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    I mean, that is the most inefficient moment in a cars' life, 0-5mph.
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    Probably electric motors not powerful enough to pull the car uphill but on a level surface it was ok to go on electric only. My wife's car has similar system. The electric motors mostly assist in acceleration and engine shuts off only at slow speed. It was great though in heavy traffic we were one time during a road trip. Got few miles rolling on pure electric. Engine only occasionally would turn on to recharge battery, the whole family was inside with AC and other electronics on and pulling power.
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    In some contexts, a semi can be an embarrassment.
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    Bah; the best is a sublime combo of the two. Most modern Luxury cars do both well. Trying to pigeonhole a car into a singular ‘theme’ seldom works for production vehicles. My B-59 is not what I would call a luxury car- mid-line series with few creature comforts. It’s going to be much closer to a (quicker) GS 455 than a cushmobile isolation barge. I’m not 75 yrs old.
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    Nope not true, WOW, you really look through rose colored Blinders. Will agree to disagree as electric superchargers are out there too just like electric turbo's and have no LAG. Seems you have also forgotten European auto companies that use superchargers too.
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    Nobody really cares about high speed FULLSIZED SUVs... However, TOP DOG trim levels that are the toppest of the biggest SUV do matter. Mercedes likes AMG to be big their top dog trim level. They slap that badge on anything...so even if some models are TRUE performance vehicles true to the AMG badge and true to performance...not all AMGs ARE true performance cars...and therefore not even worthy of the AMG badge... And in all honesty...BIG DEAL about performance oriented huge, heavy, high center of gravity SUVs!!! In this example...a GLS AMG is what counts... NO! Not the speed performance of the GLS, but the highest trim level of the GLS which happens to be AMG... The thing is. Cadillac may not have the Blackwing V8 anymore, but Cadillac is thinking about using the Blackwing NAME as a TOP trim level Cadillac and the Escalade would surely get a Blackwing trim to compete with an AMG, Maybach, Culinan and Bentayga... Whether THAT model gets THE Blackwing V8, or a supercharged version of the next LT2 V8 or is an EV of some sort remains to be seen... The outgoing Escalade? I HATE THESE DISCUSSIONS...but phoquing *SIGH* The OUTGOING Escalade is 5-6 model years old. I think its STILL the sales leader... and superior in what way? I really dont care....BUT the 2021 Escalade REALLY addresses the shortcomings of the OUTGOING model!!! BOF SUV? That would be YOUR way of dissing? GTFO with that!!! Why? Because this SUV below Is a BOF SUV... Its a skateboard platform...which essentially is BOF... Dont cut your nose to spite your face...
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    Yeah, that's true. The very southern part of the state is pretty but 95% of the rest is flat and boring. Oh that's East St. Louis for ya and it's actually super sketchy over there. About the only safe-ish place is the Casino..lol
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    This is funny. I think the very southern part of IL has some hills and forests in it, being closer to Arkansas and all. The town of Galena always makes some lists for being a cool place ... hippie dippy shops and restaurants, if that interests someone. I wonder if you're thinking central Illinois ... Champaign, Bloomington-Normal, Danville, Decatur, Springfield, Peoria ... just no. Champaign, IL is one place I am still trying to expunge from my head decades later. And, of course, you can't forget East Saint Louis. I've actually set foot in it since Saint Louis's Metrolink trains cross the bridge into it and you can walk down this massive steel staircase and then a few hundred yards to either a casino or to look back at the Gateway Arch. It feels "somewhat" secure, given that it's not far from this hotel-casino. However, something still doesn't feel just right about it.
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    Everything gets torture tested for hundreds of thousands of miles and things still happen.
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    It's clear the Blackwing V8 engine was Johan D's baby and the CT/XT naming was his idea as well. So they're possibly both gone with him leaving Cadillac. It's also clear that Steve Carlisle is now taking Cadillac in his direction and hopefully it's the right one, so far I really only disagree with canceling the Blackwing and CT6. It seems like they could build the CT6 at a different factory in limited numbers being that it's only been out for roughly 4 years now. There won't be reliability issues with the Blackwing as it's been torture tested for hundreds of thousands of miles. The Escalade V could definitely resurrect the Blackwing when it debuts which would be awesome. I've also heard that there might be a Cadillac version of the C8 Vette coming that could possibly fit the Blackwing, what a perfect marriage that would be. I've seen and sat in the C8 and with it's huge flipped reverse angle headers there's still some room in the engine bay and having the Hot-V turbo setup in the Blackwing gives it more room on the sides as well. We shall see.
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    I haven't seen anything from him on Facebook either.
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    Just asked her: she said it operates on full electric at very slow crawl speeds: in & out of garage, or stop-n-go in city traffic. Not often. EDIT :: Just read that her car is among a bunch of toyoters up for a recall to replace the entire engine. "Toyoter - a billion recalled and still counting!"
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    Where is Drew or his moderators? I'm so offended by your vulgar language.
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    Hands down, correct. Southern IL has zero scenery.
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    You are all over the place... The Escalade is not losing market share. Sales dipped because new generation is going to be introduced. Sales of end of gen product cycle usually dips towards...the end of the product...cycle. Then you state that the Camaro is going to die, but that has nothing to do with the SBC that resides in it. You do realize that the Escalade is still king in sales in its market...and has been since 20 years now...all with the SBC that resides under the hood... GM gas sold millions upon millions with the SBC in its cars... The SBC is one of the most successful of all engines ever built. In sales. In reliability. In winning races. Its a PUSHROD V8. It has been supercharged by the factory. Its been supercharged by hot rodders. Im not sure if it has been turbocharged by the factory, but it has definitely been turbocharged by hot rodders. It has been bored and stroked endlessly. So when you say, GM can live or die with it...you say it as a bad thing. But why do you say that? Im perplexed...
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    So Formula 1 cars, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Porsche got it wrong, but Dodge and Chevrolet get it right? Yup! Whose to say Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Porsche gets it right and Dodge and Chevy get it wrong? In reality...you ask a stupid question...you'll get a stupid answer. In reality, supercharging has its advantages and its disadvantages and turbocharging has its advantages and disadvantages. For Chevy and Dodge...and Ford (5.4 liter V8 in the Lightning and GT and the new 5.2 liter in the GT500) use a supercharger because they need those V8s to be supercharged. The cars and trucks in question need to be supercharged because of all kinds of reasons. Engineering, packaging, image and marketing... For Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Porsche use turbos because they need those engines to be turbocharged. The cars and trucks in question need to be turbocharged because of all kinds of reasons. Engineering, packaging, image and marketing... Image and marketing is a HUGE deal. Porsche for instance. TURBO is what they do... How much so? They NEED their top dog trim ELECTRIC VEHICLE to be a TURBO trim... So....you may think is turbo better...you'd be WRONG!!!
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    mercedes had a full dozen different models over a long span of years running superchargers. But then again- mercedes isn't exactly in the whos-who of engine builders.
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    Lets also point out superior to Turbo charged motors. Supercharging always is better than Turbo. Marketing has fed the global Public a LIE about Turbo's that is proven with supercharged motors. Clealry, GM failed to maximize the variable uses of a supercharged engine.
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    Last 2 I saw were The Joker and Ford vs. Ferrari.
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    I want to see that one. I watched ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ over the weekend, very good, better than I thought it would be. I want to see Guy Ritchie’s newest that opens this week—‘The Gentlemen’.
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    Not sure what this means It's the great surprise of the rumble in a sedate package that adds a whole dimension to the experience. A wonderful noise.
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    I actually think the GLS may reign supreme. They have AMG and Maybach versions which BMW or anyone else doesn't have equivalents to. The X7 seems to be well reviewed and do well in comparison tests. GLS and X7 are both superior to Escalade, Navigator and QX80 in jus about every way except towing and they aren't beat there by all that much. These body on frame SUVs is like a Town Car going against an S-class.
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