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  1. So it occurred to me that I never told you guys about my new job. If you hadn't been watching last season, I lost my job with Direct Energy in 2019, my last day was December 18th. I was told at the beginning of November that it was coming, just didn't have an exact date. Direct Energy paid me a healthy severance of 7 months of salary, plus bonus, plus a medical stipend. After 13 years, I was ready to go and I can't be mad at them for laying me off. In the ensuing months, Direct Energy laid off another 6,000 in June and then another 7,000 in August. They've also been sold out to a co
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  2. Pulled up next to one at a light. No badges on the rear or pass side, so unless the owner removed them, the model name doesn't appear on it. And it basically looks just like a Model X... but here I saw it had proper rear doors. I've probably been seeing them around and not realized/cared it wasn't an X. - - - - - Have a classic patina'd Nova you just want to get running & ramrod around in? 'EVWest' has an "easy" solution for your problem (not that you asked). Cool, right?? A 'crate' Tesla motor! zoom-zoom! And QUIET, because hot rodding is all about being Corolla-
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  3. Holy cow! Dude can get to a crazy low octave! @Drew Dowdell can we add the WOW emoji to the quick list at the bottom right?!
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  4. Black interiors are fine in a performance car, it's daily driver vehicles that I prefer a beige, tan or brown leather interior in..
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  5. Thanks! We pick it up in about 2 hours.
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