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  1. https://www.motor1.com/news/388495/bmw-big-grille-positive-feedback/ IF THEY REPEAT IT ENOUGH IT MUST BE TRUE
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  2. Original window sticker for a highly-optioned '68 GTO. All those line items, from number 351 to the final one are INDIVIDUAL options, independent of each other (in 97% of the case). Back when truly 'bespoke' cars were built.
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  3. Im only here for one thing thing. To mourn the death of Eddie Van Halen Not my favorite VH tune. But it is the first that I was introduced to. And...the video does showcase his talents on guitar and keyboard. I usually dont cry when celebrities die. I did cry when Robin Williams passed away. Im feeling the urge to cry for Eddie. But Im not gonna. RIP
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  4. Got out of the Malibu next to this toyoter. Boy does this look like cheap, glued-on crap.
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  5. Surprised? I think not. It is a descendant of Standard Oil (actually two of them).
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  6. Exxon leaked documents show they plan to increase green house gas emissions with a 17% increase by 2025 alone. Guess they believe living in the past on a polluted planet is better than a healthy future on a green planet. https://electrek.co/2020/10/05/egeb-exxon-emissions-octopus-energy-jobs/
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