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    Standing in a parking lot rightnow: see an MB, honda, nissan, toyoter, GMC... they ALL have black plastic wheelwell trim (“cladding”). Except its just trim; cladding is applied OVER the vehicle’s panels, like subaru does. Or the old Grand Ams, or the feature’s ‘trendsetter’: Mercedes.
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    “Not a holder on”? Is that why they hung on to that V12 for so long (something you were singing praises over not too long ago)?
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    Well, won't be able to plug it in my bedroom then....
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    @balthazarThe funeral Cadillac, last picture with the picture on top is a very traditional Asian culture thing. There spirit gets a final ride to their resting place by doing this. Kinda weird but old folks and superstition.
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    • '67 Cutlass sedan, factory A/C, given for free to my buddy. • Circa '71 Cadillac in Midas. • This gen Ramcharger used to be all over. • Flower car had a huge portrait of the deceased on the roof. Never saw that before.
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    Dark red, or that dark red, does work well on this vehicle. With a little maneuvering of the pencil here and there, that could make for a fine looking Buick sport sedan. But that won't be happening.
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    The Outback probably has about 1000% more cladding when measured by depth (yeah some owners probably use a little more as a softroader than TourX owners). I can live with the TourX cladding.
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    I don't mind the cladding, would look better without it, IMO. The odd thing about the Buick cladding is the pointless tab at the top center (some other makers do that also). It's very color dependent also...on a dark colored vehicle it's not so noticeable. (My black Jeep GC has black cladding around the arches and on the sills and is unnoticeable...black cladding on a light colored vehicle would stand out more).
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    Some look better than others with it. None look great with it but some it fits a little better than others. But, I think it looks terrible on the Allroad as well. It isn't the cladding itself that I don't like it is how thick and tall it is(Tour X and Allroad). I think this is an appropriate amount for a luxury or premium branded vehicle.
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    But then they would have to call it a station wagon and sell 1000 instead of 5000 a year.
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    Yeah, it looks better w/o the obligatory crossover cladding..
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    I like that color A LOT! If they could reduce the cladding around the wheel wells it would look so much better.
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    I like the Tour X in this dark red.
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