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    Crew, I'm going to be doing some forum cleanup and consolidation. I will update this post with the moves and changes I make. Heritage Marques has been moved under Brand Discussion All discussions in the Pontiac forum have been moved into Heritage Marques and the Pontiac Forum closed All discussions in the Hummer forum have been moved into Heritage Marques and the Hummer Forum closed All discussions in the Saturn forum have been moved into Heritage Marques and the Saturn Forum closed All discussions in the Oldsmobile forum have been moved into Heritage Marques and the Oldsmobile Forum closed All discussions in the Mercury forum have been moved into Heritage Marque and the Mercury Forum closed All discussions in the Registry Rundown forum have been moved into The Lounge and Registry Rundown forum closed All discussions in the Events, Shows, and Gatherings forum have been moved into The Lounge and Events, Shows, and Gatherings forum closed All discussions in Motorsports Forum have been moved into The Lounge and Motorsports Forum closed Random Car Showcase has been moved under Social Central Advertising Archive has been moved under Social Central Competitions and its sub-categories has been moved under Social Central Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles has been renamed to Stellantis. Peugeot has moved under Stellantis The Scion forum was empty and has been closed Subaru has moved under Toyota Motor Corporation Holden topics have been moved out of Holden/Opel/Vauxhall and into Heritage Marques Holden/Opel/Vauxhall has been renamed Opel/Vauxhall Opel/Vauxhall has been moved under Stellantis A new Stellantis category has been added to the News system and will post content to the Stellantis forum Topic list and Post list now will list 100 maximum instead of 25 - This reduces the number of times you need to click "Next Page" More to Come
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    I really hpe rivian makes it. I really do!
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    Well then it seems like to me that Rivian is more concerned with putting out a quality product and not a sub-quality product by having “speedy” production. Quality over quantity. I’m not really sure how you make this out to be a negative somehow.
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    A Vette is a very fun go cart though...
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    For truck lovers, check out these 40 restored trucks. AWESOME https://yeahmotor.com/trucks/restored-rare-trucks/?version=X2&utm_source=taboola&utm_campaign=ym_tb_tbym1_dsk_all_0914_cp_sb_resttrucks1&utm_content=2927702599&utm_medium=msn-anaheim-us &utm_term=ym tb tbym1 dsk all 0914 cp sb resttrucks1 Sweet Ride
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    HUGE range between 3" and 12", dontcha think? Chevy shown here has more ground clearance than your 4x4 Trailblazer. That's just wrong. Looks like it has 'Skyjacker' air shocks, aired all the way up. From 15 feet away, you can see the gas tank. Horrendous. You two are nuts.
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    Last Friday, Kenworth announced the start of their new EV truck line with two box trucks for inner city delivery with a Class 6 and Class 7 truck. K270E and K370E models plenty more pictures for those interested in the power train or battery pack on the company press release. These trucks are in production with the first ones set to be delivered by December. The trucks come in the following options list: 24 or 30 foot lengths. 100 or 200 mile battery packs 355 or 469 HP electric motors Enough Torque to start on a 20% grade Enough power to maintain 40 mph on a 6% grade fully loaded Regenerative braking DC fast charging https://www.kenworth.com/news/news-releases/2020/september/electric-trucks-available/
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    I probably qualify, but rarely got into trouble. More often than not, it tends to be middle and last born kids. For me, I think it was mostly about attitude. - - - - - Also spotted this weekend ... this was just a regular restaurant serving a happy hour on its patio, and someone obviously decided to drive their classic Pontiac GTO (426, 429, not sure) to it. The front end treatment is suggestive of the big Bonneville Thinking back, this roof line was sleek compared to the more stout '65s A signature on the hood to remind you it's a Pontiac. Pull tabs, so no A/C. No electric gizmos. Blue! Don't know the name for this finned back lite treatment, but it was unique to the GM mid-sizes of this run of a few MYs. Great tail lamps. Horizontal makes the car look sportier, IMHO. Possibly Grand Prix related, in a way. This was a pleasant surprise.
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    Spotted on 9/11/2020. I guess this accessory exists, but it's the first time I've seen it. The owner saw me taking a photo and laughed.
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    Spotted a very clean '74 Monte Carlo in a triple avocado green (a color that was very popular w/ mid 70s Chevys I think) and a pink chrome late model Mustang GT convertible (probably a wrap, looked like a Spectraflame Hot Wheels car).
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    Making Korea great again. Oh the irony here.
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    Didn't get a chance to say it on your other thread but that is one sharp Avalanche. If it weren't for its need to drink gas like Frank Gallagher drinking booze, I would have traded my Flex in for one. Still, very nice ride and you definitely lucked out on the low miles. Tough to find one with under 100K on it.
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    coming up on one year. Love this ride. Yes, it's not an SUV..... this rogue little ride has not been getting the use due to COVID and as such, when i purchased almost a year ago to the day as new demo with around 4,000 miles...I am now at only about 12,000 on the odometer. Lots less family travel with father in law passing away and not taking many trips to see mom. But did just get the oil changed at a Buick dealer last week and then drove about 500 miles with it. The gas mileage really took a jump, post oil change. I averaged about 33 mpg over two long legs of the trip and even in town its been pulling higher in the twenties. This may just be an anomoly as it mostly has returned 24 mpg over the vehicle life so far (trending towards 25). For a fuel sucking turbo AWD this is not bad. I've fed it premium fuel exclusively since i have had it...most fill ups at Costco with their top tier fuel, including one at about a 1.50 a gallon earlier this summer. This 2.0 is being retired on many GM vehicle lines now....but I will enjoy the 250hp and 295-lb ft of torque while i have it. It's not a burner but is still perhaps the quickest vehicle I have owned (except for my v-6 89 Taurus SHO...its faster than my v8 SHO). Still yet I would always enjoy more speed.... Everyone who sees this car for the first time thinks its really cool, and then they ask what the hell it is. Then i get the 'I didn't know Buick made that car'. Or the 'that's a wagon...a good looking wagon!'. Even the service manager who assisted me the last week said, 'I've only ever seen 1 other one', shaking his head as if to imply, that is a good looking car why didn't they sell more? I explained to him that i felt they overpriced the car and that the option packaging was terrible. I said trying to find one with all options or at least the way you would accept it was near impossible. I could have gotten into it more that the whole Regal line was botched from a price and marketing / packages perspective....but its a waste of time since the model was cancelled here. Such a shame, because the enthusiasm people get when they see it tells me greatly that if promoted and packaged correctly, it would have seen many more buyers in the market. I visited a completed job site a couple weeks ago to view an apartment tower our company completed. One of my fellow team leader coworkers whose project it was also has a Regal...a Sportback in the same Smoked Pearl Metallic. As we both pulled out of the parking lot at the end of the tour, with some of our other coworkers looking on they made the remark that managers drive gray Buick Regals apparently. Clearly they were making jokes but they all thought our cars were cool. Sometimes its fun having something unique in a market flooded with the usual compact CUV suspects. I just read on another site about the 2021 Regal refresh in China. A 1.5 is standard on the Regal there but the new LSY 2.0 motor is now available on their Regal. It's the same 2.0 with 237hp and 258 Lb ft that is available on many North America GM vehicles. I would be interested in seeing how that compares to the 2.0 in mine. I do know the LSY gets better mpg, and although it is for sure slower, I imagine its a very good match for the Regal, and it should be put in the Malibu here as well. Here's some pictures of over the last few months.....
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    So, the debate began today....wife wants smaller vehicle but admits the utility of the Chrysler van is amazing. So, we'll see how this progresses as our lease is up early next year...there is always pull ahead. An interesting unknown, Chrysler has touted the all wheel drive as new for 2021 model year....BUT there are actually 2020 'launch edition' ALL WHEEL DRIVE Pacifica's already out ....... 2021 adds the option of a real console and armrest. Not the fold down skinny seat armrests. BUT will it be too EXPENSIVE to get that real armrest? Toyo Celcius 'all weather' tires we put last winter on the van have driven as well as the OEM Michelins. The Michelins were touted as amazing tires in the wet and snow with long tread life. The tread life sucked and the wet and snow performance was average. The Toyos due to 'all weather' design were quite good in snow; not as good as a full winter tire but with deep tread and sipes, better than an all season. But still, this van has been amazing. No issues (knock on wood). Comfortable, great gas mileage. Pulled about 28 mpg on a recent highway trip and it averages about 23 mpg in normal city driving. I am sure mpg with AWD drops some, but it would still be very good for such a large vehicle. Whether we end up with a Pacifica or something else like a Blazer or Traverse or Enclave or Atlas / Cross Sport / Explorer / XT5 / XT4 / 2021 Envision..... I can vouch that this Stellantis is quite good for the family segment. Here's some recent vacation pics....
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    I spotted this 2019 Colorado Z71 this morning, in the parking lot at my favorite walking trail. Lo and behold, the keys just happened to be in my pocket. So... I brought it home.
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    Link please. To a domestic 2020/2021 competitor to the Venue. Sweet baloney and American cheese with yellow mustard on white bread... makes a tasty sandwich.
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    Blu's truck going to sleep for the Night!
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    True, but at least have a front lift option ( which the C8 has). But for a daily driver, SUV height suits me.
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    I actually warshed it up yesterday. It's nestled tight in the garage, sleepin right nau
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    I’d be happy w 9 inches of ground clearance. A high H point was one of the selling points of the last gen Taurus. I remember how weirdly tall the doors were.
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    This has been my jam the past week
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    It looks fine to me..I like lots of ground clearance--easier to get in and out of, easier to deal w/ sloping driveways and hopping curbs, etc.
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    Would totally agree with you. For me, I have XM for life as it was a special GM ran when I bought the Escalade and so I got for $250 at the time a lifetime use of XM so hard to not use it when it is pretty much free.
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    Not kidding, I like the look and ride height. Hate cars that are cigarettes' pack high or about there. One should not have to sit down on the ground getting into a car unless it is a performance sports car like a corvette. This 2 door sedan, looks good to me as is.
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    Name: 2013 Chevrolet Avalanche LTZ Black Diamond Category: Vehicles Date Added: 2020-09-14 Submitter: Drew Dowdell 2013 Chevrolet Avalanche LTZ Black Diamond
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    I’ve only owned it a little over a month and I’ve had it on trips 4 weekends out of 6. I brought back a small U-Haul trailer full of furniture from my grandmother’s last night and just dropped the trailer off. Going to give him the week off from commuter duty and let the Toronado fill that role the rest of this week.
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    ^ You have to be kidding, if you're talking specifically about ride high. It's DOUBLE where it should be. You can change the oil without a jack !!
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    ‘67 was the first year for the 400.
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    Hummer by GMC Reveal set for Oct 20th. Reservation will be accepted starting that day also. We see the NEW Infotainment screen and dedicated CRAB MODE option. clearly APPLE and ANDROID play are supported. I believe this will be bigger seller for GM than the Cadillac will be. Excited to see the Truck, I also hope they show off the SUV. Tesla is going to be Late LATE LATE to the truck party as usual.
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    Beautiful ‘67 GTO. Would be a 400. I was the last-born in my family, and my sister is the middle child. We have both been the best behaved and successful, while our older brother has been a perpetual screwup since he was a teenager.
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    Anyway, it's all a moot point now that GM is moving to EVs. It will be interesting to see what GM's product mix and market share will be like in 2030.
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    It’s really just a Model/ trim at this point, so it can stay under GMC.
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    The Chinese Brands forum has been renamed to Other Makes - any small niche brands will go in here The discussions in The Italians forum have been sorted in to their appropriate brand locations and The Italians forum closed The discussions in The British forum have been sorted into their appropriate brand locations and The British forum closed The discussions in General Motors News have been moved up one level to the General Motors category and the GM News forum closed The discussions in the General Motors - Worldwide Partners forum have been moved up one level to General Motors category and Worldwide Partners Forum closed Somehow the Mercedes-Benz and SMARTs forums wandered off and ended up under Honda, they're back in their proper location under Daimler AG Citroen and DS Forum has been created under Stellantis The discussions in The French have been sorted into their appropriate brand locations and The French forum closed Cheers and Gears Council has been closed Discussions in Industry New - Economy at Large forum have been moved to The Lounge and Economy at Large forum has been closed Most categories under Brand Discussions have been sorted alphabetically ... more to come
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    Those were simple compared to what they are building today with the VVT, cylinder shut off, OHC V6s, etc. And from a different GM than what it is today. Anyway, I haven't heard about major issues w/ the 3.6..they seem to be putting it in a lot of vehicles, FWD and RWD..
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    ^ That would work for me also, as I have a black Jeep. But I'm definitely not the black sheep of my family...
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    I like the way it looks, my biggest beef is trucks and cars that sag in the ass. Just looks terrible besides being dangerous when they actually try to tow. I think that Car looks great.
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    OK. Why did GM put in the 3.6 V6 again? Also, is that engine less reliable than the turbo 4cyl GM keeps putting in almost every FWD CUV these days?
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    Yeah, she literally went in to grab some milk, and parked out deep in the parking lot. Not sure why the dude was so angry, sounds like he did it to others as well. Wife just hurried and got the heck out of there.... Good news is that I can’t feel the scratch. I threw some cleaning wax on, and seems to have gotten some of it off. Think I will try some compound by Meg’s to see if I can get most all o the scratch out ( I hope) It’s why my Nox is not driven much to the stores any more. Between the hit to my Cobalt and then this- people are simply out to break stuff.......
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    Some ppl don't know how to leave other ppl's stuff alone.
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    Worried about my friends on the West Coast..... Boy the Facebook folk are really pushing the conspiracy theories right now.....I hear the next up is a year long power outage.... Spent the weekend working on the cars.....sadly someone who was pissed off slammed a shopping cart into her Trax and yelled at her, for no reason at all..... Big scratches on the side now....
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    ????????? duh who said they were, Skeeter?
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    And the model 3 is still better built than the crappy Mitsubishi products, the crappy Nissan products, the dated Toyota products, the bland Honda products (except for the Civic Type R which is lustworthy...)...the GM products with the crappy unreliable 3.6 V6, the marginal Ecosport which is uninspiring, damn near every vehicle built in that maintenance and reliability hellhole which is modern European cars. Let's keep things in perspective. Good, love trucks, looking forward to seeing these on the road! Three pahse motors run forever....I ahve a 1944 Whitney 177 Table saw that ahs had several million board feet of lumber run through it, came out of a west virginia lumber dimensioning plant. Original motor runs like new. 76 years in. Lots of buildings I take care of have 3 phase motors from the 40's, 50's, and 60's that ahve been running continuously for decades. How many 1960 automobiles are elft on the road in daily use?
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    23 pipes to make ya understand! The Golden Goddess Benzo! The newest German Tank added to the fleet...
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    Dan Aykroyd, Mike Myers, Kiefer Sunderland, JOHN CANDY, MICHAEL J. FOX, Eugene Levy...from Schitt's Creek, Martin Short, LORNE GREENE just to name a few. Leonard Cohen (From Montreal, as is Captain Kirk) was mentioned. That is not photoshopped. That is an actual mural painted in his honour after his death.
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    Rant on : This crap drives me nuts. '62 Biscayne 409 / 4-spd car, obviously meticulously restored. Auctioned via Mecum : https://www.mecum.com/lots/IA0711-112558/1962-chevrolet-biscayne/ My beef is, for some damned reason, restorers read a spec somewhere and stick these ridiculous springs underneath. Let's do a lil math. Period Chevs wore 14" rims; that's 7" from the center to the edge (actually- slightly inboard of the edge). Tire sidewall is about 4" by my eye. Rocker chrome is ABOVE the wheel centerline, maybe an inch. That's an even TWELVE inches of the rocker off the pavement! These cars NEVER LEFT the factorty riding that ridiculously high. I'm constantly mind-boggled when I see this, but exactly this is offered as "correct".
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    “My tits are too nice for my life to be like this” Can’t argue that.
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    My partner has got one (Tesla). Two of my immediate neighbors have got EVs. (Both Teslas). One of those neighbors had a 1st gen Volt. A mom of one of the girls I coach in softball has got one. (Tesla) And I shoot the shyte with ALL them regarding their EV ownership. And guess what? None of YOUR fears, and fake EV news relate to their world of EV ownership, dipshyte.
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