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    I'd be happy w/ the regular R/T in Octane Red for around $40k. Only options I'd add would be the tan/black nappa/alacantra seats, Uconnect w/ NAV, sunroof, and the Harmon/Kardon audio.
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    C8 Corvette vs Audi R8 vs Porsche 911 Carrera S (on track) https://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/a33849608/c8-corvette-vs-audi-r8-vs-porsche-911-track-test/ Porsche 911 Carrera S ($113k min) - 1:53.5 Audu R8 ($160k) - 1:54.2 Corvette Z51 ($65k) - 1:54.6 I think when Z06 comes out it will blow both Audi and Porsche out of the water while still being substantially cheaper.
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    Hence when it comes to my recommendation in my finished review, I likely say the base model is the better buy ($27k or so).
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    @David I'm only on board with the looks of the car ... and NOT the $ 100,000 price tag!
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    For more than $1000 LESS, I can get a 6.2L V8 Camaro. As otherS have said, get the base model 86 if you want a decent deal. All the options add up to about $8K too much especially when none the options involve more power. Listen, don’t get me wrong here. Price aside, I get the appeal of the car. As a former MR2 owner, I get it. I also get value and this car, with options, is not a good value at all.
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    Right?! I started having chest pain just looking at it too!! Way too big to ever be able to eat like a human, fork and knife burger for sure!
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    How unprofessional, and with a 'professional' vehicle. So in other words; what looks like a dream for a cargo/delivery van is more like "WATCH THAT FIRST STEP, DUDE!"
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    Im getting a heart attack just by looking at that thing. Not saying it aint good. Well...Ill be honest...too much shyte going on there, but yeah.
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    Love this site for BBQ stuff. https://www.instagram.com/bbqguys/
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    Updated styling, new radio and climate controls, improved instrument cluster, changes to the suspension, and others. Does surprisingly well off the line, where it lacks is in the mid-range Tough as you need to plan and bear in mind you'll be wondering where all of the power went in the mid-range Some aspects are better, will need to spend more time to fully answer that. The driving experience, not everyone wants something that is stupid fast. See also the Miata.
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    1. He doesn't mind the drive, and he's 2nd shift, so he's driving off-peak. 2. He's making more money right out of school than most people make after working white collar for 25 years, so the incentive to drive is high. You're kidding, right?
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    Dodge is pushing the $100,000 level for a charger and they are doing it by starting at $80,090 for the 2021 Hellcat Redeye edition. 797 HP / 707 lb-ft of torque. https://www.thedrive.com/news/36090/the-2021-dodge-charger-hellcat-redeye-is-the-most-expensive-charger-ever-at-80090
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    I actually just bought a set of Nito Motivos three weeks ago from a local chain, AutoTire(parent company is a national chain though so it's only "local"). I was about to buy the tires from TireBuyer and have them shipped to them. I called in advance to ask about the process and he told me they can beat their prices if I bought them directly through them. I told them what my TireBuyer quote was and they beat it by $4/tire. Not a ton but install was $19/tire so it was basically one free installation, I'll take it. $660 out the door with an alignment check(no adjustments needed or it would have been an additional $85).
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    This is a little stale dated for a spotting thread, so I'll put it here. Since the owner probably both has a sense of humor and doesn't mind the attention, here's something I saw in the desert at Joshua Tree National Park: Clever.
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    I went to a local auto repair/tire store chain in 2017 when I bought a set of Michelin Defenders for my Jeep. Having such a place in walking distance from home is a plus..
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    Sure, lets compare apples to oranges. FWD souped up hatchback and RWD sporty coupe. I bet you never driven either one but rush to make such statements.
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    What if these cars had a racing series dedicated only to them? Like how the Porsche 944s, Camaros and Miatas had. Would that make a difference in ya'lls perception? Because, Porsche 944s and Miatas of their day werent all that fast...but were/are still revered by...um...car enthusiasts. Like...arent we car enthusiasts here? Because we all act like it but then we shyte on this car... I get that this is a Toyota, and I applaud and appreciate the shytting , but at heart, this car is a dedicated sports car through and through. Yes...with a torqueless 4 banger. Subaru should have offered their WRX engine in it while Toyota could have at least tried to shoehorn their BMW sourced inline 6 from their Supra for a hyper trim 86 negating the need to LS swap. But at the end of the day, the Toyobarus are purebred sportscars... And THAT is a good thing!
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    Am I the only one to actually like this car? OK...NOT the Toyota, the Subie. But that is just me being douchie against Toyota. There is a reason why I like this car: ITS A 2 DOOR SPORTS CAR IN AN ERA WHEN COUPES AND/OR SPORTS CARS ARE NON-EXISTENT. And THAT to me is more than enough reason to like this car. I do not know if you guys know that I HATE HATED the 5th gen Camaro. Well...I saw 3 today randomly. Almost back to back to back going to work. 2 6 cylinder models and 1 SS. The SS made some lovely V8 sounds as I heard it while driving in back of it ....and I felt something that I havent felt in a looooong time. I miss when 2 door coupes and sports cars were all over the damned place and not some mythical unicorn in a sea of CUVs. We should be thankful these exist...especially from appliance company #1 Toyota. And no worries, those folk who want a little more ooomph from their Toyobarus https://elementtuning.com/monster-86-subaru-brz-and-toyota-86-v8-conversion/
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    Im sorry. I thought I was being funny. I didnt mean to twist a knife into the heart... If its any consolation, the Bruins wont get past Tampa. And although I hate the Habs, I do want them to get #25 before any other Canadian team wins the Cup and that wont be happening either this year.
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    I can get a better driving experience for the same and possibly cheaper coin.
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    Better be one hell of an ExPeRiEnCe for that kind of Coin and Weak ass engine.
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    There won't be enough EV users to worry about it.
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    You’ve got a hellva commute, or do you travel FOR work? My son is still based out of my house but works in NYState, he drives about 36K a yr right now.
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