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    We’ve survived 2019 and are a year away from a new decade. Here are a few things that happened in the past year: Elon Musk was in the news a lot as he revealed the Mad Max-inspired Tesla Cybertruck to gasps, started to dig a tunnel beneath Las Vegas, opened a factory in China to build Model 3s, and was found not to have defamed a British cave explorer by calling him a "pedo guy" when he was insulted. To the dismay of short-sellers, Tesla’s stock price recently hit an all-time high. In the world of politics, the Mueller report was released with lots of anticipation but not much else. The sitting President became the fourth impeached, for abuse of power and obstruction over the Ukraine scandal, though the impeachment remains in limbo over rules of the Senate trial. The Boeing 737 Max aircraft was grounded after another crash in March, and Boeing’s CEO was ousted. The historic Notre Dame Cathedral suffered a devastating fire during renovations, and its survivability remains in doubt. Vaping is rampant among teens and resulted in several deaths. Anti-government protests in Hong Kong concerning extradition continue, as do raging wildfires in the Amazon rainforest and Australian bush. Prominent passings included designer Karl Lagerfeld, actor Luke Perry, baseball great Frank Robinson, socialite Gloria Vanderbilt, architect I.M. Pei, Chrysler savior Lee Iacocca, businessman and presidential candidate Ross Perot (who sold Electronic Data Systems to GM for $2.5 billion), retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens, and shock jock Don Imus. The big news in the automotive world was the introduction of the C8 Corvette with a mid-engine layout, long the dream of Corvette engineers. The biggest surprise was perhaps its low $60,000 base price. GM filed a federal racketeering lawsuit against Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, claiming that their negotiations, which allegedly involved bribes to former UAW leaders, resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars of increased pay and benefits. PSA Group, manufacturer of Peugeots and Citroens, and which acquired Opel and Vauxhall from GM in 2017, is working on a merger with FCA. The resultant company would retain 13 automobile brands and be the fourth largest automobile manufacturer in the world, behind VW Group, Toyota, and the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. Peugeot still has plans to return to the U.S. to satisfy the demand from the handful of people who miss their 405s, 504s, 505s, and 604s. Buick announced that they were retiring the Regal and Regal TourX after the 2020 model year, which will leave them with an all-crossover lineup. Buick said that they are just giving buyers what they want, as 90% of their sales were crossovers. In 1998, Buick’s tagline was “Isn’t it time for a real car” when they didn’t have any crossovers or SUVs in their lineup. Departing vehicles included the Audi TT, Buick Lacrosse and Cascada, Chevrolet Cruze, Fiat 500 and 500e, Ford Flex, Toyota Prius C, and Volkswagen Beetle. I was barely on the C&G boards in the last year and can’t comment much on what’s been going on in the forums, but here are some of the best and worst things in the automotive world for the 18th annual edition of Cheers and Jeers: Cheers to Chevrolet for introducing the Best New Car in the mid-engine Corvette. The styling is a little disappointing with the sedan-like cluttered rear end, but the platform will allow it to have an electrified and all-wheel drive future with fearsome performance. Cheers to Cadillac for Best Reversal by bringing back real model names, at least on the electrified models. This announcement occurred a couple of years after Lincoln also decided to bring back names. Cadillac had some decent alphanumerics with the CTS, STS, and SRX, among others, but decided to lose whatever brand equity there was to the apparently short-lived CT and XT badging created under previous Chief Johan de Nysschen. Cadillac has many storied names that deserve to come back, but they also have had some great concept names. Jeers to Cadillac for Most Pointless Badging with torque numbers in Newton-meters rounded to the closest 50. Ideally, the only thing that people should know of Cadillac power and torque is that it is ample and the numbers should be irrelevant. Cheers to Ford for Best New EV, the forthcoming Mustang Mach-E. While the naming is highly controversial, the vehicle itself has the right form and styling to be successful if Ford can deliver on this aspirational vehicle. By comparison, GM seems to be faltering a bit on the EV front, with the Bolt largely unchanged except for a small bump in range since it was introduced for the 2017 model year. The many promised new EVs have yet to show up in the U.S. In January GM President Mark Reuss said that Cadillac would take the lead in electrification efforts and that it would be the final effort to turn the brand around, which places an air of desperation around the brand. Jeers to Porsche for having the Least Efficient EV in the much ballyhooed Taycan. The EPA range for the large 93.6 kWh battery is only 201 miles. By comparison, a Tesla Model S with Ludicrous mode and a 100 kWh battery has a 345 mile range, and the non-Ludicrous model has a 370 mile range. Audi and Jaguar are also having difficulties with efficiency, and this shows how far ahead Tesla is. Cheers to Subaru for the Most Impressive Sales Record for the 93 months of consecutive year-over-year sales gains, which finally came to an end in October, but which is probably just a temporary blip amidst a strong vehicle lineup. Jeers to GM, FCA, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Subaru, Hyundai and Kia for Worst Eco Move by siding with the current federal administration in denying California from setting its own emission standards. By being able to regulate its emissions, California has been able to clean up the previously smoggy skyline, and this move would increase fuel consumption and harm air quality. Cheers to California Governor Gavin Newsom for doing what car buyers do, make a judgment on the vehicles they buy, by choosing not to purchase sedans from the aforementioned automakers. The State of California is also requiring that sedans owned by the state government to be electrified. Ford may be the largest beneficiary, at least until the Ford Fusion Hybrid and Energi go out of production in a year or two. Jeers to the Federal Communications Commission for Worst Safety Move by proposing that a portion of the 5.9 GHz spectrum that was intended for automobile safety instead be used for wifi. Their reasoning is that there has been limited progress for usage of the spectrum for Dedicated Short-Range Communications (the outgoing CTS being the first and only production vehicle to install it) for vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communications amid competing DSRC and 5G LTE technologies and the lack of a federal mandate. However, nearly 37,000 people are killed in traffic crashes every year on public roads in the U.S., and technology using the spectrum has the potential of saving thousands of lives every year. Limiting the usable spectrum may limit the safety opportunities. Hope everyone has a safe, prosperous, and Happy New Year!
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    First of all, thanks for replying and I should of specified, putting around $6k down on something. Had an Ecoboost Mustang, but as I said, daily a Ram, so while the trucks heavy, still a Hemi V8. Camaro would be ideal as a Convertible, and of course, Challenger might not be as agile as the other two muscles, but it's got the Charisma and personality the other two lack. Also forgot to say, I keep my vehicles for a long time (Mustangs a different story, needed a truck), so whatever the weekend toy is, want it to last and also be able to go on occasional road trips while having potential for good power. How was your new year's btw ykX?
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    Amazing to read that those of us with similar love of the auto industry also have similar career tracks. I went and graduated from Medical school, had a close friend die in my arms and with the help of my Grandfather went to Osaka Japan to do an internship at Minolta Corporation. Was asked to stay as long as I went back to school, so got a degree from Kobe University in International Marketing and sales and fell in Love. Was denied as I was not Japanese, came home met the woman who became my wife via an introduction from my parents. Yes arranged marriage for this white guy to a Korean who has two amazing kids. Alex my son was 4 and Amy my daughter was 8. We are now 28 years and a few days later of marriage as we got married on Dec 24th. Had my own business that went strong till the state changed the laws about CNG and sold it to a bigger company that could deal with the politics. Been part of multiple startups in the tech industry that have failed and been sold to bigger companies. Been at Dell Tech now for 9 years but via mergers as I went to Isilon Storage which was bought by EMC and merged with Dell to become Dell Tech. Longest place I have ever worked but love my job. We all find out path in life with many interesting bumps and detours. HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE! Wishing you all a very exciting and prosperous year full of adventure. Looking forward to the next 50 years. Yup that would make be 102 since I am just now Mid Life.
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    These just look like concept drawings. I wonder what it looks like when there are actual pictures released.
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    Cheers to @bobo for doing this every year!
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    Yeah, I don't think this is intended for the U.S. market, but there are no big auto shows again until late March, so CES is as good as any other place to show it.
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    Most manufacturers are going to be offering it as an option on the majority of their lineups by 2025.
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    Took them a long time to enter this segment (similar to how long they took to get the Palisade, Telluride out), but the end results are the same, right up there.
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    I like the lighting treatment... a clean and subtle design, even with the large grille.
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    This is much more interesting than any of the tired European designs. I liken this to the Aviator in terms of interesting and handsome design.
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    Rumor has it that Ford is working on a V8 powered version of their Ranger Raptor currently sold in overseas markets. Only available in other parts of the world, the current Ranger Raptor is powered by a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder diesel that produces 210 horsepower and 369 lb.-ft of torque, but a report in Wheels magazine says that Ford Australia is working with an external engineering company to swap the 2.0 diesel for a 5.0-liter V8 from the Mustang GT. The odd thing about this is that the Ranger Raptor 5.0 would be still built with the 2.0-liter diesel under the hood and then later converted to V8 gasoline power. Expect power to be about the same as it makes in the Australian spec Mustang GT, a healthy 455 horsepower and 410 lb.-ft of torque. If it all comes together, the Ranger Raptor 5.0 is expected to go on sale in Australia next year, sold by Ford dealers and backed by the full 5-year warranty. For now, the Ranger Raptor remains forbidden fruit to the U.S. no matter what engine is under the hood.
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    Over the holiday, Genesis released some official images of the upcoming Genesis GV80 SUV. The Genesis GV80 originally leaked out with unauthorized pictures in early December, but now we have a clearer and more official view. The GV80 sports the large shield grille that the new 2020 Genesis G90 wears, but also includes new split headlight design. This motif is reflected in the taillight design as well. Inside the dashboard is wide and low, to emphasis width. Most of the controls are touch sensitive and a large, wide screen rises up out of the dash for the infotainment system. The drive selector is a jewel-like rotating dial in the center console. The GV80 rides on a Genesis-unique rear wheel drive platform and will likely be powered by a 3.3-liter turbocharged V6 making 365 horsepower or more with a possible power boost. There is also the possibility of the 2.5-liter 4-cylinder found in the Sonata N-Line that makes 290 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque. The transmission will likely be the 8-speed automatic found in other Genesis vehicles. We will be seeing more of the GV80 as the month progresses. It goes on sale in it's home market of South Korea later this month.
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    Cool vehicles, I like your RAM. Personally, I like the Mustang, plan to get one myself, hopefully in a year or so. Challenger as you said has a lot of personality, and probably will be comfortable on long trips. M3 is great but will be a money pit, especially if you keep your cars for a long time. A Corvette might be also a good option, there are plenty in good condition for a reasonable money.
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    So this is my list: 1. Tesla Model S - first really incredible and stylish electric car that started the revolution. 2. Ford Mustang GT/GT350 - in the last decade from just ok pony car transformed into a world class sports car. 3. Ferrari 458 Speciale - IMO probably one of the most beautiful supercars of the last decade with amazing performance. 4. Ford F-150/Raptor - king of trucks, period. 5. Toyota Highlander - the embodiment of our transition to a boring, practical crossovers and the death of a sedan/wagon.
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    I have G37S which has the same engine and transmission as 370Z. It is obviously heavier then the Z but has many similarities nevertheless. I don't think I would personally go for the Z for a few reasons, while it is a lot of fun, the manual transmission is not great in terms of feel compared to many other sporty cars. Also, personally I think I would like to have V8 in my next fun car. VQ engines are pretty good, and reliable, but lack a little refinement. I know the engine can be turbocharged and probably kicks a@@ with a turbo, but if you had Mustang GT, I think you will miss the V8 feel. Camaro SS I haven't driven, but after I sat in one it was a hard no for me. Not a pleasant feeling being inside of the bunker, and the interior look and the materials are not great. You probably should specify your budget to get better advice.
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    The goal was to make list of the cars from the past decade, 2010 - 2019. Your first two cars are not qualified. Opps, saw people pointed it out already, sorry
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    Not doubting your love for these vehicles. Not discrediting you for your choices either, especially when you actually own them. But...those would belong in the decade preceding the one that just just left us. Happy New Year by the way!!! 2010-2019...
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    I basically limited myself to vehicles I have driven over the past eight years (gawd, it's been that long?!). Chevrolet Impala (2016-Current) Ford Fiesta ST Hyundai Genesis/Genesis G80 Lexus LC 500 Volkswagen Golf GTI
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    These are my personal best cars of the last decade. "Best" in my case means different things. It may mean forever game changing in the car world or it may mean the bestest of the bestest in the quest for speed or it may mean simply the best and better than all the rest or it may mean what I like the best. 1. Tesla Model S. It truly changed the way the world views electric cars and it very well be the one and only electric car that ever existed in the history of EVs that all EVs are judged by and produced and manufactured and sold as. The absolute standard for EV cars going forward into the future and the only EV car ever that single handedly made the ICE world change to ITS standard. 2. Dodge Challenger Hellcat. For me, the bestest of the bestest of all muscle cars ever to grace our streets. The end all, be all of the muscle cars. It made the modern horsepower wars fun like it was back in the good 'ole days (so Ive heard as I wasnt alive during that time). It made exotic supercars cars question themselves and the ONLY ICE car that keeps rabid EV and Tesla fanbois sleepless at night. The Hellcat can keep up and actually surpass the "ludicrously" crazy fast acceleration that Teslas are known for and the Hellcats (Demon) can do that non-stop with trick A/C cooling but that poor Tesla goes into limp mode and Viagara cant help it. When driving a Hellcat, Viagara is not needed as that V8 sound is seduction times a trillion. 3. Chevrolet SS The closest an American car got to have the feels of the coveted BMW sport sedan persona. And not only did it achieve it, it out-BMWed it in this modern era as BMW themselves have lost it. Although Cadillac also achieved this, I am more of a blue collar guy than a snooty 1%er. Its too bad that Oldsmobile wasnt around to get a version of this as Olds would be more me than Chevy, however, the interior of the SS is more akin to a REAL Oldsmobile interior than it is to Chevys, so there is that. And, more importantly...its still a muscle car. A very usably 4 door sedan muscle car. It retains that big cubed, high HP and high torque at low RPMs that muscle car V8s are known for under the hood. 4. Ford F-150 Raptor Surprisingly, Ive started changing my mind with fullsized pick-up trucks. Not that I hated them, but I was more of a car guy. I dont like CUVs,, but fullsized BOF SUVs or the Jeeps like Wrangler and Grand Cherokee is at my limits. But those fullsized pick-up trucks. They rock when I start to look at them without my biased car eyes. Ive ALWAYS loved the muscle trucks and I always loved Big Foot. So...with Big Foot in mind, the Raptor would be my best 2010-2019 vehicle. Seeing that this last decade, no real muscle truck existed, but Ford did introduce a beast of an offroader fullsized pick-up WITH muscle car power under the hood. OK...the last gen got a turbo V6, but...its got the torque and HP numbers to make muscle cars shake in fear in their shoes tires. Dont forget though...GM's midsized muscle trucks of the early 1990s were turbo V6s too... 5. Ferrari 812 Superfast It took me a loooong time to decide upon this one. I wanted a Corvette. Or maybe the last Viper ever. But then I realized. The 812 Supefast IS a Corvette AND a Viper all in one while retaining its Ferrari greatness. 6.5 liters. 396 or so cubic inches of 12 cylinder, 789 naturally aspirated HP madness. What it lacks in torque, "only" 553 ft/lbs, it gains in outstanding acceleration runs, in crazy, muscle car like prowess in ride as its a GT car and not a track car which translates to what I love about muscle cars. In other words, Ferrari created, IN MY EYES, an Italian version of a 1969 aluminum block 427 Corvette ZL-1, a 1996 Viper GTS coupe, with the finest Ferrari Italian leather in the interior with their latest and greatest V12. The Viper is not with us anymore, the Corvette has gone down the European road of mid-engined , RWD engineering but...Ferrari has EMBRACED the "no replacement for displacement" muscle car mantra and upped its V12 to 396 cubic inches and retained the awesome long hood,/short deck, front engine/rear wheel drive layout.
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    Be interesting to see how fast the auto industry changes over to PHEV as a standard auto with EV as the normal auto choices as ICE gets reduced more and more.
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