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    Well, I did my part! dont Fret! Lots of great deals on used Regals for the next few years. In a couple years maybe a sportback for the daughter and then maybe I’ll find me a 2019 GS as a spare. That and a used CT6. Face it peeps. The era of any interesting cars is coming to an end between the Mary Barras caving to the feds and other regs. And the electric push will siphon all development funds from sporty vehicles. Encore GX’s will be considered mid sized sports cars in 5-10 years. I do understand and appreciate crossovers and my next ride eventually may be another minivan or some type of crossover
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    'performance package' and 1.3L seems like an oxymoron...
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    Not surprising given current trends but still disappointing. The Tour X looks better than every CUV they sell IMO. Should at least keep that but I know that won’t happen either because Americans hate that naughty little word “wagon”.
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    Some randomness on a cold evening...some vintage big Chevys I like...
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    The fact that they chose the Olds 307 (5.0) V8 to power some of the latest and biggest Cadillac Fleetwood Broughams speaks to how good the engine is. When I would drive my parents' cars with 5.7 liter and 4.3 liter Olds V8s over those concrete bridges in California with all the balustrades, I would lower the passenger window to hear the beautiful sound those engines made echo back at me, providing it was a rural road and there wasn't much/any traffic. @oldshurst442 I once saw a '91 or '92 Toro in a small town on the coast and it was the base model in that color called Light Driftwood Metallic (or something like that) and it had the vaned alloy wheels to sporty it up some. Maybe it had a trestle shifter, too, if I recall, but couldn't look since it was moving. Granted, it was V6 equipped by then but, of the final set of personal luxury coupes by GM, that one would have worked for me.
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    Not entirely true. Maybe a 1 point 3 liter turbo tri cylinder could be called a performance package. But in my honest and most humble opinion, I think these here 4 horsepers are more unbridled and hence....more performance oriented... I think this new CUV is missing quite a few things... I was a teenager in the malaise era 1980s, and it seems like we are already witnessing mid to late 1970s and 1980s performance garbage again... But hey!!! We got wireless charging cup holders now! YIPPE THE FREAKING HEE!!! *SIGH*
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    Always liked the styling of the E-bodies of that era, particularly the sharp-edged Eldos. I wouldn't mind having an Eldo Biarritz convertible in S. Florida as a winter cruiser.
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    • I had my info wrong and the gas 368 came out in '80. • I've read more than one account of owner's pulled the solenoids and having it run fine for years. THM350 is non-electronic; it should have zero issues. In '82 it went to the THM325 4-spd, that I could see maybe having some effect, but haven't read anything there either way. • Were I spending discretionary cash here, I'd probably swap out the power train for something with more scoot. Maybe a built 368 / 4-spd OD with a better rear than 2.19:1. Would also be sorely tempted to go with a ETC here.
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    One of the best. Less road noise and better ride than the Pilot. Nicer interior than Enclave or Traverse. Bigger and more up to date than the Durango. Highlander is new and I haven't driven the new one yet. The one downside I've found to this one is fuel economy. In my mostly suburban driving I'm getting in the high teens and I'm pretty gentle on the throttle. It doesn't have the trick cylinder shutoff that the GM twins and Pilot have.
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    Eldorados of this gen were super sharp designs. They may have approached the masterpiece of the 67-70 in purity morseo than any other post-70 Eldorado.
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    Had a friend over and put the tree up. Happy holidays everyone.
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    The Toyota Corolla for the past couple of decades has been the poster child of the vehicle that just existed. All it was built to do was go from point a to b without any sort of enthusiasm. But Toyota is wanting to change that with the redesign of Corolla, starting with the new Corolla Hatchback. Has it worked? The Corolla Hatchback falls in line with recent Toyota models with a shouty design. A sloping front end features massive lower grille, slim daytime running lights, and headlights that looked to be chiseled in. My SE tester lacked the 18-inch alloy wheels and a huge rear wing that is standard on the XSE. But the smaller wheels and wing provide a much cleaner look. The interior looks more expressive with a layered dashboard design and faux stitching around both the dash and transmission. In traditional Toyota fashion, controls for the various functions are within easy reach. An eight-inch screen mounted high on the dash is standard on Corolla Hatchbacks and comes with the latest version of Entune. As I have noted in other 2019 Toyotas, the updated Entune is noticeably quicker when switching between various functions. Also appreciated is the integration with Apple CarPlay which gives a driver another choice for infotainment. Those with Android phones will need to get their hands on the 2020 model. What I do wish is that Toyota had made the interface slightly more modern and added other colors that weren’t 50 shades of grey. If you find yourself riding in the Corolla Hatchback, be sure to nab the front seat. Those sitting in the back will find space for their legs to be quite small. This isn’t helped with the narrow rear door openings. At least no one will have any complaints with the headroom as the hatchback has plenty of it. It gets even worse when you open up the rear tailgate and you’re presented with a minuscule 17.8 cubic feet of space behind the rear seats. The new Mazda3 offers more space at 20.1. Power comes from a new 2.0L four-cylinder producing 168 horsepower and 151 pounds-feet of torque, a noticeable increase from the outgoing Corolla iM - 137 HP and 126 lb-ft. This has moved overall performance impressions from poor to adequate as the hatchback is noticeably quicker around town. Country and highway driving are still a weak point as you’ll need to jam the gas to get any real movement from the engine. I would like to see either Toyota introduce a small turbo engine or figure out how to have torque readily available at a lower rpm. My test vehicle was fitted with an optional CVT; a six-speed manual is standard. This CVT is different from others as Toyota fitted a fixed first gear ratio that it uses when leaving a stop. This reduces the rubber-band-type delay when accelerating and makes it feel more like a conventional automatic. EPA fuel economy figures for the Corolla Hatchback with the CVT are 32 City/42 Highway/36 Combined. My average for the week landed around 36.1 mpg. One area that the Corolla Hatchback’s predecessor impressed me was the handling. It felt planted and had surprising reflexes when going through a bend, but the rubbery steering did let it down. The Corolla Hatchback carries this torch as it feels even sharper with less body roll and a nimble feel. Steering is improved as well with a more natural feel when turning. I’ll still put the last-generation Mazda3 and Volkswagen Golf as the best-handling models in the class, but Corolla Hatchback isn’t too far behind. Despite its sporting intentions, the Corolla Hatchback coped very well on Detroit’s shambolic roads with most bumps and ruts being smoothed over. Part of this comes down to the SE having 16-inch wheels, allowing for more sidewall. Road noise is kept out, but there is a fair amount of wind noise that enters when driving on the freeway. Toyota pulled most of the stops out when working on the Corolla Hatchback and their efforts have paid off. It is the best looking Corolla in quite some time, offers surprising handling characteristics, and comes well equipped for the money. The SE begins at $21,090 and that includes adaptive cruise control, pre-collision system with pedestrian detection, eight-inch touchscreen, and LED lighting. Where the Corolla Hatchback loses ground is rear-seat space and cargo room which trails competitors by a significant amount. That’s the make or break decision as to whether you should or shouldn’t consider one. Nevertheless, Toyota has done the seemingly impossible: Made the Corolla interesting. Disclaimer: Toyota Provided the Corolla Hatchback, Insurance, and One Tank of Gas Year: 2019 Make: Toyota Model: Corolla Hatchback Trim: SE Engine: 2.0L DOHC 16-Valve D4S Four-Cylinder Driveline: Front-Wheel Drive, CVT Horsepower @ RPM: 168 @ 6,600 Torque @ RPM: 151 @ 4,800 Fuel Economy: City/Highway/Combined - 32/42/36 Curb Weight: 3,060 lbs Location of Manufacture: Toyota, Aichi, Japan Base Price: $21,090 As Tested Price: $23,639.00 (Includes $920.00 Destination Charge) Options: SE Preferred Package - $1,400.00 Carpet Mat Package - $229.00 View full article
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    I watched this Jay Leno Garage video about a couple of weeks ago when it was released. This thread was created nearly 20 years ago. 19 years to the day almost to be exact... Id say this is cool that @dfelt just posted how he wants an Aero Monte-Carlo in this thread...
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    I actually don't mind these. For other people.
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    Now we know where dfelt's wife puts him in the Escalade when they go for a Sunday drive. Wow. Ruhlly?
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    Solid in which way? Cast iron block-heads? Are there 3 variants of V8-6-4 which start out with those different displacements? I always assumed the numbers would look "different." I could have sworn I saw some late Eldos with this body style with a rectangular badge saying 4100 toward the end, maybe 1983 and 1984. There was a Lebanese guy who had a beautiful Eldo of this vintage in tri-dark/medium blue: body color (metallic) - vinyl roof - leather seating. @Robert Hall For some reason, the burgundy leather interior in an upscale white GM convertible just worked. That combo sort of owned that era.
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    .... into a tree... The suspensions aren't up to it.
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    Sad, but there is always hope. Maybe a Grand National CUV?
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    MERCEDES-BENZ USA Sales -- November 2019 Mercedes-Benz Passenger Vehicles Nov-19 Nov-18 Monthly % YTD 2019 YTD 2018 Yearly % A-CLASS 1,544 _ _ 16,475 _ _ B-CLASS* 0 0 0.0% 9 134 -93.3% CLA 1,641 1,832 -10.4% 11,056 20,848 -47.0% C-CLASS 4,469 5,777 -22.6% 45,740 53,610 -14.7% E-CLASS/CLS 3,689 5,181 -28.8% 36,770 41,380 -11.1% S-CLASS 1,452 1,672 -13.2% 11,441 13,492 -15.2% SLC 62 149 -58.4% 1,693 1,841 -8.0% SL 100 181 -44.8% 1,550 1,968 -21.2% AMG GT 534 103 418.4% 3,763 1,389 170.9% GLA 2,461 2,411 2.1% 20,041 21,739 -7.8% GLC 7,515 6,199 21.2% 67,214 62,433 7.7% GLE 6,052 3,988 51.8% 44,193 42,276 4.5% GLS 2,893 2,761 4.8% 19,323 19,308 0.1% G-CLASS 1,309 768 70.4% 6,532 3,525 85.3% TOTAL 33,721 31,022 8.7% 285,800 283,943 0.7% Vans1 3,542 1,857 90.7% 36,650 34,062 7.6% MBUSA Combined Total Nov-19 Nov-18 Monthly % YTD 2019 YTD 2018 Yearly % GRAND TOTAL 37,263 32,879 13.3% 322,450 318,005 1.4% *Model has been discontinued in the U.S. market. 1Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner Sprinter and Metris Vans are sold and marketed in the U.S. by Mercedes-Benz USA and Daimler Vans USA, respectively. They did release them.
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    So what you're saying is... reg's daughter would rather have a 6 cylinder 1970 Mustang? Better watch she doesn't slip one past ya, Pops!
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    i LOATHE velour upholstery (and tweed). I'd rather sit on a beach towel over bare springs.
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    Another Big 80s GM biggie I've always liked since seeing them back in the day was the Electra Park Avenue...love the crisp lines of the C- bodies of that era. An Aunt had a blue one, tried to talk my Dad into test driving Buicks or Cadillacs, but he was a Lincoln Town Car man...
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    It is funny, but usually I don't like white cars, but love white Cadillacs w/ red interiors...as an impressionable teenager i loved the '86 Fleetwood Brougham in 'Color of Money'... I love this burgundy cloth interior...
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    Should have been written...nearly 10 years ago. 9 years to the day almost to be exact...
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    It's great to get new windshield wipers. Instead of waiting them to become obnoxiously noisy, I just head to the auto parts store right after Thanksgiving every year and throw on a new set, ideally after scouting a deal. I have Bosch wipers on this go round.
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    Wouldn't shock me if GM's only car post 2025 is the Corvette. I could see them killing Cadillac's sedans and most of the Chevy's too.
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    I actually kind of like it... I definitely need to see more though.
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    Oh, one other thing I forgot to mention. There will also be a PHEV version eventually, but not at launch.
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    Genesis has been having a hard time keeping the lid on the GV80 leaks lately. A day after someone leaked grainy pictures of the GV80 on Instagram, someone sent 4 pictures of the interior and exterior over to Car and Driver who published them for all the world to see. The GV80 is Genesis' first entry into the hot SUV market and enters the segment currently occupied by the Mercedes Benz GLE, the Audi Q7, BMW X5, and Lincoln Aviator. It rides on the same rear wheel drive platform as the next generation G80 sedan due out next year. The main powerplant will be a 3.3-liter turbocharged V6 which in the G80 currently makes 365 horsepower, but could go up in this application. There's also the possibility of a turbo 4-cylinder or a naturally aspirated V6 as a base engine. It's said to have driver assistance systems similar to Telsa autopilot which would be a first for Genesis. For now, most of this is rumor and speculation as we wait for the official reveal next month. The GV80 is expected to go on sale Summer of 2020.
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    Yup, up and out of the way. Lift height is programmable too.
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    I wonder how much torque the stock transmission/transaxle could handle...
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    Seems it is about six inches longer than the Trax. I'm fine with it not being performance oriented, I don't think any vehicles in this class are, the Cruze wasn't.
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    No less 'generic' than every other CUV on the market.
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    Better have more than three cylinders with that “package” lol.
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    Well the inevitable finally happened, Buick has confirmed that the Regal will not be returning to the U.S. after the 2020 model year. After that, Buick will be an all-SUV brand. The move comes as light-truck sales take 70% of the U.S. market and 90% of all Buick sales. While the Regal retreats from these shores, it will still continue to be sold in China where demand remains strong. As of the end of Q3 this year, Buick moved only 8,849 units of Regal year to date. That's down 19.6% from the year prior. Regal's demise was hinted at during the Los Angeles Auto Show where no Regals were on display. The Buick Lacrosse sedan and Buick Cascada convertible were canceled earlier this year. Starting next year, the Buick Encore GX will join the lineup, a slightly larger iteration of the Buick Encore, but on a new platform and using a new 3-cylinder engine.
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    ‘79-80 is the gas 350, and the ‘81 V8-6-4 is the 500/425/368 family, just disable the fuel shut-off solenoids- those are very solid engines. But after that; yeah (and ‘no’ to the rare diesel 350).
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    My daughter this year has music as a course. Secondary 3 high school. Grade 9 if you will for Canucks...or last year in junior high for Americans? Anyway, she picked the trumpet to learn. Next week, she has her first concert in the school band. XMAS concert. She is nervous.
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    I like this era Eldorado too.. but the engines scare me. Put my 307 in an Eldorado and I'd be there all day. I like all three and think they all did well representing their various brands, though the Riv is my least favorite of the three as I feel it looks very feminine. I always consider the Seville to be the 4th brother of this trio since it is so closely related, and count it among my favorites too.
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    Well it's not meant to be a continuation of that Trailblazer of your. Or yore. It's a small CUV this time around, and for what it is, it looks, so far, like the Chevrolet style and value that made the brand so beloved in the past. It's spunky and useful. Should be economical. 2022 Trailblazer SS will be a 1.3 twin turbo, nitrous injected, supercharged 3 cylinder with 206 hp. Drag tested to an 11.6 second quarter mile, with a terminal speed of 118 mph. HowboutDAT? Meet me outside!
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    I came across this photo. In an in-demand neighborhood near downtown Atlanta. I should mention that there were 2 of them parked there, one behind the other. Probably a 5.0 L Olds V8. Could also be had with the Buick 4.1 V6, which also found their way into a small number of Cadillacs in that era as a "credit" option. Its sibling, the Toro, was less clunky looking and easier on the eyes.
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    Nah was laughing at this continual obsession and urgent need to interject all things EV into every single comment.
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    How's the HTRAC AWD in snow, normal driving, etc? Does it front back, side to side or?
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    My local Buick dealer has a 91 Reatta with 2,787 miles on it. They wanted $32,999... after a year of not selling, they're asking $29,999. I still think they're about $20,000 too high
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