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    Seeing something like this might have sent them scrambling home ...
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    Yes. That is what boutique manufacturing and boutique manufacturers are. A customer buys a Ferrari, Rolls, Bentley, Pagani, Koenigsegg, Lamborghini, McLaren, Maybach trim Mercedes S Class, certain Porsche 911s and higher end Porsches, Black Label Lincolns, etc... and the customer gets to customize, personalize their vehicle. Rolls and Bentley go beyond that. Rolls will produce ANY colour you want. And will put that colour on ANYTHING you want. They would even paint a scale model version of your car. They will even taylor you a suit with said colour choice or vice versa. Take your favorite suit colour and duplicate it for your car. You would like Coca-Cola's red can colour as a paint job for your Rolls, they will do it. For a huge fee, but they will do it. And of course the quality of the materials are top notch. Why the hell not? You are paying for it through the nose... You pay for what you get... And all that is handmade as much as handmade could be. Well...the Celestiq will be handmade... The Celestiq's boutique experience is not yet revealed as to how and what will be personalized and to what extent and what kind of quality of materials will be used. For all we know... Blue Whale penis skin could be used as a material for the doors and dash and koala and panda bear fur could be used for the carpet and headliner. Shark skin with touches of bald eagle feathers could be used for the seats and headrests. Point being, we dont know details...yet we are being very judgemental. Point being, I would think that Cadillac folk have learned their lessons by now. Johan wasnt all that bad. He probably told the beancounters to phoque off. Mary Barra probably listened to the harsh criticisms Johan must have had with the CT6. After all, he did criticize very publicly the CT6, and by retreating the CT6's statuts as THE top dog Cadillac status that the previous admin was saying about the it... And, looking at how GM responded with the Corvette C8 and the Escalade (maybe as we havent really seen it, but it looks to deliver like the C8 does...I dont get why we should be as harsh towards the Celestiq. I mean...I get why...the malaise era is why. But on the flip side...the Corvette C8 and 2021 Escalade and the 2020 CT4 V and CT5 V say that GM has FINALLY kicked that bad habit.
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    I have Ramen as a fast meal back up but still taking time to cook. Love fresh food. Missing my daily workout at 24hr fitness. Pesto Alfredo pasta with veggies Chapagetti with beef bites Home made Cinnamon rolls Harvested the last of my winter Leeks and made Leek soup. Love Grilled Sandwiches, so using Potato bread and only butter, mayo sucks to grill a sandwich and gives a weird taste/texture. Pepperoni and Havarti grilled cheese. Or start buying the 24 oz Monster with the screw top. Increased caffeine.
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    Deciding I might need a little less time of facebook.....
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    Thanks for the link. As big and populous as China is, for it to zero out makes no sense. I can accept that cases have plummeted and recoveries are up. What about those closed cases - Isn't there some criteria about how many negative tests a patient has to get within a certain time frame to be deemed recovered? is there a way to test for antibodies (blood work) on someone who has had it? That would be cumbersome. Do these people who have recovered have immunity? All cruise ships are either being detained offshore or heading to their home ports. This is weird since noroviruses have messed up various ocean voyages over the years, but they seem to be specific to a particular voyage. All the talk is confusing. You'll see an article where a young person says it's the worst. Then you'll see an article where a middle aged person says they've had worse influenzas before. A person doesn't know what to think.
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    All good and well, but you still have to leave the house to go to Costco. My local grocery does home delivery and curbside delivery, I'm going to utilize home delivery from them (and Amazon/Whole Foods) as long as it's available and avoid being out in public.. Another good resource is Microsoft's Bing COVID-19 page.. https://www.bing.com/covid
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    ^ That's the one I linked to earlier in this thread (page 552). John Hopkins' face page, for some reason, seemed to think separating the tallies into numerical lists & disregarding location somehow made sense. In a 'shut down' scenario, I want to know, first, what's happening in my area. I do not care how my area ranks globally in 'new cases', for example.
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    This is a great spot to check if you want to follow the count of infections, death, recoveries by country around the world. Clearly Coronavirus has surpassed SARS / MARS and is right behind the Spanish FLU, which is not what is truly is called but due to multitude of reasons is truly known in the medical community as 1918 influenza pandemic. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ SnapShot for you all: Much more info on the site, interesting how China has stopped reporting new cases as they say they do not have them among their own population from from those that traveled to their country and as such they do not claim them to be cases in China. Bizarre
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    My neighborhood is super quiet. A fair number of retirees I think. I stocked up a lot at the grocery a week ago and still get deliveries from Amazon and the grocery, along w/ the occasional Doordash order. Really no different from this past winter except for not eating out and fewer trips to the grocery.
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    Huge Reconstruction project is rebuilding that whole complex and so all the stores, businesses and yes the 24hr fitness in that compex of downtown Kirkland are gone. That was the Parkplace compex. https://www.kirklandwa.gov/depart/planning/Development_Info/projects/Parkplace.htm Map of that area of what is being built there now. All the IDIOT College kids got a stern response from our Companies founder, CEO and Chairman. Do not apply to us, we do not want irresponsible employees like you. I am so behind his message and their lack of responsibility during this pandemic. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/19/michael-dell-to-spring-break-video-coronavirus-partiers-dont-apply.html Your new Golf Cart.
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    Shoot I should have had one of these on my Compass. #miss30mpg
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    Three guesses and the first two don't count. Depending on their academic calendar, some colleges and universities have their spring breaks during different weeks: two weeks ago, this last week, and this upcoming week. I didn't figure this out until recently. It probably helps the lodging and restaurant industry handle the load. And have enough cars at the rental agencies. Who'd rent cars to most of these brats, anyway?
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    This is easily one of the creepiest houses I've ever seen a pic of :
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    Nope, that's why I put "AWD" in my comment. C-HR is FWD only and it's like riding in an iron lung, no visibility, no power.
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    All new cars are really expensive. You could pick up a 3 year old Lexus for the price of the Corolla. But people don't always shop price, they shop monthly payment, so that is where the finance people get creative.
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    Is the 24 Hr. Fitness in a shopping center, with an exterior entrance on the first level, next to quaint downtown Kirkland still there? Yep, LA Fitness branches are closed as well. As for food, being able to eat at Denny's - which I don't knock to begin with - might be like sleeping at the Waldorf Astoria.
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    Well...Ban One could NEVER be anything else OTHER than black and gold with a 1977 fascia. Even a straight up red 1977 Trans AM does not look good. So...Im about to agree with you with the Orange comment...kinda. Only for that shade of Orangey-Red on the 1977 and up Trans Ams. Because...with a 1973 Trans Am with that specific colour....the Trans Am is AWESOME looking As compared to not too good looking...even with a straight up red or even worse. In 1979...Black and gold, or white and blue, or the midnight blue Pontiac had were great...the red, on the later years not so much. And...um....the General Lee STRONGLY disagrees with NO car looks good with Orange Or The Hellcats Or even Toyota Supra. I could have gone F&F on you, but maybe you would have told me too ricer...in any way, an orange Supra is still hot.
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    I didnt know whether to laugh because it was funny, or an upvote because its true. We are WORSE than damn dirty apes. Apes could be more civil to each other than we are towards our own kind. Apes respect other animals....we dont. We respect nothing. We could also be more filthy than apes. And apes play with their feces... I get truly disgusted with humans sometimes. PS: Thank-you for your kind words towards my family and business. And I wish you the same.
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    In a 25 mile radius from my zip code there are 370 brand new Corollas with only about twenty priced above $25k with maximum around $28k. The majority of Corollas are sold closer to $20k. BTW within same range there are Traxes sold at over $30k. There are 301 brand new Traxes and I see almost 90 of them priced over $25k. That's IMO is ridiculous,
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    Went to Costco today, good social distancing, they got this down as you get a sanitized cart or flatbed upon being let in. Clear signage of what is and is not available.
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    So while large parts of the country are locked down, buddies of mine from high school are posting pics from an afternoon out golfing in Florida. Florida seems to be a bit behind the curve on pandemic response...
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    WOW. Imagine Smokey and the Bandit in that hideous Orange. Nothing looks good in Orange.
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