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    Been out enjoying nature today... photos from Brandywine Falls in nearby Cuyahoga Valley National Park.
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    I would love it if GM had a conquest rate of 66% on ANY of their vehicles; ideally all GM vehicles would have such a high conquest percentage. Lincoln seems to be doing some really good things with the new Navigator.
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    Interesting you say that. We saw a Telluride at the mall last night and I was pointing it out, saying it was on our shopping list. And my partner said, "But it's a Kia, I didn't think we liked those". I said, "We do now". I got an eye roll.
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    While the first quarter Mustang sales were down, Ford still was able to sell almost 17k of these sport coupes. MB sold only slightly over 15k GLC crossovers. When the product is good, it sells.
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    Love how you try to flip the number to bash yet another domestic brand. Meanwhile 66% of their buyers are coming from elsewhere like your local Mercedes, BMW, or Cadillac dealership.
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    I did this : raw Elm slab turned into live-edge countertop / bar.
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    Went back out to another waterfall this afternoon, Great Falls of Tinkers Creek in Bedford. Several waterfalls are within 20-30 minutes of home. Stopped at Tinkers Creek Tavern for a Lieneklugel and a pretzel on the way home..
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    You just like to pick on FCA. They sell more Jeeps than Volkswagen and Audi combined. They sell more than all of Hyundai. They sell more than all of Kia. They're moving a lot of metal. Jeep alone sells about 50% of the entire Toyota brand.
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    only someone driving a camaro wouldn’t have had the visibility to see this coming a mile away...
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    This...S AWD form...example...sticker $37,405...at that price, you're still at 2.5L engine and cloth in an Acadia... So...
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    6 interior colors available. go to the configurator at Chevy.com, leave the spoiler off, looks great
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    16 exterior colors, 6 interior colors, 0-60 under three seconds. Under $60,000 base price.
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    I spotted this 2019 Colorado Z71 this morning, in the parking lot at my favorite walking trail. Lo and behold, the keys just happened to be in my pocket. So... I brought it home.
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    Good lord, I hope the the crossover coupes get the axe. I have such an irrational hatred for those things.
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    "I'll be working my way back to you, babe…" ~ Frankie Valli - - - - - Wheelbase : 112" Overall length : 180" Track : 56/58 Height : … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … .. 68"
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    "The largest tech add is Lincoln Co-Pilot360 which includes, auto high-beam headlamps, blind spot detection, lane-keeping system with driver alert, pre-collision assist with automatic emergency braking, dynamic brake support, forward collision warning, pedestrian detection, and rear-view camera washer. " That stuff wasn't standard before? Also why isn't the back up camera retractable so it only comes out in reverse, thus isn't an eye sore when not in reverse and also can't get dirty, thus doesn't need water sprayed over it and the back of the vehicle leaving a washer fluid trail running down the bumper. Side note, I think the Black Label Navigator should be a 4 seater with lay flat seats, refrigerator, folding tables, power shades over all rear windows and a full glass roof with electrochromatic dimming and a blackout power retract suede headliner .
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    The prices are out of control. High volume sales need realistic prices. Cars and truck are getting to the point where a 10 year note is needed just to make them affordable. That falls into the home mortgage space.
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    Hire Matthew McConaughey to spout out random nonsense... Wait.
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    I wonder how Caddy execs feel about their products (rightfully) being compared to KIA's. Has to sting a bit, I imagine.
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    Available buckets/console in '66 Cadillac (buckets first appeared @ Cadillac in '58).
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    Thank you! This is a tale re-told over and over in the auto industry. The American auto companies refuse to admit when they flub something. Take Taurus - best selling car in America 92-96. New Taurus comes out and it's a styling dud. What does Ford do? Let it rot on the vine for 10 years (with a mild makeover somewhere in between). Compare that story with the ill conceived Honda Civic in 2012. Developed during the financial crisis of the 08-10 era - this was a styling and content disaster. Super cheap. Honda started making changes to it the second model year and even truncated the generation as a whole for a whole-new Civic in 2015 for MY 2016. GM should just admit that they were wrong with the direction of Camaro styling and re-think it in a more appealing way. Also, lower the pricing or offer more believable base trims. I sometimes wonder if they purposely jack up V8 pricing simply to bias their CAFE numbers (Higher price, lower sales - and thus a lower hit on corporate fuel economy, but more per unit profit - good for wall st short term investors)
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    ‘camaro spirit’ 1 shot jim beam 1 shot wife beater armpit sweat stir with bone white, shaky, furious, parkinsons riddled finger after you’ve stated that ‘black lives matter’ pour over icy stare of third wife’s family law attorney garnish with 84 month finance paper serve on top of a coaster, preferably a by the numbers, who really cares dad rock album that even air shows think is beneath them
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    The convertible looks sharp also. I like the looking down on from above angle.
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    I always immensely enjoy when local Posrche club has autocross event together with everybody else at a local SCCA club. Seeing these self important dentists and financial brokers in their 911 get killed in cars that costs fraction of the cost of their cars is always a great pleasure. You maybe can buy 911 or Ferrari but you can't buy skill.
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    I imagine they could price the Corvette at $25,000 and most Porsche owners and no Ferrari owners are not going to buy one. To them it is about owning a Ferrari, not about performance per dollar. Corvette is trying to get the top end Camaro buyers for when that car dies, tempt people to spend a little more for a Vette rather than buy a Supra, or Mustang. Maybe try to steal some M4 or Audi TT buyers since TT is getting killed.
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    THIS is a panoramic sunroof! ~
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    Yup although surely he wasn’t talking about Daimler. They can do anything, except build and market their own pick up, of course. Corrected for fat thumbs on the phone.
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    Oh; no! Someone here said ( very recently) that once you get out of a segment, it’s nearly impossible to get back in it!
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    Lincoln sales are up, best in 18 years. That means new customers are coming in.
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    Actually as an enthusiast I am actually starting to feel good about Ford again. New Bronco...Lincoln lineup looks fantastic. Mustang and trucks are everything they should be...transit is a good product. I think Ford discovered its voice in a way that it hasn't had for 40 or 45 years. They earned every conquest sale they got IMHO.
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    Well if you're a gym member and set foot in the locker room, you've already seen another guy's shortie antenna. But, I will post a photo if it will get past the censors.
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    local '68 (with '69 Judge wing & 17" Rallye IIs) ~
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    Or the are getting conquest buyers, far more likely given the increased sales.
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    Here's my traditional new vehicle intro photo, at Lancaster County Park's covered bridge. It's so good to be back in a vehicle that can get out of its own way (but I will defend my former Jeepiat always otherwise). At the walking trail parking lot this morning -
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    We have a local truck accessory place, Car-Mic. "Everybody" who buys a new truck goes there immediately after leaving the dealership. I have ordered Husky floor liners from them. Next up is a tri-fold bed cover and Aeroskin hood protector. It does have the factory spray-in liner, which was a yuge consideration. With the Jeep in the garage and my downstairs living room renovation project finally done, seems like some space in the garage was stolen by "stuff". The truck fits, but I need to clean out the garage and haul some stuff to a final resting place, so it fits with more comfort. No Bedrugs or rubber bed mats this time, I got full factory bed protection. The 3.6L with 8 speed auto work together like peanut butter and jelly. Sooooo smooth. Above photo is not good quality. I will post a few more photos soon.
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    Some things are worth saving even if it costs more than a new one. I have two Kirby vacuum cleaners from the 1970s (bought one, one was given to me later) that I rather repair and keep using instead of buying new. I don't care that I can get a new vacuum from target for $75 and it will cost me $75 dollars to service the Kirby. The Kirby will outlive me if I keep up on parts and such for it. Both of them pre-date me in the first place. They'll suck the nails out of the floorboards if you let them... no modern household vacuum can do that. On my A/C, I did replace my window units with central air and got a new furnace out of it, but my window units weren't that great at keeping the house comfortable and I had to run 3 of them at the same time just to make it tolerable. Central is so much better than window units.
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    Ice build-up that starts near the inlet of the evaporator is usually a sign of a low refrigerant charge. Most modern units won't hold the charge as long due to corrosion/manufacturing issues. If the entire evaporator develops ice evenly across the core, maybe a temperature sensor needs to be repositioned. Antique refrigerators were designed to run efficiently because the cost of electricity was high. They're much more efficient than any modern frost-free design that runs a 500+ W heater for 10-20 minutes almost every day; some even use additional heaters to evaporate the collected condensate. The main advantage of a modern design is the improved insulation materials which permit more interior volume for a given footprint.
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    Wait til FCA makes the Gladiator electric- it'll be $98K.
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    They're priced low enough, no rebates neeeded. These are examples GM should study of price it right from the start... And have dealers end up with 2 left, and lists of people waiting for the right combo to come in. Oh, the tragedies of Lane Keep helper...blind spot...or auto stopping No worries. GM still barely offers any of these "standard on a Corolla" features even on a Cadillac, so one brand group is still safe for you.
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    Yes, that blue and tan is nice. I also love Lincoln's interesting interior colors. The blue is divine. Luxury cars could be more bespoke because luxury car buyers want to stand out. Lincoln gets a thumbs up for all of their newest interiors. Lincoln wants to be seen as a car for people who come from wealthy families for generations... where Cadillac comes across as too techy and sterile... unwarm.
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    I agree, it gets cumbersome say something like CT5-V Blackwing Just drop the V for the Blackwing trim.... maybe that's what they're doing....
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    I have to say, I tested out 9 vehicles that day and the Telluride is the one that made the biggest impression on me.
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    Would love a saddle brown color that does not skew orange like other late model GM non-black or gray interiors. I really liked the Cinnamon and Black cloth interior on the Equinox, but of course GM discontinued it for 2020. They are so obsessed with offering the fewest, only top-selling color combos, to heck with customer choice anymore.
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