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    Yeah. 1 liter. 3 cylinders. Barrel of monkeys. Smells like jolly good fun... I would like to say though, that I had a girlfriend back in the day who owned a Pontiac Firefly Turbo. That too, was a turbo 1 liter 3 cylinder engine and it was a hoot to drive. So...
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    The contract should state at the bottom: *Thank you big brother GM for all the tedious contract negotiation work and taking one (or $2Bil) for the team.
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    I took this out on the battlefield of Black Friday shopping. It has a surprisingly tight turning radius for such a big vehicle which makes it easy to park. The automatic cruise control and lane centering make highway driving a breeze, I just set the cruise to 65 mph and the Palisade tracked whatever the car in front of me was doing. I only needed to use the brakes on the final pull into the mall parking lot. Getting up and into the Palisade is a bit of a jump. It could use running boards. Lowering the third row happens electronically at the touch of a button and the seat lay flat. The digital dash is awesome, and I find myself using the turn signal even more than I normally would just to get a view of what is beside me. And yes, I do think the light pipes both back and front riff on the Cadillac vertical light scheme. I wasn't saying that tongue in cheek. The interior riff somewhat off of Benz with the wide dual displays. The Koreans are trying to develop their own styling, but some of it still is a homage to other brands.
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    Palisade I think. Palisade has a smoother ride, just as much power, and a better finished interior... plus a lot more tech for the price. I'm quickly used to the gear selector in the Palisade. I find it especially easier when doing a 5 point turn like I need to when getting the thing out of my driveway. The only reason to go to the Enclave over this is raw cubic feet. If you need the extra space, the GM twins or the Pilot are there. But as a luxury vehicle, this out-Enclaves the Enclave.
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    SOOOO agreed. Moral of the story, do every detail right, market it, show it, let people experience it, and keep the price point to a "wow, really?" point that keeps the demand up. Palisade and Telluride right now continue to get converts from "higher" brands right now, and with demand, after a test drive, many continue to pay MSRP without blinking. Not "wait, an Enclave is $63k? Huh?" If only other brands could keep that picture going... These are good. I like parts of both. The polish of the Palisade more, but the look, the less bubble gone bubble on a bubble front end, and actual gear shifter of the Telluride. BUT, like the option packaging of the Palisade more.
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    This vehicle has all the features that people want at a lower price. I don’t know what product planners at other makes are thinking, they’re pretty myopic just catering to their existing customer bases. This thing is out there for sure but it has the essence of premium ness that even Buick or some previous Lincolns like the MKT struggle to offer...at the right price. And then Denali is just a chrome package so how can this thing’s lopsided front be any worse?
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    Or a BP station. Their gasoline nozzles are green. As seen on the FB...
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    It's still November ... as in "when the gales of November came early" Fairly haunting and sort of incredible that Lake Superior is akin to the North Atlantic of the Great Lakes.
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    As I finished work today. In my parking lot, there was a new Silverado. All black. Black and blacked-out everything. I must say...it was like that train wreck that @ocnblu couldnt take his eyes off...I was looking at it for the longest time. I do not know if it was a Z51 off road package like the pic above, but it was a 4 door, it had a high ground clearance. I was pondering why is it that I dont like pick-up trucks. This is why I didnt notice if the Silverado in question was a Z51 because when it comes to pick-up trucks, I simply dont care. I tune out. Unless its a muscle truck... 454 SS, Syclone and Typhoon, Lightning, Raptor, Ram SRT10, Lil Red Express, etc So...I was thinking, why dont I like pick-up trucks? Big. BOF. V8. RWD. I mean, I LOVE big American "land yachts". Big cruising machines. Especially in convertible form. ESPECIALLY if muscle car. Impala SS, Galaxie 500 XL. Bonnevilles, Grand Prixs, Super88s, El Dorados, Coupe DeVilles, Chrysler 300s, New Yorkers, Imperials, Continentals... The list goes on and on. I mean, the similarities in today's pick-up trucks as compared to the fabulous American cars of yore are striking. The great American car did evolve into what we have as pick-up trucks today. So, why didnt I evolve as well? Just a thought that I had today...maybe I start changing my attitude towards fullsized pick-up trucks and SUVs...
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    I use Spotify and Tidal, around 25gb downloaded within those apps locally to the phone, it does use the local copy if present and stream otherwise. Unfortunately audio quality over an FM modulator is not very good. Auxiliary in jack would be much preferred.
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    And there you have it...precisely. Great real review. While everyone here continues to talk in circles about "stolen styling cues", they miss the point...these utes out-Enclave the Enclave. One of many examples. Credit where its due. Such a competitive 7 seater market. All the better for every buyer, as long as they keep brand blinders off, and just try everything. "I'm better...no you're not...yes I am" segment worth test driving all. Question...I've forgotten from my travels, and rentals. Does Hyundai/Kia side blind spot alert actually beep? On, and you signal, beep that is. Still baffling why that's so different brand to brand.
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    1. They only work "okay", sound quality isn't the greatest.... and you have to find a blank station in your area so you can transmit at that frequency. You're not going to be able to override your local NPR broadcast for example. 2. Depends entirely on the app you are using to play music. If you are playing music that is stored on your phone, no data usage. If you are using Pandora or Spotify, you'll have data usage. 3. The FM transmitter devices will not control your phone playlist. All they do is transmit the music. Unfortunately, you'll have to control all the music playback from your phone's app.
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    Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday.
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    I think this and the Telluride are so darn close that it really comes down to aesthetics and how much you like the interior of one over the other. The interiors of both are very well done and show a lot of thoughtful small features. The V6 in this never feels out of breath and the 8-speed is more than happy to downshift as much as needed to give you the power you want. Would a Turbo V6 be faster? Sure, but I don't think anyone would really need it unless they were towing with it regularly. Should they make a bigger one? Yes, but they've probably reached the limits of size on this unibody platform. They'd probably have to move to BOF. The Genesis version will be RWD rather than the FWD this is. Totally different platform. Could they get away with a Genesis version of this? Probably.
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    Been staring at this for like fifteen minutes. I can't look away!
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    Had a great T-day, hope everyone else did. My family is not big on Turkey, so I did my Butter roasted Chickens and candied Ham. Hope everyone is have a great holiday weekend.
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    I am not a big fan of Korean twins looks. However, i have seen XT6 closely recently and it looks boring and pedestrian as hell. I think Koreans have more character than the newest Caddilac. It is a shame really.
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    Relaxing on the sofa w/ the furs after a delicious meal at Table 45...food coma. Our Uber downtown was a black w/ black interior Suburban and the return was a black w/ black interior Yukon Denali... love those big GM boats.
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    Yeah, a lot of ppl do not like the rubberband feel of a trad CVT, so makers are introducing artificial "shifts" into the programming to make them feel a little better.
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    There is no tesla roadster, Musk shot it into space, remember?
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    The tri-motor Cybertruck would win a tug of war against a Super Duty F350, probably with ease due to the electric motors. In fact, I bet the Tesla Roadster would win a tug of war with an F350.
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    Yep, 1.5T Malibu is a CVT. Drove a 2020 not long ago with National. The CVT although I dont trust them wasn't bad, could hardly tell it wasn't actually shifting, they do a nice job with the shift algorithms to make "shift" smoothly but you can still feel it seemingly shift. Drove a Jeep Patriot rental with a CVT and 4 banger years ago that was Horrible slipping and slamming as you went. Still would go with 2.0T and 9 speed in Mali. if I was in the market. 1.3T 9 spd AWD in this TB.
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    A 3 banger is a ridiculously weak offering the 1.5L I4 would have been sufficient with similar mpg's.
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    31 mpg highway? That seems like super weak sauce.
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    That very last sentence there is key. Were too derivative of other makes for years? Yes. Are they much less of that now? Also yes. Regarding the display, yes it is similar to Benz but if they would have done like everyone and slapped on a gigantic iPad in the center, they would been copying dozens. You can’t win either way. These days they are no more guilty of copying someone than any other make.
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    Thanks for clearing that up Drew, it's very obvious to most on here what the Koreans are doing. Palisade, Telluride, G90 (current and upcoming) etc...
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