirable to the buying public, especially males before the advent of the man bun. And Starbucks OMG. Mustang (actually Barracuda but that is splitting hairs I guess) spawned the "pony car" genre, of course it's how the genre got its name. Camaro, Firebird, Javelin, Challenger all fit. They were compact 4 seaters emphasizing style and handling just a tad more than brute stremf. "Muscle cars" were intermediates with giant cubes, with less of an emphasis on handling. Chevelle SS, 4-4-2, Charger, Roadrunner, Machine, etc., and of course the GTO, of which the Can Am was the last descendant, so I can see the Can Am being defined that way, although where does that leave the G-body Monte Carlo SS, Olds 4-4-2/Hurst, and Regal Grand National? The new Challenger, imo, straddles the line between "pony car" and "muscle car" because of its size, heft, and practicality in comparison to the current Camaro and Mustang. Also, Challenger de-emphasizes handling in favor of glorious, masculine power. Sry for the long story, trying to keep myself limber.
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    Listen everybody, its like I’ve been saying for a few years; we’re in the 98th percentile of auto design progression. It’s not that brand are stealing from each other, its that its all been done and there’s just about no where left to go.
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    In other news. I'm going to start getting test vehicles again. My first one is a Mazda CX-5 followed by a Hyundai Palisade. I have a huge stack of "Quick Drives" to write from the last few weeks of events.
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    yeah, I'm not buying a brand new bike for my first bike in 20 years. I'll let someone else eat the depreciation. That said.... this is pretty much right on the money.
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    Even a dryer outlet would give you something like 22 miles in an hour. Overnight that would fully charge your vehicle.
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    That's because everyone has the same goal: fuel economy in spite of EVERYTHING ELSE. Nothing is about STYLE or GRACE anymore. There is one way to design a lozenge if it is to function as a lozenge.
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    there's even some Pontiac EXCITEMENT! in some of these lines! I am seeing Grand Am resurrection here! This also looks good to someone who might be driving a Civic Hatchback SPORT + TOURING! Did BMW steal some GM designers?
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    and it will cut off your ear, too! the side greenhouse glass, c pillar window shape / kink reminds me some of my Malibu.....
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    I thought I heard you say "fat chick", I was like GET HER OUT OF THERE!
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    As part of General Motors' tentative agreement with the United Auto Workers, there is a planned $3 billion investment into the Detroit-Hamtramck plant to make electric trucks, SUVs, and vans. The program, called BT1 is part of a larger $7.7 billion investment in GM's plants over the next four years. The BT1 program includes an electric truck for GMC and an electric SUV for Cadillac for the 2023 model year. But before that happens, in 2021 a low volume BT1 pickup will start production under a different brand while a performance truck follows in 2022, and then an electric SUV in 2023. Rumor has it that these low volume BT1 vehicles could be sold under the Hummer brand, not used since 2010, but that decision has not been finalized. If GM did bring the Hummer brand back as an EV brand, it would have instant name brand recognition and a leg up on rival startup Rivian who has a truck due out in 2020. GM would not need to spend as much money to market the brand. The vehicles on the new BT1 platform would use a "skateboard" architecture that bundles the batteries and electric motor together. The architecture is highly flexible allowing GM to build vehicles in front, rear, or all-wheel drive configurations.
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    That C pillar also looks like a VW Arteon! Almost EXACTLY!
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    Best time to get a great price though... Dealerships are slow all winter.
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    In the spring. No sense buying one now just to have to stuff it in the garage for 6 months.
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    Isn't BMW's M3/4 an inline 6 again? Just went to their site and yes, it is an I6 again. I'm not a huge fan of any 6 cylinder noise but it is worlds better than any I4. I6 isn't terrible but it is no V8.
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    This morning, I was rewarded with a nice sighting to the left of me in the fast lane on the freeway. It was an all black Chevy SS sedan. I don't like black vehicles owing to their visibility at night but it looked sharp on this car. For one, I realized how nice the rear light fascia is when this sport sedan is in motion. Wouldn't it be a drag if you won a contest and the prize was a brand new Chevy SS ... and then the prize arrives, but the steering wheel is on the "wrong" side?
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    Well, a 2dr with a fixed b-pillar and fixed window frames on the doors technically is a 2dr sedan. Like the Fox Mustang 2dr notchback, it could have been described as a sedan...and in olden days, 2dr sedans were everywhere...
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    Even if that becomes true on paper... it will never happen at the same time. And V8 noise is nirvana to a car enthusiast. Anything less is just... less.
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    All I can see is a Ford Focus greenhouse, and the continued dumbing down of a once razor-sharp brand focus... into the uber-bland. That giant toomuh on the trunk lid squishing down the taillights is just plain ugly.
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    This will be interesting and a gamble if they go this route. I don’t know if people want to pay $90k for a turbo 4 hybrid. I think if they use the inline 6 with electric boost for over 500 hp then no one would complain because it is sill 6 cylinders and smoother. Could pay off if the C63 is a 500 hp car getting 30 mpg.
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    I just drove a 797 horsepower Challenger.... it's still in production.
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    Hummer as an EV brand is a nice rebrand for a brand that trolled and angered environmentalists for almost 15 years. Will GM be smart enough to make Electra the car/CUV EV brand?!
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